Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Evil Layers

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[Hank] I can't believe
we actually robbed
the Ancient Civilization
The boss will be thrilled.
Fendrich told us to steal
the jade necklace, not this.
There wasn't supposed
to be guards
around the necklace.
I improvised.
[Betty] Hey, Tippy.
Congrats on being chosen
to go to Mars.
I'm honoured to have
you represent our city,
from which I am currently
in the process of robbing.
Thank you, Big Betty
and Hacksaw Hank.
Though my shift is ending,
my last doorman duty today
is to alert you
-to the approaching sirens.
-[siren blaring]
[brakes screeching]
[Betty gasps]
Oh, no. It's Duke.
Quick. Evasive manoeuvres.
[tyres screech]
[both grunting, panting]
[Hank] Did we lose him?
Okay, Betty, Hacksaw, pull over.
Lower your centre of gravity
and lift more from the knees.
You're gonna hurt
your lower backs
carrying a sarcophagus that way.
[both sigh]
-[DeTain grunts]
-[handcuffs click]
[siren blaring]
[rock music]
[engine starts]
[engine revs]
You're cuffing tightly
today, Duke.
You okay?
That's usually a sign
something's bothering you.
Yeah, we're here
if you wanna talk.
It's just
my cartoon lion cop-honed
instincts tell me
a master criminal's behind
the city's recent crime wave.
Stealing evidence,
sabotaging the Mars contest.
But there are no witnesses
or proof.
My gut says all
the crimes are related,
but no one believes me.
Speaking as an expert,
cool-nicknamed criminal,
there's no way one guy
could be behind all that.
Even with help, it's tough.
We got caught stealing that
because our intel
on the thing we were supposed to
steal was wrong.
You're not the first crooks
I heard that from.
Wait. What if
it's wrong on purpose?
What if he's
manipulating things,
-taking out his competition?
-[tires screech]
-His competition for what?
I need to find a motive
that connects everything.
Thanks, guys.
You're really good listeners.
Probably because we have
the right to remain silent.
[all laugh]
I'll give you ten bucks for it.
Ten dollars?
I paid almost 12 dollars
for that hat,
and I only wore it 48 times.
Although each time,
I was attacked by wild boars,
which I strongly believe
is a coincidence.
-Ten bucks.
-That hat means a lot to me.
It's an absolutely
one of a kind hat.
Yes, exactly.
Those are absolutely
the kind of hat it's one of.
-Ten and a nickel.
I can't do it!
-[boars grunting]
Aah! Boars!
Are you Shifty Buyourstuff?
Eh, depends on who's asking.
If you were, say, a merman,
that would be freaky
and I'd be scared
why a half-man, half-fish
was asking for me.
I'm not a merman.
I need some cash, quick.
I hear you're the guy to see.
-What do you got?
-Let's see
An ancient Calegari, circa 1584.
The Hopeless Diamond,
lost for almost a century.
A case filled with
500 thousand in cash.
I'm asking 500 thousand for it.
I got this priceless solid gold
ancient sarcophagus.
You know, the usual.
Can't give you more than
600 million cash for all of it.
I'd be willing to do 700 million
in store credit, though.
I'll take the cash.
[cat meows]
[rat chitters]
Not another step.
-[music playing]
-That dance is perfect.
Don't add another step.
-[dog barks]
-Freeze, copper.
-These old copper pipes
get so hot in the sun.
You gotta cool 'em off or
the building's A.C. don't work.
This is the end of the road
for you, Duke.
Really, the alley ends
right there.
Plus, there's junk everywhere.
This is as far as you can go.
Shirley, I thought you said
this alley was private.
It's like Monday at the DMV.
Hey, you want information?
Well, you can learn almost
anything about anyone
from what they throw out.
I handle the trash
of everyone in the city.
And this place, Garbage Alley,
is where people throw
things away they want
to stay throwed away.
So you found something?
Yes, over here. Let me show you.
I call this bin
the Operating Room.
It's so clean, you could
perform surgery in it.
I have a new number
I'm working on.
[clears throat]
Not near a hospital
And ruptured your spleen? ♪
Well, I know a trash bin
That's equally clean ♪
Et cetera, et cetera.
I'll finish it
once I find a good rhyme
for "anaesthesiologist."
Anyway, nobody goes back here
for obvious reasons.
That is, until last night.
Okay. Gross.
It's a bag of trash.
To someone fluent
in the language of trash,
it's like a diary.
Only somebody as devious
as your guy
would throw garbage in a bin
no one expects
to find garbage in.
Then there's no time to lose.
This trash may be the key
to stopping the master criminal.
-Come on.
-Wait. Duke,
where are we going?
I've gotta convince everyone
I'm not crazy,
so I'm gonna dump this garbage
on the mayor's desk.
Hi, you must be
the unnamed person
about whom the less
I know, the better.
I'm Terra Holmes,
from Shady Estates,
the city's only
real estate agency
that specialises
in evil lairs and hideouts.
Our motto is,
"Our business is your business
is none of our business."
I'm in the market
for an evil lair.
And I've got just the place
for you right here.
Three bathrooms,
two and half dungeons,
washer and dryer hook up,
rec room with floor
that opens up
-into a piranha tank.
-How much you asking?
Forty million, which,
for this place,
is a steal.
Get it? "Steal?"
Cause of the criminal thing?
But, no, seriously,
please don't steal it.
That comes out of my commission.
I don't think it's right for me.
But you haven't seen
the inside yet.
What's the problem?
[siren blares]
[Terra] I was hoping
you wouldn't notice that.
But not to worry.
I have another place,
but there may be noise issues.
It's near the Mars mission
construction site.
-We're asking ten million.
-I'll take it.
I mean, 50 million.
There. See?
And you thought I'd lost
my mind.
My dinner was under there.
Oh, Duke, don't be silly.
Pouring refuse
on the mayor's desk
only seems insane if you
You know, think about it.
At all.
Lieutenant DeTain,
what is all this?
It's actually pretty simple.
These are flawed instructions
for recent crimes.
The stolen Calegari painting,
the Hopeless Diamond,
and today's failed museum heist.
Whoever wrote these
wanted us to foil the crimes.
[Duke] Protocol dictates
valuable evidence be transported
to the station
via armoured truck.
And this armoured
truck driver mask
was used to fool the police
into just handing
the master criminal
all that stolen loot.
Now, these last items
are the most interesting.
This soap and these peas
are a match
for the ones used to sabotage
the Mars Mission Contest.
So, what's our
master criminal's motive?
Greed? Maybe.
But the sabotage doesn't fit.
No, I believe all this points
in one direction.
To one goal.
He means to stop
the Mars mission.
[phones ring]
-This is Chief McCloud.
-Yo. It's Wheelie.
-We're on our way, dude.
-Get everyone there.
-What going on?
-The intruder alert's
been tripped
at the Mars construction site.
And the fire alarms went off
in the Missions equipment
storage areas.
It's him. Let's move.
[tense music]
[sirens wailing]
[tyres screech]
Dr Wexler,
where were the intruder
alert sensors triggered?
Everywhere. They all went off
at once.
I thought it was
the zombie apocalypse.
I know that sounds irrational,
but I always feared
I have really yummy brains.
-Did you see anybody
No one. I followed procedure
and hid in the
zombie-proof bunker
until I got the
"Zombies Aren't Real" signal
from Dr Ravenhurst.
How long between
the intruder alert
and the fire alarm?
One minute
and 32 seconds exactly.
I was checking my blood pressure
at the time.
They must get those fires
under control.
[Dr Wexler] Fortunately,
the Mars Rovers are programmed
to evade threats like fire.
[tense music]
-You. Stop.
[both grunting]
Stop. It's over.
You got nowhere to go.
Fortunately, as always,
I'm one step ahead of you,
Duke DeTain.
While you chatted
with that idiot, Wexler,
-I stopped by your car.
-[Duke] Cubby?
No! You fiend.
One more step, and I drop him.
Wait, fine, do it.
He's a stuffed animal.
Worst case scenario, I put him
through the washing machine.
Good point.
Why do you want to stop
the Mars mission?
Stop it?
Is that what you think?
Oh, right.
You actually believe
I didn't know
Ms Keeper looks into
that garbage bin weekly.
Tsk, tsk.
This entire city
is so predictable,
and always does exactly
what I want, when I want.
Goodbye, Lieutenant DeTain.
[tense music]
-[woman screams]
-[criminal] Oh.
Pardon me, ma'am.
Please go back to your
crossword puzzle.
Seven down is "curlicue."
Well, old friend,
at least I know he's real,
and I'm not crazy.
I'm just talking
to a piece of cloth.
[ominous music]
See? Take a good look.
That beautiful object
is what you'll soon be
fetching for me.
[laughs manically]
[closing theme music]
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