Legacies (2018) s04e18 Episode Script

By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be

Huh? Your magical boundary has been set to your exacting specifications, milady.
My attention to detail must be your favorite thing about me.
It is not.
What is it, then? My smile? - My voice? - Mmm.
- No.
- Fine, keep your secrets.
You're worried about me.
You flirt when you're worried.
Okay, maybe a little bit.
Look, the visions can't hurt me.
And we need to know what the gods are planning, so Okay.
Just hurry back.
You should not be here.
Who are you? And how did you invade my dream? Thanks to Cleo's vision, we know the gods are planning an attack on our school.
The good news is we get to choose the field of battle.
We know he's after me.
So, I'm gonna draw him here.
The tree line will prevent him from using lightning strikes.
If we fail, we have a fallback.
You think we're gonna lose? No.
But we might.
Either way, we need to stop him.
Ben was telling us about a mixture that the Spartans used to harm the gods.
"White fire and brimstone.
" Phosphorous and sulfur.
If we can rig the whole meadow for a chain reaction and get Ken in the middle, the explosion will likely incapacitate him.
Now, Cleo's gonna get more intel.
The witches and vampires need to get the minerals.
And Ben will show the wolves how to set up the bomb before you have to report to the bunker for the full moon.
I'm sorry, why are we trusting this guy again? Because he's proven to me that he's on our side.
Wait, whoever triggers the explosion, they're not gonna get clear in time, are they? Even at vamp speed.
Probably not.
So who's doing that? I'm working on it.
Well, perhaps Ethan could, with the use of his powers.
He can't.
We'd explain why, but that's something that we should talk to him about first.
I'll be in my office if you need anything.
You have something else to do.
It should probably be you talking to Ethan.
I'm not very good at delivering bad news.
Once I had to tell Alyssa Chang that she wasn't invited to a tea party that Josie was throwing, and I just panicked and I told her Josie died.
It's cool.
I got it.
He should hear it from me.
And, um about what you said to me right before? Our stuff can wait.
Something's bothering you.
I had a strange dream.
If it means what I think it does, there's something I must attend to.
And what is that? The business of gods.
You can't be serious.
Last night, as I was relaxed and my guard was down, an intruder entered my dream.
Convenient, don't you think? You know, what I think is that sleeping in a metal coffin for a millennia would make anyone paranoid.
I have always been paranoid.
That's how I took the throne from my siblings.
Because I am willing to accept that betrayal may come from anywhere.
I need confirmation that all the things you have told me are true.
In the meantime, you can prove your usefulness in another way.
I asked my daughter to construct a weapon that can kill the Tribrid.
So far, she has been resistant.
Persuade her for me.
Or else what? Ask my siblings.
If you can find their bodies.
I need a drink.
Then you're lucky I live to serve.
Take a load off.
Tell me all about it.
What are you doing here? Filling a void.
Zied went to Peace.
Someone has to take over his operation.
Looks a little light, Dave.
Huh? Why are monsters getting coins for you? It's not just monsters.
Everyone is.
Because I promised to send them back to life if they did well at it.
But you can't send them back to life.
Keep your voice down, you little tart.
They don't know that little bit of gossip, now, do they? You don't even want to go to Peace.
Why do you want coins? Because everyone else does, too, and I want to have the most.
Go ahead with your judgment, Mr.
High and Mighty.
But I don't see you coming up with a better plan for how to spend time in eternity.
That's because my soul got traded to someone who literally can't tell me what I'm supposed to be doing.
Speaking of I think your new boss might be looking for you.
Sure he'll explain everything to you, one finger wag at a time.
Did you need me to do something? Whoa, okay.
Come have a drink with me.
E, why aren't you in your room? Woke up feeling a lot better, so thought I'd get some training in.
Look, I think there's something that you should, um You got the test results back.
Yeah, I figured it was bad when I heard there was a battle strategy session that no one invited me to.
So, how bad are we talking? You can't use your powers anymore.
It would kill you.
Do you want to talk about it? No.
No time.
I need to find another way to be useful in the fight without my powers.
Because you're not keeping me out of this one.
Keep your weight back.
You can't pivot like you used to.
I can't do much of anything like I used to.
That's why we're here, okay? Go again.
Seriously? If I would've given up before a training session was over, I would've gotten a quote from The Art of War.
Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but we both know where this is headed.
Okay, I can take it slower.
We can You ran every part of your plan through the Manticulum, right? Well, what did it say when you asked about the last move? About who should detonate that explosion? Well, you didn't ask, because you didn't want to hear the answer.
This has to be me.
Absolutely not.
It's the only play that makes sense.
I won't be much use in any other part of the fight.
Because of what I did to you.
Please, okay? I can't let something worse happen to you because of me, that's not fair.
None of what's coming is fair, Hope.
That's what Landon was trying to tell you.
You have to stay alive, but not everyone else will.
And the more you keep avoiding that truth, the more people you put at risk.
I'm literally doing the opposite.
No, you're using the explosion as the fallback plan.
You're the one who's on defense, when that should be our first, best option.
If we do that, we're guaranteeing that someone's gonna die.
And what if it works? How many lives will we save then? You know, everyone keeps telling me I need to accept death.
That doesn't mean I have to choose it.
Then ask the question.
Use the Manticulum and prove me wrong.
Spread this out.
Make sure the phosphorus and sulfur don't touch.
You got it.
How much more do we need? Uh, this should do it.
We'll take it from here.
I think you still need my help.
Well, then, you're wrong.
We can handle your little chemistry project.
M-Maybe we don't tug-of-war with the explosive stuff? Just a thought.
You have every right to be angry with me.
But this is bigger than either of us right now.
- I'll give you two a - No, no, no, no, no.
This involves all the wolves.
Because this guy didn't just betray the whole school.
He tried to get his dad to take away my curse.
Because he thinks me being a wolf is something I need to change about myself.
So, yeah.
This is bigger than you and me.
And frankly, I don't want you anywhere near my pack.
Jen? Where are you? Your father wanted us to have a little chat.
If this is too weird for you Better? It's still kind of weird.
This is my true form.
Or, at least, it used to be.
Ferrying souls for a few millennia takes quite a toll on one's skin care routine.
I'm sorry, but what is happening? You're cute when you're flummoxed.
I just I thought we could chat.
Get to know each other a little.
My name is Lynn, by the way.
And that was home.
Or as some like to call it, Valhalla.
- That means you're a - God? We didn't know it at the time.
We thought we were normal.
It wasn't until we met humans that we actually understood that we were different.
I-It's a lot to take in.
But you need to hear the whole story.
Because I need your help.
Just spit it out.
Come on.
We stopped training because you needed a milkshake all of a sudden.
And then we walked all the way into town to get one instead of just going to the school kitchen, and now we're taking the long way back.
You're stalling.
I don't think you should be part of the battle.
- I knew it.
- It's too dangerous.
MG, I'm back in control of my jumps.
I can just not use my powers.
You can't ask me to sit on the sidelines again.
I'm not.
I'm asking you to leave town.
For your own good, Ethan, just go home.
" This isn't real, is it? I'm sorry.
But I couldn't find another way to convince you.
If you see someone in trouble, you won't be able to stop yourself.
You're too much of a hero.
That's why you can't be part of the fight.
I didn't want to believe it.
Doc said that you were going back in there, even after you almost got hurt.
- Look, if you're here to stop me - I'm not here to stop you.
I just need clarification on a few boyfriend rules.
So, I'm not allowed to make choices for you or to be overprotective, unless it's an emergency or that's something you need me to be.
But you don't have to tell me what you're planning because you're afraid I'll overreact.
You know you drive me crazy.
I'll be careful.
I need you to be careful and be armed.
Look, this thing probably has woo-woo god magic.
It already traveled from whatever plane of reality that was to our world.
Maybe you can use it in there.
You take good care of me.
I try.
And that's your favorite thing about me? Eh.
- No? - Nah.
I'm-a figure it out.
I'll be right here, okay? If it looks like you're in trouble, I'm coming in.
- Kaleb.
- Look, you said it wasn't just a vision.
It was more like some kind of mental connection.
That means I can head-dive my way in.
Which I will do at the first sign of trouble.
Hmm? I was asleep when you entered my mind before.
This time, I'm awake.
It doesn't have to be this way.
Hostile, combative.
There was a time where your kind and mine worked in harmony.
And what "kind" am I? You don't know? Then you're in luck.
By the end of this, you'll know who you were meant to be.
This connection we're sharing, you entering my mind, it's the hallmark of a unique magical ability.
When an oracle interferes in their visions, changing the future, they transform into something else.
You're one of the Furies now.
You're the last of the Furies.
I killed the others when they stopped being collaborative.
You and I are nature's balance.
It created this space, a bridge between us so that we can confer, share council, warn each other.
Reach an accord.
We can be civilized, you and I.
There's really only one person who needs to die.
The Tribrid.
You can't kill her.
The Red Oak is gone.
And if I had the ashes of one of those Red Oak stakes? Forged into a weapon made by a god? That would work, wouldn't it? Good.
My offer is this: bring Hope to me and I will let everyone else live.
Refuse, and all the deaths that come after this will be on you and you alone.
Did you figure out who the triggerman is gonna be? Still working on it.
What's wrong? Besides the end of the world, I mean.
MG told me he loves me.
Okay, um Did you say it back? I didn't say anything.
I just froze.
And then I was supposed to help him with Ethan, but I just chickened out again and ran away.
It's weird.
It's like I don't even want to ask myself the question.
Maybe you're afraid of getting an answer.
Once you have one, nothing's gonna be the same.
How did you know? I've been doing the same thing.
I've been avoiding part of the battle plan because I didn't want to know who we were gonna lose.
But I asked myself the question.
I hate this, but I think you should know who it is.
All right, you guys, bring those over there, okay? And then we'll do it.
Take 'em there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey! Get some water over here! This whole place is gonna blow.
Water would just make the chain reaction bigger.
You have to make a chemical solution to stop it.
I asked the expert.
You know, the one you didn't allow to come help? - He gave me the whole plan.
- Yeah, well, we're not using it.
Okay? Ben just wants to help because he feels guilty, and I'm not gonna accept and pretend that I forgive him.
Okay? Well, he's not just doing this for you.
And he's right.
This is bigger than the two of you.
You're letting your personal feelings put us at risk.
I asked Dr.
Saltzman why he trusted Ben.
He told me Ben offered to sacrifice his life to protect the whole school.
So I think the least you can do is be willing to sacrifice your pride.
All right, tell me what he said we should do.
The gods were happy once.
Every god except my brother Ken.
His insatiable desire for conquest led him to find new places where he could be feared and loved.
We crossed into your world.
That's when wars intensified.
More and more humans started arriving in Limbo.
It started as a slow trickle, and then it became a flood.
And it seemed so unfair.
I saw these poor souls lost to wander in the darkness forever.
So I did something stupid.
I took pity.
I found a mother and child who had died for no reason, and I thought, since the gods had taken away their happiness, I should ferry them across to Peace.
We colonized their world, so I settled them in ours.
When Ken found out, he cursed me.
If I was so interested in helping humans, he would force me to do it for all eternity.
Never to return home.
Always reaching the shore, but never able to actually set foot there.
So, that's what I've been doing for the last 10,000 years? Give or take.
That's heavy.
I'm sorry.
I did it to myself.
But now I am ready to quit.
Hang up the robes for good.
You see, even though I'm cursed There's always a loophole.
Trust me, I know.
Well, the loophole in my curse is I can stop ferrying souls and go home if I can find someone willing to take my place.
But in all the centuries, I've never met anyone willing to do it.
For the right reasons, at least.
Until I met you.
Well, this is a first.
Never been called into my own office before.
I was right about the plan, wasn't I? Our best chance is triggering the god bomb up front.
Well, I know this isn't gonna be easy for you.
You've experienced more loss than anyone your age should ever have to.
I've lost people I've loved in every way imaginable.
Long and drawn out.
Sudden, unexpected.
None of them are good.
But I can tell you what the worst is.
It's when you have regret.
When you were unable to say the things that you needed to say.
You can't control the rest.
But you can make the most out of the time you have left together.
You might have to take your own advice.
You were right about the strategy, but wrong about who should trigger the explosion.
It's not you.
It's Lizzie.
It makes sense.
If Lizzie can siphon Ken at the exact moment of explosion, she can weaken him.
Maybe even kill him, if we're lucky.
And she's a Heretic.
She has the best chance of surviving.
Although, admittedly, it's not really much of one.
Say something, please.
You can't ask this of her.
I already did.
She just needed to call her mom and Josie to decide.
There's no need, because I'm telling her what she's deciding.
Alaric Saltzman, this isn't your choice.
It's hers.
And deep down, you know that.
We're talking about my daughter.
Everyone here is someone's son, someone's daughter.
Or father.
Winning is how we save as many people as possible, and Lizzie is our best chance at winning.
Can you give us a second? It's a simple question.
Is keeping the Tribrid alive worth so many deaths? Am I amusing to you? What's amusing is that all would-be tyrants think they are so unique and special, yet I have heard this offer before.
They are all so predictable.
Then you've made your choice, Fury.
I say when you can leave.
And I am not done with you yet.
This should make you feel better.
Let me guess.
You're the good cop who pretends to be nice to get me to build my dad his weapon.
I'm not pretending.
I'm not planning on hurting you because I know you're smart enough to know that this resistance is childish.
And if I'm not smart enough, you'll resume the torture? No.
I've seen enough of it in my lifetime.
I want no part in it anymore.
We'll see.
My dad has a way of bringing out the worst in people.
You misunderstand him.
I'm sure he had a good reason for putting you in there.
Uh, do you see what I mean? He's already got you making excuses for him.
Oh, it's like that, huh? Yeah, he never wasted much time with the ladies.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Which pitch did he use? Was it, um, "reincarnated spirit of my first love"? Dude.
Don't tell me you fell for, "Be my queen and rule this world by my side.
" You know what? He showed me his memories.
- Oh.
- Of how awful you yes, you and the rest of his family were.
Unlike that contrived little sob story you told us to make yourself seem the victim.
Mm, real quick, you do know he can distort his memories, don't you? So that you can see whatever he wants you to see? You're lying.
Am I? Well I guess it doesn't matter either way.
He always gets what he wants eventually.
Which is why I should just build that stupid weapon.
Because I am also stuck in a pattern I can't escape.
But hey.
At least I know it.
You're making the right decision.
Just when I finally figured out how to use my powers.
We would have made a hell of a team, you know that? We already did.
Hey, I know you've been holding yourself back, but Lizzie deserves to know how you feel.
I actually already told her.
And? God, that girl is so confusing.
So confusing.
Just to be clear, you're one of the best people I've ever known.
She'd be an idiot if she didn't figure that out for herself.
Are you sure? If I don't do it, it'll be my dad, right? Then yeah.
I'm sure.
Who would've thought I'd live to see the day that Hope Mikaelson didn't rush in to haphazardly sacrifice herself.
Well, there's still time.
Do you want me to tell your dad for you? I've avoided enough hard conversations for today.
I'll tell him.
But don't go too far.
I might need your help chaining him up in the basement.
I figured we could use a little pick-me-up.
Spend some time making memories with the people we love.
You're awful quiet.
And that's coming from someone who hasn't spoken in a few centuries.
Why me? Because you remind me of who I used to be.
I started off wanting to help as many people as possible.
I even broke the rules and sent a few people back to life.
You only get away with that once.
Nature has a way of restoring the balance.
There was a cost to breaking the rules.
And I paid it.
My heart went numb.
It was as if that part of me died.
I tried to keep caring about all the souls, but after a while, you hear so many sob stories.
Everyone has their reasons.
Everyone has an excuse.
It was overwhelming.
So, I developed this system of coins.
I took emotion out of the equation.
I thought if I could quantify a person's worthiness, it would make things simple.
But it just made me cynical.
Over the centuries, I lost my way.
I became that gangly skeleton and resigned myself to the fact that nothing would ever change.
I would never feel the way I once did.
And then I saw you give up your own chance at Peace to help others.
You opened your little stand, and you helped more people.
Including your mom.
Why you, Landon Kirby? Because you're good at the job.
And because you have had a life that anyone else would use as an excuse for cruelty or self-pity.
You're a miracle.
You're taking the weird, unfair hand you've been dealt, and you're doing good with it.
The world doesn't need more people like me who've grown numb.
They need people like you who will find a new, better way to do things.
So, what do you say? Do you want the job or not? Dad, I Look, I am not gonna talk you out of it.
You have too much of your mother in you for that.
Both of them.
But I did want to, uh Look, I know you, Elizabeth Saltzman, and one of these days, you're gonna have the most obnoxious, beautiful and expensive wedding ever.
And I was just thinking, instead of waiting, maybe we could have that father-daughter dance now.
Just in case.
The gall of that skeletal minx! Trying to con you into taking on her curse and an eternity of servitude.
Oh, it's revolting.
You wouldn't try to con me in the exact same way if you could? Of course.
But I'd come up with a convincing cover story, not some naked appeal to your guilt complex.
So, how'd you tell her off, huh? With a piercing look? Middle finger? Eh? I said yes.
I'm the new Ferryman.
Oh, I see what this is.
Goody-two-shoes Landon is here for his first conquest.
I'm sure sending The Necromancer to Peace would be quite the feather in your cap, wouldn't it? Yeah, well, it's not gonna happen.
You can't make me go.
The Necromancer can't exist in Peace.
He doesn't belong there.
But I made a promise to someone who does.
You know, if you decide to cross over, you'll stay as Ted forever.
I'd say you have a boat to catch.
How'd you know it would work? Transforming me back.
- I didn't.
- Oh.
And, to be honest, I don't know how long this is gonna last, so - Let's get to the boat.
- Let's get to the boat.
Let's go.
Cleo! Hey.
Hey, babe.
What happened? You-you were bleeding.
It's a trap.
What? Hey! Leave him alone! Perhaps my last offer was too abstract.
Thanks to our connection, everything I do here affects the real world.
So, bring me Hope, or I kill him in front of you.
I hate public speaking and being watched, so this is hard for me.
But I just wanted to take a moment to say how much you all mean to me.
I need an answer! I'm a better person because of your friendship, your love and your belief in me.
And it's been the honor of my life to fight by your side.
Don't do it.
So, let's raise a glass.
To the families that we make.
Do not give him what he wants.
You hear me? Two.
And to the people that our families help us become.
It's your eyes.
We're gonna win.
Finch told me you tried to sacrifice your life for the school.
Dying is the easy way out.
If you want to make it up to me, stay with me tonight through the full moon.
See what a turn is like.
Look, being a wolf, that's part of who I am.
I want you to accept that part of me, too.
Just got to stay on the other side of the bars.
I don't want to hurt you.
You can't hurt me.
Whatever you're about to go through tonight, I want to be there.
I am just making a McG.
You want one? You were wrong earlier today.
It can't wait.
What I have to say to you.
There's no guarantee that any of us lives to see tomorrow, and if I don't get a chance to say this, I will regret it always.
For the longest time, I thought I was dying in the Merge, so what was even the point of thinking about the future? And then I realized I have no idea if we're gonna make it through this.
And apparently, the timing between us will just never be right.
And I might always be this unpredictable and prone to saying the wrong things, but I never allowed myself to want something that was good for me because I didn't think I deserved it.
I didn't think I deserved someone like you.
And I don't know what's gonna happen next, but I think you're amazing.
And I'm gonna kiss you now.
He's dead.

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