Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

The Spooky One

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
I got it! Ha!
Try and catch this one, Billy.
Hit me with your best shot.
But not literally this time.
-[frisbee whirring]
-[Billy] Oh, no.
-[motorcycle engine rumbles]
-[jet engine whooshes]
[frisbee crashes]
[Billy] Oh, no.
The old McKennsey place.
[wind howls]
[thunder rumbles]
Yeah, the McKennsey's
new place is much nicer.
Well, you threw it too far,
Madison, so you gotta get it.
Let's refer to Hoyle's Guide
to Throwing and Catching Stuff.
Third Edition.
"When a thrown object flies
into a creepy, spooky,
possibly haunted house,
the thrower and throw-ee
are both required
to retrieve it."
Oh, Hoyle, is there nothing
you don't know
about throwing
and catching stuff?
[thunder crashes]
[Billy] I I
I'm not going in there.
It looks like someplace
a scary monster would live.
[Billy] They're notoriously bad
at landscaping.
Oh, come on.
There's no such thing
as monsters.
What about our teacher,
Mrs Crank?
[Mrs Crank in scratchy voice]
End of chapter seven.
[children in unison]
Chapter 8! Chapter 8! Chapter 8!
My. Glad to see you're
so interested in literature.
[children sigh]
Mrs Crank is monster-esque,
but she's human.
-Esque. Come on, we're going in.
-[truck honks]
[Shirley] Don't go in there!
[Madison] Look. It's Shirley,
the grumpy, singing trash lady.
And she makes a valid point.
There's evil inside that house.
Be more specific.
That's where
the Trash Monster lives.
[thunder crashes]
Are you gonna sing
a show-stopping number
-about the Trash Monster?
It's street cleaning tomorrow.
I'm saving my voice.
I'm just gonna tell you.
[clears throat]
One dark night,
a long time ago
[suspenseful music]
I hope this
radioactive laser beam
doesn't accidentally go off
before I get
to the mad scientist lab
where they're
doing illegal experiments
on innocent, young
Aw, man.
[tyres screech]
[all screaming]
[Shirley] The Trash Monster
terrorised the city.
-[all screaming]
-[stomach burbling]
Gross! Why'd you do that?
Because that's what.
Trash Monsters do, kid.
An angry mob finally cornered
the Trash Monster at this house.
Destroy him.
Then let's get outta here
so we don't
have to clean up afterwards.
Wait. Stop.
The Trash Monster
has a right to live.
Who are we to judge
his lifestyle choices?
-[flesh squelches]
[monster chomps]
[monster's stomach rumbles]
Judge his lifestyle choices!
-[woman 1] Get back here!
-[man 1] Come back now!
Oh, we've got you!
Yes, we have you!
Whoa! Hold it.
We have to return
these torches and pitchforks
to the rental place
in 10 minutes.
I told you to rent them
for the whole night!
Why doesn't anyone listen to me?
Sorry, um, were you
saying something?
[door shuts]
And ever since that day,
the Trash Monster waits inside.
[siren wails]
[tyres screech]
I'll tell you what's garbage,
that story.
Look. It's Officer Duke DeTain,
doing his trademark
shoulder roll.
Hello, little children.
Shirley, please,
the kids are watching.
Don't fill their young minds
with make-believe terror.
There's no Trash Monster.
Oh, yeah? Then explain this!
You got that
at last year's Monster-Con.
That doesn't mean
that there isn't
a real Trash Monster in there.
No. There's something worse.
Once, there was a policeman
who got bit by a vampire bat
and was transformed into
the horrifying Vampire Cop,
who only came out at night.
[casket creaks]
[body whooshes]
[cuffs rattle]
Pbbt. Ugh.
[engine purring]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[engine powers off]
[footsteps clomp]
[man 2] Huh?
[footsteps intensify]
License. Registration.
Blood type.
I I forgot.
A? B? no C? Is there an L?
Okay, we got an emergency call
from Big, Juicy Neck Duane's
Who wants this one?
I would be happy
to take this one.
[Duke] Although the Vampire Cop
was compelled
to honour his duty
as a police officer,
he was also compelled
to be a terrifying,
bloodsucking fiend,
so, you know, it evened out.
[alarm ringing]
[alarm blaring]
[angry people clamouring]
[Duke] Finally, an angry mob
chased him into this very house.
And don't come out!
You are, however,
free to attack anyone
silly enough to go inside.
Good work, guys.
You know, it's a shame
we only mob together
when we're angry.
Where he remains to this day.
So no one goes in that house.
Not even me.
In fact, especially me.
And not just because this story
totally, coincidentally,
reveals my own personal
hidden fears.
So did my story, but no,
"There's no such thing
as a Trash Monster."
That's silly.
There's no such thing
as Trash Monsters or vampires.
Come on, Billy.
Let's go get that flying disc.
I don't know.
I actually found parts
of both
of those stories compelling.
Don't go near that house!
[Madison] Hey,
it's Fire Chief Freya McCloud
and her colourful cohorts,
Bob and Clem
No time. Let me tell you
the real story about this house.
Bob. Clemmons.
I need a mid-century recliner,
an ottoman, a Persian rug,
and an antique reading lamp.
[objects clattering]
A long time ago,
a firefighter named Ellen
was at a fire
at this very house.
Anyone left in the house, ma'am?
Yes. My husband, Larry.
Please save him.
He's such a good, sweet man
and a wonderful provider
and role model for our son.
Oh, yeah. And careful.
He's a werewolf.
Oh, shoot.
I don't think she heard me.
You really gotta learn to lead
with that werewolf thing, mom.
[wolf howls]
[Ellen] Ow. You bit me! Bad dog!
Bye, Dad.
[woman 2]
Get back in there, werewolf.
One horrible werewolf
in this city is enough.
I've got a silver-tipped cane,
and I'm not afraid to use it!
Just ask Larry.
That sweet, wonderful man.
-Aw, did we miss the monster?
You had to stop for pizza.
And the She-Wolf
is still in there.
Aw, you're just trying
to scare us.
I don't believe
any of these stories.
We're going in.
Donate my Twirly Hat to science.
[thunder rumbles]
Remember when we were little
and too afraid to go
in that house?
Yep. The grown-ups told us
there were monsters inside too.
Kids today don't seem
to scare as easily.
You know why?
They're desensitised.
They're always
in front of a screen,
playing games,
watching videos or cartoons.
Not that there's anything wrong
with cartoons. No.
Yeah, a cartoon
every once in a while is fine.
Please don't turn us off.
[door creaks]
[wind moaning]
[door creaks shut]
[floorboards creaking]
-[thunder crashes]
-[both scream]
It's The Trash Vampire
She-Wolf Monster!
All of the grown-ups were right!
And also wrong!
[pants, gasps]
Why did you trip
and fall on purpose?
Somebody always does.
I thought I had to.
Isn't it, like, a thing?
[both panting]
We learned our lesson.
Fear irrational things,
never take chances,
and always give up.
[Billy] If you need me,
I'll be hiding in my room
for the rest of my life!
What the I made my story up.
-So did I.
Should we go inside
and check it out?
[owl hoots]
Uh, I think someone
maybe doing something illegal
somewhere. Gotta go.
And I'm sure they're making
a huge mess while doing it.
-I'm right behind you.
-Yeah, and I have to, um, uh
No time.
[siren blaring]
[tyres screeching]
[thrilling music]
[thunder rumbles]
[calm music]
[closing theme music]
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