Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

Shirley Keeper

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
-[tyres screech]
-[siren wailing]
Game over, Jake.
[Jake] Then we'll play
a new game, Duke.
Yeah, they never show this part
on all those
exciting police shows.
"Tonight on a very messy
Law and Disorder"
The days always end,
but the garbage never does.
If people would just follow
the city waste
management guidelines,
I'd actually have a shot
at really cleaning up this city.
[engine stops]
Why do I even try anymore?
Two feet that's all I ask,
but they never do it, do they?
Shirley, what are you doing?
Those have to go
to the Top Hat Donation Centre.
Yeah, look, Top Hat Tom,
I don't know
how many different ways
to keep telling you this,
but we don't have
a Top Hat Donation Centre.
Plus, you put these
in the regular trash bin.
Oh, sorry. Right.
So which is the Top Hat
Donation Centre bin?
-The blue one?
-No, blue is for recycling.
There is no
Top Hat Donation Centre Bin
because there is no
Top Hat Donation Centre.
And, listen, people, please,
you gotta space these bins
two feet apart
for fast and efficient handling.
All this information
is in the city waste
management guidelines.
Oh. I have copies in my truck
if anyone wants one.
It's all easy,
common-sense stuff.
Here you go. If everyone
would follow the guidelines,
I wouldn't have to spend my days
putting things
in the right bins.
Here you are.
I'd actually have time
to keep the whole city tidy
and maybe even be home
before midnight.
[Shirley] It's a win-win.
Not for those in dire need
of barely-used top hats.
Um, that's recycling.
Blue bin. Not that one.
That's not the one. Blue bin.
To your left. Your other left.
Come on, people.
[dramatic music]
Late night again, huh, Shirley?
Yeah. Same old, same old, Sam.
I'm reaching peak grumpy
right about now.
Ah, yes, the sweet spot.
Good times.
Hey, I know you're
too grizzled to care,
but good work
with the Sky Police.
You foiled three crimes mid-air
without making a mess
on the ground.
Uh, you know how it is.
You just do your job
and hope no one
makes it harder
than it's gotta be.
At least they issued me
a new jet.
[jet window buzzes open]
And I can finally recycle
my old one.
Green bin
is for yard waste, Sam.
[jet window buzzes shut]
[engines revving]
[light music]
My back
[bicycle squeaks]
Shirley. Hello!
Handyman Harl Hubbs here,
happy to help humans
handle huge
I'm out of H words.
Hey, Harl, just getting
home from work.
Wow, is there anything
I can do to help you?
Well, hmm
any way to make my truck seat
a little more comfortable?
My back feels like
I've been, well,
doing exactly what
I've been doing all day.
Absolutely. One truck seat
for denying reality coming up.
-Anything else?
-Nah, that's it.
Thanks, Harl.
Unless you can
make people suddenly
start paying attention
to the city waste guidelines
and handle
their garbage properly.
[Shirley exhales deeply]
[rooster crowing]
[Mark] Billy! I asked you not
to imitate roosters
this early in the morning!
[Billy] Sorry, Daddy!
Ah, what a beautiful day
for handling other people's
-[horn honks]
[lively music]
[Shirley] Harl?
What did you do to my truck?
I heard you angrily mumbling
to yourself last night
about people
not paying attention to you,
so I thought you'd like
a few upgrades.
This'll get
everyone's attention.
Uh Thanks, Harl.
No, thank you, Shirley
for caring so much
about our city.
Ooh. Hey, now that is
a comfortable seat.
Way to go, Harl.
Consider yourself Harled.
[engine starts]
[machine whirring]
[people] Ooh!
-[man 1] Oh, wow. Cool truck.
-[man 2] Oh. Look at that.
-[tyres screech]
It's like a country singer
detailed it.
-Hey, my attention.
-[machine whirs]
Wow, Harl wasn't kidding about
getting people's attention.
Can't waste this opportunity.
Everyone, hey, yeah,
listen up. Okay.
Let me go over some basic
waste management guidelines.
We got three bins here.
Brown is for trash,
green is for yard waste,
and blue is for recycling.
There are no, I repeat,
no Top Hat Donation bins.
And, come on.
Let's put two feet
between the cans
so they can be
handled efficiently.
The faster I get the garbage in,
the more of the city
I can take care of.
Hey, guys. Let's go do
something more fun
than standing around hearing
about trash.
[crowd cheers]
[overlapping dialogue]
So if there's no Top Hat bin,
how do I get these
to the Top Hat Donation Centre?
Fine! Don't listen!
Who am I after all?
Just an expert
on garbage!
You yell.
[Shirley] There has to be a way
to get people to listen.
I've tried everything.
Yelling, not yelling as loud
Shiny Objects: the Musical.
Hurry up, Patti.
The show's started already.
I had to sell our house
to get these tickets.
[actor] There it is. Yes.
I feel it, I see it.
It's me, it's bright.
Shiny ♪
Look at it shine ♪
Shiny, shiny, shiny ♪
Objects ♪
Oh, it's shiny ♪
Shiny, shiny ♪
It's not tiny ♪
Big and shiny ♪
Shiny, shiny objects ♪
[crowd cheering and applauding]
What's this world comin' to?
Sing a little song.
Dance around.
Show 'em something shiny
and they love it?
Jingle the keys for the baby.
Entertain me.
That's all people want.
I give up.
At least I got the alley clean.
That's something.
-[staff] Ticket, please.
-I'm in pursuit of a criminal.
Yeah, yeah, I've heard that one
four times tonight.
Everyone wants to see this show.
[rooster crowing]
[Mark] Billy! I'm warning you!
Jingle the keys
for the baby, huh?
Fine. I'll jingle 'em all right.
[clears throat]
Everybody gather 'round ♪
Today is garbage day ♪
And there are rules
That we must follow ♪
When we throw our stuff away ♪
Oh, one man's trash
Is another man's garbage ♪
The pile just
Grows and grows ♪
One man's trash
Is another man's garbage ♪
And here's what
You gotta know ♪
You got green cans
Blue cans ♪
Brown cans too
And even other colours ♪
You put leaves in the green
Recycle in the blue ♪
And everything else
In the others ♪
And separate them
Separate them ♪
By more than a foot or two ♪
Oh, one man's trash
Is another man's garbage ♪
We all have a part to play ♪
One man's trash
Is another man's garbage ♪
Let's clean up, garbage day ♪
[crowd cheering, applauding]
It worked.
So clean.
So organised.
It's beautiful.
[jet engine buzzing]
[crowd cheering]
[siren wails]
[tyres screech]
-[glass shatters]
-[handcuffs click]
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[boy singing softly]
Well, if I reached just
one small boy with my message,
just one, then I have
five more million people to go.
Hey, kid. Can you stop
with the singing?
Can I hum?
[Shirley] You're all right, kid.
One man's trash
Is another man's garbage ♪
And here's what
You gotta know ♪
One man's trash
Is another man's garbage ♪
Let's clean up, garbage day ♪
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