Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Poppy Starr

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tires screech]
[handcuffs creak]
Good morning.
I'm Gabby Tocamera
and with me, as always,
is Craig Woodman,
for some reason.
Here's today's top story.
[Gabby] She sings. She dances.
She's Poppy Starr,
the biggest pop singer
the world has ever known.
Yes, there seems to be no end
to Poppymania.
-You can buy Poppy backpacks,
Poppy makeup, Poppy catapults,
and this Poppy doll.
[doll] I love you for buying me.
[Gabby] Poppy's finishing
a year-long world tour
with a final performance
right here in our city.
Let's go live
to City International Airport,
where Poppy's private jet
just landed.
-[indistinct cheering]
Thank you, Gabby.
We're moments away
from Poppy Starr
stepping out of her private jet.
[machine whirring]
Uh, Chief Wheeler, do you have
anything to say
to kill time
while we wait for Poppy?
Sup, Gabster.
Her music appeals to everyone.
Even the fickle but lucrative
Skater Dude Police Chief
Whoa! There she is.
-[people cheering]
-Hi, this city.
It's me, Poppy Starr!
And I am personally waving
to each and every one of you!
Ms Starr, Can you tell us why
you chose to end your tour
in our city?
I totally can.
So I can visit him.
What? Ugh.
Poppy has just pointed
at Sergeant Sam Grizzled
of Sky Police,
who is still only days away
from retiring.
-[Poppy] Grandpa!
-Oh, uh, hello, Poppy.
-It's, uh, nice to see you.
-Hello, Sergeant.
I'm Poppy's manager,
Colonel Epstein.
Oh, excuse me, Colonel, sir.
Ah, no. "Colonel"
is my name, not my rank.
I'm actually
a brigadier general.
Let's go, Poppykins.
The limo's waiting
to take us some place
trendy and fabulous.
And you're coming with, Grandpa.
[Poppy] Grandpa, have you heard
my new song?
[Grizzled] The Loud Song. Yeah.
It's both loud and song-like.
OMG. That song is,
like, a zillion years old.
My new song is called
"If You Don't Say
'I Love You' Right Now,
I Am Going to Break Up
with You So Fast
And Write A Song About It."
Sorry, no.
I don't have much time
for things like music,
puppetry, or folk dancing.
I'm busy doing important
and meaningful work,
stopping crime
and saving lives in the sky.
Oh. Don't you think music is
important and meaningful work?
Uh, Poppy, dear.
I never said it wasn't.
I strongly implied it.
[dispatcher] Sergeant Grizzled,
something important
and meaningful has come up.
There's a 10-17 in progress
near you.
Copy that.
Gotta go to work, hon.
I'll see you later.
[Poppy] I wish
I could do something
important and meaningful
to impress Grandpa,
instead of just singing songs
that bring joy and happiness
to millions everywhere.
-I've got an idea.
-I totally love ideas!
That thing, you know,
where you do a lot of work
for no money,
but I still take 45 per cent?
-Charity! That's it.
We'll find you an important
cause to support.
Let's see.
Save The Sewer Dolphins?
Borders Without Countries?
Door Awareness Society?
Find A Cure For Cooties?
Hm. Those are awesome causes.
But I want something
important to Grandpa.
Stop the limo,
[tires screech]
[engine hums]
Save the Magic Mansion Club!
Don't let the Man wreck
our groovy, far-out building!
I like to march back
and forth on sidewalks.
Excuse me, local magicians.
Like, what's going on?
They're going to tear down
our magic club, man,
and put up a parking lot.
This building should be a
protected historical landmark.
[magician] It was built
in the 1800s
by the historical
landmark society.
Then became a gangster club
and hideout that was busted
by Sergeant Sam Grizzled's
Then it became
the Magic Mansion,
where 16-year-old
aspiring magician Sam Grizzled
caught a rabbit
who was pickpocketing,
and decided
to become a policeman
instead of a magician.
All in this very building!
Sam Grizzled
is totally my grandpa.
-What an unlikely coincidence.
-[keypad chimes]
This is Sergeant Grizzled.
I'm off doing something
important and meaningful.
Leave a message.
Hi, Grandpa. It's me, Poppy.
Come to the Magic Mansion
tonight at seven.
I've got a big surprise for you.
I am gonna so write, like,
an important and meaningful song
about this place,
and perform it here tonight,
and broadcast it live,
and save this building!
Then Grandpa
will be proud of me.
And we'll all
live happily ever after.
With no complications!
[tense music]
Okay, Tippy, you may be
an embarrassment as a stepson,
but at least,
as a silly doorman,
you have an ear to the ground.
What do you know
about that old building?
Well, sir, this morning,
-a little bird told me
-Birds can't talk.
-It's merely an expression
-Parrots can talk.
Oh, yeah, Hacksaw's right.
Parrots can talk.
Parrots don't actually talk.
They imitate sounds people make.
Birds in cartoons talk.
This is not a cartoon!
Can you please let
my stepson continue?
[all] Sorry.
A non-bird, real human person
told me a legend
that a long time ago
in that very building,
your great-grandfather,
Bugsy Fendrich,
stole the infamous,
Hopeless Diamond
and hid it
inside a secret vault.
Ha! The Hopeless Diamond
is mine forever.
[door creaks]
[chuckles, grunts]
-[door creaks]
[Bugsy shouts indistinctly]
The Hopeless Diamond.
That's what happened to it.
Well done, Tippy.
Maybe you're not as useless
as I thought.
Doormen live to serve.
Okay. Now, men, tonight I want
Uh, I'm a woman.
Sorry, Big Betty.
It's hard to tell
with the identical masks,
hats, and stripped shirts.
I know. Why do you make us wear
these outfits anyway?
We might as well hang a sign
around our neck that says,
"Hey, everybody. I'm a crook."
It's a classic look!
That's the trouble
with your generation.
No sense of tradition.
Now, I want you three to break
into that building tonight,
find that secret vault,
and get me the Hopeless Diamond.
[Jenga blocks clatter]
And we'll all
live happily ever after.
With no complications.
[door rattles]
[crowd cheering]
I don't see Grandpa Grizzled.
He's gotta come.
He's just gotta.
It's time to start, Poppins.
Hey, everybody. Yeah.
I'd like to sing an important
and meaningful song
about this building,
dedicated to my grandpa,
Sam Grizzled, who isn't here.
Because he's doing something
more important and meaningful.
What would it be like
Without magic? ♪
It would be tragic
If the magic disappeared ♪
There'll be no magic
In the moonlight ♪
[door creaking]
[doll] I love you for buying me.
I thought Poppy could sign this
before we escape
with the Hopeless Diamond.
My niece is a huge fan.
You don't really grasp the whole
crook concept, do you?
-[doll squeaks]
-[door creaking]
There'll be no magic
In the moonlight ♪
When we walk hand in hand
Like we do ♪
And when we wish upon a star ♪
We wouldn't believe
It would come true ♪
So hey, hey, hey ♪
Don't let the magic go away ♪
Hey, hey, let's make it stay ♪
I say hey, hey, hey ♪
[all gasp]
Uh, pay no attention
to the three crooks
stealing the Hopeless Diamond.
[engine revs]
[tires screech]
I got the perp with the diamond.
-[engine revs]
-[siren blaring]
Hi, Poppy. Huge fan.
I've gotta escape capture,
but could you sign
this doll for my niece?
Totally. Anything for a fan!
[doll squeaks]
-[engine revs]
-[tires screech]
Hold on, Poppy.
Grandpa's coming!
I am so hacksawing this into
pieces and selling them online.
But first, I'll just blend
into the crowd and disappear.
[Wheeler] Yo, stop!
Dude in the mask
and striped shirt,
dressed like a crook.
[tense music]
Make it out to my niece, Betty.
With two T's and no M's.
[tires screech]
[Grizzled] Pull over, you.
[doll] I love you for buying me.
[jet engine whooshes]
Gosh, darn, ding, dang, dong!
You're under arrest.
You're under arrest.
You are so busted.
-[siren wailing]
-[engine starts]
[tires screech]
Well, Poppy, your music led
to the capture of three crooks
and the return
of the Hopeless Diamond.
[Grizzled] You did something
important and meaningful.
Thanks, Grandpa.
But my music also destroyed
your favourite building.
That old thing?
It doesn't matter.
You, Poppy,
are the most important
and meaningful thing to me.
Aw, Grandpa.
[magicians] Hey!
You ruined our magic club.
Yeah, you made it vanish,
but not in
a mind-blowing way, man.
I wish I wore a shirt.
Sorry, guys. But I can buy you
a bigger and better
magic club building.
One that doesn't smell
like old top hats,
stinky rabbits,
and broken dreams.
-Whoo-hoo! Ha, you rock, man!
This is Gabby Tocamera,
pleased to report
we all lived happily ever after,
with no complications.
[siren wailing]
So hey, hey, hey ♪
Don't let the magic go away ♪
Hey, hey, let's make it stay ♪
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