Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Small Carol

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[Carol] Okay, Mayor Fleck,
we've finished everything
on your agenda today.
Are you sure, Carol?
There's two minutes left
in the work day.
Seems a shame to waste it.
Pretty sure. Let's see
We helped Miss Blumfeld
with her cat problem.
She's got a big heart,
but she just can't take home
all the stray kittens she finds.
Strange it took her a full year
to notice
they were actually leopards.
Well, she didn't know
they were growing so large.
She thought she was shrinking.
Typical Miss Blumfeld.
The Mountain Rangers
have been notified.
They'll bring them back
to the wild tomorrow morning.
All right. What's next?
We confiscated
Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis' cans
of extremely flammable liquid
disguised as leopard food.
Right, we should probably
label those properly
to avoid confusion.
Next, we finally ended
the 13-year acrobat strike.
They weren't very flexible
when it comes to bargaining.
And the last thing on the list,
we granted the use
of our banquet hall
to the Society For People
Who Believe
They're Old-Timey Pirates
No Matter How Many
Historians Argue Them.
Nice folks.
Yes, No-Beard and Peg Neck Wanda
pillaged our hearts.
-And that's everything.
Mr Mayor.
Um, hello, uh Small Carol.
I love coming here.
Look, I'm Mayor Madison.
I'm making a new law
that every day
is free ice cream day.
Wait, what?
Who proposed that bill?
Ice cream trucks would be
out of business in a month.
She's just playing make-believe.
You know, using her imagination.
-[clock ticking]
-[Carol sighs]
She's pretending
a free ice cream bill
exists on your desk,
when, in reality, it doesn't.
[approaching footsteps]
Okay, Maddy and I are going out
to dinner now, Mayor Fleck.
Oh, Mummy, please,
I wanna stay with Mr Mayor.
You, my dear, have to eat.
And so do I.
Come on, let's go.
[phone rings]
First Deputy Mayor Carol Yea.
Oh, fantastic.
I'll speak with the Mayor
and get back to you morning.
Okay, thank you. Goodbye.
The Space Agency decided
Sinclair's old warehouse
is the right location to build
their new
mission control centre.
They want our city to host
the first
manned mission to Mars.
That means an 11.4 per cent
increase in jobs and tourism
and almost a 100 per cent
increase in rocket launches.
But what about the polls?
A lot of people are worried
a space program
in our city will be disruptive.
Give them free ice cream.
I'm not signing that bill.
We just have to get
everyone feeling
personally invested
in this mission.
Okay, you both get your wishes.
We will continue to work
and figure out
how to get this city
behind the Mars mission.
And you get to hang out here
-while you do homework.
Can I please use
your special mayor pen?
My mayor pen? Are you
Is Small Carol
playing make-believe again?
[Carol] Meanwhile, I'm gonna
run down the street
and get us some dinner.
Uh, Carol, wait,
you're leaving Small Carol here?
I've never minded anyone's
Small Carols before.
I'll be right back.
Keep an eye on the mayor for me.
[quirky music]
[clears throat]
Uh, what would someone
in my position normally do here?
They would a hundred million
per cent give me
the special mayor pen
to do my homework.
That's an awfully
high percentage.
It happens a lot.
Well, okay.
I guess I can use my backup
special mayor pen this one time.
Thank you, Mr Mayor.
I love you.
Uh, yes, work is good.
Special mayor pen ♪
Special mayor pen! ♪
Special mayor pen ♪
Special mayor pen! ♪
But where is my backup
special mayor pen?
You have a lot of pens.
They're all special mayor pens.
Well, then why don't you use
one of these pens?
You're silly.
[can thuds in distance]
[leopard snarls]
Hmm. That's odd.
[alarm ringing]
[all screaming]
What's going on, Chief McCloud?
Apparently, a large group
of stray leopards found
cans of food inside,
which, for some reason,
were filled
with extremely flammable liquid
that got spread
all over City Hall.
[growls, sniffs]
-[alarm ringing]
My daughter and Mayor Fleck
are in his office
on the top floor.
Don't worry, Carol,
this isn't my first fire
and wild cat-related emergency.
We'll save them.
What's going on, Mr Mayor?
Well, Small Carol, apparently,
a good day's work has gone bad.
And who are those guys?
[man grunting, wailing]
What's going on, Bob?
Apparently, the fire's herded
the leopards
towards the group of
If you can believe this,
non-protesting acrobats
who ran for cover
inside the banquet room,
which was filled
with celebrating pirates
who mistook the acrobats for
the Royal Navy attacking them.
Argh, you mangy scoundrel.
[pirate] Argh, I'll get
your solid gold pendant.
[acrobats grunting]
Okay, this is a first for me.
Chief, it's utter chaos.
What are we gonna do?
The first thing is to gain
control the situation.
The leopards are keeping us
from entering.
And we can't blast hoses
at the fire
because there are
civilians and animals
running around everywhere.
We need everybody
and everything working together
in sync.
Call the station.
You know who's on call tonight.
[both gasp]
The Funky 46.
-Fire station.
-[Clemmons screams]
Sure, whatever, Clemmons.
[funky music]
[all whooping]
We're on the way
We're on the way ♪
-We're phone away ♪
-Yeah, yeah ♪
We're on the way
We're on the way ♪
-We're phone away ♪
-Yeah, yeah ♪
On the way, yeah, yeah ♪
We're on the way, yeah, yeah ♪
-[engine starts]
-[siren blaring]
[leopards growling]
[acrobats grunting]
What are we gonna do, Mr Mayor?
Let's try to do more work.
A good hard day's work
never hurt anyone.
We already tried that
three times.
It didn't help at all.
Oh, monkey bars.
Now, Small Carol,
I know this is scary,
but there's no need
for that language.
No, no, no,
like on a playground.
We can climb over
to that window. Watch.
Got it.
Thanks, Mr Mayor. Come on.
Now it's your turn.
[corn pops]
I don't think I could do that.
Silly. You're the mayor.
You can do anything
you want to do.
You're right.
The only thing stopping me
is me.
You did it!
I did.
I monkey barred.
Look. They're on
the window ledge. Madison!
Hi, Mummy.
Carol, I dislocated
both my shoulders.
-[sirens blaring]
-It's the Funky 46.
We got everything you need ♪
We're on the way
We're on the way ♪
We're on the way, yeah, yeah ♪
We're on the way
We're on the way ♪
We're on the way, yeah, yeah ♪
On the way, yeah, yeah ♪
We're on the way, yeah, yeah ♪
We got you covered ♪
On the way, yeah, yeah ♪
We're on the way ♪
It's working.
Everyone's falling
into the groove.
Here we come
Hold on, baby, baby ♪
We're getting up to speed ♪
Hold on, baby, baby ♪
We got everything you need ♪
Push a button
And we pick up ♪
We'll get these cats
back home safe
in the wild where they belong.
Hope you learned your lesson
about taking in strays,
Miss Blumfeld.
I certainly have,
Miss Blumfeld. Thank you.
Come along home, Fluffy.
Oh, listen to you purr.
How precious. Mwah!
Got a truck
Full of stuff waiting ♪
Shiver me timbers.
[acrobat laughs]
We're on the way
We're on the way ♪
-We're on the way ♪
-Yeah, yeah ♪
We're on the way
We're on the way ♪
-We're on the way ♪
-Yeah, yeah ♪
[all] On the way, yeah, yeah ♪
We're on the way, yeah, yeah ♪
Maddy. I'm so glad you're okay.
Of course. I was with Mr Mayor.
Actually, it was you
who saved us, Mayor Madison.
Now, let's get back to work.
Are you serious?
I almost lost my daughter.
I know how important
work is to you, but my family
is the most
important thing to me.
When you worry
about someone you love,
your whole heart and mind
is with them.
I know you understand, Mr Mayor,
you worry about
this entire city,
which is like one big family.
We should all go home now,
thankful everyone is safe.
[all cheering]
Wait, that's it.
That's how we get the city
behind the Mars mission.
What? Have everyone yell at me?
No. We allow a citizen
to go up to Mars
and represent our city,
our family.
That's brilliant, Big Madison.
Yay. Let's get ice cream.
-Now that, I'll sign off on.
But first, we'll need a proposal
to present the city council,
which will require a Fiscal Note
for the City Budget Office
to review.
There's a lot of paperwork
[closing theme music]
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