Legacies (2018) s04e12 Episode Script

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

1 You ready for something to eat? Can't you see my brain is on fire? I'm inspired.
Drawing connections to all these things your minuscule mind couldn't possibly fathom.
Though, to be fair, the inspiration I stole from that muse has been waning with every thought and passing minute.
It's nearly gone.
And you will be, too, if you don't order food.
You know, I could go for a bite.
Bite me.
Sorry, do you mind giving me and my friend a moment? She's just a little We have a nasty habit of running into each other like this, witch.
How did you find me? The artifact I stuffed you in was covered in your red hair after, so that wasn't hard.
But calling me a witch is reductive.
A lot's changed since we last saw each other.
A Heretic then.
How lovely.
Though unless you intend to kill me with kindness And we both know how much I suck at murder.
Distraction, on the other hand Suurentaa.
Killing you is my job.
All the soul brothers Jitterbugs and hip cats and fancy hats And pretty girls with pretty smiles All decked out in the latest styles Breathtakin', hip-shakin' cuties now Talkin' 'bout some fascinatin' Devastatin' beauties now Talkin' 'bout some fascinatin' - Devastatin' beauties now - Hey! A toast! To the three of us lost souls getting the hell out of this hell.
Ah I'll drink to that! Ha-ha! Better toast to Falcon's Landing.
What is Falcon's Landing? A Dungeons & Dragons campaign I played.
It taught me a valuable lesson.
Jinns, or jinnis, depending on the mythology suck.
Look, I know it's hard to believe, but our plan actually worked.
And the sphinx's riddle led us to somebody who has the power to give us what we want.
So that jinni can suck all he wants, but he's our ticket home.
To the jinn! Or the jinni.
For future reference my name is Zied.
I'm sorry for the wait but your order's ready.
If you three gentlemen would just sign here.
But this says we get one wish each.
Oh, because granting three wishes is a bit of a myth.
The number is entirely up to the discretion of the jinni.
But three wishes between the lot of you should be plenty.
If you use them right Which you don't want us to do.
The jinni at Falcon's Landing was a total con man.
The entire party got wiped.
Check the bill.
I bet these wishes come at a cost.
We already told you, mate.
We're fresh out of coins.
And as I told you, that won't be a problem.
Because he wants our souls instead.
Three wishes for three souls.
What's your deal? I thought you wanted to kill her.
I will.
Once I figure out what her plan is.
I want to know why she's after the gods.
Who cares? If she's dead, she can't find them.
But somebody else could.
And like I keep telling people, I'd like to be left alone.
Then why are you working with her? Sorry.
I've been eavesdropping.
But the question remains.
You heard what she wants to know.
What does the chicken scratch mean? Oof.
I know it's very important.
I just can't seem to recall.
If she told us that easily, you wouldn't believe her.
So we're gonna have to treat her like a hostile witness.
The court agrees.
How does the prosecution wish to proceed? If it pleases the court, this could be an opportunity to continue my Padawan vampire training.
Teach me how to head-dive her.
I mean, God knows what's going on in there hamsters running around on wheels, cobwebs, screws popping loose.
But I'd level up my powers and you'd find out what she's up to.
Sounds fun.
Shall we? We shan't.
Then, what do you have in mind? Let's not overreact.
I told you that blasted feline would screw us.
Never trust anyone who licks their own arse.
Does it say why he wants our souls? No.
Only that the contract is "perpetually binding" once we all sign it.
Which we need not do, because being trapped in Limbo forever is the only thing we can accomplish by ourselves.
I think we should take the deal.
I thought you said Falcon's Landing taught you otherwise.
I mean, from what you told us, everyone died.
That was the party's fault.
The wishes we made had consequences we hadn't anticipated.
Before we knew it, we were at each other's throats.
Where we went wrong was the thought we put into the wording of our wishes.
If we had been simple, clear, concise, we might have made it out of the Landing alive.
The jinni used our greed and carelessness against us.
Okay, so if we're careful, this go-around Careful didn't get us here and careful won't get us out.
Now, coins I can recoup.
But my very soul, qu-questionable as that is No, I'm sorry, even I'm not willing to risk that.
What if you didn't have to? What if we saved your wish for last? If Dr.
Saltzman and I fail on our first two tries, you can use your wish to get back to Peace.
Yeah, I'm okay with that.
Suits me fine, but I doubt that blue bastard will go for it.
You have a deal.
Three souls to Peace, then? This must be a trap.
You're in league with the sphinx, I say What Ted is saying is, if souls can just wish themselves back to Peace, - why is this place so packed? - Hmm.
Because everyone screws it up.
None want to move on.
They all want to go back.
It's that which keeps them trapped here.
Not the coins.
Fear of the unknown, I guess.
When push comes to shove, when Peace is at their very fingertips, it's always, "I wish to be rich.
" "I wish to be famous.
" - "I wish to be Lady Gaga.
" - Hmm.
Whoever she is.
That actually makes a lot of sense.
Bottom line is, people wish for the world and the worldly comforts they know.
That's the trap.
Good thing you gentlemen are different, right? Actually, we're not going to Peace.
Speak for yourself.
We made a deal about making this deal.
Remember? What'll it be, then? You stand accused of stealing my body, blaspheming my family name, and well, for being a relentless bitch.
Guilty as charged.
But no matter what punishment you think of, little bird, I'm not telling you anything.
We'll see.
Take that daylight ring off her finger.
- Hope.
- You heard me.
My brother Tristan looked at me like that whenever he betrayed me.
"Not all those who wander are lost.
" Wade.
It's Ted, actually.
"The Ted.
" I'll be damned.
At least, I was But your wish seems to have worked.
So where is Dr.
Saltzman? Well Are you gonna kill her or not? Is that your way of telling me that she's finally healed? Yes, but she's still unconscious.
We've been at this for hours and Aurora hasn't said anything.
So maybe it's time for another approach.
Way ahead of you.
Close that door.
You're letting in the stench.
Where did you get that grimoire? I stole it from Vardemus.
- It's - Black magic.
I was gonna say "cool.
" Aurora mentioned something to me when we first met, and I'm just trying to figure out how to make one.
Another torture device.
Which means you're not listening to me.
That's not how this works.
I'm the sire, you're the bond.
Remember? Obviously, if I'm helping you burn someone alive.
But if I'm in this, surely my opinion should count for something, too.
A head dive won't work.
For starters, it's painless, and look, as much as I hate to admit it, she's too strong for it.
Well, she seems pretty weak right now.
Maybe we could try? Try all you want, okay? That way, I can work in peace.
Hope, a head dive is the calculus of vampire powers.
I'm a total noob.
I don't know what I'm doing.
What you're doing is annoying me.
So, you have two choices.
You can either put your brilliant plan into action or you can sit here and help me with mine.
Not a soul in sight.
It's quiet.
Too quiet.
Perhaps that jinni did deceive us after all.
Or you're being paranoid.
Uh, it might be Saturday, it's early.
Everyone might still be asleep.
Ah, listen to those birds.
I'd missed that sound.
Let's hope it's waking your missing headmaster up.
Well, it shouldn't have to.
Would you stop doing that? My sincerest apologies, Fred.
It's Ted.
The Ted.
I'm also sorry for intruding.
But once a wish commences, I am tethered to it.
And I thought I should warn you about something.
Like how you warned us you wouldn't be bringing Dr.
Saltzman back? - Yeah.
- I am aware of this complication.
His soul remains at the bar, and he's drinking quite heavily.
Mm, that's him, all right.
As our contract states, I have granted your wish exactly.
"Bring the three of us back to life.
" I have no idea why he lingers.
Well, I do.
You're trying to get us to burn through another wish.
This is exactly what happened at Falcon's Landing.
We won't be fooled this time.
Take that, you smug blueberry.
About that warning.
If you're supposedly dead and your friends see you, only for you to eventually fail and use your second wish, this encounter could alter their perception of reality.
Every mind is different, but I've seen it drive people mad.
But you're the jinni expert, so I'm sure you already knew that.
Come on, Wudgie.
Let's go get some waffles.
Now you trust that jinni, do you? Not at all.
But I can't risk driving people mad.
Then what, pray tell, are we to do? Wade Wade Wade.
I am the ghost of Landon Kirby.
My boy? Is it really you? Unfinished business has kept me from passing beyond the spectral plane.
I need to find Dr.
If you were a real ghost, you'd know where Dr.
Saltzman is.
Okay, I am the dead one.
Who are you to be telling me how ghosts work? Wait, is this a dream? Yes.
Busted, brotato.
I should have known.
I always dream about you coming back to the school.
I need to find Dr.
That makes sense.
Since I'm not doing my therapy appointments with Emma anymore, this must be my subconscious trying to make sense of all the traumatic stuff that we've been going through lately.
A-And that includes Dr.
Him dying had to be rough.
Okay, you're worse at being a dream than you are at being a ghost.
Saltzman's not dead.
Tell me everything.
So Well, Hope's become a bit of a problem.
I don't even know where to start on Josie, Lizzie, Kaleb and Cleo, or Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
Not just about that.
What you're experiencing is unnecessary and inhumane.
But I know how we can end this.
If you open your mind to me.
I'll take that as a yes.
You always take such good care of me.
All evidence points to the contrary.
I know you think my mind unwell, Tristan.
But I know how we can dispatch our Tribrid tormentor.
Does that have anything to do with the gods, by any chance? See? You can be smart, big brother.
How did you know? You know me.
Good old Tristan.
Always figuring stuff out.
So, what's the plan? I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
There is no way we could have seen this coming.
Besides, even if we have to burn through another wish, you'll still get yours.
I promise.
Oh, were such promises made at Falcon's Landing? Yeah.
Thought so.
Which is why we have to make this bloody wish work.
His heart's not the problem.
Clear, or I will clear you.
You can't yell like that.
People can't know we're alive, remember? I'd wager he does.
Don't worry.
I locked the door.
Okay, you can worry now.
Knock it off.
It's not his fault.
What are you talking about? What did you guys see? And what are you doing back in Limbo? Let's take a walk, we'll tell you all about it.
No, I need five more minutes with this guy.
He never sent me back.
Well, technically, he didn't have to, because you're technically not dead.
We wasted our first wish.
What game are you playing? Let's get a drink, shall we? It's time I told you everything.
I spent centuries granting wishes to humans.
Watching their selfish desires lead them to ruin.
It was sad, really.
Then turned tragic when one of those same humans murdered me.
That's how I wound up here, with a staggering debt owed to the Ferryman.
I can relate, mate.
But that's what you get for screwing people over.
Like how you never told us that going back to the real world was pointless if the Ferryman can just drag us back here.
And don't forget about hiding the fact that I'm in a coma.
I'm a jinni, not a psychic.
But I must confess I knew the Ferryman wouldn't let you leave Limbo.
Has it never occurred to you three that I might want something, too? I wish for Peace.
As everyone trapped here should.
But as I said, my debt is far too large to pay off by myself.
Which is why you opened this bar and need our souls.
What I need is a workforce.
Lost souls like yourselves to help right the wrongs of Limbo and help others reach Peace.
It's quite noble, really.
It's a pyramid scheme.
You're the bloody Jeff Bezos of the afterlife.
I can't imagine how big that bloke's bucket's gonna be.
Nice haul today, King.
Drinks are on the house.
Long after we're gone These hills be rollin' on Long after we're gone I guess that answers that mystery.
As well as another.
Do you seriously expect us to be your coin flunkies? I prefer "Peace facilitators.
" And only if you fail.
So what is that next wish going to be? All those I love.
This has been a lot to take in.
But you really think the gods can kill Hope? Perhaps not all the gods, but they have a singular father, and he is immensely powerful, if what Ben told me is true.
Ben? The demigod I met at the Salvatore School.
Honestly, Tristan, are you not listening to me? Please refresh my memory, dear sister.
Ben confirmed my suspicions about the existence of the gods.
That I was right about the origins of that sarcophagus I stole from the museum.
It was crafted by the very hands of a god, along with several like it, to protect them.
Wait, you're losing me again.
If the gods are so powerful, what did they need protection from? Well, that I don't know.
But the sarcophagus I recovered was empty, which means that a god walks this earth, and surely knows where the others are.
And if we can find her, we can find her father and the others.
Her? Ben explained to me that mythology has come to know her as Vulcan or Hephaestus or a hundred other names, but always as a man, when in reality she is an impossibly gifted engineer and blacksmith who crafted weapons and fantastic machines for her family of gods.
And I bet she likes weed, long walks on the beach, wearing beanies, and saying "dude.
" Must you joke at a time like this? I think some of your crazy might be rubbing off on me.
But I'll give you this much, that's one hell of a plan.
Well, it's the only plan.
The red oak capable of killing the Tribrid has been destroyed.
So you must break my bonds and get us out of here before she returns.
Too late.
What is this treachery? The treachery is that you're not talking to Tristan.
Whoever that is.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
It's not your fault my mind is broken.
Tristan died the instant the Hollow killed Elijah and wiped out his entire sire line.
My beloved brother died in a box at the bottom of the ocean in agony.
What is that? Oh, this? This is plan B.
I'm truly sorry, but the name of this bar should be Falcon's Landing.
I think it's time I wished myself across the pond to Peace - before it comes to that.
- We're in this together.
At least, until we're not.
Either way, the third wish is yours, right? And based on what we know now, Dr.
Saltzman's wish has a lot to accomplish.
It's got to bring our souls back from Limbo, put them back into our bodies two of which are dead, one of which is alive and somehow has to bypass the Ferryman's powers so we don't just end up back here.
Landon, you were pretty shook up when you got back.
What else is going wrong in the real world, other than me being brain-dead? Nothing that can't wait.
What's the plan, then? The same plan we'd use to fight a monster.
If we're gonna attack this problem, we need to know how to defeat it.
If everyone in here is playing the jinni's game, talking to them might help us learn more.
Figure out how to win it.
Well, you boys get to it.
I need a minute to finish this drink and ponder the stress being in a coma must be putting on my daughters.
Your tender eyes For me alone No longer can I hold I know that look.
Need another drink? Maybe something a little stronger? We don't need a plan B, because she already told me her plan A.
I know more about the gods than I ever thought I would.
We got what you wanted.
All the information we need.
Is that true? Yes.
But I went through all this trouble to make this for you.
Hope, you're better than this.
Not anymore.
You never should have told me about Papa Tunde's blade.
You see, this isn't nearly as fancy or powerful, but I hope it is just as painful.
Well, it took some careful coaxing from a kraken, but I think we managed to gather some useful intel.
No one's ever beat the jinni.
I don't think any of that's gonna be helpful.
Sure, it is.
Because the kraken is still playing the game.
It's been pondering its third and final wish for decades.
I was wrong about the jinni.
It's not using our language against us, it's using our desperation.
We need to get home, but we have plenty of time to figure out how to do that.
To search Limbo for someone or thing that can help us learn more - Mm.
- Find a way to craft the perfect wish.
Like I said.
Not helpful.
Then say more.
Why not, huh? Because he used our second wish while we were gone.
What do you mean? What for? I wished for you to become The Necromancer again.
How did you imagine this would work? You betray me and then I do exactly as you say, like a, like a good little Necromancer? Better start apologizing soon.
He's getting more Necro by the second.
Which means the sooner you bring us back to life, the sooner you can wish yourself to Peace.
I should do it right now.
Leave you both here to suffer.
What did I do? Well, then, why don't you? I I'm not sure.
Oh, I am.
Because you're the guy who proved to me that people like us can change, when you sacrificed your life for my students.
And you've backed our every move here in Limbo.
And where did that get me? It's gonna get you to Peace.
Look, if there were any other way, I would have wished for it.
But The Necromancer's powers are the only thing that can bring us back to life without the Ferryman interfering.
Yeah, the Ferryman's powers are no match for mine.
Oh, no.
His bones quake at the mention of my name.
Ted? - Your name is Ted.
- Our friend.
I am not Ted.
You made sure of that.
Well, you need to be.
To summon just enough power to do the spell.
What spell? I kind of assumed you'd know.
Fine! Maybe I do.
But I can't concentrate with all this pressure, so get out.
- Begone.
- Come on, Landon, let's go.
It's a good thing I put up that muting spell.
She's a real squealer.
Hope, there's nothing good about what you're doing.
- She's a monster.
- Maybe.
But at least I know why she's hurting, where she's coming from.
You, on the other hand - She started it.
- And you wanted to end it.
At least you did until you started making up excuses not to.
And torturing her? That is what monsters do.
My humanity is off.
The whole reason it shut off in the first place is because you lost someone you love.
- Like she did.
Like I have.
- Ugh.
Your sister went on vacation.
And your dad is still alive.
Stop trying to appeal to my emotions, okay? - I don't have any.
- Hatred is an emotion.
And in my experience, you can only hate what you could love, if things were a little different.
So maybe what you hate is how much you relate to Aurora.
I know I do.
Well, I don't relate to you at all.
But don't worry, that's about to change.
How? Follow me.
I'll show you.
Why don't you just tell me about this secret you've been keeping? Maybe I should tell you why I've been keeping it.
I was afraid of what you'd do.
Not that it matters.
You still screwed things up.
Hey, I came clean with you about what happened to Hope.
Yeah, and maybe you shouldn't have.
Because everything that has followed has been a series of increasingly risky, desperate moves.
And that's bad enough, but if we can't even trust each other while we're making them? And how am I supposed to trust you when you're the one lying to me? The secret's about Hope.
And Josie and Lizzie.
Landon, tell me what's going on.
Problem solved! My problem, that is, eh? Yours is only beginning, because I am The Necromancer.
And I'm back, baby! Yeah! I'm grateful you brought me back, but I will not be returning you and birdbrain there to your pathetic lives after all.
Ted, listen to me No, Ted is dead! I'm the Knight of Nightmares.
The Monarch of Misery! We got it.
Yeah? Well, I got something, too.
A parting gift from Ted: his wish, to punish you for all you've done.
You know, if you want to torture us, you should just send us back home.
You must have feathers in your brain.
That would be giving you exactly what you want.
Oh, I doubt that.
It's time I told you what's happening in the real world.
Whatever you have in mind, I don't want to do it.
She's suffering, Hope.
So are you.
But don't worry, her pain's almost over, because that is about to change.
Maybe you'll be less judgmental when you have blood on your hands, too.
Screw you.
I won't do it.
The sire bond says otherwise.
Kill her.
Didn't you hear me? Bury that stake in her heart.
- I command you.
- Hope, please.
We were friends.
We are friends.
As much as I hate what you're doing right now - I still love you.
- Then prove it.
Kill her.
If you wish to kill me, child, don't make a mess of it.
You missed.
I know her heart's tiny, but it's a couple of inches over.
I know.
I meant to.
Which means I broke the sire bond.
Oh This is rich.
His one daughter's a Heretic, the other one's gone away, and Hope's become a villain like her father? Which is why if you send us back home, you'll be sending us into the teeth of our worst nightmares.
Plus, you get to keep Ted's wish, which you can use to break your contract with the jinni.
It's a win-win.
No, there has to be a catch.
Only if you think we're capable of figuring all that out.
Oh No, you'll only make things worse.
He'll probably have a heart attack, wind up right back here.
How could you keep this from me? Look, if we had been sent back, we'd have to figure out a way to flip Hope's switch.
You'd find out about your daughters, panic, and make a bad decision for everyone like you always do.
If Ted can change, so can I.
Not a chance.
If Limbo's taught us anything, it's that we are who we've always been.
Which is why I'm sending you back, but not him.
What? That's not fair.
I know.
It's perfect.
The headmaster goes back and fails everybody again, but racked with guilt all the while, knowing that your genuinely decent soul is trapped here with me forever! Landon, this isn't good.
Then prove him wrong, Dr.
Be better.
Work with your students, find a way to get through to Hope without taking it all on yourself like you always do.
Any final words? Take care of each other.
Oh, we will do nothing of the sort.
And you will take care of nothing and no one.
Mate, I'd wish you luck, but we all know that would be a waste of a wish, don't we? Yeah.
I see your second wish has been effectual? I brought this soul back to work in your salvation army.
Well, you'll be enlisting, too.
Unless, of course, you use your last wish to send yourself to Peace.
What I wish for is to be free of my contract with you.
That is fortunate.
For me.
What do you mean by that? If I had to guess, it means Dr.
Saltzman screwed you on his way out.
The third member of your party wished for you to become The Necromancer again, but that your powers only be capable of returning him and the boy to life.
That's preposterous.
He also specified that if you wished for anything other than Peace, your third and final wish be rendered null and void.
Oh, that bastard.
You let him do all that? The choice was ultimately yours.
Your servitude begins at midnight.
Can I get you something to drink? Forget I asked.
Stay as long as you like.
Why did you save me? In classic Lizzie Saltzman fashion, it was selfish.
I just couldn't let you die without apologizing.
For what? Calling you crazy.
Being dismissive.
Judging your symptoms and not their cause.
Treating you the same way everyone treated me whenever I'd have an episode.
I used to think of my brain as a weakness, but maybe all the issues I've struggled with are what allowed me to break the sire bond.
In your defense, I can be quite symptomatic at times.
You lost someone you love.
But no amount of lashing out will ever bring them back.
I think I learned that today, thanks to Hope.
If you're trying to get me to forget about Tristan No, I'm not.
I know the hole a sibling leaves in your heart never goes away.
All I'm asking is that you do something to heal it, instead of staying stuck on revenge.
He's dead, Elizabeth.
There is nothing I can do.
I'm not so sure about that.
These gods you were looking for have all kinds of powers.
Including the ability to wield and shape time.
They could take us back.
Back to when Tristan was alive? To when my father wasn't broken.
When Hope had her humanity.
When Josie was still with me.
Well, it's not a bad idea, but I've run out of inspiration, I'm afraid.
Where would we even begin? I stole this from Hope.
It turns out I've already met Vulcan, so we can start by finding her.
I wouldn't look so confident.
You're doomed to spend eternity in this hell, by my side.
I'm looking forward to it.
Do explain.
I mean, of course I wanted to get back and help the people I love, but if I have to stay here, I can still help people.
Getting them to Peace.
Doesn't sound like hell to me.
Guess that's why I'm a glass half-full kind of guy and you are I'm The Necromancer.
I necromance.
That's what I do, not help people.
So if I'm trapped here you mark my words, I will make this your hell.
You will try.
At least until I find a way to get you to Peace.
I made a promise to Ted, which I intend to keep.
Let's just hope Dr.
Saltzman does the same.
Whoa, Dr.
Saltzman, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
Come on.
Wade? How did you know? That Kaleb was your emergency contact? I didn't, until the hospital called the school.
The AV club has been monitoring all of the school's phones in your absence, and I take my duties as president very seriously.
Ah, well, I'm glad some things haven't changed since I've been gone.
Where's Kaleb? He's out parking his car.
But it's not the sweet ride that you remember.
Because a lot has changed at the Salvatore School.
I mean, with Hope and Josie and Lizzie.
Yeah, I know.
Landon told me.
- But my boy's dead.
- Uh I'll explain everything as soon as Kaleb gets here.
'Cause I'm gonna need you, him and everyone else to figure out where we go from here, okay? Do you need help? I'm not exactly sure.
Well, you're going to, if you keep standing out in the middle of the road like this.
I I could've killed you.
That wouldn't be very humane, would it? You on drugs? Drugs numb people.
Um I'm having the opposite problem.
I feel like I may actually be starting to feel things.
Um things like gratitude.
I even had the slightest urge to thank you for stopping.
What if Lizzie is right about me? What's the definition of humanity? Beats me.
But you seem like you're in a pretty rough place.
I could call the cops if you want.
Um, could give you a lift, get you some help.
That's good.
That's good.
Yeah, keep doing that.
You're starting to creep me out.
No, one last thing, one last thing, before I let you go.
Um What would you call someone who could kill a person without ever meeting them before? A decent person like you.
On second thought don't worry about it.
You've been very helpful.
Not that I care.

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