Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Last Man Floating

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[Doug] Welcome to a live,
special, totally confusing
episode of World Economy Forum,
where we're holding
a totally intense contest
to decide which
of our city's brave citizens
will join the first
manned Mars exploration mission.
I'm extreme sports intense
spokesperson, Dynamo Doug,
here with on-air news
personality, Gabby Tocamera.
Thank you for at least
including the word "news,"
since that's what we're
witnessing today, serious news.
First, let's go to Craig Woodman
in the studio
with a round-up
of today's other headlines.
[Gabby] Craig? Craig?
Okay, who thought
this was a good idea?
Carol, great idea
sending one of our own to Mars.
Everyone supports our city
hosting the mission.
Thank you, Mr Mayor.
Although, Dr Wexler
still doesn't seem thrilled
having a civilian
on his mission.
I'm now psyched to introduce
the two extreme scientists
heading up
the Mars Exploration Mission.
Dr Floyd Wexler
and Gwen Ravenhurst.
Hiya. I'm Gwen,
and we are honoured
your great city is hosting
this extraordinary mission
to explore Mars
for early signs of life.
Yeah, which now includes
bringing along some plebeian
who wants to play spaceman,
while we work
to alter our understanding
of life in the universe.
Sounds intense.
We got thousands of applications
from regular dudes and dudettes
like you
and less-intense versions of me
and narrowed it down
to four candidates.
Today, we'll put them
through a series
of extreme
space-related challenges.
Our first candidate's failure
to pass every single qualifying
medical test for this mission
was counterbalanced
by the medical team's
unanimously overwhelming desire
to shoot him into space
as far away from them
as possible.
[Gabby] Sky Police Cadet
Allen Koenigsberg.
I'm allergic to dry ice.
Can I go home yet?
Next up, you know him
as the city's intense,
diligent doorman.
His hobbies include
manning doors
and correcting others
for improperly manning doors,
your Doorman of the City,
Tippy Dorman.
[crowd cheering]
Rest assured,
if am chosen for this mission,
all doors and hatches
will be properly operated
and maintained.
-[man 1] You're my favourite!
-[man 2] Whoo-hoo-hoo.
Our third candidate is a hero
known by everyone in the city,
especially the criminals,
who fear the very mention
-of his name.
Lieutenant Duke Detain.
Duke. Duke. Duke. Duke.
-[crowd] Duke. Duke.
What? Is there an emergency?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on.
That's only three contestants.
I thought there were four.
Three is one less intense.
Oh, okay, here we go.
Our fourth and final candidate
for this historic mission
to Mars is
Gabby Tocamera.
-Which is me.
I'm the ideal candidate.
I can report back from space
with a journalist's
keen eye for detail.
And this means I can stop
being a silly,
second banana co-host
for this contest.
Nope, sorry.
I always need a trite co-host
to make me seem
even more intense.
It's in my contract.
[Doug] And here they are,
your Mars Exploration Mission
[crowd cheering]
We're here in
the Mars Exploration Mission
Zero G training plane
for the first intense challenge,
which Dr Wexler will explain.
The chosen useless tagalong
will not only be representing
this silly city, but will be
an ambassador for Earth.
Bad etiquette
is strictly verboten.
A gourmet meal has been served
and each interloper
must display impeccable
cutting-edge table manners.
Today's yummy meal was prepared
by celebrity flambé chef,
Timothy Greasefire.
[aeroplane engine rumbles]
The contestants lose points
for breaking etiquette rules,
which is hard enough,
but in our space,
intense stuff can happen,
like, for instance,
sudden loss of gravity!
[all gasping]
I'm allergic to weightlessness.
[pencils scratching]
Allen has raised
a red emergency card.
He's stopping the challenge.
-But why?
Allen, speaking as a co-host
and a contestant.
Why did you quit?
And thank you for quitting.
I have a lot
of dietary restrictions.
For instance,
I can't eat any food
that a ballerina has looked at.
The worst is peas.
I gave the chef a list
of what I can and can't eat.
I didn't serve peas.
Did someone ask for more peas?
This seems unfair,
if not suspicious
Nah, I'm just being paranoid.
Focus, Duke, focus.
So Allen Koenigsberg
is eliminated
in the first round.
Gabby, how do you feel
you did today?
Well, Gabby, considering
I had no idea I was a candidate
until today,
and I'm still the co-host,
-I think I did pretty well.
-I agree.
Oh, you have a little food
on your face right here.
[Doug] Intense!
Welcome to the next
extreme challenge
inside Little Hubert's
Whipped Cream Factory,
an intense obstacle course.
[Gabby] The remaining
three candidates
must complete the course
in under two minutes
or be disqualified.
This super-fun obstacle course
tests your concentration
and coordination.
[Gwen] You ride the rocket sled
while completing a puzzle,
then jump in the centrifuge,
or the Spinner,
and draw a picture of you
doing a puzzle in a rocket sled.
Finally, you use magnetic boots
to walk upside down
across a middle track
while tearing up your drawing
into a puzzle,
which you gotta reassemble
at the finish line.
It is an exact simulation
of what would happen
if you somehow encountered
an identical
obstacle course in space.
Wow, don't need a telescope
to see that sarcasm.
But you would need a microscope
to see the point
of this contest.
Duke, you're up first.
Sure. It's a lot
like my morning workouts,
only this has fewer
puzzle-related activities.
[engine roars]
[Gabby] Despite the wild ride,
Duke completed the puzzle.
[Gabby] Here comes the Spinner.
And Duke is struggling
to capture that perfect
"I'm doing a puzzle
on a rocket sled" expression
for which he's so well-known.
[Doug] Intense!
[paper tearing]
Duke made it
with only seconds to spare.
Wow, it's a good thing
there's no art police,
or they would throw him
in drawing jail.
Up next is me.
Allow me to open that for you.
Can Gabby beat
Duke DeTain's time?
Let's extreme watch.
Miss Tocamera.
Are you okay?
Hey, that's my hairbrush,
giant, invisible lobster
Yeah, that means no
in concussion.
Call an ambulance.
Hang in there, Gabby,
help is on its way.
Well, that was intensely scary.
Gabby is out of the race
for the Mars Mission.
the obstacle course is broken,
so Tippy cannot compete
in this challenge.
That puts Duke DeTain
in the lead
as we go
into the final challenge.
Hey. But I might have
been able to beat Duke's time.
That would be as likely as us
needing a doorman in space.
Hmm. Soap.
That's not an ingredient
in Little Hubert's
Whipped Cream.
I hope.
Something doesn't feel right
Come on, Duke.
You're trying to represent
your city by going to Mars.
Focus. Focus!
[Doug] Intense!
[crowd cheering]
[Doug] Welcome to the final,
most intense challenge
in this competition.
We're here atop
the Fendrich-Sinclair Arch
with Duke DeTain
and Tippy Dorman,
the only candidates left
in the running
for the
Mars Exploration Mission.
Tippy lost the coin toss,
but complained enough
to be allowed to compete first
in the Gyro-Ball Plunge.
Dispatch, has there been
any strange criminal activity
[police] As a matter of fact,
yes, Lieutenant.
There was a robbery
at Mr Producé's vegetable stand.
Only some peas were stolen.
And last night
there was an unexplained
break in at
the Super Liquid Soap Emporium.
Oh, no.
[in slow motion]
How does this challenge work?
While the gyro-ball
is quickly lowered,
Tippy will have to complete
various tasks on the computer,
testing his mental acuity
during high G-force descents.
Yeah, this challenge almost,
kind of, sort of makes sense.
Shall we begin?
-[Tippy yelling]
[computer beeps]
[woman] Housekeeping.
Duke Detain
just saved Tippy Dorman.
That out-intensed all
previous intensenesses
Oh. Thank you, Duke.
I don't know what to say,
apart from you
really could have opened
the door by the handle.
Ripping it off the hinges
was overkill.
You're welcome, Tippy.
I know there are people
who aren't in favour
of the city
hosting the Mars Mission,
but I never imagined someone
would actually sabotage it.
Good work, Lieutenant DeTain.
Now, we must devise
another challenge to decide
between the two of you
who I will be forced
to take along to Mars.
No. I'm out, Dr Wexler.
I can't go to Mars.
The signs of foul play
were right there,
and I let this contest
distract me.
I should have trusted my gut.
I'm a police officer
and my place is here,
protecting my city.
The kids are watching.
[all cheering]
In that case,
it seems Tippy Dorman
is the last candidate standing.
He will be the citizen
to represent the city
on the Mars Exploration Mission.
-[crowd cheering]
[closing theme song]
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