Legacies (2018) s02e13 Episode Script

You Can't Save Them All

1 - Previously on Legacies - You're the oracle.
What's coming next? SPHINX: A new hero rises but can be felled by the golden arrow.
The sins of the father are visited upon the daughters.
- Where are we? - The prison world.
ALARIC: I'm guessing Alyssa Chang wants to teach me a lesson.
- SPHINX: There are two prisoners.
- JOSIE: You're Kai Parker.
- You're a monster.
- That vampire, she's the real monster.
She and her cronies run this world.
JOSIE: She used to go to my school.
ALARIC: I knew what I had to do.
I wasn't gonna unleash you into the world.
If you can survive being hunted for 24 hours, I will let your daughter live.
SPHINX: When time fractures, darkness overwhelms.
I found my own way out of here.
And I'd hate for you to forget the only thing that can save you.
SPHINX: Don't worry.
It will all be painfully clear soon enough.
(SCREAMS) Stay down.
- Stay down! - (ROARS) Wendy, I don't want to hurt you.
Jade, he's in the house! (ALARIC SIGHS) (WHOOSHING) Tag.
You're it.
(LAUGHS) Oh, come on.
Let's not fight.
We don't want to waste any of that blood.
(SCREAMING) I shut off my humanity that night.
(PANTING) I'm so sorry.
(QUIETLY): Josie.
What did you do? I fixed her.
(DISTANT VOICES, LAUGHTER) But when the arrow finds him, a new hero dies A new hero rises, and he will take flight But when the arrow finds him, a new hero dies A new hero rises And he will take flight But when the arrow finds him A new hero dies A new hero rises Stop saying that.
(SPHINX SPEAKS BACKWARD) SPHINX: A new hero rises but can be felled by the golden arrow.
No, no.
JOSIE: Hope.
(ECHOING): We're not alone.
We're not alone.
- HOPE: Oh, what's all this? - Oh.
I couldn't sleep.
And I was just up all night trying to figure out how I was able to fly.
Or, you know, float.
- Oh, my God.
Tell me you didn't.
- Oh, it's just from the top of the garage.
I had to see if I could make myself do it again.
'Cause the current working theory is the spike of adrenaline when we kissed caused something to happen, but so far, um Hey.
What's wrong? I had a dream last night that you were hurt and I-I couldn't save you.
It's the prophecy, right? Look, just because I hovered off the ground once doesn't mean that I'm the hero who rises.
It could be Wade, for all we know.
- He's the one with actual wings.
- No, Dorian said that there is a golden arrow in the inventory of our stolen arsenal.
What if it is the one thing that can kill a phoenix? Then you'll Superwoman in and save the day, like you always do.
Except I'm pretty much failing as a hero lately.
I have no idea how to bring the Saltzmans back.
I know I know you feel like you have to fix this Because I do.
If I don't bring them back, no one else will.
If I could just talk to them, - Dr.
Saltzman would know what to - That's not an option.
You told me that astral projection into a prison world is dangerous.
Look, I know you feel like this is all on you, but you're not alone.
You have me.
We'll figure it out.
Co-heroes, remember? Fine.
But this co-hero is officially banned from flight attempt until the golden arrow is found, okay? No putting myself in danger.
No risky astral projection.
Deal? Besides, that golden arrow of yours is as good as found.
Dorian has some of our top men working on it.
Come on, nerd.
Just turn the damn thing on already.
I'm reading the instructions.
Now, apparently, this thing glows when it gets close to the other identical moth, which was somewhere in the arsenal stash - that got stolen - Magical LoJack.
Got it.
Can we go? Slow down there, Teen Wolf.
You're not in charge of this mission.
- Oh, and you are? - No one is.
So stop giving orders.
Look, you want to get our loot back or not? 'Cause we're wasting time.
Actually, Dorian was very clear about this being a recon mission.
- Yeah, we know.
- Okay, teacher's pet.
What's with the sudden toxicity? See? It's not that complicated, Milton.
This way.
- "Milton"? - He asking for it, bro.
- Um, is this a-a vamp-wolf thing? - (SIGHS) No, it's Um, it's nothing.
- Come on.
- W Well, what? What exactly did you do to Jade? Josie, talk to me.
Lizzie's this way.
I can feel her.
Why did you break the Sandclock? I can't remember.
Well, are you okay? I mean, are you in pain? No.
For the first time in my life, everything feels clear.
It's okay, honey.
Easy does it.
(EXHALES) Something's wrong.
It feels like my mind is breaking.
It's okay.
- Easy does it.
- (GROANS) We need to get you to the hospital.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
(LIZZIE COUGHS) Dad, I drank vampire blood.
Please don't let me die.
You're not gonna die.
Can I help you? Hello.
My name's Joshua.
Alaric said I could drop by and stay for a few days whenever I'm in town, so here I am.
How-how do you know Dr.
Saltzman? Oh, Ric and I go way back.
(CHUCKLES) I was at his wedding.
(CHUCKLES) Brought quite the gift.
I'm sorry.
He's not here.
Yeah, I'll-I'll let him know that you stopped by, though.
Oh No, there's no point.
He wouldn't remember me.
But I hear it's been a little hectic at the school lately, and you might not have taken your vervain as usual.
Why don't you go find someone who would be able to invite me in.
(PANTING) (GROANING) (COUGHS) (GROANING) You're gonna be okay, Lizzie.
It's all right, it's all right.
The black magic is making her worse.
- She won't make it with it inside her.
- Well, Josie, can you do something? - (CRYING) - Josie.
I'll be unconscious for a little while.
Don't be scared.
(PANTING) (EXHALES) I can help.
It's me.
I don't know how, but Josie turned my humanity back on.
Look, you can still kill me if you want to, all right? I know that I deserve it.
But I was training as an EMT when I was 16, and I've spent the last ten years learning how to patch people up after a fight, all right? I can help her.
But I can't be near the blood.
So you're just gonna have to do exactly what I tell you.
What's all this? A flightless co-hero being useful.
(CHUCKLES) - Any progress? - No.
Alyssa spelled it so every time I repair it, it just breaks again.
And you can't unspell it? No.
There's got to be something I'm overlooking.
KAI: There is.
Sorry, you have the wrong ascendant.
Oh? Says who? Fam, meet - Joshua.
- Hello.
DORIAN: Old friend of Ric's.
And drumroll, please He's also an expert on prison worlds.
I told him about our problem.
Do you mind if I? Thank you so much.
Wow, wow, wow.
It is in pieces.
Oh, my.
(GASPS SOFTLY) There's a linking spell on this.
It produces a, a faint hum, like a, like a melody, if you, if you know what to listen for.
You clearly don't.
When the Saltzmans performed their spell on-on this ascendant, they were being tied to another.
Hold this.
That witch of yours didn't send them to, you know, a new, empty prison world.
She sent them somewhere, somewhere far older and (LIQUID POURING) much more dangerous.
And you're going to need my help to get them out.
Would you asshats listen to me? We got to go this way.
Uh Mm-hmm.
You mean this way, Magellan.
Nice job.
- You broke it.
- I didn't break it.
Guys, listen, I think we should just take five - and read the instructions.
- Oh, please, please.
- We might have missed - Spare us your "I'm an evolved vampire" act.
Hey, leave him alone.
Or, what, you'll sing me to death? - Boy, I'll - Guys! Listen.
It doesn't matter what the previous generations of werewolves and vampires - did to each other.
- MG Some of my best friends - are wolves, okay? - Look, Milton, it's We have to rise above the stereotypes.
- We have to abso - It's Alyssa.
Huh? Who? Wha? (SMACKS LIPS) Oh.
You're acting like a dick because me and Alyssa had that one date? I mean, it was a sting operation, man, and she straight-up sent the Saltzmans to a prison world.
- (STAMMERS) - Okay, bottom line, dark evil temptresses aren't really my thing anymore.
Yeah, then why are you all she ever talks about? She doesn't even see the rest of us.
Uh, speak for yourself, homeboy.
Oh! You're both into her? So, y'all are into the same girl.
And then she she's into me.
Oh! I-I guess I must be cute or something.
You enjoy that while you can, because I'm pretty sure she'll be seeing things a little differently soon, so Yeah, well, they say eyesight's the first thing to go, so Well, how about I mess up your eyesight right now? - (OVERLAPPING ARGUING) - Shut up and look.
(GROWLING) We're tracking a moving target.
HOPE: It's worse than we thought.
The Saltzmans are stuck inside of a prison world with the guy who murdered their mother they're all in danger.
Alyssa must have kept the original ascendant hidden.
You know she's not just gonna hand it over.
I have to know if the Saltzmans are still alive.
And the only way to do it is to astral-project there.
Hope we had a deal.
You might get lost - and not find your way back.
- In my dream Josie said to me, "We're not alone.
" - Okay.
- Look, Landon, I have to try.
If they've been in danger this whole time and something happens because I couldn't find a way to save them (KNOCKING) Hey, sorry to intrude.
Got some good news so Joshua's doing some research for us.
He said there's a rare flower that grows near the falls.
The extract makes people tell you their deepest secrets.
If we give that to Alyssa, we can get her to tell us where the ascendant is.
Landon, you come with me.
- Yeah.
- No.
He stays here.
You try to contact them, I'll be right back.
Okay? If we take risks, we take them together.
I'll keep him safe.
I promise.
(MONITOR BEEPING) JADE: Okay, now you're gonna need to stop the bleeding.
There's a Laughlin clamp on the tray.
- It kind of looks like - Yeah, I know what it looks like.
Her mom invented it.
Vessel's sealed.
Her pulse is steady.
Thank you.
Hello again.
What happened to you? She did something dangerous with black magic.
And now she can't recall why.
I must have had a reason.
But it's blank.
There's something's missing from my memory.
Or someone.
Uh same.
I don't know what this is, but I found it in my pocket.
Who's Kai? The person who's missing from our memory.
There's a spell affecting my mind.
I've felt it before.
You might want to grab a seat, Jade.
- Why? - Trust me.
Harae-tamai kioku yomigaerashi-tamae.
Oh, well, well.
The Salvatore School.
How I've not missed you.
I told you I could get in.
And they have honey ham.
Don't brag it's unbecoming.
You underestimate the Tribrid at your own peril.
Oh, I have a plan for her.
I always have a plan.
Which is what? - (CRUNCHING) - Ah.
Now, I gave you all the information you needed, so now I think it's time you return the favor, heretic.
Look, Mr.
The Necromancer! (GROANS) The.
You're gonna get what you want, okay? Josie Saltzman, crackling with all the black magic you need, if you back off and do exactly as I say.
I'm listening.
Still got that golden arrow? LANDON: This shouldn't take long.
Right? I can't believe I've lived in Mystic Falls this long, and I've never actually seen the falls, you know? Mr.
Williams? You okay? (GRUNTS) You must be Alyssa.
Big fan of your work.
How do you feel about team-ups? Where's Lizzie? Sleeping upstairs.
Try to control your emotions.
I remember what Kai said.
There's still a way for us to get out.
This whole place is just another spell.
It's made of magic.
Magic can be siphoned.
I can make holes in this world.
- Doors.
- (FOOTFALLS APPROACH) So, does this mean you can get us back into the real world? It's all right.
I talked to them.
We just want to go home.
Well, we can't all go.
The magic I siphon here can't travel to the real world.
The energy needs to go somewhere, which means someone needs to stay behind to be the anchor.
It should be Diego.
No offense.
We're not leaving anyone here.
We're all getting back.
Someone's coming.
Josie? Hello.
Only I can see you.
What happened to you? I broke the Sandclock.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
Honey, who are you talking to? Hope she's astral-projecting.
Listen, you have to warn her about Kai.
Why? What happened? Kai went into the Malivore pit, and we think he's trying to get to the real world.
Actually, I think he's already here, pretending to be someone else.
Kai's at the school.
Hope? Listen to me, Kai's incredibly dangerous.
You have to get him away from the school now.
Good luck, Hope.
Wait We need to do whatever it takes to get out of here.
We do the spell.
And I'll stay behind.
You were all my students once.
It has to be me.
(GASPING) How'd all that go? It didn't.
I couldn't reach them.
Did you need something? (SNIFFING DEEPLY) It's not you.
It's not me.
Excuse me? No.
Yes, there it is.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, why is it always stuffed animals? It's the weirdest thing.
How did you know? Oh, Alyssa Chang just needed a, uh, a compassionate ear to bend.
Hey, I'm sorry to, uh, stick my nose in, but she really doesn't like you people.
Anyhoo now all you need is something that has the equivalent power of a celestial event.
Do you have any ideas? I do.
But we have to go off-campus to get it.
Who doesn't love a field trip? Huh.
That smells old.
Wow, wow, wow.
This doesn't seem like much of a spot for a powerful magical artifact.
Neither does a stuffed elephant.
(CHUCKLES) That's very good.
Saltzman hid what we need in one of these crates, so Look for the Salvatore logo.
It's a good thing there's not, like, (LAUGHING): 400 crates in here.
Eeny, meeny, miny, crate.
When you say Salvatore logo, you mean, like, that thing with the "S" and the squiggle? And so it begins.
Nice try.
(GRUNTING) You could have blocked that.
Yeah, you're right.
I-I just wanted you to think you were doing a good job.
- (CHUCKLES) - You're not trying to beat me.
Oh, no.
No, not for a a few more minutes.
Because right now, Alyssa Chang is performing a spell that will sever my connection to the prison world.
And since that place was created for me, once she's done The world will disappear.
Along with everyone inside of it.
(GRUNTS) Thanks so much for the villain monologue.
I'll deal with you later.
Hey, before you go rushing off, there's something you should probably know.
I compelled what's-his-name.
Who's with, uh, you know, your boyfriend, curly-hair? Lando.
There it is.
That's thanks to you.
As we sit here chatting, they're headed east, away from the school, into the woods, walking straight into the path of a golden arrow.
You're lying.
You know, for once, I'm not.
I guess we'll find out if that prophecy's really true.
Oh, you can stop doing the math in your head.
You'll never make it to both places in time.
You can't save them all.
So, you, uh you have a little choice to make.
Who's it gonna be? (LAUGHING) (GROWLING) - Now, who's the hero now? - Are you for real? (DISTORTED GROANING) Guys, I, I hear something.
- But, man, at most, you get an assist.
- I did all the heavy hitting, for real.
JED: You kicked him in the chest.
I stabbed him in the KALEB: I used my vampire powers, Jed.
You're the one that hit him with a stick like a child.
I'm so damn fast and so strong (GROANING) (GROANS) Raf? Oh, my goodness.
What happened? It's gonna be all right, man.
We're gonna get you out of here.
JOSIE: We need to work together.
Place the spires in a circle to create a boundary spell.
As I begin to siphon, doors will open beneath them.
Each door can only transport one person.
Once I begin the spell, I cannot stop until it is done.
So, when you see the door, you have to go.
(CHIMING) Dad, don't do this.
We'll find another way.
Lizzie, there's no time.
Kai got out.
He's at the school.
Hope's trying to stop him, but if she can't, you and Josie have to.
You got to go now.
But, Dad, Sebastian is still here.
- He'll come after you.
- I'll be fine.
Besides, you'll find a way to get me back in no time.
(PANTING RAPIDLY) I'm so sorry.
I never should have It's okay.
I love you.
(LOW GROWLING) LANDON: You don't have to do this.
Dorian, stop.
This isn't you.
I know, but I can't stop.
Well, then you must have been compelled.
Wha what did they say to you? What exactly did they tell you to do? I have to take you to the boulders and hold you while they shoot the golden arrow.
What? Maybe help is on the way.
(PANTING) KAI: You'll never make it to both places in time.
You can't save them all.
Who's it gonna be? (CHANTING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Don't! You really are a basic witch.
Alyssa, please.
I don't want them back.
Not now, not ever.
If you finish that spell, you'll kill them all.
He didn't say anything about that.
Well, think about it.
If you sever the connection, the prison world collapses.
Everyone in it will die.
Look, I know that you're angry, and I know that you want to hurt them.
But you're not a murderer.
Trust me, you don't want to be responsible for someone's death.
It stays with you.
You carry it forever.
I know.
(CLICKING) That isn't me.
It's not too late.
Dorian, you can fight this.
I'm sorry, Landon.
I promised I'd keep you safe.
But I have to hold you while they shoot the arrow.
(WHIMPERS) I have to.
I have to hold you.
(PANTING) (SHOUTS) (SIGHS) You-You-You'll be okay.
I'll go get help.
You'll be okay.
You won't make it in time.
Just stay with me.
(GROANING) Landon? It's all right.
It's not your fault, all right? No matter what happens, you're still one of the heroes.
- Okay.
- You hear me? No matter what.
Williams? (PANTING) Holy crap.
It worked.
I'll get you out, I promise.
I know you will.
Now you got to go! (DIEGO GROWLS, ALARIC GROANS) I will never forgive you.
It's like I was trying to tell you the night that you shot me.
Some people don't know what to do with a second chance.
Thank you.
I put Elizabeth in danger.
If you wish to thank me, take care of her.
(EXHALES) So, how exactly do we do this? You touch me and become the anchor.
Um Can you tell your sister something a better man would say? (GRUNTS) (SCREAMING) Hey, you made it.
Josie? It's me, guys.
I'm back.
Landon's in trouble.
What happened? I had to make a choice.
And I didn't choose Landon.
But it's okay because he's gonna come out any second, and-and if I When I open my eyes, he's gonna be there.
I don't see him.
I do.
Dorian, hey, it's gonna be okay, buddy.
Just hang in there, hang in there.
("AWAKEN" BY KLERGY PLAYING) Can you hear me? Hey.
So, um Lizzie should stay off her feet for a day or two.
And, uh, she shouldn't lift anything heavy.
I'm, uh I'm glad to have the real you back.
Fade to black (CRACKLING) (RUMBLING) Are you coming or going? Heaven can wait Forever is too late Sebastian.
Forever is too late Am I already dead? It's astral projection.
- Josie's helping me.
- Ah.
I had to see you.
The spell that we did to escape this world is making it unstable.
It won't last much longer.
All good things, as they say.
Calling Listen, go to a building called Triad Industries in Fort Valley, Georgia.
There's a black pit there that's a door to another dimension.
Dive in, and maybe you can escape.
If I make it in time.
Fading, fade out I'm so sorry for what I did to you.
Fade out I'm sorry that I have such terrible taste in men.
You know, I did warn you when we first met.
You should have kept your distance.
(TILES SHATTERING) Fading, fade out Fort Valley, Georgia.
Say it back.
I remember.
This world is calling I'll always remember.
Oh Oh Oh Awaken Goodbye, Elizabeth.
Fading Fade out, caught in the in-between Fading, fade out I think I would have liked this place.
Fading, fade out Caught in the in-between Fading, fade out Awaken, my darling.
The last thing I remember was coming from the bus stop, and then (EXHALES) Then I-I I woke up in that trailer, and there was someone in a in a red robe.
I don't know.
The important thing is that you're safe.
We'll figure out the rest later.
Williams gonna be okay? Yeah.
Yeah, he's fine.
He's healing the old-fashioned way.
In a hospital.
All right.
Now, here's the deal.
This is a onetime thing, all right? (SIGHS) We had a day.
So here's to tomorrow being better.
- Tomorrow.
Being a better day.
- Tomorrow.
("IS IT REALLY ME YOU'RE MISSING" BY NINA NESBITT PLAYS) I really thought I lost you today.
I'm sorry.
Is it really me you're missing? You did the right thing.
Save six lives or save one.
Who'll listen? I know how hard loss like this is for you.
High hopes and low blows You still made the right choice.
Just how much it hurts to believe you I don't know that I could have done that.
But I need you I should help myself Which is why you need to be the hero.
You do what the rest of us can't.
But I can't help myself Is it really me Well, I can't fly.
Or am I the only one who'll listen To you? And if I Will you tell me what it's like? Will it be pieces by the morning? It's like falling away from the earth.
That you've tried? Or is it just another I can't really explain it.
Lonely night I guess I'll just have to take you up sometime so you can see for yourself.
'Cause I only ever tell them When you're letting me down Is it really me you're missing? - Or am I the only one who'll listen - (RATTLING) To you? And if I pick up the phone tonight Will it be pieces by the morning? Am I the only number That you've tried? Or is it just Another lonely night? Is it really me you're missing? Is it really me? Is it really me? (HUMMING) (EXHALES) Okay.
(GRUNTING) Kai Parker, you brilliant, flexible Yes.
(EXHALES): Okay.
Oh, good.
You're still up.
- I'm always up.
- Well, then, send a minion to free me.
So you can lie to me again? Severing your connection would have killed the dark witch that I need.
Yeah, betrayal's sort of a habit at this point.
But if you set me free The dark witch has returned, so I no longer need you.
- (CHUCKLES) - (METAL SCRAPING) (GASPS) And I hear someone coming.
(CHUCKLES) Given all we've been through, this feels a little anticlimactic.
Don't you think? Not to me.
This is for Jo.

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