Legacies (2018) s04e17 Episode Script

Into the Woods

1 I can't believe this is happening.
How are you here? Oh, I got in a little bit of a fight, but don't worry, I'll heal.
Hope, you're the Tribrid.
I didn't think anything could hurt you bad enough to send you to Limbo, - much less - I'm not dead, okay? I promise.
I just got my ass kicked by a god to save our friends.
Wh-Wh-Whoa, there are gods now? You missed a lot.
I missed you.
We can talk about it after.
After what? (BOAT BANGS AGAINST DOCK) - This is why we can't have nice things.
- Yeah, well, in his defense, he just got back from ferrying my mom to Peace, so it would've been nice if you'd taken the time to show her around a little.
Then you have some explaining to do.
I don't think we'll have time.
The Ferryman controls Limbo, who belongs here and who doesn't and for how long.
And since you're immortal, I don't think he's gonna let you stay.
We met when I was in transition into the Tribrid.
He didn't mind me sticking around then.
A lot's changed since then.
Becoming the Tribrid was your choice, and unfortunately for us, I don't think this is.
(KNOCKING) E, what are you doing? What does it look like I'm doing? I'm getting ready to train.
Not after what happened last night.
I'm feeling a lot better.
But you can't be using your powers until we figure out what's wrong with you.
MG, I think you're overreacting a little bit.
You just phased out of your sneakers.
Maybe I'm under-reacting.
(SIGHS) The last time I got benched because of an injury, I lost my entire future, not to mention all of my friends.
E, that was football.
The game that we're playing has much higher stakes, and I need you for it at 100%, okay? LIZZIE: Then what's our plan to get him there? Sorry, but also not sorry because vamp hearing is kind of awesome.
MG: Lizzie, I got this, and you both should be resting.
Even Hope is LIZZIE: Vamp healing is even more awesome, so while I'm glad Hope is getting her beauty sleep, I am back in the game.
And that game is apologizing for all of the stupid things I did, including going after a god without you.
You must be pretty mad at me, huh? Not at all.
I don't buy it, but it doesn't matter because my dad told me that the best way to make amends is to listen to what people need, and here you are, clearly in need of help fixing Ethan's powers.
(CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) Look, I-I appreciate the offer, okay, but I'm gonna go hit the books alone.
Don't bother, because you know what all those books are gonna tell you? Is that you need magic.
And did I mention, as a Heretic, I can do that, too? Do you actually think that you can fix whatever's wrong with me? I do.
What say you, MG? BEN: Thank you for coming.
ALARIC: Well, don't thank me yet.
I'm probably not gonna believe a word you say, not after you raised a god you claimed to hate and then betrayed us.
I do hate my father.
I was a fool to think I could save the school from his wrath, or free Jed from a curse that he no longer views as such.
Then why'd you do it? Love, I think.
(SIGHS) Well then that's the first thing about you I understand.
What do you want to talk about? A way to atone for my mistakes.
If you even think that's possible.
Given the conversations I've been having with my daughter lately, I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't.
In that case, I'd like to help you kill my father.
Well, I'd like that, too.
I assumed he couldn't die, though, like you.
That's not exactly true.
Only a god can kill another god.
Well, that sounds awfully convenient.
Perhaps a lie just to get you out of this cell.
Headmaster Saltzman, I had to find a reason to trust you, as you must now find one to trust me.
But I wouldn't know what that would be.
I think that should be reason enough for both of us.
And here I thought I was hiding it so well.
If you have a better plan, pursue it, but my father is as predictable as he is cruel.
He will be back to get what I suspect he wants.
And what does he want this time? (RATTLING, THUDDING) (NOISE STOPS) (CHUCKLES) (LAUGHING) I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You look ridiculous.
So, you're the king of the gods, whose name escapes me at the moment.
- Your simple tongue may call me Ken.
- (CHORTLES) Oh, dear.
That's even sillier.
- My name - Is Aurora De Martel.
My bastard son, Ben, told me quite a bit about you, including that we share one thing in common.
A flair for the dramatic? A desire to kill the Tribrid.
Allow me to simplify my request for your much smaller brain.
I understand what you're asking, and yet I hesitate for a number of reasons, including the fact that you are not the first charismatic, power-hungry madman that I've encountered in my life.
You have never met the likes of me, I assure you.
So you don't intend to manipulate or torture information out of me, then? Actually, I was hoping we could share a meal.
Well, I am famished, but I doubt anything on the menu you have planned, or anything we'd discuss, would satisfy me.
- (GASPS) - (GRUNTING) Well, aren't you full of surprises.
Oh, you have no idea.
You know me better than anyone, so you know that I'm not gonna get wet just because Jolly Roger asks me to go for a swim.
Uh, actually, I'm-I'm reasonably certain he intends to stab you.
HOPE: Well, then let him try.
I'll break every bone in his body.
(EXHALES) There's no beating The Ferryman, Hope.
Trust me, I've tried.
I'm sorry, are you on his side? I'm on your side, always, but using your fists to solve problems is what got you into this mess in the first place.
Because knowing you better than anybody, I'm willing to bet you fought that god alone.
- Well, Lizzie helped.
- Yeah, but Sorry, just People come to Limbo to learn a lesson, not to repeat the same mistakes.
So, if what I'm planning is a mistake, then it won't work, right? Uh, depends on wh-wh-what you're planning.
My plan is to change the rules of Limbo.
You with me or not? I mean, you just reaped the Reaper, so What'd you have in mind? To go home, but not before I figure out a way to bring you with me.
That way, I won't have to fight alone.
One condition.
Let's go home.
So, I don't know where that scythe sent him, but The Ferryman is Death, so we probably don't have long before he returns.
What's the plan, exactly? So, Limbo seems to mirror our world, which should mean that the weapons I stole from the school are here.
Uh, why do we need more weapons? Because scythes are surprisingly unwieldy.
If that's what The Ferryman uses to send our souls wherever he wants, then I'd rather he not have the option and have one that I'm a little bit more familiar with.
Especially if what you said was true.
What? There's an Axe in there for you.
Why did you steal weapons from the school in the first place? I went after Ken without the Squad because I didn't want to put their lives at risk after everything I'd already put them through.
And once I became the Tribrid, killed you, my humanity shut off.
I know.
Saltzman told me after you put him into a coma.
I'm glad I missed that chapter.
Me, too.
I thought you would've been mad, after everything you had to give up.
Ah, I'm always on your side, remember? I'd do it all again.
I know you better than anyone, so I'm assuming that means you brought Dr.
Saltzman back to life.
Uh, it was more of a team effort.
That was quite refreshing.
And this is positively gorgeous.
It was less so when we arrived, so I made these flowers bloom, hoping you would like them.
You can make such things happen, and you carried that giant tin can here? I thought it a more fitting setting for our discussion.
Then the legends must be true.
You are extremely powerful.
Now let's work on that wardrobe, shall we? Those garments are impractical for battle.
Not in the modern world, darling.
If it pleases you.
So, what would please me is to know why you wish to kill the Tribrid.
I am the most powerful being in existence, so imagine my surprise when I was awoken and heard there was a girl claiming that same title.
I must crush her and prove otherwise.
Such is the way of gods.
And you thought you could crush her without my help, did you? I bested her thoroughly, but she refuses to die.
That sounds like her, all right.
Is something wrong? (SIGHS) I'm not sure yet.
I am unaccustomed to asking for help, Aurora De Martel, but you cannot imagine what I have gone through, being imprisoned by my own family for centuries.
The loneliness of that, the torture.
The utter lack of love, which is the very thing that fuels a god.
Then returning to a world where my betrayal continues.
A world I do not understand, but must rule.
I desperately need a guide.
Perhaps even someone to rule it with.
(CHUCKLES) Let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? But I don't have to imagine such things, for I have experienced them all myself.
Does that mean you will help me? If so, merely name your price.
MG: He's cute, but I don't see how this collar or this monster's gonna help us with our Ethan problem.
Well, the way I see it, the Pukwudgie which we should probably give a name, so we don't have to keep saying that, has the same powers as Ethan, right? So, we can gather data using this device, that I've magically enchanted.
Hence why you needed my help.
What kind of data? Every time the Pukwudgie there's that word again phases, this collar will track the distance and frequency of its jumps.
That way, we can know how far and how often he uses his powers before he runs out of juice, like Ethan.
And, therefore, how long they both need to rest in order to recover.
Makes sense, but how do we get him to phase? That's where you come in.
Chuck this bad boy as far as you can.
Are you sure? I got a cannon.
Because the farther you throw that ball, the farther this little guy's gonna have to phase to get it.
(WHINES) And then the quicker this experiment will be done.
Sounds good to me.
Wait, where are you going? Won't it just fetch? It's not a trained dog, MG, but there's a bright side, going after it will give us plenty of time to get to the bottom of why you're mad at me.
Lizzie, for the last time, I am not mad at you.
Tell that to the ball.
Okay, fine, into the woods.
That's the spirit.
And in that same spirit, I have compiled a comprehensive list of all the reasons you might be mad at me, in ascending order according to severity.
LANDON: Would you put that away? And let me do the talking.
Ted and I have developed a rapport.
Peace Facilitator seems like a bit of a odd career choice, since he's The Necromancer again.
Well, it wasn't his choice.
And if anyone knows what it's like to come back from their trip to the dark side Yeah, really seems like he's turned over a new leaf.
(EXHALES) Yeah, on second thought, maybe you should wait outside.
NECROMANCER: Hope Mikaelson! Or should I say the Tribrid? Oh this is rich.
What are you doing here? You wanted to do the talking, didn't you? Right.
Uh I guess I should start at the beginning.
Save your breath.
It doesn't matter why either of you are here.
Because I'm so glad you are.
Oh, okay.
I'll be glad when we're not hugging.
Oh, oh.
Oh, it's quite poetic, isn't it? Two lovebirds reunited in death.
Yes, and we'd like to remain united, if you don't mind, which is why we need your Only to be torn asunder again by my bloody hand.
Maybe I should've taken that Axe.
(NECROMANCER LAUGHING) (LAUGHS) (GRUNTS) Would you stop that? (WINCES) Oh, I'm just getting started.
Now, where did you send Landon, before I stick this somewhere that you can't pull it out? I sent him back.
- Back where? - Back to your world, or should I say, what used to be your world.
(LAUGHING) Why would you do that? Because I found my groove in Limbo, baby.
Very recently, I met the most gorgeous creature I've ever seen.
She was the only woman capable of melting my cold, black heart.
Landon's mother.
- Ew.
- I sympathize.
Speaking from my past encounters with you and bloody Big Bird, I know how cloying true love can be.
It just feels so different on this side of the fence, where Seylah and I can put the romance in necromancy.
You know she went to Peace, right? - Sorry, what was that now? - Good, you don't.
Landon helped her cross over, and you helped him, which is, I mean, why we came to see you in the first place.
(GRUNTS) Do not toy with my fledgling emotions.
It simply can't be true.
My plan was perfect.
Remove that mopblock from this plane, so he can't stand in the way of us becoming relatives.
My only regret was sending Landon back to you 'cause, as you said, ew.
(LAUGHS) But then you turned up here, which means you're dead, and everything's just clicked into place, so I wouldn't look too smug because you're stuck here in Limbo, and he's stuck there.
(LAUGHS) You should be able to sense whether or not I'm dead, right? Being the almighty Necromancer and all.
(OVERLAPPING VOICES) (SHUDDERS) Blinded by feelings.
You know, I'm feeling something, too gratitude because I no longer need your help.
Seylah! ALARIC: I'll be damned.
Thank you for your expertise, as always, Professor Vardemus.
Uh, I just have one more question for you.
What does Ben's plan mean for himself? Because he seems to think that his father's gonna come back to the school and take another shot at Hope.
If he does, we need to be ready.
Because she's still recovering from the first shot.
Not that I'm secretly panicking about her refusal to wake up or anything.
Thanks, I think.
(PHONE SETS DOWN IN CRADLE) (GRUNTS) ALARIC: Maybe I am losing my mind because I'm beginning to believe that you were telling the truth.
What convinced you? A phone call with Professor Vardemus.
He thinks that siphoning your magic and weaponizing it against your father could work.
Well, then, what are we waiting for? Release me from this prison.
He also thinks it would kill you, given that that same magic is what has allowed you to die and resurrect in the past.
If we were to siphon it, there's a very good chance that every organ in your body would fail.
So, what I'm waiting for is you to convince me that you didn't already know that.
AURORA: You clearly see my problem.
The Mikaelson family abused me, warped my thinking.
I've since come to wonder if my beloved Tristan had done the same.
Am I trapped in an endless cycle or simply being told to walk in a circle? Either way, like you, I've lost everything.
But unlike you, I now doubt that revenge can restore it.
And yet, I still hear the rage in your voice.
Confess it, Aurora.
Smiting your enemies will bring your mind peace and your brother justice, even if it does not bring him back.
But you can, can't you? Smite them? Happily.
Bring Tristan back.
Return my brother to me, and I will help you kill the Tribrid.
That is my ask.
A small one for such a powerful god, I should think.
You would be wrong.
I cannot do that for you.
Then I don't know the point of this incessant journey I've been on, but I do know that I will not help you.
Because the many partnerships in my life have only given me hope, and then dashed it before my eyes.
So, if I'm meant to learn some lesson, perhaps it's this I'm doomed to be alone.
LIZZIE: Was that triggering? Not at all, like the other hundred things you've asked me about.
We're only on item 62.
Speaking of, I once told you comic books were for people with baby brains.
I warned you that these are in ascending order.
It's all good, but you know what isn't? I tossed that ball into a super public space.
Then let's just cut to the chase.
I tried to kill Hope.
But you didn't.
Plus, you were grieving.
And then she actually killed me, and I lied to you about it.
You were sire-bonded.
Then, making matters worse, I died with vampire blood I stole from the school in my system.
Turned me into a Heretic.
It, uh, happens to the best of us.
Then what is it? I know you, Milton Greasley.
Or maybe you're just wrong.
Or maybe you're just being stubborn, and dragging this out, making me feel even worse than I already do.
I would never do that.
But if you know me so well, how could you make a list that long and still not know what's bothering me? Much less do it in the first place? So there is something.
But it's not what you think.
So, let's just find our missing monster and go home, okay? Our monster isn't missing anymore.
(BOTH SCREAM) - He's a show dog.
- (WOMAN SCREAMS) Super rare.
- (MAN SCREAMS) - (GASPS) Do you want to compel them, or should I? (CHITTERS) (GASPS) LIZZIE: Good boy.
That's how you play dead.
MG: Uh, Lizzie? I don't think he's playing.
Oh, good.
You're back.
I'm sorry about all the drama earlier.
But I did bring this as a peace offering.
I mean, not "peace" with a capital "P.
" I think we all know that's not gonna happen.
I just I tend to get a little intense when it comes to saving Landon.
But it's not gonna be a problem now.
I'm ready to go home.
Landon? What happened? (SNARLS) I wasn't talking to you.
If you want this, you're gonna have to release him.
I don't think he needs it.
You also thought The Necromancer was gonna bring you back home.
He did.
Can I just You're choking me.
(GRUNTS) I have no idea why The Ferryman brought me back to Limbo.
It obviously didn't work that way with Dr.
But I was at the school, Hope.
I know what's going on, and I think I figured out the lesson we're supposed to learn.
Does that lesson involve us leaving Limbo together? Then I don't want to hear it.
I'm not giving up, but if you are, just stay out of my way until I can figure out how to get us both out of here together.
(GROWLS) So much for being on my side.
You know, I think you better let me handle this one.
There's hardly a cloud in the sky.
Why must you resist me? I mustn't.
It's a choice.
So make a different one.
So you have come here to threaten me, then? Took longer than I thought.
You misunderstand me.
Which is my fault.
And why I came to apologize.
When I said I could not return your brother to life, you assumed it was beyond my power.
I should have said "would not.
" What? Well, if you can do it, then why do you refuse? Gods are meant to rule men.
From what you told me of Tristan, he does not deserve to live again.
You're a bloody hypocrite.
Your own children have told me of your cruelty and your malice.
And you believe their stories? Well, not at first, of course.
But then I experienced Ben's memories his pain and his suffering for myself.
You're not the only one with powers, you know.
A vampire can see into a person's mind.
Then look into mine and judge my story for yourself, as I have judged your brother through yours.
That kind of judgement, it's-it's frowned upon these days.
The modern world is a more forgiving place.
A pardon for any transgression, therapy for any weakness.
No black, no white, all grey.
I'm not really sure of my place in it all anymore.
Then witness my truth, and you will be certain of where you stand.
I told you to stay away.
You aren't gonna ask me what I saw in the real world? Not if you use it to try and convince me what to do.
Our friends need your help.
The last time I helped them, I died, became the Tribrid, killed Malivore, and I became a monster myself.
Just like the universe wanted.
That's not your fate, Hope.
I think that's the lesson you came here to learn.
And how am I supposed to do that? One sentence or less.
I'm trying to get back to work.
You have to go back without me.
You can't ask me to accept that.
Look, I know it's big, but when I was at the school, I passed by Dr.
Saltzman's office.
He was on the phone with Vardemus.
They think Ken is coming back.
For you.
Which is inconvenient, considering you're unconscious and all.
Well, then, he's pretty dumb for a god.
We all know he can't kill me.
Well, it sounds like he's gonna try.
And the school is preparing to fight him, once again, for you.
Then they'll lose.
If you are not with them.
Even if I were, then some of our friends are gonna die.
Which just means more death, grief, loss, that I have to carry with me for the rest of my life.
We always thought you were fated to die.
- I did.
- You're still alive.
The Ferryman wouldn't be trying to send you back if you weren't.
That's the fate you have to accept, Hope.
To be the one who lives.
I know that's harder.
But you have to go back.
So use this scythe and please let me help one last time.
ALARIC: Here's what I don't understand.
Just yesterday, you sold us out to break an admittedly crappy curse, but now you're willing to die permanently? Every one of my countless deaths has been for nothing.
If this final one means the end of my father that Jed could be safe? You got it bad for him, huh? - (LAUGHS SOFTLY) - Look, you're new here.
Martyrdom, it rarely works out the way people who sacrifice themselves expect it to, trust me.
Says the man who's willing to let his students do exactly that in a fight they can't win? Because there is a difference.
In my experience, if something's worth fighting for, there's always a chance that you'll win.
Well, that's optimistic.
Or delusional.
(CHUCKLES) Well, until recently, I-I was cynical and disillusioned.
Uh, the old me would definitely take you up on your offer, but I'm beginning to like the new me much better.
(CHUCKLES) Even if he's not so good at walking.
So what does his pure heart plan on doing with me? (EXHALES) Oh, it's not that pure.
Odds are, you're still gonna die.
But if you want to get back at your father and atone stay alive.
And use your power to fight with us.
HOPE: So this is your fate.
Convincing people to move on.
It's usually to Peace, not the real world.
Yeah, you don't suck at it.
(BOTH LAUGH SOFTLY) But that means you're gonna always be the one left behind.
Moral victory, at least.
(EXHALES) We always thought our fates were so similar.
You'd always been told what you're destined to be your entire life; I've always had to wonder.
I wish the answer was being with you, but I want to hold you ♪ if it can't be, at least I know where I belong.
I just want to hold you ♪ You won't be alone where you are.
I want to hold ♪ I'm good with it, Hope.
You ♪ I'm good.
You say everyone seems happy ♪ Everyone except for you ♪ Then one condition.
It's your turn to stab me, this time.
I know it seems that way, everybody got pain ♪ Hope, I don't think I can.
I didn't, either, but it's like when we stepped into the Malivore pit.
We'll do it together.
(SOFTLY): Yeah.
Then all you have to do is hold on tight.
You fight through ♪ I'll stand by you, ours shall be the same ♪ I will always love you.
I want to hold you ♪ I'll never forget you.
I just want to hold you ♪ Your hand ♪ Reach out ♪ Your hand ♪ Reach out ♪ Your hand ♪ Reach out.
♪ I thought I was a brutish and unreasonable tyrant.
But compared to you, I'm a bloody prince! LANDON: Trust me, he can hear you.
All of Limbo can hear you.
Landon Kirby.
(CHUCKLES) I was cursing that slippery skeleton for whisking your mother to Peace at your behest.
But I suppose him bringing you back here is of some consolation, isn't it? Misery loves company.
Now get out of my way.
You're not the only person who has a bone to pick with him.
Plenty to choose from, at least.
I did what I told you I'd do.
Hope's home.
Now why can't I be there with her? Why'd you break your own damn rules? Is that what I think it is? Indeed.
It's the contract that blasted jinni made us sign.
It seems some of the terms have been altered.
Which would explain your unceremonious return.
The Ferryman sent Zied to Peace.
In exchange for the rights to our souls in perpetuity? Ah! Read the fine print.
- It's not our souls.
It's yours.
(CACKLING) MG: I'm ready for this day to be over.
I went to bury the Pukwudgie, and it dematerialized.
It just disappeared in my hands.
But at least now I don't have to hide the body from Pedro.
You and I are both pretty good at hiding things when the need arises.
So, while we wait to find out how similar Ethan's body chemistry is to our former four-legged friend, let's break the cycle.
What were you gonna say to me earlier? It's-it's nothing.
Then I take it back.
You suck at hiding things.
I-I just I'm not sure that it's the right time, considering the circumstances.
Is there ever a right time around here? If there was, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.
It's dark ♪ Because honestly? It's the opposite of nothing.
It's everything.
That's what you are to me, and I have been waiting years to tell you and I could spend even more telling you why.
But it seems that there's always something in the way.
Sebastian, Alyssa, Malivore, the-the Merge.
All those things are gone now.
Ethan isn't.
And when your back was against the wall, when you really needed someone, you went to him.
That's why you're mad? Not even.
E's the best guy I know.
I don't blame you or anything, it just it hurts.
Weight is getting heavy ♪ 'Cause I kind of hoped that it would be me.
Wasn't meant to stand ♪ Because it has I turned this love ♪ and always will be you, Lizzie Saltzman.
And I don't even remember anything on that list, any of the bad things you've said or done.
Because I love you Happier with someone else ♪ with all of my heart and all of my soul.
Before I turn your heart ♪ And that's all I got to say.
(LIQUID BURBLING) So I can tear it all down ♪ I'm guessing that's not good? Worse.
My theory was right.
The Pukwudgie's powers are finite.
Its life span only lasts as long as its powers do, and the more it phases, the quicker it dies.
All right, let's-let's not get ahead of ourselves until we, until we test Ethan's blood.
That was Ethan's blood.
AURORA: I've seen enough.
(SNIFFLES) Please put me down.
(CRYING SOFTLY) Your children lied to me.
And to you.
They painted you as a coward and a tyrant but you're nothing of the sort.
I was a father.
Determined to protect his family from Malivore.
At least, the ones he hadn't already consumed.
I was so intent on destroying him that I was blind to the true enemy in my midst: my daughter.
Jen tricked me and the rest of her siblings, and thus, I was imprisoned.
Powerless to stop Malivore from ruining the world I had conquered.
To keep those I loved safe.
Now you understand why I will not make that mistake again.
(SNIFFLES) Nor will I.
I now see Tristan's actions locking me away, his betrayals, his manipulations for what they were.
As I've seen your story, through your eyes.
Does that mean you will help me restore order to this world? (EXHALES) It's a confusing place to be in, really.
Is my mind sick, or is it just another lie I've been told? Well, go on, render your judgement.
Our stories are so similar, to judge you would be to judge myself, and even a god cannot do that.
Then who judges the gods? In this moment, that falls to you.
I came back to this world with a simple want: revenge.
When you've been lost in the woods as long as I have, you must stop walking in circles.
The only way out is to choose a path and walk boldly in it.
I will help you kill the Tribrid.
May anyone who think us wrong have the power to stop us.
Trial by combat.
For this is the way of royalty and the gods.
All that remains to seal our union is a kiss.
If you insist.
ALARIC: That's a bold move.
BEN: It must be bold if we intend to defeat my father.
Now move the phallus to C7.
The rook is my daughter.
Your very dead daughter.
As are all the rest.
Hundredth time's the charm, right? Let's run it again.
HOPE: You're not using your queen.
That's a big mistake.
Everyone knows she's the most dangerous piece.
Well, she wasn't on the board until now.
Ben's on our side, too.
I think.
And he was just leaving.
I take it this is going as well as it did the last time? Well, Ben has increased our win probability to five percent.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) How'd you sleep? Mm, like the dead.
Landon says hi.
You were in Limbo? It's a long story.
The moral of which is that there are some battles we can't win alone.
It's good to have you back, Hope.
Your move.

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