Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Race to the Top

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tires screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[alarm beeps]
[light music]
Okay, happy Friday, everyone.
The mayor will be here shortly.
The Honourable
Mayor Solomon Fleck!
Good morning, everyone. Carol?
Your daily agenda, Mr Mayor.
Why is that movie promotion
balloon still floating around?
[Carol] Recent polls say
people feel safer
with Cubby The Cop up there
in case the city is attacked
by a giant
floating balloon criminal.
So the City Council wants
an official landmark
-for the city?
-It's great for tourism.
All famous cities are known
for their iconic landmarks.
Right. Let's go with
the old pencil factory.
-They do fine work.
How about something
with a little more pizzazz
that people
can get excited about?
Mayor, word through this cup
against your wall is
you're looking
for an official city landmark.
I give you Fendrich Tower,
the tallest building
in the city.
Solomon, how are you?
How's your precious Madison?
She got first place
at the Science fair.
Oh! Smart as a whip,
like her mother.
[tense music]
[both growling]
Forget Fendrich's
stubby eyesore.
My building is
the perfect landmark,
and it actually is the
tallest building in the city.
Wrong! Someone escort
this madwoman out!
Thank you, yes,
couldn't agree more.
What better way
to honour the city
than to honour
the Sinclair family,
who built this city,
unlike certain families
who just took the credit.
-Say that to my face.
-I just did!
Ha! No, I quickly
turned my head!
Uh, Why not measure
both buildings,
and the tallest will
be the official landmark.
We'll have a ceremony,
and the mayor can cut a ribbon.
Hmm. Cutting ribbons
is the heart of mayoral work.
I like it. How's my
measuring things schedule?
You have an opening
in three days.
Then it's settled.
We'll measure both structures,
and mine will be named
the city's official landmark!
Ha! The only thing bigger than
my building is your delusions.
-Say that to my face!
-I just did!
Yes, it will be fun,
and great for the city.
Thank you.
[tense music]
[both growling]
[lift bell dings]
[tense music]
[both grunt]
[both groan]
Give it up, Sinclair!
The Fendrichs were here first,
and we'll be here
long after the last Sinclair
leaves in shame
over their itty-bitty,
nonofficial landmark building!
The only thing
the Fendrich name stands for
is greed, corruption,
and your grandfather's
unshakable conviction
he was a koala bear!
Once my building wins,
it's the Fendrichs
who will vanish form the city,
just like all
the eucalyptus trees.
[tense music]
My famous sugar cookies.
One each, please.
[workers mutter, munching]
Make this as tall as possible,
and there's more
where these came from.
[indistinct chatter]
This building has to be taller
than Sinclair's building.
Taller than any building.
Taller than itself!
Now, go!
Sir, Sinclair's got her crew
working double time for cookies.
Playing the cookie card
already, huh?
She must be desperate.
[clears throat]
Okay, here's the plan
Wow, that is good.
I have this sudden urge
to make her building taller.
No! Gah! That woman is devious.
Go back and make sure she loses!
[suspenseful music]
"Work cancelled today
for free opera concert"?
-Come on, fellas! To the opera!
-[all] Huzzah!
-[feedback squeaks]
-[Fendrich] Nice try, Sinclair,
but you forget
I own the opera house!
A fine addition to my building.
You realize I'm standing
right here, don't you?
Yes! I just like megaphones!
But what you don't realize
is that I own the opera house
helicopter towing company.
Of course, you know
this means war.
In fact, it means montage war!
[suspenseful music]
[crowd cheering]
Hi, I'm Gabby Tocamera here
with Mayor Solomon Fleck
and First Deputy Mayor
Carol Yea.
Mayor Fleck,
it seems the whole city
has caught tall building fever,
as Mary Sinclair and RE Fendrich
battle for
Official City Landmark.
Any thoughts on
who's going to win?
Thinking about who would win
is not city-related work.
Uh, what the Mayor means is
we're all excited to watch
two of our finest citizens
race to the top.
An official landmark
is good for the city,
which makes this work-related,
and therefore, acceptable.
Wow! Well, I know
I've never seen
Mayor Fleck so enthusiastic.
With one day left
until the measuring ceremony,
be sure to go to our online poll
to vote for who you think
will win.
Also vote for whether
or not you think Craig here
actually serves any
discernible purpose whatsoever.
You've all done a great job.
That said, I think it could use
one more special, little touch.
I found Top Hat Tom!
Perfect! Put him on top.
I serve a purpose!
[Fendrich] Good job, gentlemen.
But I need gooderer.
This is not about me winning,
it's about Sinclair losing.
Place this poorly balanced,
-wobbly metal rod on top.
-[man] But, sir
It is not the worst idea
I've ever had!
Well, the big day is here.
The measuring ceremony
where we'll finally learn
whose building is tallest,
Mary Sinclair's
or RE Fendrich's.
Mr Fendrich,
many of our viewers
have been wondering.
What do your initials
RE stand for?
Rachel Elizabeth.
My parents were expecting
a girl.
Here's your speech.
I've prepared my remarks.
Yeah, I lightened it up a bit.
Welcome to the big ceremony.
Isn't this a hoot?
I'm Mayor Fleck,
but you knew that. Holla back.
[crowd cheering]
Mad props to RE Fendrich
and Mary Sinclair.
Your buildings are so tall,
90 per cent of them
are under the jurisdiction
of the Sky Police.
Pause for laughter.
That's an exaggeration.
Poor fact-checking
is no laughing matter.
To keep this impartial,
Handyman Harl Hubbs
will do the measuring.
Thanks, Mayor.
I'm happy to help.
Point of interest.
This is the first time
Harl Hubbs has ever measured
anything over ten feet tall.
He is a Taurus,
and in his spare time,
enjoys not playing the oboe.
Looks like Harl is going
to Fendrich's building first.
[crowd chanting]
Harl! Harl! Harl!
[crowd murmuring]
[ominous music]
[building creaks]
Mary, we've always been rivals,
but I just want to say,
no matter the outcome
my building is taller
and my family built this city.
I feel the same, Rachel.
Although I sabotaged
your efforts,
know I did so only
out of the deepest disrespect.
[building creaking]
My defining characteristic!
[tense music]
[loud thud]
[suspenseful music]
That went exactly as planned!
I declare the Fendrich
and Sinclair Arch
our city's official landmark.
[crowd cheering]
Mayor Fleck, there is
one more question I have,
and I think it's been on
many people's minds.
-It concerns your appearance.
It's hard not to notice.
You never wear a watch.
Who needs a watch when you
have such a remarkable
First Deputy Mayor
like Carol Yea with you?
Ha-ha-ha, yes!
You know, Fendrich,
maybe it wasn't just my family
or just your family
that made this city.
No, it was our families'
lifelong petty rivalry
that built our city, together.
I hate you.
I hate you more.
[tranquil music]
[closing theme music]
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