Legacies (2018) s04e11 Episode Script

Follow the Sound of My Voice

1 See Magnus the Magnificent, the master of illusion, the wizard of wonders! Let's go back.
Come on, Luna.
I thought you were old enough for the scary stuff now.
Tell you what, if you do it, I'll let you have my necklace.
The one you're always trying to borrow when I'm not looking.
But you got to make it all the way through to the end.
Come on! Valentina? She's gone.
She ran away.
At least that's what you're going to tell people.
I could make you forget all of this.
But where's the fun in that? Besides no one would believe you anyway.
All right, first stop on the tour: study hall.
Pro tip: if you sit near the back left doors, you can slip through the kitchen, be first in the breakfast line.
Just stick with me.
I'm kind of a legendary first-day wingman.
Hey, do any of them know that I'm a What, a monster magnet? Nope.
Because you're not anymore.
All right? Don't worry.
You're gonna fit in just fine.
We got it all worked out.
I think I took care of everything.
MG's gathering the missing Squad members.
Emma sent us a new headmistress, who arrived today.
And I inspired Mr.
Springthorpe to give a speech coming clean about our monster problem.
Wait, what monster problem? Shh, shh! Oh.
I thought somebody told you.
The impromptu field trip you led was because a Pukwudgie attacked us.
- A Puk? - Wudgie.
He's out in the stables.
He eats a surprising amount of hay.
- It's still here? - And harmless.
Because I also found a way to neutralize the curse that made Kaleb and Ethan attack Ben.
Didn't I tell you? Sorry, there's been a lot going on.
But our last problem is about to be solved.
As long as we gently break the monster news to the students and reassure them that it's been solved, hopefully they won't leave the school like last time.
Good morning, students.
Today is my last day as interim headmaster before Miss Eve Bloom takes over.
But before she arrives, there's something you should know.
The rumors you've heard are true: a monster did attack the school.
But we have a new spell in place to prevent it from happening again.
Which will never work, frankly.
The monsters will find a way, like they always do.
Because one of you and they won't tell me who is drawing the monsters here.
If the rest of you stay, you're surely going to die.
We're all going to die.
We're out! So, should we hit the breakfast line? I think we still have one problem.
I hate the circus.
Oh, good.
This is a carnival.
No, you're right, that's so different.
If we see a clown, I'm out of here.
- Actually, you have to do whatever I say.
- Whatever you say.
You've never mentioned it before.
I thought we were killing Aurora.
Why are we here? We are here, young Padawan, because a carnival's the perfect place to blend in while we run some tests.
I feel deep down that I am going to wish that I didn't ask this question, but what kind of tests? Before I find our thousand-year-old vampire, I just need to know that you are in control of your new powers.
Sweetie Sire.
You've been a vampire for what, five minutes? I am just as good at this as you are.
Need I remind you, my mother is a vampire.
Who's never around.
Your father's an alcoholic vegetable, and your sister left you behind to go on a walkabout to "find herself.
" I can see your buttons are too easily pushed.
It's the first time you're without your psychic connection to Josie, and, quite frankly, emotional stability has never been at the top of your résumé.
If you can't control your emotions, you have no shot at controlling your powers aka useless to me.
So consider this to be Vampire 101.
I'm not severing the sire bond until we catch Aurora.
And I'm not doing that until you impress me.
Then prepare to be impressed.
Excuse me.
You're going to let me and my friend in.
And you're gonna give me 40 dollars.
Let us in and give us all the money in your cashbox, too.
Oh, don't worry, compulsion's tricky.
But I do believe the score is one to zero.
Going my way? Oh, damn, Kaleb! How did you swing this? This? I didn't.
This is me right here.
That-that's dope, too.
Man, shut up.
It's the journey that counts.
Speaking of, I'm guessing you wanted to meet me up halfway so we could epic road-trip back to school.
Uh, actually, we got one stop to make.
Uh, Ethan's mom left a voice mail on the school line.
Apparently, they're going through some weird paranormal activity at the new house, and she thought Doc S.
could help.
What did Ethan say? That's what's weird.
Locator spells show that he's there, but his mom clearly thinks he's still in Mystic Falls.
She didn't know he was home.
Something's probably glitching with his powers, and I don't think he's told his family about them yet.
I thought we could help him out.
I don't know, man.
I've been off the Squad for a minute.
You could probably find somebody better for the job.
Okay? It has to be you.
For real? You're the only one who has a car.
Get out of here, man.
Get your ass in the car.
- Sorry.
- Get in the back seat.
Someone has played a prank.
There's blue calamus in this tea.
Truth weed.
So what do we do? How should I know? Why is everyone always asking me? Because you're a muse.
Not that you ever let us forget it.
Well, perhaps I wish everyone would forget.
It's exhausting sometimes, you know, having everybody constantly expect you to solve their problems.
Well, maybe if the Squad wasn't so clique-y and didn't keep secrets from the rest of us, you wouldn't have to do it alone.
We're truth-weeded, too, aren't we? Apparently.
But I've only had coffee today.
That's a good way to stay dehydrated.
It's got to be in the water supply.
- So - Guys? I mean girls sorry we got a problem.
Everyone's going crazy out there.
I know I'm supposed to be the alpha, but I'm terrified that if I try to stop it, no one will listen, and that'll really undermine my authority.
Step right up, join the fun.
You ladies want to test your strength? Or are you too delicate? All right.
Test number two.
Make the bell ring? No.
Anyone can do that.
I want you to practice controlling your strength.
Get as close as you can to the top without actually touching the bell.
Closest wins.
Okay, have it your way, darlin'.
Thank you.
Your turn.
Two zero.
Sorry about your little tower, darlin'.
Fight, fight, fight, fight! shouldn't even go to this school.
Back to class! All of you.
Excuse me, Miss? Eve Bloom.
Your new headmistress.
This sucks.
Oh, I'm having plenty of fun.
What's the score again? - You know what it is.
- No, I forgot.
Remind me.
Seven to nothing.
Okay, fine, you've made your point.
Tell me what I have to do to get this over with.
Last test.
When we first got here, we passed a vendor selling stuffed animals.
You want me to win you a panda? Cute.
But no.
I want you find that vendor's voice.
Filter everything else out and just focus on that one voice in the crowd.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
What's wrong? Are you lost? Someone took my sister.
You believe me? Of course I do.
And don't worry, we'll find her.
Won't we? Yeah.
Sure we will.
Why don't you take that and get yourself cotton candy or something, okay? We'll take care of it.
She said the tunnel thing is that way.
That's why we're going this way.
I thought we were helping her.
And I thought you were smart enough to read between the lines.
I need to be less reckless, remember? No extra complications.
Helping out random strangers in need is the definition of "complicated.
" Let's go.
Are you leaving? Thought you were going to introduce me to the pack.
Uh, yeah, no.
I told them it wasn't a good time.
All right.
Where to next, wingman? Uh, I'm headed to the library.
By myself.
I see.
Uh, where should I go? Wherever you want.
Is something wrong? No.
I just Look, this truth weed is really freaking me out.
I'm afraid I'm gonna say something stupid.
Like what? Like I don't want to be around you, okay? Like I just want to be alone.
Of course.
Sorry to intrude.
I know I'm interrupting, but it's not your best work.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
I'm not really concerned about your thoughts on abstract art.
No, that's fair.
Look, I know you're not solving problems anymore, but something weird is going on.
Mm, we have a headmistress now.
You should tell her.
She's kind of the problem.
She's having these one-on-one meetings with students.
I thought it was gonna be about the truth weed prank.
But she didn't ask about that at all.
She wanted to know about that weird red oak tree that used to be in front of the school.
What happened to it? Who cut it down? It just felt off.
And I figured I should tell an actual Squad member.
This is a little complicated.
We can't out Ethan to his family, and we can't say that we're looking for him, because they don't know that he's not still in Mystic Falls, and they can't know that we know that he's here, because they don't know that he goes to school with us, which we can't tell them, because then we'd have to explain that he's supernatural, which he clearly hasn't told them, but that's probably just because of the glitching powers, which we know about, but they can't.
Y-Y-You trippin'.
You know, this is how we'll do it.
We say we're here to help with their paranormal problem, then fix Ethan without them knowing.
How are two teenagers they've met, like, one time gonna help them with a paranormal problem? You're right.
We need Dr.
Well, he's in a coma.
And we're out here in Mayberry wilding without a plan.
Sure about that? Lizzie left her illusion ring.
This is just so wrong on so many levels.
Don't worry, we'll be in and out.
I got this.
W-w-wait! All right, just act, you know white.
- Dr.
- Hi, Maya.
Uh This young man is Kaleb.
- What's up? - Uh.
We received a phone call from your mother.
- Is she here? - She's at work.
Are you here about the ghost? I mean, at first I didn't believe it, but we hear footsteps at night, and we find that the TV's turned to football games, and food goes missing all the time.
It's like there's an invisible spirit living in our house.
Yes, ex Yes, yes, exactly.
We're here to get rid of your ghost.
Then come on in.
This is a surprise.
Sowanda, isn't it? You're not scheduled to see me until aft I'm the student you want to talk to.
I burned down the red oak tree.
There's nothing left of it now.
I see.
There are only three people in the world who know what that tree can be used for.
So I think you need to tell me who you are and what exactly you want to do here Miss Bloom.
They told me you were smart.
You're a muse, yes? You haven't answered my question.
I am Aurora de Martel.
I came here because I needed a weapon that could kill the Tribrid.
So, I killed your actual headmistress and put blue calamus in your water to get the truth out of you all.
You're being very candid.
Oh, I'm just not afraid of you stopping me.
Thanks for that, darling.
It's been a long time since I felt a good aneurysm spell.
But now it's my turn to show off.
Hope, let's go back.
We can't just let an innocent person suffer at the hands of some carny creep.
Yeah? Oh, wait.
We can.
It'll be good training.
What better way to practice hunting down Aurora than finding this missing girl? Okay.
This is about Josie, isn't it? What? No.
Oh, come on.
Girl who lost her sister, is all alone Okay, fine.
Yes, I am the target audience for this sob story.
Let's just help her, and then I'll pass whatever test you want.
Too late.
You're walking into an easily avoidable risk because your emotions are telling you to.
So you failed the most important test that there is.
Because if you can be manipulated that easily then you're useless to me.
You got what you wanted you're finally on your own.
This partnership's over.
So, how long does an exorcism take? It's actually more of a séance to contact the spirit.
Um, you know, I'm sure if there is a ghost here, it isn't evil it just needs some help from his friends.
I-Its friends.
Maybe we should wait until my mom gets home.
She'd probably want to see you anyways.
Why would she want to see me? Because you guys were a couple.
- Right, right, yes.
- Mm-hmm.
And it was so meaningful to me, too.
He talks about it all the time.
He just keeps talking, just doesn't stop talking.
Nonstop talking about it.
Uh we should begin.
I'm old.
Spirit? Spirit? Mm, go, spirit.
I know that you're a long way from home, but whatever drove you away, it's probably all cool now.
So you can go back to where you belong, where they can help you with your problems, whatever they may be.
What? What? Ah.
I'm get I'm getting something, I'm get I'm getting something.
- It's a name.
- Mm, a name.
Yes, it's a name.
And that name is Ben.
Ben and Jed.
Telling you that the curse that has been affecting you has now been lifted.
I think that's enough.
My mom taught me two things by the time I was ten: always aim for center mass and always listen to my gut.
My gut's telling me that you are not who you're pretending to be.
This is all a bad dream.
Go to sleep.
Ethan? You guys shouldn't have come.
We want to help you with your powers.
There's nothing wrong with my powers.
All I want you to do is compel her to forget all of this and leave.
Oh, good, you're finally awake.
I need your help to find something.
Where are we? Your subconscious.
We're in your head right now.
Since the stake is gone, I need inspiration for what to do next.
You can't force me to give you inspiration.
But I can take it.
Thanks to the blue calamus, right now your mind is unguarded.
You know, I've never seen an inner sanctum like this before.
You're quite the artist.
And I assume each one of these is an essential part of you? Your will.
Your emotions.
Your power.
And one of these is your inspiration.
I just need what's inside of it.
Is it this one? No.
How about this one? I don't know.
But you can sense it, can't you? A feeling? Am I getting warmer? We have a winner.
I've been looking for you.
Ooh, that is quite a show you two put on.
Beating all of our games.
Almost like you didn't care who knew what you were.
Post tenebras spero lucem.
Was there something you wanted? Just to give you a little warning.
You see, we don't take kindly to strangers poaching on our hunting grounds.
"We"? Yes, ma'am.
Carnival full of vampires it's not half bad, as far as cover stories go.
Well, most of the carnies are humans.
There's only a few of us left.
And we prefer "Creatures of the Night.
" It's more elegant.
And it's from the old days, back when there was decorum about keeping a low profile and such.
You see, we follow very strict rules so as not to bring too much attention.
We choose our victims carefully.
You left the sister alive.
Our leader has a peculiar hunting style.
He prefers to let one witness survive.
Look, we have dealt with your kind in the past.
We have maintained this little charade for hundreds of years, because we do things the right way.
I was unaware that there was a right way to be a vampire.
And therein lies the problem.
But the old ways must be preserved nevertheless.
Oh, wow.
I would have bet real money that Lizzie was gonna be the most annoying part of my day, but, see, being vamp-splained by Colonel Sanders, that's a new low for me.
Enough stalling! You and your friend have a choice to make: either you join our merry band and you learn at the feet of a true master or else.
First, she's not my friend.
Second, or else what? You find out how hard it is to fight someone who is centuries older than you.
That might be a little bit of a problem for me if I only were a "Creature of the Night," that is.
Didn't know I could do that.
Jed? How'd you find me? That body spray is haunting.
You hiding back here? No.
I'm just, uh hiding.
I went to the gym to work out, and I ran into Ben.
He told me what was going on with you.
I didn't want to believe it, but here you are, avoiding him.
I know I'm not a part of your inner circle or anything, but from where I'm standing, that's messed up.
I mean, Ben goes through life never feeling like he belongs anywhere, and he wanted to leave, but you convinced him to say.
And now you're just gonna ditch him? Yeah, basically.
Because you know the truth's gonna come out, that you're the reason a monster magnet's at the school? That's not why.
Then why are you avoiding him? - I don't know.
- You're lying.
I literally can't, remember? It's all jumbled and confusing, and I I just feel this pressure like I'm gonna say the wrong thing to him.
Like what? Please you have to stop her.
Oh, my.
You are a strong one, aren't you? I think we need to have a little chat.
About what? Not sure.
But I had a vision of you, and I'm hoping you can tell me why.
Help! Hope if you're listening, help me.
Hope Hope help me.
New test: let's hunt some condescending vampires.
This seems like a good place for a little chat.
Now, then, I needed a solution to a problem: the way to kill the Tribrid.
And the inspiration I received in reply was a vision of you.
Tell me why.
Kill a Tribrid? Simple.
Two parts whiskey rye, if you have it one part sweet vermouth.
You're not affected by blue calamus.
Well, there's not much that does affect me.
Fine, then.
I shall have to do this the old-fashioned way.
Aah! By breaking every single bone in that perfectly chiseled body.
Which will all heal.
After it hurts like hell.
Ah! No offense.
Kind of used to excruciating pain at this point.
Occupational hazard.
Ah, but don't let that stop you.
Do your best.
Maybe I'm lying.
Or maybe you're stalling, trying to keep me occupied but why? Oh.
Afraid of what I might do to all those who can't heal? If you don't start talking, I'm going back to the school and killing every single student, one by one.
And every death will be your fault.
So the plan is to just stay? Without your family even knowing that you're here? I was headed home to tell them about my powers, but the closer I got, the more invisible I became.
I didn't even realize it at first it was like a subconscious reaction.
I guess I didn't even want them to see me or to know why I was coming home.
What do you do when all you want is to be with your family but you can't even look them in the eye? You hide.
I hid who I was from my family for a long time.
But, eventually, I told them.
And how did that go? Pretty terrible.
But I meant what I said in there when I was pretending to be Dr.
You can come back.
Cleo found a spell to fix the curse.
What about being a terrible friend? You got a spell for that? Soon as I learned that supernaturals were real, all I wanted was to be as cool as you.
To be a part of a team.
To be a hero.
But you were right.
When I had the chance, I wasn't a hero at all.
You're just gonna forgive me because you're a good guy, but I don't deserve it.
You know I killed Landon, right? I was in a dark place, and I lost control of my temper.
He came back alive, and everyone just kind of moved on.
And I didn't believe I deserved a good outcome after I did something so terrible.
My pops is a preacher, and he would call that grace.
A second chance.
My pops was wrong about a lot of things, but I think he was right about that.
Wherever there's love there's grace.
So give them a chance.
They love you.
They might accept you for who you are.
And if they don't I'll be your family until they do.
Thank you! And for my next trick, I will astound you with my powers of hypnosis.
I need two volunteers.
We'll do it.
Come right this way.
But prepare yourselves what comes next - is not for the faint of heart.
In fact, some of you may even have to look away from the horror.
But for the bravest of you, I ask that you clear your minds.
Follow the sound of my voice.
You will obey whatever command I give you.
Your eyelids are getting heavy.
Your mind is getting cloudy.
On the count of three, you're going to fall to the ground asleep.
Three! I don't think it worked.
Perhaps your friend is a bit more docile.
Your eyelids are getting heavy.
They're really not.
Seems we have some troublemakers here.
Remove them, please.
Are you calling to your vamp bros? 'Cause I think they might be indisposed.
Besides, it's not like anyone's going to believe you.
Don't leave.
Who are you? The future.
I think the truth weed should be out of our system by now.
Want to test it? I'm really good at playing pool.
I've always wanted to be the alpha.
Well, it's official.
We can lie again.
Hey, I kind of stuck my nose in your business today.
I think being left out of stuff around here got to me.
I guess Josie was always the one who kept me in the loop.
Yeah, I miss her, too.
And you were right I shouldn't have left Ben alone.
But I was having all these feelings that were confusing.
And it didn't make sense until When we thought he was in danger then I understood.
I think I like him.
Yeah, me, too.
Look, I know it's all kind of messy.
I I just kind of don't know who to talk to about it.
Then how about me? Talk as long as you want.
They've been talking for a while.
Coming clean was definitely the right thing for him to do.
See? I told you.
You didn't need me today.
You had it.
I just told him what you told me the night I killed Landon.
It's gonna be good having you back on the Squad.
Well she thinks it's cool.
I mean, it's still frickin' weird, but he is my brother, either way.
And you are? Not Dr.
- You see what I did? - Yeah.
Um, I think if I hear one more supernatural explanation, my head might explode.
Take care of him.
Okay? You got it.
And if you see Finch, tell her that I said hey.
Or hi.
Or whatever.
Only if you see her.
Let's hit the road, guys.
Can't wait to see how you fixed up that sweet Corvette.
I've always wanted to ride in that thing.
Time to go.
She was my best friend.
I know.
What comes next is gonna be scary.
And hard.
The pain will probably never go away.
You're gonna miss her.
And it's okay.
It's okay to miss her and feel sad.
Because you're also gonna feel something else.
You're gonna feel your sister beside you, no matter what, like she's a part of you.
Because she is.
You will always feel her.
She will never be fully gone.
And that will make you brave.
Luna! Nice work with that compulsion.
So, what's the next test? Nothing.
Enough of the tests and the rules.
You and I could find our own way that works.
Could be fun.
No more carnivals? Absolutely not.
You were right, by the way.
Not having that connection to Josie has been messing with me.
After we find Aurora, maybe don't take it away.
The connection.
Sire bond, whatever.
I don't think I'm ready to face the world alone.
You see? I'm a great teacher.
I should open up my own school.
But for Tribrids only.
Hope, you're the only one.
I know.
Thank you for the healing spells.
You healed on your own.
I tried, but it hurts when I try to do magic now.
I think whatever she did inside me may have damaged me in a way I do not yet understand.
I was so tired of people wanting inspiration all the time, and now now I can't feel it anymore.
I'm so sorry.
What did she want from you? Information.
About the gods.
I told her everything I knew about them.
How powerful they are.
I think she believes they'll be able to kill a Tribrid.
We'll find a way to warn Hope.
I don't think Hope is the only one in trouble.
The gods have been sleeping for a long time.
If Aurora does find a way to wake them up we're gonna need to warn the whole world.

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