Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Billy the Bug

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tires screech]
[handcuffs creak]
Bob, Clemmons.
We're two minutes out.
I'm gonna need a thermos
of hot cocoa,
a beekeeper outfit,
11 jumbo pepperoni pizzas,
a large jar,
and three Sumo wrestlers.
-Uh, chief, are you sure
-No time!
[tires screech]
[people murmuring]
Chief, those bees are
making it impossible to
Beekeeper outfit.
[bees buzzing]
[knuckles crack]
Large jar.
Sumo wrestlers.
[firefighter screams]
[wrestlers] Kyanonboru!
Hot cocoa.
Thank you, thank you,
so much, Chief McCloud.
That could have been much worse
than a ruined backyard party.
[blows raspberries]
-What ruined party?
-[delivery guy straining]
Someone order 11 jumbo
pepperoni pizzas?
[all cheering]
[wrestlers] Pizza. Pizza. Pizza!
[disco music playing]
Back to the station.
I have a warbling thumb
to steal.
-Wait, chief, what's a
-[McCloud] No time!
Dragaloons on the left,
Glob-Bloblins on the right.
create a Fizzy-Shield.
There's the
Warbling Thumb of Vleet.
Okay, Billy.
I mean, Yarg Beetle,
you and the Reverse Centaur
are with me.
I need a unicorn frog, the Cloak
of Illsgord the Cloakless,
and a bag of ogre eyelashes,
Ready, charge!
Yes, we did it!
I will now give
the Warbling Thumb of Vleet
to my loyal warrior
the Yarg Beetle.
If you're worthy,
the Thumb will warble
and grant you wings.
[fanfare playing]
It worked.
You're officially a level-eight
flying Yarg Beetle.
Happy birthday, Billy.
Yes. Thanks, Aunt Freya.
Wouldn't it be cool if I could
fly in real life, too?
Yes, and nothing can stand
in the way of your dreams.
Except gravity and physics
and reality and stuff.
But, for now, let's just
enjoy your birthday.
Maybe there'll be more
surprises at your party.
-[alarm blaring]
Gotta run.
Okay, what have we got?
Clemmons? Where's the Fire?
Can you believe it?
The fire department
put me on hold.
This is an emergency!
Clemmons, wanna take line four?
Some guy is hysterical.
Something about a desk.
Hello? Wait. What?
Hey. Stop talking
when I'm talking!
We can't both talk
at the same time.
[upbeat music playing]
And the ladder extends
over a hundred feet,
which reaches
eight stories up a building.
Well, what if my cat gets stuck
on the ninth-floor window ledge?
Whoa, wait.
We couldn't reach him.
Oh, no. Quick, kid,
go find your parents.
You have to move apartments now.
Hello, I'm Engineer Feldman,
and this is Roasty,
our city's remarkable
fire-fighting robot.
-[kids chattering]
-Whoa, cool!
Roasty has
artificial intelligence
and can operate
autonomously if needed.
He's also my best friend.
In fact, we spend
so much time together,
he's like my only friend.
[giggles nervously]
This is the coolest
birthday party ever, Aunt Freya.
I have one more
surprise for you.
-[both gasp]
Whoa. A Twirly Hat?
I heard these were
sold out everywhere.
-Thank you so much!
I wasn't gonna let
my little Yarg Beetle
not fly in real life, too.
Uh, sis, aren't
those things a little,
you know, terrifying? To me?
Oh, Mark, you just hover
a few inches off the ground.
I told Freya it was okay
to get Billy one.
Whoo-hoo! I'm flying!
Hey, Aunt Freya,
check me out on your tablet.
Right! See, the game app
uses GPS to let players locate
and see each other
as their avatars.
There's my little Yarg Billy.
Uh, isn't that
a little, you know,
disturbing? To me?
Okay, now
for Roasty's big finale.
[kids cheering]
-[hip-hop music playing]
[all cheering]
-[Billy giggles]
-[hat whirring]
-[blows raspberries]
Bob, Clemmons, the ladder!
[both panting]
[Mark and Ann yells]
After him!
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
Oh, no.
[chainsaw machines buzzing]
[man 1] Sorry, my bad.
[Bob] Chief, I can't
keep up with him.
[McCloud] I got him.
[tires screech]
[Billy giggling]
[sighs, screams]
[man 2] Wow, this is gonna be
the best mattress store
in the city.
[siren wailing]
All units, respond to a boy
in a blue hat
flying randomly
through the city.
-[alarm blaring]
-[all] Huh?
[truck horn honks]
[helicopter whirring]
[tires screech]
[siren wailing]
[woman] Wow, this is gonna be
the best
highly-combustible liquid
store in the city.
-[tires screech]
[both gasp]
[man and woman scream]
[phone rings]
Bob. Did you find Billy?
No. I barely found Clemmons.
What do we do?
Ha! The Yarg Beetle!
-What's a Yarg
-No time.
-[phone beeping]
-Come on, search
Ha. Got him!
Bob, I found him. He's heading
back towards City Centre Square
via Newfeld Avenue.
The wind is blowing southeast.
Bob, have everyone
meet me at City Heights.
I'm gonna need a helicopter,
a thermos of hot cocoa,
40 industrial-sized fans,
a 20-foot trampoline,
a 10-week old kitten,
a harpoon gun,
a rhubarb pie, and a cowboy.
[Bob] You've got to be kiddi
[McCloud] No time!
[keyboard clacking]
That's odd.
Any sign of Billy?
-No. Any sign of the chief?
Wait. There.
Bob, Clemmons, with me.
[tires screech]
Apartment 48G.
Billy's headed our way.
My goodness,
what's all the racket?
What on earth
do you whippersnappers?
Ooh, rhubarb.
Well, you come on in.
Harpoon gun.
[grandma humming]
He's almost here.
Bob, shoot another
from the bedroom.
Clemmons, with me. To the roof!
-Why are we shooting harpoons?
-[McCloud] No time.
There's my little Yarg Billy.
-[switch clicks]
[heroic music]
Okay, I still don't
understand why
[helicopter whirring]
I got you, Billy!
[Clemmons] Whoa!
[screaming, sighing]
My hat.
I wanna keep flying.
-Here you go.
-A kitten! It's so cute.
[both] Billy!
[Billy] Can we keep him? Please?
I don't know.
Aren't cats a little,
you know, dirty? To me?
Of course you can, honey.
Happy Birthday.
-Got you.
Bob! Hot cocoa.
-[McCloud sighs]
Thankfully, the store had only
that one Whirly Hat left.
Wait, doesn't that mean
[hats whirring]
[closing theme music]
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