Legacies (2018) s02e12 Episode Script

Kai Parker Screwed Us

1 Previously on Legacies I did black magic.
VARDEMUS: This is a Mora Miserium, the tool used to withhold the ill effects of such magic.
So long as it doesn't shatter.
We drop it in a place where magic can't escape.
- The prison world.
- Absolutely not.
He's not gonna let us anywhere near that prison world - with our psychotic uncle Kai.
- Bonnie! Bonnie! Then what if we sent it to a different one? Make a new world with a new ascendant and no homicidal uncles.
ALYSSA: And then, when everyone else was basking in Coven Day bliss, I linked the two ascendants.
EMMA: What did you do, Alyssa? I sent them away.
Just like you sent the others.
- You kicked Sebastian out, right? - He chose to leave.
Dad, where are we? In a prison world.
It's the one you made when you were kids.
Hello, Elizabeth.
Five total.
- - Yeah, somebody fed on them.
Burned the bodies to cover it up.
DORIAN: It might not be one of ours.
(EXHALES) Ric, what are we gonna do? - - LIZZIE: You lied to me? You told me that Sebastian chose to leave the school.
I said he made his choice.
- He refused to respect our rules.
- So you sent him here? SEBASTIAN: He had help.
There was a witch who did the spell.
Dark hair, kind eyes.
Amazing accent.
- Emma.
- How could you, Dad? You can yell at me after we arm ourselves.
Dad, why do we need weapons so bad? All you need to know is that we're in danger, and we need to find a way out now.
We're in a new world now.
Perhaps you are no longer the one in charge.
(GASPS) (GRUNTS) To be clear, my daughters and I are leaving, you are staying behind and yes, I am in charge.
(QUIETLY): Oh, my God.
This is about Uncle Kai, isn't it? That's why you're so worried? I know this has to be hard for you, but you said he was desiccated.
You don't know what he's capable of.
And until I'm positive no one's set him free, - I'm not taking any chances.
- Dad, who could have set him free? I'll explain all that later.
Right now, I need you to go to the meadow and get the Sandclock before anyone else finds it.
Then I need you to come back here and hide.
And stay hidden.
Dad, this is all my fault.
If I hadn't done black magic in the first place, we'd have never been in this mess.
We all make mistakes.
I I can't believe that this is happening.
I'm so sorry, Sebastian.
You are not responsible for your father's overreactions.
What did you do to upset him so much? He wanted to keep me away from you.
I'm glad you're here.
Circumstances aside.
- But we should not stay here.
- Don't worry.
When we find a way out of here, you're coming with us.
(STRAINS) You you misunderstand me.
I meant this house.
This town.
There's a whole world out there, Elizabeth.
We have an entire planet to ourselves.
So come with me and experience it.
Just for one day.
Hmm? - We can't.
My dad said - He lied to you.
Trust me there is no one else here.
This one got a princely racket That's what I said now Got some big seal upon his jacket, ain't in his head now You marry him, your father will condone you How about that now? You marry me, your father will disown you.
(CLICKS) KAI: All by myself But don't want to be All by myself.
Lizzie? Sebastian? Where are you guys? Quick question.
Who the hell are you? Jade? JADE: Knock it off, Wendy.
You're gonna burn the place down.
Okay, Warden.
You're just upset you can't go to your Muggle party.
Yeah, well, I told Inez I was gonna be there, and now she's gonna think that I flaked on her.
- (GRUNTS) - Yep, the barrier spell is still up.
- Thanks for checking, though.
- DIEGO: I hate being locked up.
Yeah, well, in case you didn't notice, I got issues, too.
And being stuck in detention with an edgy werewolf is triggering 'em.
You know, we wouldn't even be here if you could just control yourself.
DIEGO: It's not me.
It's the turn.
When the full moon's coming, something just happens to me.
You mean, like, you become a wolf? Oh, screw you.
You got no idea what it feels like, to feel every bone in your body break.
It's worse than any pain you've ever felt.
Okay, you've convinced me.
Life is awful and unfair.
So relax.
Detention's gonna last as long as it lasts.
Unless Hey, Joze.
- Hi.
- What you doing? You spying on me? This is Diego and Wendy.
She's the witch who does fire.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) (SIGHS) Yeah, we're spelled in here.
And now we're gonna miss this really awesome party that we wanted to go to.
Aren't you one of those special siphon witches? I bet you could take this barrier spell down with no problem.
- JADE: No.
No way.
- No, that's too hard.
Only advanced witches can do that.
Unless I mean, you think you could handle a big girl spell like that.
- I'm not supposed to.
- No, it's all right.
We'll go to the party and then be back before anyone even realizes we're gone.
What do you say, Joze? You one of us? Little Josie Saltzman all grown-up.
I'll be damned.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Is Lizzie here, too? Uh, no.
- Jade, what are you doing here? - If it's okay with you, can we have this conversation after I eat? Because I'm starving, and you look delicious.
(GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) Come with me if you want to live.
I call it Fort Parker.
It's a it's a bit moldy but also rent-controlled, so I try not to complain.
Flavored vodka? It's, uh (LAUGHS): It's no Zima, but then again, nothing is.
(BOTTLES CLINK) - You're Kai Parker.
- (GASPS) I am.
And you are one of the Saltzman twins.
I can smell the Gemini on you.
The real question is: are you Linda or, or Joanie? (LAUGHS): I can never tell you two apart.
I'm Josie.
Named after my mom, who you killed.
Okay, here we go.
Look, technically, I was trying to kill you and your sister.
Uh, but that's all over now, so I say we just move on.
(CHUCKLES) Move on? You're a monster.
A monster would have let you die.
That vampire who tried to turn you into her own personal Capri Sun? She's the real monster.
She and her cronies run this world.
They revived me from desiccation just so they could have a little plaything.
Every day, like clockwork, they hunt me down and kill me.
But s since I'm magically bound to this world (BOTTLE CLINKS) I can't actually die.
So I pop back up only to be hunted and killed all over again every day.
Welcome to the Supernatural Hunger Games.
That girl used to go to my school.
- Why is she here? - (IMITATES BUZZER) No answers for free.
- (GLASS SHATTERS) - Information for information.
What are you doing here? I, um I used a Mora Miserium.
Sandclock? Oh, don't tell me.
It degraded, and you just decided to drop it over here without a thought for my safety.
I tried to create a new world, but a witch tricked us, - and we got pulled into this one instead.
- Classic double cross.
And, uh who's "we"? I answered your question.
Now you have to answer mine.
- Why is Jade here? - Yeah.
I'm not the one you should be asking.
KAI (ON VIDEO): Who is out there tonight, huh? Is that Damon? Bon-Bon? Katherine? Well, whoever you are, that one goes out to Alaric Saltzman! All right, 'cause he's the reason I am walking and talking and (CHUCKLES): and singing, which I know we're all grateful for.
So thanks, Ric, for dumping a bunch of students you couldn't control over here, 'cause the second they got bored, they woke me up! (KAI CHUCKLING) Or is that you, Ric? No, no, no, it can't be.
You wouldn't be dumb enough to come here and check up on me, would you? Oh, but grief is is complicated, right? Widowers do strange things.
I'll be damned.
(GROANS) Talk to me.
Yeah, you know, I'd rather show you something.
(CRACKLING) (GROWLING) (SNARLS) I can control it now.
Doesn't hurt anymore, 'cause you sent me to a world where it's always the same day.
And every night a full moon.
Ten years.
Thousands of turns.
(LOW GROWLING) - I didn't realize - I don't care.
Like you never did.
What can I say? I'm all heart.
(CHUCKLES) (DROPS ON FLOOR) Hey, look at us we're beard bros.
Oh, God.
What are you doing with him? He could've killed you.
- He saved my life, actually.
- I don't care.
He's a liar.
You can't trust him.
You hear me? Was he lying when he told me you sent a bunch of your old students here to punish them? I told you, we all make mistakes.
I'm not about to make the same one twice.
Dad, you can't kill him in this world.
Well, I'm sure as hell gonna try.
Do you like it? Hmm? Good.
'Cause it's yours.
(GASPS) Oh, I should have seen that coming.
(GROANS): Okay.
First death's free, Ric, but I'm warning you, if you think that I'm Well, I definitely didn't see this coming.
I didn't want him trying to stop me.
Stop you from doing what? Getting us all out of here even if that means partnering up with you.
KAI: So, we need three things the apex of the celestial event that trapped me here, some Bennett blood, and the duplicate ascendant, which is the first thing I went looking for - when those burnouts woke me up.
- Did you find it? No answers for free.
I assume you come carrying the Bennett blood.
(STAMMERS) How is it possible that you came to a prison world without the one thing you need to escape it? Well, it's not exactly like this trip was planned.
Okay, so then what exactly are you bringing to this partnership? Because from where I stand, I'm the only one of us who is not useless.
No answers for free.
What's the celestial event? That I actually don't know, but, uh there's only so many minutes in a day, so I'll figure it out.
- That's your plan? Process of elimination? - Mm-hmm.
I like a challenge.
And to be honest, I've got nothing but time.
Could the Sandclock be strong enough to power the ascendant without a celestial event? Maybe.
Why? Where is it? Somewhere in this clearing.
Then why don't I see it? Because I put a spell on it.
You wouldn't even know that you were looking at it.
You know, that that actually happened to me with a teddy bear once.
You, uh you really don't trust me, do you? Consider it a show of good faith.
(OPENS ZIPPER) You were lying.
(MOCK GASP) You're definitely learning.
(WALTZ PLAYING) Thank you.
This has already been the most amazing date of my life.
(WHISPERS): I don't want it to end.
Perhaps it doesn't have to.
We have to go back at some point.
My family will be looking for me.
We can convince my dad that he was wrong about you.
He just needs time.
That's not going to work, I'm afraid.
Because I'm not going back.
I wish to remain in this world and I want you to stay with me.
JOSIE: Are you sure this is gonna work? - Why are we here? - Oh.
Information for information.
Tell me more about this Malivore pit and those monsters you've been dealing with.
And for the record, I never lost faith in Santa being real.
Basically, Malivore is a pocket dimension, like this one.
There is a portal into our world.
We closed it, - but the monsters keep coming.
- Fascinating.
Now, to answer your question, we're here because I spent years studying genealogical records while being hunted and killed for sport.
I recently found someone who donated blood under the name Smithfield, which was her married name.
Maiden name: Bennett.
(MOCK GASP) Bennett blood.
Thank God you're here.
I'm still hungry.
(SNARLS) - I thought you killed her.
- Yeah, I totally did.
But they're banished to this world, like me, so they just keep coming back.
(CHUCKLES) - (POUNDING ON DOOR) - We should go.
Josie? (GRUNTS) (GROANS SOFTLY) Is that mine? Weird.
Now where were we? WENDY: Wait.
Don't kill him yet, D.
Let me guess.
You want to burn him.
But first I want to have a chat.
Remember how he put us on trial and then abandoned us to this god-awful place? I think it's time for your trial Alaric Saltzman.
We need to find my dad before that werewolf wakes up.
Well, then go.
Save Daddy.
I'm rooting for you.
Although you and your dad aren't bound to this place, so at some point be it today, tomorrow or the next they'll kill you both.
Sorry, kiddo, the Bennett blood's gone.
We're trapped here.
Nothing matters.
What if there was another way to get Bennett blood? Would you help me then? Yeah, nice try at manipulation, but I'm not gonna believe anything y It's Bonnie's from when we sent the Sandclock here.
(CHUCKLES) I knew you were holding out on me.
I didn't know if I could trust you.
Oh, goodness.
(BOTH LAUGH) Oh, perfect timing, baby.
Hey, thanks for your help.
Your instincts were right.
(CHUCKLES) There is no trusting me.
So, while you've been playing checkers I've been playing chess.
Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention one thing about the whole Hunger Games I'm kinda into it.
Keeps the monotony interesting.
Once they woke me up, they quickly realized my superior leadership qualities.
They're kind of like my followers, I guess you could say.
You can keep your lousy Sandclock.
I'll be gone before it breaks.
Oh, chin up.
You're new at conning people.
You'll get better at it.
Take her to Ric.
Don't kill her yet.
Make them both suffer.
I couldn't have done it without you, kid.
(KISSES) (CHUCKLES) Oh, this is gonna be fun.
It's so quiet.
This is what it was like every day in my time.
Things were peaceful, unhurried.
I miss it.
But when you have my hearing, the modern world is terribly noisy.
In fact, the only thing I like about it is you.
Sebastian, I can't stay.
Think, think about this Vienna, Beijing, Florence.
You can wear the crown jewels and live in Versailles.
This world belongs only to us.
It's not that simple.
I have a family that I love, and you won't age.
I wasn't banished to this world, so I will.
I have a solution for that.
Allow me to turn you into a vampire.
If you're planning on torturing me, you're gonna be disappointed.
I can handle the torture.
JADE: How about seeing your daughter be tortured? Josie.
Josie, are you okay? For now, but what happens next is up to you.
So talk.
'Cause I've waited ten years for an explanation for what you did to us.
What other choice did you leave me? Tell me, how did this happen? No idea.
The three of you convinced Josie to let you out of detention.
Wendy and Diego aren't talking.
Jade, you're not like them.
You're a good student.
You care about people.
You're applying to med school because you want to save lives.
Talk to me.
Tell me what happened.
Help me understand because this, this - isn't you.
- Yeah, well, maybe you don't know the real me.
One of the victims, her name's Inez.
There's a picture of you two on your bulletin board.
Why did you rip her throat out? I wasn't there.
She was holding this.
It's yours.
(GROANS) So just go ahead and punish us.
You've already made up your mind.
ALARIC: I knew what I had to do.
Five people were dead, brutally murdered.
Fed on, ripped apart, dismembered, burned to cover it up.
And not one of you showed any remorse or even admitted what you had done.
I couldn't let you stay at the school.
I wasn't gonna unleash you into the world.
DIEGO: So you sent us here forever? Is that how you help your students? No.
I made a mistake.
I should have killed you.
- (GROWLING) - (JADE LAUGHING) Ooh, doubling down in the face of imminent death.
- Ballsy.
- I knew you were killers, that you wouldn't change.
It was Caroline that talked me into showing you mercy.
- DIEGO: Enough talk.
Let's kill him.
- No.
I want him to suffer first.
You two go check on Kai.
He has all the pieces to get us out now.
Make sure he doesn't leave us behind.
(SIGHS) You're so sure you're right.
How about I tell you what actually happened that night? Inez invited me to a party in the woods.
We'd been flirting for a few months.
I thought it was my chance to finally see if she was really into girls or not.
Wendy really wanted to come, and she was trying to get Diego to notice her, so she talked me into bringing him, too.
I'm glad you came.
Inez actually got three of the boarding school losers to show up.
(LAUGHING) Wh what's he talking about? It was a freak party.
Seeing who could get the biggest weirdo to show up.
Yeah, they took one look at us, and they just they knew we were different.
Let's go.
Check this out.
(LAUGHING) (SNARLING) Diego, don't.
It should have ended there.
I could have stopped it, but I froze.
Maybe I didn't want to prove them right about us being different.
- (SCREAMING) - Or maybe part of me wanted it to happen.
(SCREAMING) Everything after that's a blur.
Somebody call the cops! - (PANTING) - No! Don't! (SCREAMING) (HYPERVENTILATING) I did find out something that night.
I'm a ripper.
(PANTING) Jade, please.
- No, Jade.
- (PANTING) I'm so sorry.
No! (SCREAMING) That was the worst moment of my life.
You think I didn't feel any remorse for what happened.
But I did.
I couldn't bear feeling all of it anymore.
So I decided not to.
I shut off my humanity that night.
I was screaming for help.
You just couldn't hear it.
But being here where you sent us, I've killed Kai, Diego, and Wendy thousands of times.
So maybe you're right after all.
Because I've finally become the killer that you thought I was.
I'm sorry I didn't recognize the signs.
You were too busy protecting your daughters.
(CHUCKLES) You're good at that.
Let's just see how good.
Come with me.
There's a game I want to play.
Have you nothing to say? Or does your silence mean that you've already made a decision? Hmm? Yes.
I've decided.
I can't make this decision yet.
I've thought about becoming a vampire.
Of course I've thought about it.
If I did, there wouldn't be a Merge.
And my skin would stay flawless forever.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) But I also wouldn't be able to have kids.
I couldn't grow old with someone.
And I don't even know if those are things that I want.
But that's the point.
I don't know yet.
I can't make this decision until I'm sure.
I was afraid that you would say that.
So it's time that you knew that what I'm offering isn't a choice.
(LAUGHING): Yes, it is.
- I'm not gonna drink vampire blood.
- You already have.
Sebastian what have you done? What I had to to keep you safe.
(PANTING) (GLASS BREAKS) (GASPS) And this is the fun part.
It's what we do with Kai.
Basically, it's hide-and-seek.
You run and hide and I seek.
- No.
- Uh, yes.
Or else I will hurt Josie.
I will hurt her so bad that she will be begging for me to kill her.
Come on.
It's supposed to be fun.
You know what? I'll even give you a five-minute head start.
And if you can survive being hunted for 24 hours, I will let your daughter live.
I mean, that's all you really care about, right? Fine.
Let's play.
(CRYING) - (GASPS) - Elizabeth, you must listen to reason.
I would never do anything to hurt you.
- You must believe me.
- Let me go.
Please listen to me! Please.
I once cared for a witch who died in front of me.
She didn't have a chance to become immortal, but you do.
I am trying to help you, but if you cannot see that, then I must make the choice for you, because I love you too much.
Can you hear that? I love you, and I will not lose you again, Cassandra.
I meant Elizabeth.
(SQUELCHING) (PANTING) I think we should see other people.
(GROWLS) Where the hell is he? Kai Parker screwed us.
(EXHALES) (LAUGHS SOFTLY) I'll be damned.
Josie Saltzman screwed me.
I was worried sick.
(LAUGHS) Hey, I got to say, I'm not even mad about the whole blood con.
Borderline proud, even.
Okay, I'm I'm always mad.
But in a fun, completely unpredictable sort of way.
It keeps you on your toes.
- I hate you.
- Yeah.
That's such a Ric thing to say.
Hey, how is the old man nowadays? I hate you for everything that you've done to my family, and I am never helping you get out of here.
You're a liar, and nothing you ever say will matter to me.
Actually, I called to help you get out.
There is another way.
Does what I say matter now? - I don't believe you.
- Yeah, okay, that's totally understandable.
But you still got Darth Vader's alarm clock, right? - Maybe.
- Good.
'Cause you're gonna need every last bit of its power to pull this off.
- - So much for trusting him.
Your boyfriend left us here.
Yeah, well, it's a good thing I prefer girls anyway.
Besides, I don't care about that guy.
All I care about right now is finding Saltzman.
A locator spell isn't very sporting of you.
Yeah, well, let the punishment fit the crime.
I remember when, I remember, I remember when (CHANTING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) There was something so pleasant about that place And when you're out there, without care - Yeah, I was out of touch - No way.
He's here.
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough No.
He's beneath us.
- He's in the tunnels.
- The time of your life DIEGO: He's at the armory.
What is that? JADE: Who cares? We'll find him.
And he won't put up much of a fight.
Come on now, who do you KAI (LAUGHING): I should probably get going.
You're not gonna believe this, but I found my own way out of here.
What? How? Oh, no answers for "fwee," little Josette.
- Ha, bless your soul - You know, you remind me of her.
Your bio-mom thought she was smarter than me, too.
But I punished her just like I'm about to punish you.
Because You ready for it? In order to use that Sandclock, you have to break it.
And when you get hit with all that black magic, if it doesn't kill you, it's gonna turn you into something dark and evil.
But you'll also be powerful enough to make your own door out of here, so, what a predicament, right? To save Daddy, to get yourself home, you have to become a monster.
(WHISPERS): Like me.
The only catch is, you won't remember I told you any of this, because you won't remember me at all.
Oh, my God.
I know where you are.
Hey, thanks for all the stories about Malivore.
A portal to another dimension sounds pretty good to me right about now.
No, no, no.
Malivore is a hell dimension.
It's eternal darkness.
You'll be trapped and alone.
Yeah, I've been trapped and alone for most of my life.
I could use the change of scenery.
So, I'd smash that Sandclock in the next few seconds if I were you, 'cause I'm about to take a swan dive into oblivion, and I'd hate for you to forget the only thing that can save you.
(WHISPERS): Good luck, kiddo.
Does that make me crazy? Does that make me Crazy? Probably.
(GRUNTS) (LAUGHING) Oh, son of a bitch.
I made it.
- (LAUGHING) - And who might you be? You're quite unlike any monster I've ever encountered.
You don't know the half of it.
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