Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Meet Harl Hubbs

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tires screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[Narrator] Our great city.
Home to a million people
with a million stories.
So that's one story per person
-which, honestly,
doesn't seem like a lot.
You know,
now that I think of it,
that probably means each person
has a whole bunch
of stories that, collectively,
-are their life story,
-[boy laughs]
of which there would then,
yes, be a million stories.
That makes more sense.
-[dolphin clicks]
-I mean,
no one has just one story.
Well, except for
my brother-in-law, Gary.
Went to the bank,
forgot to wear pants.
-[people murmuring]
-But I digress.
Today, I want to tell you
about one very special person.
Meet Harl Hubbs,
-the helpful handyman.
Harl lives above the city's
busiest car wash and auto shop,
on purpose.
Let's see what Harl's day
is like, shall we?
Nah, I'm just kidding.
You have no choice.
Harl Hubbs is the city's
roving handyman.
Every morning, Harl hops on
his handmade mobile fix-it shop,
looking for people to help,
because helping is what Harl
is all about.
Hi, Tippy. How can I help you?
Maybe oil your door hinges?
Thank you, Mr Hubbs,
but I oil them every six hours,
as any professional
doorman should.
There must be something
I can oil and/or do to help.
Well, it would be very helpful
if you'd let Mrs Blumfeld
exit the building.
Happy to help.
So long, Tippy.
Yes, everybody in the city
knows Harl Hubbs wants to help.
He even helps them
help him help them
by playing his
helpful handyman music,
announcing to all that helpful
Harl Hubbs is in the 'hood.
[light music playing]
Hi, Mr Producé,
something I can help you with?
Oh, hi, Harl.
Um, it looks like a sunny day,
so I was just trying to give
my fruit a little shade
No problem. Happy to help.
These should do the trick.
There. Shade.
Wow, Harl, that's How
How much do I charge? Nothing.
I'm just happy to help.
Oh, almost forgot
the final touch.
So long, Mr Producé.
Your fruit is now safe.
-Uh, um
Uh oh, looks like
you've been Harled.
[Narrator] He certainly has.
[Narrator] Yes, Harl Hubbs
loves to help,
even if you have no idea
you want help.
Today, however,
it seems Harl was in luck.
There's Engineer Sarah Feldman,
the city's
firefighting whiz kid.
I wonder how she'll put Harl's
unique creative skills
to the test.
Hi, Fire Engineer Feldman.
Hi, Harl. Please,
all my friends call me Feldman.
Come to think of it,
so do all my enemies.
-Hey there, Roasty.
[Narrator] And there's Roasty,
the impish little
firefighting robot.
How adorable and marketable.
-How can I help?
-Can you install a doggie door?
Of course! Happy to help.
[woman 1] And now back to
I Fell In Love With A Machine.
[woman 2] Oh, XR5512,
I feel my heart is
-short circuiting.
-[drill whirs]
This movie is so lame.
A person can't fall in love
with a machine.
Bellamy, shush.
Roasty and I
are trying to watch.
Don't ruin the ending.
It's called
I Fell In Love With a Machine.
Oh, that's so insightful,
But which one of them
is really the machine?
Hmm. "That's so insightful,
[Harl] All done!
What do you think?
I also thought it would
be helpful
to put in a Fire Engineer
Feldman Door
so you have easy access, too.
Now, if we ever get a dog,
we are set.
I like to think ahead.
Well, until you get your dog,
Roasty can use the doggie door.
Roasty's wheels
can't navigate up
over the bottom
of the doggie door.
Oh! I can help with that.
Hey, where's the Totally Ignored
Third Wheel Boyfriend door?
Did you put in one of those?
Oh, Bellamy, don't be silly.
You don't have wheels.
-[phone rings]
Feldman and Roasty.
-What do you think, Roasty?
A little upgrade?
Okay. Roasty and I
are on our way.
Come on, Roasty. They need us
at the Whipped Cream Factory.
But I'm not done helping.
Hey, get me!
Blink blonk beep beep.
See, I can do everything
your amazing Roasty can do,
and I can grow a moustache!
[engine revs]
Looks like our friend Harl Hubbs
is off on an adventure.
[Harl] Huh, I guess I'm gonna
need to add something
to push the doggie door
open with enough force.
[truck honking]
And so our heroes arrive
at Little Hubert's
Whipped Cream Factory,
located in between Big Hubert's
Whipped Cream Factory
and Medium-Sized Hubert's
Whipped Cream Factory.
Is everyone out of the building?
I think so, Chief.
There's a small recording studio
and a defected Twirly Hat
storage unit in the back,
but the fire's preventing us
from reaching that area.
I'm Little Hubert.
Please save my factory.
Everyone knows only a Hubert
of my particular size
can make the ideal
dessert topping.
He's right. There's no point
in living in a world
with only Large or Medium
Hubert's whipped cream.
That's not even living.
Until we can assess
the structural integrity
of the building,
it's too dangerous
to send anyone in.
Okay, I'm gonna need Roasty.
On it, Chief.
Roasty, go in,
scan for structural weakness,
and map the hot spots.
I'll monitor you from out here.
[Narrator] Uh-oh.
It looks like Harl's story
might end a little sooner
than expected.
Gruesomely, even.
Parents, you might want to
remove the little ones
from the room
if things go sideways.
[Harl] Finally, in winter,
you're gonna need
better traction
if you need
to break through ice.
How's it going in there, Roasty?
Good. Be careful.
The roof looks weak
in quadrants three and four.
[Feldman] Copy that.
Don't stay too long.
The thermal readings
are rising rapi
All done!
Wow, that was tough work.
-I'm really sweating.
What are you doing in there?
Oh, hi, Feldman. Good news.
Roasty can use
the doggie door now.
Harl, it's not safe in there.
Whoa. You're right!
How can I help?
By getting out of there!
-[static crackling]
Harl? Roasty?
I've lost the signal.
Huh. Well, getting out of here
does sound like
a helpful thing to do.
[Narrator] Looks like old Harl
just can't stop helping.
[steam whistling]
[Harl] Whoa!
[Narrator sniffs]
Do you smell that?
Smells like whipped cream.
Hmm. Just like Ma used to make
back on the farm.
Uh-oh. Roasty,
that whipped cream pipe
went through the wall.
We should probably
fix that, huh?
-[Narrator] Oh, hey,
I never noticed that hole
in the wall before.
-This pipe won't budge.
-[Narrator] Whoo!
-[Narrator] Sweet Maria!
Whipped cream is pouring
into my recording booth!
I can't open the door!
The sweet, sticky,
oh-so-delicious cream
has sealed the door and my doom.
I think hear someone in there.
We have to help him.
[Narrator] Whipped cream
is filling the recording booth.
It's up to my waist!
I can't believe
my horoscope was right
Roasty, you're gonna have
to knock down the wall.
-My doggie door modifications.
You've got the traction and
force of a battering ram now.
-Way to go, Roasty!
[Narrator] Well, it looks like
Harl Hubbs has helped all of you
hear the rest of his story
by helping
It's The Whipped Cream Beast
of Kathmandu.
No, wait, that's not a thing.
Hi, I'm Narrator.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Mr Narrator.
Please. Call me "Narrator".
Will do. This is Roasty.
-[Narrator] Yes, I know.
I know everything.
It's horrible.
I often wish for the forever
sleep to stop the knowing.
But, hey, then who would
provide lazy exposition
for bad writers?
[both laugh]
You're gonna hit me
with a brick?
Writers can be so petty.
Thank you! Thank you very much!
I'm little Hubert.
[Feldman] Thank goodness
you're all okay.
And it looks like we've got
the fire under control.
Great work, Roasty.
-You saved the day again.
Yes, Roasty, I agree.
Harl Hubbs was
a big help today, too.
I know.
I installed a doggie door.
I think you did
a little more than that.
-I did?
You made a new friend, me.
And now that we've gone
all meta with a narrator
befriending the subject
of his narration,
we should end this thing
with a ridiculous
friendship montage with
cute callbacks and cheesy music,
blah blah blah.
That would be helpful.
Let's start montage-ing.
Bye, Harl! Bye, Narrator!
If you get a chance,
resolve my story arc.
[Narrator] And so ends our day
with Harl Hubbs.
Wouldn't it be great
if we were all like Harl,
helping every chance we get?
-So, as we go about our lives,
let's try to think,
-what would Harl Hubbs do?
[tranquil music]
[dolphins trilling]
Someday, I hope I'll do
something really helpful
for this city
maybe even the whole world.
[Narrator] I bet you will,
Harl Hubbs.
I bet you will.
Now, uh, can I get a towel,
or something?
I mean, I smell funky.
[closing theme music]
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