Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Sky Police

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tires screech]
[handcuffs creak]
Hi, this is Gabby Tocamera
reporting live
from City Centre Square.
I'm here with the
fascinating story of a man,
who, in his entire life,
has never finished
a complete sentence.
How is that even possible?
-Well, you see, Gabby
-Whoa, what's going on?
It looks like some kind
of big announcement
from city officials.
Yes, here comes Chief of Police,
Percival Wheeler now.
[upbeat music]
Esteemed citizens
of our great city.
What's up?
I'm Police Chief Wheeler,
but everyone calls me Wheelie.
[crowd murmurs]
-Do you call him that?
I'm stoked to announce
our newest,
gnarliest weapon against crime.
The 64-billion-dollar
Sky Police!
Excuse me, Chief Wheeler.
Did you say 64 billion dollars?
Did you call me Wheelie?
Who needs wheels
when you have wings?
The Sky Police
will fly into our hearts
and totally over our heads.
Dude, check 'em out.
[upbeat music]
[jets whooshing]
[camera clicks]
Uh, Chief Wheeler,
exactly how much crime
actually happens in the sky?
Awesome question.
Let's meet the Sky Police Team.
[Wheeler] Total pro,
Sergeant Sam Grizzled!
Awesome newbie,
Officer Rooky Partnur!
And, some totally rad
other dudes!
So all you crook poseurs
better bail,
'cause there's a new name
for crime-fighting between,
like, a hundred to about
35,000 feet above our rad city.
Sky Police!
[Rooky] Sergeant Grizzled. I am
so honoured to be your partner.
It has been my life-long dream
to be a cop,
and I have so much to learn
from a legend like you.
I can't wait to fight
crime in the sky.
Sorry to break it to you, kid,
but there is no crime
in the sky.
All the real action
is on the ground.
Attention all ground units.
A priceless painting has been
stolen from the museum,
a bank robber's
made off with millions,
and a dangerous criminal
has vowed to escape
during his prison transfer.
This emergency dispatch
has been brought to you by
See? That's crime. But up here?
[Grizzled] It's just seagulls
and ozone.
So let's just do our jobs
and not go looking for trouble.
I'm a few days from retirement
and looking forward to
spending the rest of my days
quietly enjoying my hobbies,
like bungee jumping
into active volcanoes.
Sir! Does that masked man
in the window
-look suspicious to you?
-Uh, not really.
The mask makes it hard to tell.
It's definitely not worth
checking out.
I'm checking it out!
[siren wailing]
This is the Sky Police.
Pull over!
Pull over?
Where am I supposed to
pull over?
Um, pull over by that cloud.
[pilot] That's just great,
Captain Lead Foot.
How fast were you going?
Pull alongside them, Sergeant.
-What? No, don't
Just my luck.
Partnered with a gung-ho rookie,
taking unnecessary risks
days before my retirement.
It's okay. Soon, I'll get
all the me-time I want,
going over a waterfall
in a dishwasher.
going 900 kilometres
Yes, Officer?
License and registration,
Oh, hang on.
Let's see. Pen light,
packet of soy sauce
Oh! Ah, here.
I have reason to believe
there is a person of interest
on this plane.
[woman screams in the distance]
-What was that?
-It sounded like
a woman's terrified scream
to me.
I'm going in, Sergeant!
And if I don't make it back,
it has been an honour
to serve with you.
[Rooky] And tell my boyfriend
Earl that I love him,
and I put a lot of laundry
in the washing machine,
if he could put it in the dryer
before it gets mildewy.
And tell him please, one fabric
softener sheet, not three!
I mean, seriously,
how much can someone
smell like a spring breeze
before it gets weird?
Oh, and I forgot
to give the hamster
his pills this morning.
[Grizzled] Yeah. Copy that.
-[country music playing]
-Hamster mildew. Roger.
-Everyone remain calm!
Sky Police!
I heard a woman scream.
Ha, yeah.
As I said, um, remain calm.
-I've seen this movie.
She defeats the Abominable
Glowman in the next scene.
[passengers booing]
Billy, careful not to drop that.
Someone might trip and cause
a chain reaction
-of bizarre events.
Ow. Ouch.
[Grizzled] What now, Rooky?
I'm okay. I, uh
[radio distorts speech]
[Grizzled] Do not copy.
Too much static.
[Rooky] I'm down.
All units! Officer down!
Request backup!
[Allen] Hi, uh, there's been
a huge mistake.
I I can't be Sky Police.
I have a terrible
fear of heights,
and they're one of the
worst things you can fall from.
[Grizzled on speaker]
Repeat, Officer Rooky down!
Sky Police! Get in the sky!
Go! Go! Go!
Yeah. Why don't you guys go.
I I'm not supposed
to be a Whoa.
Hold on, Rooky. I'm coming.
[jets whooshing]
Uh, slow down. I'm airsick.
Literally, actual air
makes me ill.
[officer 1] Securing the area.
[camera shutter clicks]
[Grizzled grunting]
What's going on?
You radioed you were down?
Oh, no! No, no, no.
I tripped and fell down.
So there's no danger here?
And I just walked across
two airplanes
at 20,000 feet to find that out.
Well, I'm glad you're here, sir.
Would you mind questioning
the suspicious person?
I could learn so much
from watching your technique.
You. I got one question.
[Grizzled] Are you
a criminal?
Good enough for me. Case closed.
There, see? Why would he lie?
Only a criminal would lie
to the police.
-But, sir, I
-Like I said, Rooky.
-There's no crime in the sky.
He's right.
I was deluding myself.
There's no crime here.
My dream of being a great cop
is dashed.
-The only dream I ever had.
-Oh, no.
Is she gonna sing?
[Rooky sobs]
Excuse me.
Ms Female-Woman-Spoiler-Alert
Could you please get
my Cubby The Cop doll
out of the overhead bin?
[Rooky sighs]
Sure, yeah.
I guess it would be nice
to be useful in some way.
Hey, whoa, hands off.
That's my priceless masterpiece
I just stole Oh.
[tense music]
[criminal 1] See ya.
Stop! Or I'll pull out
my handcuffs!
What? I've never seen
that stolen money in my life.
It's the bank robber!
I'm not afraid to use these.
This looks like
the time to escape.
Excuse me. Sorry.
-Pardon me. Thanks.
-Oh, okay. No problem.
Wow, that was right on the foot.
Sergeant! I have a 5-4-8,
a 4-2-6,
and a 1-6-5 in progress.
Criminy. Together,
that's an 11-39!
[Rooky grunts]
[criminal 2]
Look, three parachutes.
How weird is it
that there are three of us
and we all have
to get off the same plane?
You couldn't make this stuff up.
-[criminals gasp]
[Rooky] How many times
do I have to tell you to stop?
[all panting]
These are real handcuffs.
[all grunt]
After them!
[upbeat music]
-[radar beeping]
[both gasp]
[officer 2] Don't worry.
We'll just snag the parachutes.
Whoever came up
with attaching a long hook
to a supersonic jet is a genius.
[criminals screaming]
[officer 2] Oops.
[screaming continues]
They got away, Sergeant.
-I blew it.
-[Grizzled] You did.
But then again,
I was saving these untested
prototype rocket packs
-for my retirement.
-Oh, yes.
[Rooky] Ha, ha! This is awesome!
[Grizzled groans]
[Grizzled] What?
[Grizzled laughing]
[exciting music]
[Rooky laughs]
[all gasp]
I warned you. Now talk.
[Grizzled] I got this, Rooky.
Okay, creeps. Spill it.
'Cause we're gonna stay here
all night if
-Okay, I stole the painting.
-I robbed the bank.
They did, I saw them.
I'm an innocent witness.
Hey, what'd I miss?
Phew. At least I didn't lose
this dangerous prisoner
I'm transferring. Aah!
Jackpot. Case closed.
-[siren wails]
-[engine revs]
-[tires screech]
Great job, Sky Police.
-This city's lucky to have you.
-Thanks, Duke.
But the credit
goes to my partner.
-She did everything.
Thanks, Sergeant.
Don't thank me. That just means
you have to do
all the paperwork.
-[engine revs]
-[tires screech]
[light music]
[Wheeler] For totally landing
three gnarly crooks at once,
the Annual Bimonthly Officer
of the Day of the Week Award
goes to Officer Rooky Partnur
of the Sky Police!
Look, can you just check
if there's an opening
in Desk Police? Or or
Nasal Inhaler Allergy Police?
I I have a
very specific skill set.
Nice work, Rooky.
And more importantly,
I didn't get hurt in any way.
Yeah. I gotta say,
being a part of a big win
for the good guys
feels just as great as I
dreamt it would.
[closing theme music]
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