Legacies (2018) s04e16 Episode Script

I Wouldn't Be Standing Here if It Weren't for You

Well, tow truck's on the way.
Guess that's what I get for thinking this lemon could make it to Atlanta and back without breaking down on us.
You with me? Sorry, I'm just trying to record what I saw in my vision before it slips away.
Mind if I take a look? You will not like what you see.
Oh, damn.
I warned you.
You are so talented.
Thanks, but this entire square will burn, Kaleb, including our school.
That is the future I saw.
Maybe, but we don't know that's gonna happen.
We are not gonna let it happen.
There's no future except the one that we make for ourselves.
Yeah, I wish I shared your confidence.
So share.
There's plenty to go around.
Still life, huh? I don't know what it means.
Well, there's no sign of any apocalypse happening today, so I think we have a little bit of time to figure that out.
Darn! You're finally up.
I know we're supposed to be starving you out and all, but I know what that hunger feels like, and in my experience, it only makes things worse.
I'm so sorry, MG.
All that matters is that you're here because we sure need you.
How can you even think that after everything that I've said? The things I've done.
What I did to Lizzie.
Lizzie also came back, and she's done some things, too.
What kind of things? She's been avoiding everyone, but from what I can gather, she may have helped Ben raise his father.
I'll grab the keys and get you out of it.
No, you can't.
If you let me out, you're gonna be letting her out, too.
Who? My dark side.
You see, I'm, um, in control of my body, but not my mind.
I think she's still here somewhere, so you can't let me out until I know that she's gone for good.
Then how do we get rid of her? That's what I have to figure out.
I'll grab you a few more of these.
Oh, and, uh, more clothes.
Something a little less Terminator-Hope? Yeah.
So close.
Did you really think disappearing for a bit would make me believe you were gone for good? It was worth a shot.
I'm not worried.
It's only a matter of time before I walk out of here.
You can't hide in there forever.
Belgian waffles.
Dirty trick.
Well you're gonna have to face the world at some point.
But you won't have to do it on an empty stomach.
Or I could just eat them under here.
Uh Lack of communication is half the reason we're in this mess, so, sorry, that is no longer an option.
What do you mean by that? Well, I did some thinking while I was in Limbo.
You were in Limbo? See? Lack of communication.
Anyway, I'd like to do better, starting right now.
I think we're both gonna regret that bit of personal growth.
My brand is gone, which means either Aurora found a way to undo the spell, or the purpose of our covenant has been completed.
Aka someone raised a sleeping god.
See? It's all bad, and talking isn't gonna help.
No matter what I say, no one is gonna understand how everything just started snowballing and got out of control.
We'll work on the god stuff.
You just need to try to find someone to talk to, Elizabeth, even if it isn't me.
But first waffles.
Oh, God.
What now? It'll be fine.
We'll just work with the bad guys.
What could possibly go wrong? Knock it off.
Just leave me be.
Seriously? You've been awake this whole time? Why didn't you help me? My plan is working perfectly.
We were kidnapped.
We wanted an audience with our kidnapper, which we'll surely get.
That's all that matters, innit? We had a deal.
If this guy is worse than the jinni Ah, it's impossible.
Limbo is full of monsters.
It's possible.
Then leave.
I'll take anything over another minute of servitude.
I'll just have to drag you out.
Stop, stop.
Shut your mouth.
I heard you were looking for me.
My name is Seylah.
This is my operation.
I Well, goodness.
They told me you were a legendary coin bandit, but, I mean, they neglected to mention you were adept at stealing my breath away.
I am The Necromancer.
At your service.
Oh, uh, this is, uh Mom? Hello, son.
I guess I have some explaining to do.
You wanted to see me? Yes.
I know we've just met, Jen, but does this look like your father's handiwork to you? Lightning, fire, death, destruction.
Yeah, that's him.
Where'd you get this? I drew it from a vision I had.
Well, then I guess my stupid half brother really did wake that bastard up.
We don't know if Ben's involved.
Not for sure.
What we do know is that Cleo's drawing is the second piece of evidence pointing to Ken's arrival.
We have to assume the worst.
We need a plan to protect the school and the town.
Except you can't.
She's obviously an oracle.
Okay, oracles don't see what might happen.
They see what will happen.
So, I can see the future, but I can't change it? Sorry, dude.
We still have to try.
Get everyone to safety before the attacks start.
You and Finch, go evacuate the school.
Okay, what about Ben? One crisis at a time, okay, Jed? Ethan, go find MG.
Help him clear the town.
- On it.
- I'll go with him.
What? Wait.
No future but the one we make, okay? Were you gonna say something, or you just gonna stand there and look emo? Nice try.
I know what you're doing.
You think if you can get me talking, you can figure out why I'm still here.
If you need a sounding board to figure out your little problem, you're gonna have to look elsewhere.
And good luck with that because I doubt everyone's gonna be as forgiving as MG, so you're on your own for this one, kiddo.
Can we talk? So you see my problem.
Everyone is gonna think "sire bond" is just an excuse because they have no idea how intense it can be because none of them have ever had one.
- Lizzie - And I basically willed myself free from it, which is, like, unheard of, but I'm sure I'll get zero credit for that, too.
Lizzie This is a bad time.
Hope, you are literally locked in a cage right now.
I think your schedule's pretty wide open, and you're the only one that I can talk to about all of this since you're finally back to your old self.
We do need to talk, okay? We do, about all of it.
I owe you a legendary apology, but it's gonna have to wait.
Dark version of me is still hanging around, and we need to get rid of her before she gets any stronger.
How long is that gonna take? Because my entire life is on hold until I can find a way to explain what happened to everyone.
Well, what happened is that you and I both made some really stupid and self-destructive choices.
Instead of apologizing, you want people to understand you, to excuse you.
Well, maybe that's because what I did was understandable, unlike you.
Well, I mean, I didn't work with Aurora to raise a bunch of evil gods.
I only did that to try and fix all of the things that you messed up.
- You wanted to kill me.
- And you actually killed me.
After you beat my dad into a coma and went on a crime spree.
My humanity was off.
I didn't get to choose that, but now I have to live with the consequences.
And the worst version of me is still here, while the worst version of you is just you.
Lizzie Wait.
I almost thought it was me talking for a second.
Maybe I am getting stronger.
It felt like I was in the darkness forever, but then I saw a bright light that enveloped everything.
I ran for it.
Next thing I knew, I was here.
Like so many of the monsters in Malivore were.
At first, I thought I made it back to the real world, but then the sun never came up, and I figured it out.
That was when you decided to become a professional thief? I'm not judging you.
I'm just trying to understand.
First thing I did when I got here was go looking for a drink.
I saw what Zied was doing, making people serve him, and I knew I had to disrupt his supply chain.
He doesn't deserve peace.
Every coin I take from him is one minute longer he has to stay here.
Your turn.
Um The white light you saw was Malivore dying while he was possessing my body after my girlfriend, Hope, had to stab me with a sword made from her own blood.
It's complicated.
How long have you known I was here? I've known for a while.
So, when the opportunity to meet me popped up, you had to have us kidnapped.
Sorry about the bag over your head, but I thought if we could work together, you know, it seemed like a good way to get to know you a little, even though I assumed you wouldn't remember me.
I didn't realize your memories had returned after I jumped into the Malivore pit and wiped them all away.
My friend Josie found this spell, brought it all back.
It was supposed to be the perfect goodbye.
You wouldn't remember to feel sad that your mother had left you, but I couldn't even protect you from that.
And what's worse you're a good person.
You deserve peace.
I'm afraid if you're stuck here, it has something to do with me.
I don't think it does, no offense.
I don't feel stuck here.
You want to see where I work? Come on.
All right, head down the stairs.
The buses are waiting.
Come on.
What're you doing? Failing.
I'm trying to figure out what comes next.
I thought I could force my new powers to happen, but it would appear it does not work that way.
Maybe I can help with that.
I've become a bit of a mythology buff, since I'm into a mythological guy that's, you know, buff.
Look, in myths, oracle powers were always used in response to a question or a-a problem that someone had.
So, maybe if I ask you about someone in particular, that'll trigger it.
You're worried about Ben.
I mean, the idea of him betraying us doesn't make sense.
Since the moment he got here, all he's done is protect us.
I thought maybe you could, uh, tell me what his role in all of this is.
It's natural to be concerned about the people we care about.
Maybe part of my block is I can't stop worrying about Kaleb It's not gonna work.
If there were a spell to get rid of a magical alter ego, I mean, I would have done it when you were the invisible, annoying one.
Yeah, speaking of annoying, I thought you weren't talking to me.
No, I said I didn't have to do anything to win.
So far, I haven't.
I mean, the world's in crisis, and you have managed to push away the only person willing to talk to you without me even having to lift a finger.
And you did it because, deep down, you know what's coming.
You saw the simulations.
Even if you beat the gods, you can't save your friends.
Some of them are gonna die.
And if you make one tiny mistake, they're all gonna die.
Just like Landon.
Just like every other person that you've lost.
Or you can not feel any of that.
Just let me out.
I'll make it all go away.
You were right.
I was worrying about myself when you have a way bigger problem.
I might know how to help.
Just head south for a beach somewhere.
Find a vacation spot, and bring everybody back in a couple days.
Cops are blocking off every road, so that no one can get in.
That means the town's empty and everybody's safe.
What's wrong? I don't know, man.
Just got a weird feeling.
I've never heard it this quiet before.
You'd think an apocalypse would be a little noisier.
Maybe that's a good sign.
We got to buy Hope time, so that she can get her mind right and kick ass.
One more sweep here, and then we'll head back - to the school to see how we can help.
- All right.
Listen, um You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.
Ben? What're you doing? I was just about to ask you the same question because you're not going to like my answer.
Cleo had a vision.
The whole town was in flames.
Then that explains why you're ahead of schedule.
Your dad's not gonna set the fire.
You are.
Told you you weren't gonna like it.
I'm trying to save as many of you as I can.
My father is heading to the school, and I knew that you would try to stop him, and you would lose, so I needed a way to keep your Squad occupied until he got what he wanted.
You know, you could've just warned us.
Would you have believed me if I had? Do you believe me now? Doesn't matter.
'Cause, like you said, we're one step ahead of you.
Town's empty, so go ahead, burn it all down.
We'll just build it back up again.
In the meantime, I'm gonna head back to the school, since there's no one here that needs saving.
That's not entirely true, is it? Is that another threat? I'm sorry, Kaleb.
I just don't see any other way.
So, we're going to be getting rid of my dark side with a jewelry box? Oh, forget about the box.
It's the spell that's important.
Emma taught it to me when I was young.
This is a kids' therapy spell? To think, for a moment, I was almost worried.
Is she here right now? Tell me about the spell.
The spell is to help you release things.
Specifically, what you're afraid of.
Lizzie, um, I appreciate it, I really do, but I already know what my problem is, is that I have a dark side I can't get rid of.
Actually, I don't think she's holding onto you.
I think the reason she's still here is that you're holding onto her.
As the reigning queen of defense mechanisms, I know it when I see it, or when you see it, in this case.
I think that's what she is.
That's ridiculous.
I used to be a raging bitch to you, but it wasn't because I hated you.
It was because I idolized you.
You were cool and smart and mysterious.
And I was always saying the wrong things and having these outbursts.
A part of me thought you would never want to be friends with someone like me.
So, I pushed you away because that's what we do when we're afraid.
We protect ourselves.
We build defenses.
Like how your humanity switched off when you killed Landon.
To protect you.
So, you just need to find out what she's protecting you from now.
You've got to be kidding.
That's not gonna get rid of me.
Then why does it seem like you don't want me to do it? Show me the spell.
Where's Kaleb? I'm not gonna stop, so you should go back, get the entire Squad, bring them all here to face me.
Ethan, get them out of here.
I'll handle him.
Hopefully you'll feel better, maybe when you find a jacket or something.
Look at that.
Zied will turn green when he finds out his top earner has gone into business for himself.
Yeah, I'm, uh, not looking forward to that conversation.
I'm technically in breach of contract.
But helping people is more important, right? Most people want to get to Peace, they just need help figuring out how.
I'd rather the coins go to a more worthy cause.
Thank you.
But it won't be enough.
I tried to cross over several times, but no matter how many coins I offer the Ferryman, somehow it's never enough.
No surprise there, given the life I lived.
Well, you just haven't gotten an actual coin of your own yet.
I think I have time for one more client.
So, how does this work? Concentrate on what you're afraid of, and imagine filling the box with it.
While you sit here doing this spell, the gods are coming.
Your fear isn't you.
Your anger isn't you.
When your friends are lying bloody at their feet, you'll come crawling back to me.
Those things are separate from you, and you can put them in the box.
You'll never be able to make amends in time.
I mean, they'll die remembering you as the worst version of yourself.
You'll live forever, never able to make it up to them.
You're right.
You shouldn't have spoken.
I know exactly why I'm holding onto you.
You belong in the box.
Is it supposed to do that? Um, I'm not sure.
But we'll just speed around to this next part.
You'll have to picture your fear transforming into something beautiful.
Repeat after me.
Caspori mutaticious dimittis.
Caspori mutaticious dimittis.
Caspori mutaticious dimittis.
Caspori mutaticious dimittis.
It's gorgeous.
Now we just have to watch in silence as it slowly fades.
Just in case.
That wasn't me.
I know you know who I am.
You're right to be afraid of me.
But I have no interest in you, other than what I came for.
My traitorous daughter! Hand her over to me.
And if not you are all going to die.
You are all going to die.
We're not doing this, right? We're not giving him Jen.
Of course not.
Send her to the werewolf bunker until we come up with a plan.
We're not exactly in fighting shape.
Jed is holding off Ben, Kaleb's still healing, and to be honest, that last jump really took a lot out of me.
We need Hope.
- And Hope needs time.
- I know.
We don't have time.
Actually, your timing's perfect.
Sorry, I'm a little rusty at big hero entrances.
You're doing great, sweetie.
Hope? I'm back.
And I know what to do.
How'd you find me? I started having more visions.
I saw Kaleb dying.
But I had to send Jed to help him because the visions just kept coming, and I couldn't stop them.
Then I saw you.
Running away.
And when you ran, we all died.
Let me guess, you're here to convince me to come back so that you can all hand me over to my dad.
We would never do that.
Yeah, I lived for a few thousand years.
There's nothing people won't do to save their own skin.
Well, I have lived long enough to know that you're wrong about them.
When I first came to this school, Malivore was sending monsters after me.
They could have sent me away to save themselves.
They didn't.
Even after I betrayed their trust, they rescued me from darkness and welcomed me into their family.
Please stay.
Sorry, dude, but if you saw me leaving, that's what's gonna happen.
Except I already changed the future once today.
What are you talking about? Jed saved Kaleb's life.
The vision did not come true.
You were wrong.
I can change it.
I didn't mean that you couldn't.
I meant that you shouldn't.
Because when you change the future, you might not be an oracle anymore.
You become something else.
What do you Did I miss something? Like maybe why you knocked them all out.
Actually, I rendered the entire school unconscious with a sleep spell.
You were right about what you said about my dark side.
I was holding on to her.
It's because I was scared of losing all of you.
From the moment that I became immortal, part of me knew that I was gonna outlive everyone that I loved.
And I guess it triggered some stuff about my parents.
I didn't want to feel that pain again.
And I know I'm gonna have to eventually, but today doesn't have to be that day.
Today, I'm gonna keep everyone alive and figure out the rest later.
Don't tell me you're reverting to martyr-complex Hope again.
You can't face a god alone.
Who said I was alone? Till the bitter end? This is a waste of time.
It's worth a shot.
Besides, I hate the idea of you being here.
And let's face it, if you have unresolved stuff, it's gonna be about me, right? Landon, I have no illusions whether or not I was a good person or a good mother.
You were doing the best you could in the worst situation.
I ran.
I told myself that I was protecting you, but I was protecting myself just as much.
I was never a good fit for motherhood, but I was a mother all the same.
I'm not going to Peace because I don't believe I deserve it.
So it doesn't matter what I say, I'm not getting a coin.
So, instead of rehashing the past let's make new memories.
Let's-let's, um, let's get some ice cream or something.
Yeah, I'd like that.
I just have to say something first.
You don't have to respond.
You can just listen.
I'm not gonna say I forgive you because I'm not the person you need it from.
The other reason I'm not gonna say it is because I'm not mad at you.
I've had to make unthinkable sacrifices.
I get it now.
You were loving me in the only way you could.
You were protecting me.
And if you're not ready to go to Peace, I can respect that.
I'll enjoy spending time with you.
But I want you to know that I'm good.
Really, I'm happy.
I've known incredible love and friendship and adventure my whole life, and No matter what, you have not damaged me.
I'm gonna be okay.
So, ice cream.
Sounds great.
Let's do that.
You're not my daughter.
I'm Klaus Mikaelson's daughter.
Is that name supposed to mean something to me? Not yet, but it will.
My father stood for family above everything.
This school is my family, so if you want to hurt them, you're gonna have to go through me.
They sent a little girl to challenge a god? I'm almost insulted.
Maybe you'll feel better once you see what I can do.
Magic doesn't work on a god.
No, but it can be very distracting.
Be careful what you wish for, child.
It took me a lifetime to control all of my power.
Lizzie! You can't keep avoiding me.
- I can't fight you.
- Then talk to me.
Tell me it's not true.
Tell me I didn't just spend all day defending someone who betrayed us.
You already know the truth.
Then I changed my mind.
I don't want to talk anymore.
Fight me, huh? Come on, fight me! Stop.
I didn't want anyone to get hurt, but I had to wake my father.
I knew that whoever woke him up would get his boon.
It was the only way I could get him to break my curse.
No more monsters, no more suffering.
And he can break yours, too.
Just come with me and I'll show you how.
Why won't you die? It's kind of my thing.
Nothing is unkillable.
Even you will prove a disappointing adversary.
Stop! If you're looking for someone to be disappointed in, I'm right here.
Leave them alone.
I'll go with you.
My darling.
I've missed you.
Dad? Oh, sweetie.
You scared the hell out of me.
Oh, well, the school's still standing.
That's something.
What about Hope? She's even worse off than you were.
She's resting, like you should be.
How can I when this is my fault? When I spent all day hiding from that instead of owning it.
I'm sorry, Dad.
To you and everyone else, and I'm gonna find a way to make it up to all of you.
As somebody who's made their fair share of mistakes, I think the trick to atonement is to ask the people that you've wronged how to earn it, instead of deciding for them.
I'm glad you're back, Elizabeth.
- My father? - Got what he wanted.
But like all bullies, I'm sure he'll be back as soon as he wants something else.
But you survived.
So at least part of my plan worked.
But my friends almost didn't.
So I'm not gonna be grateful to you.
You may hate me for attacking them, and I can live with that because at least you're alive to hate me.
Which means I saved the life of someone that I love.
Is that seriously how you're gonna tell me that for the first time? The circumstances aren't ideal.
Well, you can't mean it, because love means fighting beside the people you care about, not against them.
And I would have fought with you no matter what came for us.
And now? Sounds like you two really loved each other.
We did.
I guess it was only meant to be for a time, because destiny keeps pulling us in different directions, but it was everything for a minute there.
Sometimes good things aren't with us as long as we want.
You sure about this? Not really.
But, as you pointed out, we get the coins only when we're ready.
I thought what I was missing was absolution.
Turns out what I needed was to know that it was safe to let go, that you'd be okay.
I couldn't leave without that.
You're a good mom.
Better late than never.
I've never not been proud that you're my son.
Hey, E.
I just wanted to let you know, um, you kicked ass earlier.
We were all counting on Hope to save the day, but I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.
All right, man, I'll talk to you later.
Ethan! What's happening to me? Perhaps I did not do enough.
What if I've only delayed the inevitable? I'm still alive.
The whole Squad.
We're all still here.
So I'd say you changed a hell of a lot.
Today I I was scared, too.
I'm just better at hiding it than you are.
Oracles can't see everything.
I'm not an oracle.
Jen said changing the future I saw in my visions meant that I'm becoming something else.
Like what? I don't know.
I think the only answer we really need at the moment is why Hope hasn't woken up yet.
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