Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Father's Day Parade

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tires screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[Bennett] Okay, Melvin
"Pointy Objects" Lutz here,
then "Goat-Breath" Malone next,
then Ronny "Nostrils" De Marco.
No. Clara "Why Are You
Hitting Yourself?" Bowman,
then Nostrils,
so Ned "The Serial Viola"
Smasher goes here,
and then, Joaquin
"The Ornithologist" Lopez, here.
-S'up, Bro-nnett!
Chief, please.
I just finished arranging
the mug shots
in order of least
to most shifty-eyed.
Whoa, sorry, duder.
But your totally awesome
and pathological attention
to detail
is why I put Big Captain B
in charge of
this gnarly parade today.
It's totally
right up your alley.
Respectfully, Chief,
the parade route
doesn't even come close
to the alley near my building.
But, yes, sir,
I have the situation
under control.
I had already mapped and timed
the parade route to the second,
made patrol assignments,
traffic detour routes,
and crowd-control protocols
two months ago.
Dude, how do you type in that?
That's my handwriting, Sir.
Good morning, Chief, Captain.
It's the Duke of DeTain.
So, Captain Bennett,
how you feeling?
I can't believe
you're having a baby today.
No, no, Lieutenant.
Our little girl is scheduled
to arrive tomorrow,
at 3:46 exactly.
So rad, dude.
You gonna name her
"Wheelie" after me?
Well, we haven't really
9:00 a.m., time for
morning announcements.
Good morning.
We've got a busy day.
Today is the city's big parade
celebrating great inventions
through history.
And due to a typo,
the annual Tour De City
bike race
has also been scheduled
for today.
Which means,
Main, Linden, Bard and
Fullman Avenues will be blocked
here, here, here, and here
from 9:22 to 11:05.
DeTain and Coogan
will be stationed at 9:21,
then DeTain moves at 10:23.
Traffic detours here and here
from 8:45 until 11:02,
so I'll need Lowell
and Thompson to a 684 here,
Jericho and Hernandez will 515
until they can't anymore,
then they'll 514.
Morris and McHenry,
I need you here and here,
and Sky Police will do
a 356 from 10:45 to noon,
closing out the parade with one
244 or two 122s, your choice.
So everyone just follow
my plan to the letter,
and everything
will work out perfectly.
-Let's get to it.
-[phone rings]
Captain Bennett.
Oh, hello, Dr Contagioustein.
-[speaking indistinctly]
My wife's going into labour?
She's having a baby tomorrow.
Why would you make her work
a bunch of really hard jobs?
What? Wait, wait, wait
What do you mean,
she's having the baby today?
My daughter's birth
is scheduled for tomorrow,
at 3:46 p.m.
It's in my calendar.
Right here, tomorrow,
"3:45, enter hospital room.
3:46, baby arrives.
3:47, kiss baby.
3:48, make plans for 3:49."
Who are you going to believe,
your decades of medical training
or my schedule book?
-[speaking indistinctly]
-Really? Huh.
I did not see you
going that way.
Well, just make the baby
not want to come out.
You know, play the bagpipes
or something.
No. No, no, no, wait!
Oh Hi, Sandy, honey.
I'm sorry,
-but we were told
-[Sandy speaking indistinctly]
Yes, dear. Don't worry.
I No, I'll be there.
I'm leaving right now.
-[phone beeps]
-Don't look at me like that.
I defended you.
This is not my fault.
Blame Doctor
I-Can't-Tell-Time, M.D.
We're good, right?
[engine revs]
-[tires screech]
-Biscuits and gravy!
[cars honking]
The bike race isn't scheduled
to reach Monroe Street
for 3.2 minutes.
I have a chance
if I stay just ahead of it.
[Bennett grunting, panting]
[Bennett] Watch out. Excuse me.
[Bennett grunting, panting]
I made it.
I'm coming, Sandy!
Mother's fresh biscuits!
-[cyclist groans]
-[Bennett gasps]
-Sorry. Oh, my bad.
-[bicycle horn honking]
Pardon me.
Stupid bike race. Whoa.
They accuse me of being
too detail-oriented.
But, look, one typo,
and kaplooey.
-So long, fatherhood.
-[Harl] Hi, Captain Bennett.
Great race, huh?
I'm helping
by coming in last place
so none of the racers
feel bad about losing.
Harl. I have to get
to the hospital
for the arrival of my baby.
Can you give me a lift?
Wow, that's even more helpful
than tending to the fragile egos
of professional cyclists.
-Hop on.
-[Bennett grunts]
[tires screech]
-[tires screech]
-[Harl] Duck.
-[Bennett grunts]
-[honks, grunts]
[Bennett grunting]
[Bennett chuckles]
[Bennett grunts]
Thank you, Harl.
I'll just make my own way
from here.
-You know, alive.
-[phone rings]
Hi, honey.
Yes, I'm on my way to you now.
I was Harled.
Whoa, there's been
a lot of waterfowl-related
incidents today.
Are you okay, Captain?
No, Lieutenant DeTain,
I am far from okay.
If I don't get to
the hospital in 30 minutes,
I'll miss the birth
of my baby girl.
Wait, Lieutenant.
It's 10:20.
Please, for the sake
of my sanity,
someone has to stick to
a schedule today.
You're supposed to be
at the park at 10:23.
Hey, that's it.
If I cut through the park,
I should have a straight shot
to the hospital.
Yes, sir. The park
should be virtually empty
with everyone watching
the race and the parade.
[geese honk]
And we're back.
This is Gabby Tocamera
with our continued coverage
of this incredible parade
celebrating great inventions
through history.
Up next is a float celebrating
the invention of space travel,
from Sputnik to the
manned mission to Mars.
Rumour has it the Mayor is
having controversial discussions
about our city hosting
the Mars mission,
which, unlike this
thrilling fun parade,
is actual news a serious
reporter should be covering.
Oh, and here comes
the next float,
celebrating the invention
of serious news reporting.
One can only assume
the next float
will be the invention of irony.
Oh, no, even better.
A float celebrating
the invention
of the Inventions Through
History Parade.
[Bennett grunts]
Pardon me, excuse me.
[Bennett grunts]
Oh, burn the biscuits.
The Enormous Physical Obstacles
Exhibit is also today?
I give up.
Obviously, the universe
has its own schedule book,
which says, "10:25 a.m.,
Captain Tom Bennett
fails miserably."
Respectfully, Captain Bennett,
giving up is the easy way,
and the easy way
is rarely the best way.
An anthropomorphic lion cub
taught me that.
The Captain Bennett I know
would never allow any obstacle
to get in his way,
even literal enormous
physical ones.
Then again,
the Captain Bennett I know
would never take advice from
an anthropomorphic lion cub.
No, Lieutenant DeTain,
you and your delusional
little cartoon abomination
are right.
If I can toss out my schedule,
then tossing out the universe's
schedule is child's play.
I mean, have you seen
the universe?
That's right.
You can do this, sir.
I can do this.
I'm coming, Sandy
and unnamed baby!
[Bennett pants]
Whoa! Ooh! Aah!
[gasps, groans]
Ooh, that's gonna leave a mark.
[Bennett screams, grunts]
-Snakes? And rakes?
-[snakes rattling, hissing]
[Bennett grunting]
Why don't people ever
[Bennett groans, wails]
Fill dangerous Ouch!
pits, with nice things?
[grunts, sighs]
A fork in the road.
Can I help you, Captain Bennett?
-I'll take the boulder.
[Bennett grunts]
Easy Whoa.
[Bennett grunting]
The hospital. I'm gonna make it.
[Bennett wailing]
Hm, that's odd.
[wailing continues]
Oh, no! No, no, no!
I'm coming, Sandy!
[Bennett screams]
[car alarm blaring in distance]
Insane entrance, B-Boy,
but you slammed that landing.
All that, for nothing.
I'm right back where I started.
How could this happen?
I had every tiny detail
planned to the millisecond.
What kind of world
is my baby entering
where control is really just
chaos going you way for a while?
-I'm sorry, Sandy.
-Dude, duck!
What is up, dude?
Birds have been
going crazy all day,
attacking people,
stealing jewellery.
A lark sparrow was even
busted for insurance fraud.
-Biscuits for breakfast!
Chief, those shifty eyes.
It's Joaquin
"The Ornithologist" Lopez.
He controls birds, and is
using them to commit crimes.
-[Bennett] Stop!
You there! Police!
[parade music playing]
[both panting]
[both grunting]
Excuse me.
-[birds squawking]
-[Lopez snickers]
-[Bennett grunts]
-[Lopez grunts]
[crowd cheers]
[door clangs]
[crowd cheers]
-[phone rings]
Is there still time?
Don't worry.
I will be there.
I'm gonna let chaos go my way.
[light music]
What? No don't.
[seat belt clicks]
[Bennett screaming]
[ECG monitor beeping]
Ah, Captain Bennett.
Right on schedule.
Hey, honey.
Come see your daughter.
-[baby crying]
-She's so beautiful.
I realise now I can't
control everything in life,
because there's no way
I'll ever be able to control
how much I love you,
my little biscuit.
I was thinking,
we should name her
after your grandmother.
I love it.
[closing theme music]
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