Legacies (2018) s04e13 Episode Script

Was This the Monster You Saw?

You look as if you might require some help.
No, I got this.
And what is this, exactly? Well, it used to be a training device that shot a bunch of foam stakes.
But it's going to be a confetti cannon for Headmaster Saltzman's surprise party, which means I need to have it ready before he gets back, so Come on.
Is it that obvious I have no idea what I'm doing? You know, what's happening here seems quite obvious to me, Jed.
I have a, uh, relative who is gifted with such things.
Let me try.
Yeah, well, you do that.
I'll go start cutting up some paper.
As you wish.
Got this baby all taped up for you.
Where you want it? I'll show you.
It's all right.
All right, I'll-I'll just Cleo, you don't have to prove yourself to me.
I was trying to prove something to myself.
I have no idea what Aurora did to me or my powers.
As burdensome as they can be, I I don't think I know who I am without them.
So I just pray that this isn't permanent, you know.
Come on.
No, no, it won't be.
All right? But even if it is, you are still the most powerful person I've ever met.
Hell, you're the reason I was able to come back to the school.
No, my magic is the reason you were able to return, remember? Okay, come on, listen.
Doc S.
is coming back, too.
All right? He'll be able to help.
Things are going to get better.
For all of us.
I'm gonna go get a ladder.
You know, some of us can't just you know.
Where do we go from here? Turn left.
- Aah! - Not here! Okay, here.
You know, this would be much easier if you simply told me where we're going.
If I knew that, then I would be driving instead of letting you grind my gears.
It's not safe to cast magic and drive, so Wait, I thought you said magic didn't work on the gods.
It doesn't.
Which is why I'm technically not tracking Jen.
My spell is using this shard to locate whatever weird god metal it's made from and taking us to where we can find more.
Okay, that's actually quite clever.
Only if we find Jen there, too.
I figure if she's a god, she can tell us where the rest of her family is.
A family that can resurrect my brother Tristan.
And turn Hope's humanity back on.
And make Dad and Josie come back.
Turn right.
- What? - Right! Why don't you just trust me with the map? For a billion reasons, none of which you can handle hearing.
So just keep going straight for a few more miles.
Not so fast.
Are you sure I can't talk you into staying here a little longer? Positive.
Thank you for all that you've done, but I need to get home.
Good luck.
We'll bill you for the cane.
That won't be necessary.
Hey This one's way more his style.
Ah, thank you.
- Ow! - I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Where's Kaleb? I thought he was supposed to pick me up.
Uh, he-he picked out the cane.
Kaleb also told me that Landon asked you to change how you do things while we're in crisis, which we clearly are, and that you promised you would.
Oh, God, does this mean you're my sober buddy? I think I'm a little late on that front, but I am right on time to be your accountability buddy.
So long as it doesn't interfere with me helping my daughters.
That's almost the spirit.
After you, buddy.
All right, they're pulling up now.
Battle positions, everyone.
Let's go.
Come on.
Move it, move it.
Headmaster Saltzman is just out of the hospital.
I mean, I know my powers of inspiration are currently gone, but are we certain a surprise party is the best idea, given his current condition? Cleo's right.
You're gonna give him a heart attack.
Can you stop hiding now? Hope, what the hell are you doing here? Crashing your little party, apparently.
But this is a business trip.
I came to make you an offer.
What kind of offer? That is none of your business.
I'd rather talk to Dr.
Now that he's walking and talking again, he'll be much easier to manipulate than you idealistic youngsters, especially with all the ammunition I have.
We have a problem.
Beyond the cane, obviously.
My body and brain are still having trouble synching up because of what you did to me.
The doctors said I'm lucky to even walk! And if I could, I'd probably try to kill you for murdering my daughter.
Attempted murder.
As you've obviously heard, Lizzie is now a Heretic.
However, I may have also accidentally started a chain of events that has led to the gods returning to our world.
And I'm pretty sure those gods want me dead.
Why is that our problem? Why is he here? He's my accountability buddy.
You should probably get one.
Look, in my opinion this is no different from when Malivore came into our lives.
The Salvatore School, it always sticks its neck out for the good of the world and all.
Which is probably something I shouldn't have allowed my students to do because look where it got them, and you.
You don't have a choice.
Because I'm gonna need an army to face these gods, and yours is the only one with the appropriate skill set.
I'm done making decisions alone, which is why we need to ask the Squad whether or not they even want to be involved.
You are the adult, so be an adult.
Make them do whatever it is that you want them to.
It's time to employ that buddy system.
You want to be a leader so badly? Now's your chance.
Convince him that I'm right.
But I don't think you're right.
You've given us more than enough to worry about as it is.
All roads lead back to Lizzie with you two, hmm? That's okay, because my god problem is your Lizzie problem.
How are we supposed to find the gods, much less convince them to help us, if you can't follow simple directions? Consider their source.
What I'm considering is your profound trust issues.
This car is a freaking metaphor for our partnership.
The only difference being I think I know how to fix you.
Tristan tried "fixing" me countless times.
Can you imagine being brought before a doctor or a monk who sticks you in ice baths or cuts you open, bleeds you to try to help? That's not how the kind of therapy I'm talking about works.
I'm sorry you went through that.
Don't be.
Your family would have done the same to you in my day.
No, they wouldn't.
Because what you refuse to see is that Tristan was the problem.
Your relationship with him sounds abusive and toxic, and And I would do anything to have him back, as you would your sister and Hope.
So if you're trying to convince me otherwise, you are just wasting our time.
We'll see.
I'm vamping into town to compel us a new car.
And what am I supposed to do? I don't know.
Maybe think about how big of a douchebag your brother is.
Bloody Heretics! Look, I know we've covered a lot of ground, so, any questions? Uh, yeah.
When you said that it's likely that one of us will die if we help you No, I said some.
It could be all of you.
Anything else? Yeah, this one's more of a demand.
You need to get out so the Squad can talk in private.
Let's face it, Kaleb, there's been nothing super about this Squad since I left.
I mean, look around you.
Lizzie and Josie are gone.
Where's jockboy, she-wolf? They plotting another attack against me? It didn't go so well the last time, did it? They're at a bakery getting a cake for Dr.
You're a Muse.
Why don't you inspire a halfway decent question? I am no longer capable of using my powers.
Okay, well, then I guess that brings us back to Kaleb's demand.
To which I'm gonna say you all can suck it because I'm not going anywhere.
Act now if you want to save Lizzie from herself.
Did I not mention that she's working with an ancient and mentally unstable vampire? Oh, guys, come on, you used to be so willing to help when I had my humanity.
What are they saying? You and this world need me, because once again, you know nothing about the gods.
We know more than you think.
We actually met Aurora before.
And, uh Who's the new guy? I'm quite ancient, actually.
And the gods you speak of are my extended family.
I know them all too well.
Well enough to talk them into leaving me alone? Doubtful.
They did curse me, after all.
But I can provide much useful information.
If only everyone else was as accommodating as you are.
Let's talk about that curse of yours.
- Aah! - They said no.
What?! Yeah, you heard me.
You know, if you were so concerned about your daughter, then you should have taken matters into your own hands, like I told you to.
But it's okay, because I did.
Hope, what did you do? I pulled this bracelet off of Ben, and I broke it.
Which means something very scary should be making its way to the school, probably as we speak.
- That's only gonna make things worse.
- Exactly.
Maybe once your stubborn little Squad realizes that they can't kill a run-of-the-mill monster without me, they'll take my deal.
And hopefully none of them or Lizzie die before they do.
You took the bait.
So I got you one.
Not that I knew you'd be showing up or anything.
You tricked me.
No, I tested you to prove a point.
You didn't need to look at that map, but you did.
So maybe that's not the only thing I'm right about.
Dear God, is this what modern therapy is? If it were, how would that make you feel? This is nuts.
Look, if you go running off into the world, monsters will still be after you.
Well, would you rather them come back to the school? Cleo's already locking up Kaleb because of me People could get hurt.
And as much as we don't want monsters knocking at our door either, protecting innocent life is the first rule of being on the Squad.
Then fear not.
This is as far as we need to go.
- Chain me up.
- Why? So you'll be defenseless while you get eaten alive? Yes, that's generally how it works.
Hell no! That's torture.
And as I have told you, that is my life.
Which I will return to no matter what any monster does to me, unlike those innocent people you just mentioned.
My plan makes perfect sense, Jed, so what is your hesitation? Okay, look, I've been waiting for the right time to tell you, and today at the confetti cannon would have been better, but I chickened out.
Now suits me fine.
So trust that no matter what you have to say to me, I will hear it with my very soul.
Oh, boy, that's a lot of pressure.
Well, then, perhaps if I put it in your parlance.
What's up, bro? Yeah, that totally helps.
God! Aah! Found you, Trey.
- You cheated.
- Did not.
I'm just a better werewolf than you.
We'll see.
Go hide.
It's my turn to be the wolf.
Jedidiah! I need you! Hey, I know you can hear me, Jed, so quit playing and come home.
Now! Your dad's scary.
We're gonna be wolves soon.
Nothing scares us.
Oh, boy.
Daddy issues.
That's never good.
Trust me.
I think it's time that you man up and jam my proposal through the Super Squad Senate, because if I don't kill this monster, Jed's only gonna get worse.
Describe what attacked you again.
It was terrifying.
Unlike anything I've ever seen before, and I've seen my fair share of monsters.
I would have let it consume me, but I had to get Jed back.
Good thing you did.
Help has arrived.
With a big swing.
Is this the monster you saw? Very much so.
What is that hideous thing? A clown.
S-Scariest monster ever.
There was just enough of what you said about it for us to make the connection.
Though now that I have, I kind of wish I was wrong.
How does one kill a clown? I ask myself that question a lot lately.
It's simple.
You don't.
I do.
It is your fault that Jed is hurt.
Headmaster Saltzman, I know we've only just met, but wherever I go, the monster will follow.
You're not gonna be going anywhere.
I put a barrier spell up around the school, so you guys are stuck here on the grounds with Bozo.
I am impervious to magic.
You cannot hold me here, and I think it best I flee as far from the school as possible.
You know, I have a better plan.
This is truly dreadful.
And yet I can't stop drinking it.
Makes sense.
From what you've told me, choosing to do things you know are harmful to you seems like a consistent pattern.
I could say the same to you.
Only because you are completely disconnected from reality, but I'm listening.
Then listen very carefully, Elizabeth.
You can't function on your own.
I hardly know you, but you are obsessively fixated on your sister and Hope.
But the more time we spend together, the more I begin to wonder if it's even about them, because now here you are, partnered up with me.
You just need someone to feel superior to.
That's your pattern, and you need to break it, to learn to be alone.
To like the person you are enough to spend time with her without having to be distracted.
Do not.
My mistake, then.
You can't leave.
You need me to find that god.
Do I? You know, unstable as I may be, I quite love myself, and I believe I'm capable of it with or without you.
Can you say the same? I think I know what our monster is, thanks to you and Wade.
The first clowns originated from Egypt.
They were essentially priests.
Had the ears of the kings.
Literally or metaphorically? It's a fair question, but in this case the latter.
When the Romans plundered Egypt, they brought back more than obelisks and Cleopatra.
This book records the history of a Roman village that used an effigy of a clown to confess all of their sins during an annual harvest festival.
Once they had, they'd get drunk and then burn the damn thing, believing that it would destroy all their misdeeds along with it.
Honestly, it sounded like a halfway decent party.
Until a conscripted Egyptian witch cast a spell.
Brought the effigy to life to punish the villagers for taking her away from her home.
So if that's our Pennywise, how can Hope kill it? Oh, I didn't know that we were taking Hope's deal.
Well, we don't have a choice, right? Have a seat, Milton.
The bite from this Protoclown it would poison the villagers, and it would force them to confront the memories of the worst things they'd ever done, so that they could be redeemed, or die by being stubborn.
Not that I can relate to that or anything.
So he's the proto accountability buddy, too.
How does knowing that change anything? What's gonna change things is turning Hope's humanity back on, and I think that we can use this monster to do just that.
You with me, or not? I see you've finally come to your senses.
We want to work with you, Hope.
Saltzman he found out a lot about this clown, including the fact that fire attracts it.
And yet here you are, building a bonfire.
So which clown are we talking about? Because I see three.
Well I only see one.
Oh, nice comeback, Wayne.
Didn't think you had it in you.
You lied to me, MG.
I didn't lie to you about anything.
We need your help, Hope, just not the way you are.
You miss my humanity so badly? Fine.
I'll share.
Listen up.
Our pack has a code.
- Yes, sir! - Right! To some, it's harsh, but it is our way.
Now if anyone wants to challenge it, or my authority as alpha, now would be the time.
Then our way will continue.
There is no room for weakness in this pack.
Yeah! There is no room to feed mouths that don't provide.
Jed, Trey, get over there.
One of you will become a wolf before the full moon rises.
But what about the other? Get him, bro! Get him, bro! Come on! Make me proud, son.
Now would be a good time to come back to life.
- I could use a little - Help! Help! Help! Cleo? Why are you in there? Kaleb was supposed to be.
But when MG came to us with a plan to take on Hope, my boyfriend did not think me so powerful after all.
Yeah, that was my plan.
But MG didn't think I was powerful enough to be a part of it either.
Being in the hospital, all the vervain leeched out of my system, so he compelled me to stay inside the school.
Said he didn't want to be accountable for me getting hurt again.
Which means they're gonna face this clown without us.
It is in the school with us.
What are you waiting for? Let me out.
Cleo, you're safe in there, which is more than I can say for the rest of my students, no matter how hard I try.
Do you even know how to kill this monster? No, but as weak as I am, I have to give it a shot.
Headmaster Saltzman, everyone may think we're weak, but we're only weak if we believe it.
Unlock the door.
Do you have any idea what you're asking me to do? - Believe me, I do.
- Then why? Because we've been fighting this fate ever since we figured out who you are.
It's true.
Fate wants to tear us apart.
But if we stand together, we win.
You'll still be dead.
Moral victory, at least.
I won't do it.
We'll find another way.
I'm not gonna murder the boy I love because the universe demands it.
I like to think of myself as more of a man, but What a load of crap.
That's not how it happened.
But it could have.
And you being here means that you know it.
Yup, this is the place.
Is there anyone here? Any god? Suck on that, Aurora.
I know this movie.
I give up.
Jen, come out, come out, wherever you are! I stand corrected.
You clearly don't need my help.
And you clearly followed me here, so who actually needed who? Arrogance in the face of impending doom.
I almost respect it.
What? You're not actually gonna let me die in here after all we've been through? Well, I can't just let you out, can I, darling? Because you were right about one thing.
We have profound trust issues.
Which I told you, I can fix if you can pull the plug on this thing.
My magic doesn't work on god stuff.
Even if I could, I already know how to fix our problems.
If you'll agree to my terms, that is.
Oh, hey.
Wondering when you were gonna show up.
You're here to remind me of all my sins, I'm afraid I got some bad news for you.
I'm way ahead of you, thanks to Limbo, so hope you're hungry.
But I am more than happy to admit that this plan was a group effort.
I had some help.
Have you met Cleo? I'll take that as a "no.
" Well, you're about to because she's the powerful young woman standing right behind you.
You're the one who guessed that a frozen blade would kill it.
Born by a fire means death by the opposite.
Kaleb was right.
This is my style.
And thank you for your advice.
You still had to take it.
Now, come on.
Let's go find the others.
Where do you think you're going? - We're not done here.
- There is no here.
This is a clown delusion, and I'm over it.
Obviously not.
You're not over being forced to kill Landon, and I'm just getting started with you.
You're not real.
Keep telling yourself that.
I just did.
I'm your humanity, and I'm trying to return.
You know it.
You're just a coping mechanism.
The easy way out.
- Shut up! - You're the one yelling.
See, right now, I'm just a tiny voice in your head, telling you what you already know.
But I will grow louder if you don't listen.
Because I am, and always will be, your better half.
The real Hope Mikaelson.
We'll see about that.
You're damn right we will.
Need help? Jedidiah, pick it up.
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Don't worry, Jed.
You were always the better wolf.
Well, at least someone here isn't a coward.
Pick up that damn bat and use it, or I will.
Jed? What are you doing out here? I assumed you'd be by my side when we revived.
I was hoping that maybe we could further our discussion.
The monster may be dead, but I can't stop thinking about it.
And I was so good at not thinking about it for years.
I don't understand.
My father was an abusive bully.
And he tried to make me hurt a friend.
So I killed him instead.
That's how I activated my curse, and as much as that clown wanted me to, I don't regret it.
Nor should you.
I'm guessing this friend was Trey? Well, he might have been more than that, now that I look back on it.
I mean, we were so young.
It was just a childhood crush.
But the night I saved his life and took my father's, I turned into a werewolf for the first time and ran off.
Saltzman eventually found me, but I never saw Trey again.
And that's the part I regret.
You know, sometimes I think that the true curse we carry is family.
Makes sense.
'Cause when I got to The Salvatore School, I became a bully, too.
It took me years maybe right up until this moment right now to realize that that's only who I was raised to be.
That's not who I am.
But I know now.
I'm ready to let go of the person that my father wanted me to be.
That's why I've been wanting to talk to you, ever since you told me your story.
And to tell you I-I know how you feel.
To tell you how I feel.
It's all right if you're not ready.
So much for accountability.
Well, baby steps.
Why are you still here? Figured I'd give you one last chance to save the world, now that your Jiminy Cricket is gone.
You were right.
As much as I hate to admit it, given all that you've done to me and my daughters.
You need me.
That's not exactly what I was gonna say.
I am the adult, and sometimes that means telling kids like you things like this.
We don't need you, Hope.
But we do want you here because we believe that you're still in there somewhere.
I'm really not, but we can still work together, so long as your students follow my orders.
Like hell.
We will work with you, not for you.
And that's our deal.
You can take it or leave it.
Was a cute little sun and moon too much to ask for? These aren't pathetic tattoos.
They're a blood pact.
Which means neither of us can back out or betray the other whilst we quest to raise the gods.
Aah! Trust me, I know.
You forced me to cast the binding spell, remember? Well, it's a good thing I knew all the words, or you probably wouldn't have.
Plus, I was up front about my terms.
Wasn't this supposed to put an end to all of your trust issues? It does more than that.
It also ensures that you won't be alone in this endeavor.
See? We both get what we want.
A hideous scar? Common ground, acceptance.
As much as I detest how you said them, many of the things you told me about myself were right.
Many of the things I told you were, too.
But what makes us most alike is that people have always made us feel as though we need to be fixed.
But we don't need to believe them when they say we're broken.
That's borderline empowering.
Keep it up.
Why won't you leave me alone? And who's the new dude? My name is Aurora De Martel.
And it is very nice to meet you, Jennifer.
It's just Jen.
More like Vulcan.
- We totally know who you are.
- Mm-hmm.
And I We need to know who's in those other coffin thingies.
Hope has agreed to our terms, which included her making a new bracelet for Ben, so there is no longer any need for you to be in here.
Wasn't any reason for you to be in here, either.
Hell, you saved our asses.
After what I did, I wouldn't blame you if you just let me rot in here.
As I keep telling the men around here, that is not my style.
If you are so self-aware, you would have never locked me up in here.
Well, I had a little help from a killer clown.
I mean, out of all the bad things that I've done, it showed me the memory of what I did to you.
Kind of hard not to take the hint.
I lived in the pit of Malivore for so long.
Most people cannot fathom what it's like to sit with that kind of stillness.
But the gift it gave me was knowledge of who I am.
And who I am is strong, with or without my power, even when I doubt it.
As you told me yourself, but did not believe.
I believe it now.
I just, uh I just hope I'm not too late.
You are not.
So long as you realize I do not need a protector or a shield.
In the future, do not stand in front of me.
Fight beside me.
Is this a bad time? Just assume it is from now on.
Well, um, I just wanted to bring you something to eat.
Then bring me a human.
There's no going back once you've tried the real stuff.
But you know that already, don't you? Are we done here? As soon as I remind you that Lizzie is on our side, no matter how in over her head she is.
Kind of like you are.
We love and miss her, Hope.
And we love and miss You can go now.
Damn it, MG.
I told you Did you really think you could get rid of me that easily?
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