Legacies (2018) s04e19 Episode Script

This Can Only End in Blood

How much longer?
Dude, I am smithing something
that has never existed before.


Your skills are needed, daughter,
but they don't require your tongue.

If you'd prefer
I returned you to your prison
or forced you to fashion
a more painful one
I did what you asked.
Now let me go.

I look forward to the day I no longer
need to see your shameful face.

But you will go nowhere
until this weapon is proven.

God magic plus Red Oak ash
equals a lethal combo for the Tribrid.

If you can stick it
in her heart, that is.

If you are lying to me again,
pray to some other god.

I wouldn't bother.

In my limited experience with them,
gods tend to suck.

This is unexpected.

Why? You told Cleo
that only one person had to die.

So I have come to accept your terms.

How disappointing.

Actually, I've come to challenge you
according to the Old Ways.

Single combat.
You and me.

I take it my bastard son
informed you of our customs?
He also said that once a challenge
is issued it can't be refused.

Shall we say two hours from now,
at the school?
I accept.

But why wait?
Sweet move, dude.


I figured you'd try
something shady, so
hence the astral projection.

See you on the battlefield.

How did it go?
He took the bait.

Time to go to war.

We're holding a vigil for Kaleb.

I thought you might want to go.

Lighting candles and sharing stories
will not help him.

Or us.

I see you have other plans.

It was my decision
that cost Kaleb his life.

It wasn't your fault, Cleo.

That's on Ken.

And he will pay dearly for it.

I have already lost one student.

I'll be damned if I lose another.

Then let me go.

Because while the Squad is fighting Ken,
I'll make sure that no other god
can do something like this again.

Take it from me.

Revenge feels good for a brief moment,
but it won't bring Kaleb back
and it won't make you miss him any less.

Thanks for the advice.

I'll make certain to enjoy that moment.

I'm about to duel a god.

Pick me a winner.

Not that one, I should think.

Your school's armory
leaves a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, weapons don't win battles.

Warriors do.

Except we just lost one of our best.

Do you doubt your own plan?
You've been in battle
more than any of us.

You know what tends to happen to plans.

Especially the minute
that the enemy shows up.

In my experience,
the worst plans can overcome the best,
so long as those fighting believe in it.

And the person leading them.

No pressure, then.

Your friends have faith in you, Hope.

So have it in yourself.

And remember,
when steel meets steel
and blood is shed,
when the fire and fog of war
is swimming all around you
trust your instincts.

This seems like a bad omen.

On the bright side,
uh, you finally siphoned Dummy Ken
and triggered the explosion.

And on the not-so-bright side,
I blew up Dummy Me in the process.

You can do this, Lizzie.

You just have to put up
a shield spell in time.

Or you just need to plan another vigil.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.

I-I know.

And it's taken
every ounce of strength I've got
to not let Kaleb's death pull me under.

But there's only so much loss
that I can take right now.

So please, Lizzie
Ken is the only one dying today.

I promise.

When Ken arrives, you keep him busy
until Lizzie can vamp in.

She'll siphon him
and trigger the explosion.

Best-case scenario,
it results in his painful
and permanent demise.

If he survives,
then Jed and Ben will lead
the vampires and the werewolves
out of the woods and finish him off.

Which just leaves you.

Yeah, well, I'll hang back,
supporting them with some cover fire.

For as long as my leg holds up.

We're ready, Hope.

Ready as we'll ever be.

There's just one last thing.

Get into position.

I think the show's about to start.


This is happening.

Any minute now.

Um, the battlefield's that way.

Yeah, but Ben isn't.
Have you seen him?
No, but he's an ancient warrior
who can't die,
so I'd worry more
about those of us who can.

You're right.

My first thought in a situation
like this has always been the pack.

It should be the pack.

But when Ben's dad comes for him
I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Well, I do.

You're gonna stick with the plan.

You can't leave the pack
without a leader.

I'm not.
Because they're gonna have you.

Look, if things go sideways,
forget about me.

Look out for them.

Okay? Okay?

But just until you're back.

All right, go.

Hello, little bird.

Were you expecting someone else?
Looks like you've switched sides again.

Lizzie was so sure you'd changed.

None of us really change, do we?
We are who we are.

You can't stop being a Mikaelson.

And I can't stop hating
everything that you stand for.

Any way we could skip the monologue
to the part where you tell me
why Ken didn't show up for our fight?
He sent me in his place.

Then he clearly has no honor.

Darling, that's adorable,
coming from the girl
who planned to cheat
by laying a trap for him.

Oh, I can hear them all out there.

The wolves.
Very loud heartbeats.

There's the Klaus in you.

Strike first, feel later.

Ignoring your own hypocrisy.

Whatever it takes to win, I suppose.

Well you're not the only one
who can cheat.

What did you do to them?
It's nothing that I did.

Go on.

Go help your little friends.

You know, my friends
can handle themselves.

My fight's here with you.


- You're turning.

- Thanks for explaining that to me.

It's my father.
He can control curses.

He must have triggered all of yours
to sabotage us.

- Where's Jed?
- I don't know.

But you have to get out of here.
These woods are about to be
crawling with carnivores
foaming at the mouth for vampire meat.

- We got to get off the menu, MG.

- If any vampire's bitten,
it could cause a chain reaction,
sending you all into a feeding frenzy,
put us all in danger.

We got to get them to safety.

I know how to do it.

But it's a little risky.

We lure the wolves
into the tunnels beneath the school,
and Lizzie traps them
with a barrier spell.

Who's gonna be the bait?
Absolutely not.

I won't let you put yourself
in danger like that.

So you get to be the only one?
Do it.

We have to protect
the greatest number of students.

I'll get the vampires inside.

He's after you two, not me.

Get to the tunnels.
I'll hold him off.

Don't make me do this.


I'm trying to do things
a little differently here.

So, instead of things
attached to monetary value,
how 'bout something, uh
something personal?
Something from your past
you need to let go to move on.


Works for me.

I'll meet you down at the dock.

One last beach to take.

Hope that boat of yours
makes other stops.

'Cause I got to get back to the school
and back to life.

This is for Kaleb.

You here to bust me out?
My dad's having trust issues again.


But if you can reach my hammer for me

You're not here to save me.

You're here to kill my family.

Rookie mistake.

Bringing a spear to a magic fight.


It was forged with god magic,
which renders your witchcraft useless.

It would seem we're evenly matched.

I doubt that.

Had worse.

That sensation you're feeling is Red Oak
making its way through your bloodstream
to your heart.

Nature's way of telling you
that you have overstayed your welcome,
Hope Mikaelson.

And that it's time to die.

And we're hearing reports
of a massive electrical storm
developing, quite literally,
out of nowhere over Mystic Falls
Want to go to the park?
We can throw the football around.

I'll even let you teach me
how to throw a spiral.

Maya, there's no way
that this is just a storm.

I've seen this before.

The gods are coming.

Whatever it is, Ethan,
it's not your problem anymore.

If my friends are in trouble,
I can't just sit here and do nothing.

I know.
But using your powers again
could kill you.

You can't help your friends
if you're dead.

He's coming.

Best if we make this quick.

Aurora, please don't do this.

Killing me won't fix the past.

It's not gonna erase the pain
that you've experienced.

Oh, on the contrary.

I have been under your father's sway
for centuries,
desperate for even the smallest
expression of love,
only to be reminded time and time again
of his cruelty instead.

I've been caught in a cycle
from which there was no escape.

Until now.

His line ends with you.

The last vestige of Klaus Mikaelson
wiped from the world forever.

He was pretty hard to get rid of.

So am I.

That was what you
old-timey people call a ruse.

Corporis impetus.

It's time to end this.

Headmaster Saltzman.


Your wounds aren't healing.

It seems my father
also altered my curse.

Made me mortal.

Well, the witches can heal you.

L-Let's get you back
Before I see who you've killed?
I really don't think
you should see this.

He was going after Lizzie and MG.

I'm sorry.

Didn't think you had it in you.

Sneaking in to try
and murder my family in their sleep.

That's frosty, dude.

I wanted to hurt your father
as he hurt me.

I hadn't stopped to think
of the people I'd be killing until
I saw your face.

I'm sorry, Jen.

My old man brings out the worst
in everyone around him.

Even me.

I don't know what to do
with all this anger.

I mean, what's the point of being a Fury
if it leads me down a path I can't go?
It's infuriating.

Who told you you were a Fury?
Your father.
I knew you were more
than just an oracle.

This changes everything, dude.

Before Malivore, the Furies
were the only thing my dad feared.

They were total badasses.

What were they able to do?
Furies have a special connection
to the minds of all gods.

So, peep mine and see for yourself.

MG, if you can hear me,
your plan worked.

The werewolves are in the tunnels.

All the exits are sealed,
except this one.

Just follow the sound of my voice.

I'm here.

Just go ahead and seal that exit.

Don't wait for me.

Are you okay? What happened?
I'll find another way out.

What are you talking about?
Trust me, Lizzie.
I'm fine.

Just go, while you still can.

Like hell.

You have to go.

Not without you.

Hold on.
I'll siphon out the venom.

Why isn't it working?
There's just too many of them.

Then I'll get you to the infirmary.

There's no time.

You can't get trapped in here with them.

I made a promise to protect you.

All you've ever done is protect me,
Milton Greasley.

Just once, I was supposed
to be protecting you.

You can be mad at me later.

But right now,
you have to go kick that god's ass.

And I know you will.

Because you're awesome.

I knew the minute I first saw you.

This cycle of revenge
always leads to more violence.

It's how my father
lived most of his life.

And I am my father's daughter.

That's not all he was capable of.


What is this?
Me trusting my instincts
that you're not too far gone.

And that people can change.

There was a side to my father
that you never saw.

One that was decent and kind and loving.

He knew he couldn't make up
for his past sins,
but he still tried.

He didn't want pain and suffering
to be all that he left behind.

Neither do I.

Break the cycle.

What is this?
Having more doubts, my dear?

Just a ruse.

The weapon is effective, my lord.

Then this will be a much heralded day
in my legend.

He sent you into battle without knowing
if that thing even worked?
You could have been killed.

Don't do this.

I saw the doubt in your eyes.

- It was real.

- Silence, child!
You wasted your chance
when you chose mercy.

It wasn't a waste.

You were worth trying to reach.

Even if your brother or my father
or this asshat can't see it.

Enough prattle.
I have glory to win.

Y'all can come back later.

Dave, I owe you a drink, all right?
All right, Landon.

We got the place to ourselves,
so no one's gonna get jealous
when you send me back.

Well, it isn't an option for them.

What you're asking me to do,
I can only do once.

What are you talking about?
You're the Ferryman now, right?
But the last person
who had this job told me
that breaking the rules of Limbo
has a price.

Whatever it is, I'll pay it.

I will.

When I give the middle finger
to the delicate balance
between life and death,
part of me will change.

My emotions, my empathy.

It'll start to fade.

I don't actually know.

Come on, man.
I mean, I
If it means you losing your soul,
I can't
I won't ask you to do that for me.

I'm doing it for everyone.

Cleo needs you, Kaleb.

The whole school needs a dragon
to help win this fight.

I'm saying we only get one shot at this.

I'm asking you to make it count.

I found him.

Uh, Landon
- Hey.
- We need
To get back to life, I'd imagine?
Okay, so we must be getting
our asses kicked
if both of you are dead.

It's bad.


Well, it's about to get better.

For you guys, at least.

There's only so much pain
even you can take.

Soon, you'll be too weak to fight.

I'm just getting started.

You're delaying the inevitable.

I decimated your cavalry.

There's no one else coming to help you.

In a strange way, I've done you a favor.

You could have been worshipped as a god,
but you chose to bind your fate
to lesser creatures.

Your attachments were your weakness.

They made me stronger.

I fail to see how.

Monsters like you usually do.

It always ends up
getting you in the end.

Speaking of endings.

Thus ends the legend of the Tribrid
and the legacy
of Klaus Mikaelson forever.

Just hold on, okay? I can heal you.

It won't work.

God magic.
You were right about me.

I loved your father
as much as I hated him.

His spirit.

His indomitable will.

I wanted him to change for me,
but I wasn't enough.

You were.

He changed for you.

And I saw in you everything
that I couldn't have.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
For what was done to you.

And for not seeing
this side of you sooner.

We're all complicated, aren't we?
You have the very best
parts of him in you.

I did too little too late.

You can do more.


Finish this.

And never forget who you are.

Enough of these games, Tribrid!
Come and face me.

I'm in the mood to spill some blood.

Son, you'll do.

I'm gonna make you regret
everything you've done today.

For all the people
who have died because of it.

My only regret
is that I didn't kill you sooner.

An old man and a former half-god.

If this is the best you have
It's not.

The last time
you tried to steal my power,
you could barely contain it.

I've been practicing.

Get my dad out of here.

Get him help.

You smell that, you bastard?
It's phosphorous and sulfur.

White fire and brimstone.

And you waltzed right into it.

This is for MG.

Lizzie, wait!
Ethan, you've got to get out of here.

I can't hold this god magic
for much longer.

This whole place is gonna blow.

I'm not going anywhere.

I made a promise, and I'm gonna keep it.

I'm Rescue Guy.

On the count of three.

One, two
Thank God.

Where's Ethan?
Oh, crap, he's still alive.

He's mine.
Get them to safety.

I'll handle him.

You're in no shape
to fight a god right now.

I have to end this.

Then you're gonna need
a little help from a friend.

Our sire bond might be gone,
Hope Andrea Mikaelson,
but you and I are bonded for life.

Thank you.

I underestimated you,
but it won't happen again.

Even in my weakened state,
you can't kill me by yourself.

That won't stop me from trying.

Then you will die alone.

She's not alone.

Neither are you.

He's the only one dying today, remember?
MG, how is this possible?
It's a long story.

We'll tell you all about it
after we kick this god's ass.

Your move, Ken.

This changes nothing, Tribrid,
other than the number of bodies
that will need to be buried.

Tell that to our dragon.

Get the spear!
Enough! You are children!
You cannot kill a god.

But I can kill you.

What treachery is this?
It is not treachery.

It is judgment.

My judgment as a Fury.

And what do you find me guilty of?
You're a dick.

And your punishment is her.

It takes god magic to kill a god, right?
Guess what that spear's made out of.

I hope you rot in hell.


Holy crap.

They did it.

High five, Super Squad.

High five.

You made it.

Yeah, thanks to you.

What about your father?

Which means every curse he's ever placed
has gone with him, so
I guess I made it, too.

Then we're luckier than some.

Ben, I, uh
I'm really sorry about Jed.

Don't be.

Because I'm the one
who owes you an apology
for trying to kill your daughter and MG.

You did what you had to do
to protect them, Dr.

No hard feelings.

If I hadn't gotten shot in the chest
with my own arrow,
I'd get up and hug you.

Allow me.

I thought I'd lost you.

Well, luckily,
our friend's in charge of Limbo now.

He sent us back.

Knowing the gods,
I'm assuming there was a price.


And in the most Landon move ever,
he paid it for us.

So all I can do now is pay it forward
with the best life I can.


I couldn't stand the thought
of you being alone.

it looks like you haven't been.

This school is full of students
who are more powerful than you.

But at the end of the day,
it was you who made
the ultimate hero move.

But it sucks that you aren't here
to enjoy the world
that you saved with us.

I'm supposed to say that I'm lost,
that I don't know how I'm gonna go on,
but I do.

The world may never know
who Rescue Guy was,
but I will never forget you.

What you stood for.

Because I will stand for it, too.

I promise.

So this is how we're paying
our respects?
I didn't know Aurora was a Viking.

Well, she finally admitted
that she loved my father,
who kind of was one.

And she deserves the honor,
especially after the sacrifice she made.

Would you like to say anything?
Aurora was a badass bitch.

Our relationship was complicated.

But she taught me that complicated
doesn't mean broken.

And I really hope that she finds Peace.

Yeah, me, too.

- Incendia.

- Incendia.

I didn't forget to send you to Peace.

I just got a little sidetracked.

Some old friends needed my help.

I couldn't say no.

You know what that's like.

The way I see it,
you've upheld your end of the deal,
so let's get you to that boat, shall we?
Oh, boy.

I'm dead, aren't I?
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