Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Doorman of the City

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tires screech]
[handcuffs creak]
There is an ancient tale,
passed down from generation
to generation,
about the real hero
of our first human civilization.
[cavemen clamouring]
-[narrator] The legend says
man invents door.
[all scream]
Man gets trapped inside.
[all] Oh.
Man invents opening the door.
[all grunting]
Man is set free.
[light music]
Good morning, Tippy.
Huh. Thank you.
As always, it is my pleasure
to do the most important job
since the beginning
of civilization.
Hi, Tippy. I got two packages
for Mrs Embarrass.
Her new potty seat
and her extra strength can
of Smelly Feet Be Gone.
I can sign for those.
Thank you, but the Hudson Briar
medium black 12-point
is the only pen
for delivery signatures.
Whatever you say, Tippy.
Yes, if only that
were so, Wayne.
Good morning, Mrs Snoot.
Did you enjoy
your gala ball last night?
Ha. A complete waste of time.
Now, I must return my jewellery
to the bank vault.
Come, Wallop.
[Tippy] Not to worry, Mrs Snoot.
Your jewels are under
my vigilant protection
for the next 45 seconds.
[whistle blowing]
Cortez, Please.
That's a woman with
shopping bags and a small dog.
We do not open her door
using a left-handed
McKinley wide swing.
Every doorman knows only
an inward, right step Bromberg
with optional Italian
hand flourish is appropriate.
Of course!
Thank you, Tippy.
My pleasure. A doorman's duty
is about the tiny details.
Losing sight of them is like
the whole world slamming
a door in your face.
-[siren wails]
-[car engine revs]
Hello, Lieutenant DeTain.
Any luck catching those terrible
Ice Cream Truck Bandits?
Not yet, but we will.
Crooks using an ice cream truck
to rob banks shame on them.
The kids are watching.
Those crooks will learn
crime doesn't pay.
[Duke] Unless you
never get caught.
Have a good one.
Big day tomorrow.
Right. Tomorrow
[light music playing]
Well, the good news is
it's not tomorrow yet
-It's tomorrow
Good morning.
I'm Gabby Tocamera,
and with me, as always,
is Craig Woodman,
and, wow, is everyone excited.
It's the day we
look forward to all year.
Hands Off Day!
A whole day where the whole city
doesn't use our hands
for anything.
Hands Off Day was established
to honour the historical,
selfless heroics
of Horatio Humphrey Hubbs.
[Gabby] The year was 1715.
Our city was captured
by ruthless pirates
led by the fearsome
Captain Nosepatch.
A humble carpenter's apprentice
named Horatio Hubbs
managed a daring escape,
and with his hands
still tied behind his back,
fought off the pirates
and freed his fellow citizens,
Well, no-handedly.
Hubbs was hailed a hero,
and legend says
he kept his hands tied behind
his back for two more years,
as a reminder of what
one can accomplish
with just hope and courage.
And because no one
thought to untie him.
[man] You're watching
the Door Channel.
Hands Off Day.
-William Bleary, here.
Tippy, do you know
what time it is?
Time for you, as President
of the National
Doorman Association,
to stop this affront
to the doormen of my city.
Every year, we go through this.
If the doormen choose
to participate,
I can't stop it.
My hands are tied.
You think this is funny?
Well, only in every possible way
on every possible level,
but look, Hands Off Day
honours one man's heroic act
to save your city.
Why not try holding onto the
positive values it celebrates?
With what? My feet?
I'm going back to bed.
[ominous music]
[playing discordant notes]
[nurse] Doctor, are you sure
Hands Off Day is the best time
to do brain surgery?
It's Hands Off Day?
How can any
self-respecting doorman
do his job under such absurd
If my fellow doormen
won't take their duty seriously,
then I, Tippy Dorman,
like Horatio Hubbs,
must be the lone hero
wrestling back control
with both hands.
[Tippy] Today, I shall become
Doorman of the City.
Have no fear.
Today, I, Tippy Dorman,
am taking
the doormanning
of the entire city
in my highly experienced
actual hands.
Tippy, you're using your hands.
Indeed I am.
Here you go,
an inward, right step Bromberg
with optional
Italian hand flourish,
for which I opted.
Fancy schmancy.
-[siren wailing]
-Hello, Chief Wheeler,
how can I,
Doorman of the City, assist you?
Dude, you're using
your hands on Hands Off Day.
You know the rules.
I gotta give you a Fun Ticket
for Party Pooper Hands Usage.
Attention all units.
The Ice Cream Truck Bandits
have been spotted
on Lexington Avenue!
Dude, I gotta bail.
-[siren wailing]
A Fun Ticket?
Am I the only sane person
in this entire city?
It's time to show everyone
the true meaning
of duty and honour.
Let the doormanning begin!
[upbeat music]
Thank you.
Wow, one's hands
really get a workout
when you're the only person
using them, but I'm doing it.
I'm actually
the entire city's doorman.
I don't understand why everyone
isn't more grateful
someone is taking
their duties seriously.
[siren wails]
That's it!
I should forget these
small, meaningless tasks,
and focus on one really large,
meaningless task.
Chief, we finally have a chance
to catch the
Ice Cream Truck Bandits.
Shouldn't we just use our hands?
Dude, Horatio Hubbs
fought off a crew
of gnarly pirates with no hands.
Get into the spirit of it.
Besides, this bank has
the most secure
vault door in the city.
They'll never open it
before we have them in cuffs,
although I'm not clear where
we're supposed to cuff them.
I love Hands Off Day.
This is our biggest
and most fun heist yet.
Eh, I'd rather have
a holiday called
"Take Anything You Want
Without Repercussions" Day.
[officer] To the right, dude.
A little more.
Come on.
Up. Down.
There! Oh, so close.
That's not helping.
[Tippy] This is a job
for a doorman.
Wait, Tippy,
you can't go in there.
Oh, Lieutenant DeTain,
with courage, honour, and hands,
you can do anything.
Wow, even with hands,
no one could get this door open.
Is that a challenge?
Hey, the police got in.
They must have used their hands.
I am not the police, gentlemen.
I am something
far more formidable.
I am the Doorman of the City!
And that is
the Securi-Vault 500.
One of the finest doors
ever made.
I will now show the whole city
that there's nothing
a trained and motivated doorman
can't accomplish.
[suspenseful music]
See? The world should revere us.
When life is locked,
doormen are the key.
What is Tippy doing?
At this rate, that dude's
gonna wind up in Fun Jail.
Well, we have
the place surrounded.
There's no way
they'll ever escape.
[criminal] Attention kids.
Free ice cream.
Bring sacks and wagons.
Grab as much as you'd like.
But remember, no hands.
[kids giggling]
It worked!
There are kids everywhere.
Now we just walk out,
blend in with the kids,
and escape.
Mrs Snoot's jewellery case.
What have I done?
I was so determined to force
the world to revere doormen,
I didn't notice
it slam a door in my face.
What are you talking about?
Oh, right, I'm terribly sorry.
You have absolutely
no context for that
to have any meaning
to you at all.
Oh. I almost forgot
when life is wide open,
doormen are the dead bolt.
[tense music]
Arms exhausted.
Can't lift hands
[sighs, grunts]
[alarm wailing]
Rad. He caught them no-handed.
Long live No Hands Day.
[Wheeler] No Hands Day!
[crowd chanting]
No Hands Day! No Hands Day!
No Hands Day! No Hands Day!
-[bell tolls]
-[Tippy sighs]
All I wanted was a little
respect for my noble profession,
but who am I kidding?
I'm just a doorman
who can't open his own door.
-[Cortez] I respect you, Tippy.
I respect that you put your duty
as a doorman above having fun.
You truly were
Doorman of the City,
whether we wanted you
to be or not, eh?
Now that Hands Off Day
is officially over,
please, allow me
to give you a hand
Thank you, Cortez.
But you don't open
a door after 10 p.m.
for a fellow doorman using
an inward, right-step Bromberg.
Everyone knows
a backhand side-step Marlowe
is the only option.
[closing theme music]
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