Legacies (2018) s04e15 Episode Script

Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found

1 All right.
Come on out, Mini-Me.
Show yourself.
Where are you? I'm not crazy.
I just need to figure out what memory this is.
Admittedly, sounds crazy.
Maybe I'm losing it.
It's okay, Hope.
Everything that can be lost may also be found.
Well, you'd better hope so because you're about to be missing some teeth.
Welcome home, little one.
It's going to be good to have you back.
If that was some veiled reference to my humanity, it's like I keep telling everybody, it's never coming back.
We'll see about that.
Saltzman What happened? W-Was it a monster? Yeah.
Carpet monster.
That's what I get for trying to take a couple steps without my cane.
I'm hoping Operation Humanity's off to a better start.
If you mean Hope being put into a spell against her will, she's out like a light, so it's going great.
I guess we'll know how it ends once she wakes up.
Waiting is now the only physical activity I excel at, so I will be holding down the fort while you go prep the Squad for what's coming.
About that.
I am not entirely sure how to prepare them for a war with the gods.
By convincing them not to fight it.
The scenarios we ran with Professor Vardemus made it painfully clear that we're likely to suffer some casualties.
Now, I can accept that if it's me, but I don't want a single student in this battle who is not fully aware of the risks that they're taking.
So, if anyone is still on the fence, now's the time to push them off into safer pastures, okay? Um, maybe someone should stay with you, just in case you decide to try jogging again.
Don't worry about me.
I'm having an old friend stop by.
Thought I'd ask them for some advice.
Do I know this friend? Mm, not really.
Go on now.
Your Squad needs you.
No more, no more.
- Okay, perhaps just one more.
- Mm-hmm.
Best pancakes in the city, right? I have never been to Atlanta, but I believe it.
Okay, where do we go from here? Okay, so fam's having a cookout, and I know it's first date and everything, but everybody's gonna be there, hundreds of Hawkins, and I was just thinking it'd be really nice, if you don't mind, coming by, and I'd introduce you to each and every one of them.
I'm kidding.
I'm not gonna do that to you.
Trust me, you're not ready for my Uncle Earl.
Then why take me to your hometown? You showed me your story.
Just want to show you a little bit of mine.
Well, I look forward to seeing it.
So long as there are no more pancakes.
But there is one person I'd like you to meet.
I really think that she could help you with everything you've been going through.
The loss of my powers? How? You'll know when you meet her.
Does this friend know that we're coming? Probably.
But not because I told her.
What are you waiting for? Have you ever witnessed how complicated the inner workings of the human body are? I thought not.
Luckily for you, I'm no stranger to blood.
My only hesitation is what do we do with the key once we have it? Duh.
Wake up the time god.
Whoever that is.
This is exactly my point.
We lack information.
We're playing chess, not checkers, and we are rapidly approaching the endgame, which means that every move we make must be considered more than the one before.
Let's say that Jen was telling the truth, and we will find the key hidden in one of his organs, how do we then identify which sarcophagus holds the god we're after? And what do we do with Jen herself, who's clearly loath to raise any god? One problem at a time.
And the only problem we currently face is that you're an introspective wimp all of a sudden.
Then be my guest.
Let's talk about how we're gonna get past Jen.
It won't be easy.
My half-sister is far more intelligent than she appears.
- Trust me.
- She'd have to be, because she named her metal shop "Torch 'n Toke.
" We don't trust each other, let alone a demigod without any skin in the game.
I have lost more skin to this game than you can possibly imagine.
So, maybe I can help you.
Get out of my head.
I'd like to wake up from this nightmare.
Mm, that's odd.
A moment ago, you thought it was a memory.
- I've had a rough couple of days.
- I know.
Your headmaster told me.
I wasn't aware you two were on speaking terms.
It's not like anyone from our family ever makes it to parent-teacher conferences.
We've been more absent than we'd like.
There are reasons for that, not the least of which is you threatening to murder us all the last time I saw you, but I'd still like to apologize.
I hope that wasn't your big swing.
I don't need an apology.
Why'd you bring it up then? Your humanity is flickering, Hope.
It's trying to return.
It should stop.
So should you.
This is not a nightmare, or a memory, or a head dive, if that's what you're thinking.
Then what the hell is it, besides insufferable? Astral projection.
Vincent is anchoring the spell, so while your body may be intangible, we are, in fact, in New Orleans, and everything that's happening here is very real.
Well at least you can't try to hug me, or stop me, so I'm gonna go stare at a beignet.
You'll miss the show.
Oh, Second Line's a little early.
I haven't killed you yet.
It's actually long overdue.
It's for your father.
His funeral is today, Hope.
You didn't have to do that.
I'm intangible, remember? I know you're going for nostalgia, but all I'm getting is the smell.
Then perhaps this will arouse your other senses.
Only if it's a beignet.
Something far less sweet, I'm afraid.
Is that urn supposed to be for my dad? It's a little on the nose, don't you think? Do you? Huh, nice try.
I'm not gonna be sharing my feelings just because you staged this sad attempt at a cautionary tale.
I'm not sure I understand.
You know, my dead boyfriend showed me this movie once.
The one where the little green guy tricks Luke Skywalker to go fight in the cave with Darth Vader.
Now I'm certain I don't understand.
He kills what he thinks is Darth Vader, but then he finds his own face beneath the mask.
The whole thing was a setup to show him who he'd become if he went down the wrong path, just like his father.
For the last time, Hope, this is real, as are the remains in this urn.
They belong to Niklaus.
My dad didn't leave any remains.
He and Elijah staked each other off at Jackson Square.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Carried off on the wind.
That's true.
That's why it took so long to retrieve them.
Humpty Dumpty style, seriously? You really expect me to believe that you've been vamping all over town for the last three years picking him up piece by piece? I know you're trying to get through to me, but even you have to admit that that sounds ridiculous.
And that's why we used magic.
Who's we? Hey, beautiful.
One of these days, we'll meet under happier circumstances.
Your plan will never work.
Jen is a god.
As docile as she may seem, she will surely crush you.
So, the far better plan would be to cut the key out of me and destroy it.
We can't.
We need what it opens.
If you mean to use the key to raise my father Hell no.
That guy sounds like a dick.
But the god of time, assuming there is one Oh, you two have really thought this through, haven't you? Just tell us about the time god.
From what Jed's told me, you would know him as Chronos.
Not a bad fellow, as far as gods go.
What do you seek from him? To go back in time and fix all of the mistakes we've made, but you're probably gonna crap all over that plan, too.
Not if you allow me to go back as well.
To the time when my love Ashur was alive.
Going to extremes for the people we love is kind of our business model.
So what do you say, are we hiring? What I said, in no uncertain terms, is that we can't trust him.
You're trying to trick a god, which I've seen done exactly once, by the very same god you mean to deceive.
Now, Chronos is an honorable man, so it may be worth the risk, if you can get past Jen, that is.
And let me guess, you just happen to know how to do that.
Manipulating her is the one part of this plan I'm certain I will help you achieve.
Well, in that case, let's forget everything I said, throw caution to the wind, and trust this stranger, shall we? Legalize it, yeah ♪ Yeah ♪ Don't criticize it ♪ How many of those do you need? Some call it tamjee ♪ Got to pass the time somehow.
What are you doing here? Aurora and I had a bit of a falling out.
Aurora is the redhead I was with the other day.
I grok.
That's a total bummer.
Do you want to hit this? No.
But I was kind of hoping we could hit up something else.
Aurora and I were planning to go to this event.
I was really looking forward to it.
I don't want to go alone.
So, if you're not busy.
Advertise it ♪ Thank you for asking me here.
This is where you grew up? Yup.
Part of me, at least.
That's mysterious.
As is this person that we are meeting.
Her name is Mavis.
May to her friends, but you got to earn that one.
She's the woman who found me when I was in transition.
I didn't think my family would be too cool with me being a vampire.
Maybe I would've never given them the shot, if it weren't for May.
She sounds very special.
Yeah, she is.
How did she find you? I don't know.
May's got a gift.
Most people around here think she's crazy for it.
Hell, I used to, but I guess I'm less skeptical since I became a vampire.
Kaleb, tell me how you turned.
That chapter of my story's not exactly first date material.
And today's about you, Cleo, not me.
I'll accept that answer for now, but not forever.
You must be Cleo.
Get in here already.
I made tea and that awful drink mix Kaleb likes.
So this is an intervention? You probably should've had one in the family before now.
We're trying to be honest, Hope.
You should do the same.
Honestly, I understand why my dad used to dagger you all the time.
Did you come here because you feel guilty? You are technically the one who killed me after all.
I was trying to respect your wishes, and as much as I would've wished for anything else, I believed you were strong enough to handle it.
You were right, I am.
Being feared and being strong are two different things.
When Rebekah told me that you threatened our family Don't tell me you weren't scared.
Isn't that why you didn't bring the little rug rat with you? What I was, and am, is sad for you.
The Mikaelsons have done terrible things over the centuries.
In that respect, we are very much the same.
Where we differ is that we've all come to realize that, no matter how powerful we are, our greatest strength is family.
Your father made us see that.
I named my child after him for a reason, and the name he gave you has meaning, too.
Maybe you'll understand that if you ever choose to become a parent.
I don't get that choice.
It was taken from me when I turned, when you helped me turn.
Hope, why would you think that? Because vampires can't have families, and that's why you want the cure.
It's true, but as Freya rightly pointed out to me, your father had you.
He was a hybrid, you are the Tribrid.
You are literally Nik's blood, so it would seem just as possible for you to conceive like Hayley did.
Just stop.
We mean to bring you hope, not hurt.
But either is humanity.
Don't tell me you want him back.
Not after you left him behind when you moved to that fancy boarding school.
But if you do, I'm sure we can work something out.
If the price of that stupid toy is my humanity, Marcel, then you can keep it.
When you found this and gave it back to me, I was in a pretty dark place, like you.
This toy reminded me of a time when I wasn't.
Still does.
Here's what I don't get about astral projection, how can I sit down next to you, but not grab that toy? Yeah, how do your feet touch the ground, but not go through it? It's witch stuff, best not to think about it.
You look silly in that suit.
It's one of Elijah's old ones.
And that is minus one point.
Two points, if I count what you said about Perceval.
I stopped giving myself points for doing good things and subtracting them for my mistakes a long time ago.
Mostly because you told me to.
That's ironic because I've been keeping them for you ever since that same talk.
I wanted to prove to you how hard you were being on yourself.
How much the good outweighs the bad.
Maybe back then.
I've made up for lost time, lately.
I'd like us to do the same.
Come back inside with me, Hope.
Our family needs to lay Klaus to rest.
My father's never gonna be at rest until he knows I'm gonna be okay.
Which means you know you're not okay.
That's the first step.
What's the last step, hmm? I'd like to end this morbid family reunion.
Tell you what, come back with me, and I'll give you ten points.
I'm not a kid anymore.
Earn those ten points, and Vincent will drop the spell that's keeping you here.
Now, do we have a deal or not? Bringing me here was pointless.
And from what you've told me, you're screwed.
I don't know what you want me to do about it.
You're a manifestation of my subconscious, so technically, this is our problem.
Well, that's not the way I see it, old man.
Your daughter is a vampire, and if it were up to me, she'd be dead.
If that were true, this school wouldn't exist, even if a vampire hunter like you can't imagine founding it.
Well, there's no going back now.
You can hardly walk.
My students are better in a fight than we ever were, but if I'm gonna lead them in a war against the gods, I need to make sure I've looked at every play on the table.
That there isn't some ruthless angle that you see that I don't.
So, think about it real hard.
There's nothing I can do.
Your students will be wiped out, and you'll die, which is probably for the best.
Because they're monsters, and the only thing I relate to about you is the fact that you're still a drunk.
Well, I needed to lower my inhibitions somehow.
Make sure I was getting the whole truth out of you.
So, thank you.
You've been more help than you know.
My favorite.
I'd ask how you knew, but I'm guessing you're a witch? Most people in the neighborhood think so, but you're the witch.
I can tell by your aura.
You're psychic, then.
Who I am is Mavis Macon, and sometimes I see the future.
Never on purpose, but Kaleb is special to me, so I'll try to make the exception if it helps you.
It's your call, but May's all right.
What do you need me to do? Just close your eyes.
Let your mind wander, and we'll see where it takes us.
Oh, damn.
It's working.
May, let her go.
May? May, let go of her.
Cleo, open your eyes.
Cleo, open your eyes! Cleo.
Hey, you okay, baby? What'd you see? You need to ask her that same question, once she wakes up.
That was an awesome show.
My ears are still ringing.
I had no idea you were into that kind of destruction.
Oh, these days, I excel at it.
Would you maybe want to get coffee and an edible? Actually, I had something else in mind.
I love horses.
Doesn't everyone? Well, not my father.
I used to have one when I was a kid, but he smote it because I'd spend more time riding it and taking care of it than making weapons for him.
So I'd sneak down the mountaintop and visit the human stables to feed them apples.
How did you know I'd like monster trucks? That I'm obsessed with horses? - What I'd feed them? - Um Lucky guess? I only ever told one person how I'd sneak away from my family.
Where I'd go and what I'd do when I did.
So where's Ben? Because it's pretty obvious you don't really want to be my friend.
I guess it's true.
The human body does only need one kidney to survive.
I'm not exactly human.
Now that the worst is over, please unchain me.
Darling, you must mistake me for someone who trusts you.
We had a deal.
You had a deal, with Elizabeth, which I was opposed to.
You won't know what sarcophagus to open without me.
One problem at a time, my dear demigod.
Speaking of which I suppose I should kill you now.
Make certain you don't follow me.
That won't slow me down for long.
Though killing you would somewhat hamper my personal journey from villain to savior.
I quite like Elizabeth, but she always wants to be the one who makes the decisions.
And when that decision involves using the boon of a god for anything who knows what she'll do.
The only one who can grant a boon is my father.
I really need you not to do this.
Then I suppose you'll just have to trust me won't you? All right.
We were hoping you'd come back.
Well, I won't be staying for dinner.
Marcel told me that Vincent would lift the spell.
I just came to say goodbye.
Did he, now? Don't look at me like that, baby.
You're the one that was foolish enough to marry me.
Didn't we already do this, the night my father died? Who is the extra plate for? Elijah? Oh, come on.
That was funny.
I'm not sure you'll think so when you find out just how close to right you are.
Looks like I'm just in time.
More like late.
I'm tired of turning around and not being surprised.
Then don't bother.
I'll happily come to my favorite niece.
Because we need your help.
With what, Uncle Kol? The family is trying to decide where to spread your father's ashes, and you know what Mikaelsons are like, always bickering.
The only solution we could agree upon was leave it up to you.
Fine, have it your way.
That garbage can right over there looks perfect to me.
That's minus ten points.
I don't care about the game you're all playing.
Why is this up to me? Because what Kol said is true.
We don't know what to do without you.
Yeah, as many spats as Klaus and I had over the centuries he would have wanted it this way.
Well, I don't.
Then why are you still here? Because Vincent's holding me hostage with this stupid astral projection spell.
I knew you were the man for me.
Vincent is anchoring the spell to New Orleans, yes.
But you could have left anytime you wanted.
Well, then, why haven't I? Because you obviously don't want to.
Not all of you, at least.
Stop trying to appeal to my humanity.
That bitch is gone.
But you have been seeing her.
Perhaps if you answer our question earnestly, you will appease the angels of your better nature.
Well, if that's what it takes to get away from all of you This may sound selfish, but he saw the entire world and chose to make New Orleans his home.
But it was Mystic Falls before that.
And he built a school for me so I'd have one, too.
So if it were up to the person that I used to be, um, I'd want him with me so that I could find the perfect spot.
That way, he could always be near.
In the trees or on the breeze.
So it shall be.
Yeah, Davina was gutted she couldn't come, so perhaps we could pay a visit It would give all of us an excuse to visit more.
We love you, Hope.
And forever.
It didn't work.
I'm still here.
I don't know about that.
Because now I'm here, too.
Which one are you in, Ken? Give me a sign.
Mount Olympus.
Did you tell Ben about the boon? - Sorry, wrong number.
- Listen to me, Aurora.
Ben might be dangerous.
Which is why I cut the key from his body and left him chained to that tree, instead of trusting him like you wanted to do.
What changed your mind? Jen told me his story.
How he would do anything to bring his old boyfriend back.
- Well, that's not new information.
- Well, here's what is.
Chronos isn't in any of those sarcophaguses, which means Ben lied to us.
But if Ben doesn't want to raise the gods, why would he deceive us? Sup dude.
Look, Ben used to be the homie and all, but he's cursed, and the only way he can break that curse is with my father.
And the only way my father will break it is as a boon in exchange for his freedom.
So are we to trust another god now, Elizabeth? Okay, fine, I know I screwed up.
But you're in Jen's workshop about to do something stupid.
And we're in the endgame.
Remember? No sudden moves.
I shall wait here until you arrive.
Aurora? Aurora? Aurora? Can you hear me? What took you so long? That's funny.
I was about to ask you the same question.
Were you? You looked pretty surprised to see me.
What's surprising is how annoying you are.
If you've come to give me a lecture, save it.
I've had enough of them today.
I didn't come to talk.
I came to fight.
You're even less material than I am.
Which I guess makes you lucky.
We both know that I'd crush you and those delicate little feelings you have.
Maybe in the past, but after all of those conversations, which seem to have weakened you enough to let me pay a visit.
Vincent dropped the spell.
Which means we're back in our mind, and also explains why the French Quarter is so empty It means that I can finally kick your ass.
I hope we're not too late.
Aurora? Aurora? Dude? Please let that be oil.
He hurt her.
Took her.
That's not the only thing he took.
Are you scared yet? Or was I just right about you being weak? Your weakness is the only reason I exist.
If you and your family think your feelings are so freaking powerful, why did you shut off your humanity? Why have you kept it off this entire time? Why have you sat back and watched all the horrible things that I've done because of it? Maybe once I figure that out, you'll be gone for good.
But in the meantime, I'd like to point out that you feel plenty of powerful things, too.
Humanity is just the strength to not give in to them.
So make no mistake.
You are the most emotional person that I've ever met.
And I know Lizzie Saltzman.
You're still a murderer, too.
I had nothing to do with killing Landon.
That was all you.
I am you.
And you are the worst parts of me.
Every mistake, every doubt, every bad impulse.
And let's talk about who you are, is someone who's always gonna need me.
Who won't admit it.
And will never be in control, because like I said, I'm the strong one.
If that were true, that probably would have hurt.
Only red oak can kill the Tribrid, remember? And if you were in control of our mind right now, you'd have some instead of me.
Why won't you just go away? Because I am my father's daughter.
Not you.
And today reminded me of how much he and my family love and have sacrificed for me.
I have to be worth that, and I won't be if I keep letting you set the world on fire instead of living up to what you were meant to be.
You're just a phase.
And in case you haven't noticed, I'm over it.
If those are pot brownies, I might actually say yes.
Sorry, dude.
I killed those the day you gave them to me.
Leftover comfort burritos.
You want beef or veggie? I don't think I should be making any more decisions.
Want to talk about it? What's the point? I've screwed up so many things.
Even my plans to fix them.
Hurt so many people I love.
And Aurora.
I'm good at fixing things.
I mean, usually it's machinery and stuff like that, but I know a lot about messed up families.
You know my story.
Um If you told me yours, maybe I could help.
What a damn mess.
You gave me quite a scare.
It is nothing compared to the one I'm yet to give you.
Though perhaps it was all just a bad dream.
Well, May said that you have her gift.
But on a whole other level.
I felt so rudderless without my magic, but I'm not certain I wish to have whatever this is.
Cleo, what you saw was the future.
And I need you to tell me about it.
Our school was in rubble.
Mystic Falls in flames.
Many innocent people will die if we do not stop the gods from returning to this world including our friends.
As scary as all that sounds, there's no way I'm letting the world end without getting my second date.
No, sir.
You are a good man, Kaleb.
I'm trying.
What are you doing? Emptying out my liquor cabinet, in a different way than usual.
I guess whoever stopped by made an impact.
On more than just the grooming front.
Well, he was a handsome devil, but here's hoping I never have to see him again.
How did things go with the Squad? Um, depends on your perspective.
No one's leaving.
They trust us to lead them into battle, if it comes to that.
Well I think I might trust myself to lead them, too, but my trust in you was never in question, Milton.
Maybe it should be.
'Cause I don't know if I can fight Lizzie if she stays on the wrong side of this.
Elizabeth? This is Jen.
My friend.
She said I should come home, talk to you.
Which was a mistake.
I'll add it to the list.
We should go.
MG, help me.
I think I did a really bad thing.
Did you really think you'd get rid of me that easily? I wouldn't be so cocky.
I just kicked your ass, which means I am the only one who can see or hear you now.
You may be back in your body, but believe me, the war between us isn't over.

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