Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

3, 2, 1

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[Wexler] Mars. The red planet.
Throughout history,
our rusty little neighbour
has piqued mankind's
Is there anything on Mars
like, a lot of red dirt?
We are going
on the first manned mission
to Mars to answer that question.
We'll be the first people
to walk on Mars?
Nein. Boring.
Humans have been dropping stuff
on Mars for 50 years,
and humans have had feet
for at least twice that long.
Dropping a human with feet
on Mars
to skip around like a dummkopf
is no challenge.
-Dr Ravenhurst?
-Thanks, Dr Wexler.
While our space station
orbits Mars,
rovers on the surface
will collect samples,
which we'll launch back up
to analyse for signs of life.
Thus, we are ambassadors,
ever vigilant,
representing mankind
as we extend a hand
of fellowship to our Martian
brothers and sisters.
Yeah, not so much,
Captain Momentous.
If we do find Martians,
they'll be microscopic
fossilized organic compounds.
But we will keep an eye out
for bigger,
later signs of life, too.
Ugh, Wexy, stop with
the "bigger, later" baloney.
What exactly do you think
we're gonna find on Mars?
[Wexler] A station wagon.
A station wagon?
Yeah. My research suggests
that life, all life,
anywhere in the universe,
will always,
eventually, inevitably
result in a station wagon.
Right. Let's just say we need
-to be prepared for anything.
-[Tippy chuckles]
Good luck with that.
That sounded threatening,
Mr Dorman,
as if someone had their own
nefarious agenda
that could jeopardize
the whole mission.
Uh, no, I I meant,
only a doorman
is prepared for "anything."
What are you accusing me of?
Fellas. True, a master criminal
is out to sabotage the mission,
but we've upped security.
It's now almost
"station wagon on Mars"
impossible for anyone
to get near this compound.
Helpful Handyman
Harl Hubbs here.
Oh, no! Don't tell me
they're forcing us to bring
another useless civilian
on the mission, like Tippy.
I'm just here to help out.
Apparently, I'm the only one
who passed
the security clearance.
Have you ever stolen anything?
-[machine beeps]
Is that our lie detector machine
hidden under your hat?
-[machine beeping, buzzing]
That's the stuff. Yeah.
[tablet chimes]
[vehicle buzzing]
[tablet chimes]
[vehicle whirring]
[machine whirring]
[timer dings]
[panting continues]
[tablet beeps]
[Tippy wails, grunts]
-[both groan]
-I can fix that.
Hello, my roving friend.
You're going to help me bring
the Mars Door back to Earth
where I, the Doorman Leader,
written about in the ancient
Doorman prophecies,
shall lead the world into
the utopia called "Paradoors".
[Harl] What you're doing
is wrong, Tippy.
So, you think you caught me?
You can't catch people.
What are you, a cold?
Shh, keep your voice down.
What did you mean by
what I was doing is wrong?
You're working
in the dark, Tippy.
And you're talking to the rover.
It needs to be programmed.
You need help.
Handyman Harl Hubbs' help.
[dance music]
What is the meaning of this?
"This" is a pronoun
used to identify
a specific person, thing,
or idea
that is present or near
in place, time, or thought.
Example This Mars mission
will change the course
of human history.
I think he meant,
what's all the hubbub in here?
What is the meaning of "hubbub"?
And why are you wearing
a helmet?
I sleep parkour.
Why are you wearing a lab coat?
I am a scientist.
You can't just turn that off.
I'm sorry if we woke you.
I felt I needed extra training
to keep up,
but despite my efforts
to be quiet,
well, you've been night-Harled.
I was only trying to help.
[lever thuds]
[Ravenhurst] Ugh. Harl.
Harl, sometimes helping
isn't helpful.
Why aren't you asleep?
Many great accomplished heroes
only slept four hours a night.
Right. Imagine
if they slept eight hours?
They wouldn't have been so tired
and could have been twice
as productive.
[door latches shut]
Now, where were we?
Uh, you called for me,
Dr Wexler?
Please let it be to help,
-Please let it be to help.
-[Wexler groans]
Let's see. How can I phrase
this delicately?
You, Harl, are a total nuisance
in everyone's way,
and we don't want you here,
so I'm finding busy work for you
to keep you out of the way.
Aw, thanks for
sugarcoating it, Doc.
-So how can I help?
-I'm glad you asked.
This is our specially modified
rocket engine
for my new rocket fuel that
can get us to Mars in one month,
as opposed
to the normal ten months
it would take non-geniuses
to get there.
-Wow. How does the fuel work?
-You know, science und stuff.
The point is, this fuel
has one tiny drawback.
The slightest miscalculation
will cause it to combust
in such an enormous, destructive
cataclysmic explosion
that, in comparison,
the Big Bang would seem like
a snide remark.
That sounds
incredibly dangerous.
Well, yeah, sure. If it happens.
The fuel gauge here
has a red line.
All you need to do is fill
the rocket up to that red line.
That's it. Easy as pie.
Well, pie that will explode
and take out
40 square kilometres
if you place one cherry
too many in it.
Okay, I got this.
Fill tank up to red line
or boom.
Take your time.
You must be very careful.
Plus, oh, how should I put this?
The longer it takes,
the longer you're not around,
which we prefer.
That's sweet. You got it.
Oh, and, Harl,
the rest of the crew
have so much to remember,
I see no reason to add
to their taxed little minds
by making them aware
they're sitting on
an atomic bomb that will go off
if one decimal point
is out of place.
So let's keep
this "fuel might explode" stuff
to ourselves, hm?
No potential problem there.
[tense music]
You will get me
and the Mars Door home
to start the new world order.
All we need is to give you
enough fuel
to get you back to Earth.
Tippy. Do you know
how dangerous
what you're doing is?
Harl. I'm just double-checking
the mini-rocket.
What's dangerous?
This fuel line leading
from the engine room
to the cargo bay.
Someone could trip over it.
Oh, right. Well, thank goodness
you're here, Harl.
In fact,
I noticed this entire rocket
is held together with bolts.
Has anyone made sure
these bolts are tightened?
One loose bolt,
and the rocket could fall apart.
Luckily, I always carry
a rocket bolt-tightening wrench.
Of course, you do.
You'd better make sure
every bolt is secure.
Our lives are now
in your capable, gullible,
from-obvious-sabotage hands.
Don't worry, Tippy. I got this.
Oh, bless you, Harl Hubbs.
One day, decades from now,
when the history of this mission
is written down,
you'll be just about finished
with the bolts.
[bolts creaking]
[crowd cheering]
[cheering continues]
Mission Control, this is Mars 1.
We're looking good here.
[mission control]
Roger that, Mars 1.
We are ready to begin countdown.
T-minus 100,
- 99, 98, 97,
- 96, 95, 94
-[Harl grunting]
Hmm. That's odd.
Did they raise the red line?
I was sure I had the fuel filled
right up to it yesterday.
Oh, well
Wait. If the fuel isn't
at the red line, it'll explode.
That's very unhelpful.
I've gotta do something!
Forty, 39, 38, 37, 36,
-35, 34, 33, 32
-Um, guys.
-We may have a slight problem.
-[alarm beeping]
What do you mean by "slight"?
What do you mean by "problem"?
What do you mean by "guys"?
[mission control] T-minus 21,
20, 19,
-18, 17
-[people gasping]
16, 15, 14, 13,
-12, 11, 10,
-[machine whirring]
-9, 8, 7, 6,
-[machine buzzing]
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Lift off.
[engine roaring]
[crowd gasping]
[upbeat music]
[engine swooshing]
[engine buzzing]
[crowd cheering]
-[all exhales deeply]
-Mission Control.
Hiya, Gwen here.
Looks like we got lift-off.
A perfect trajectory.
[Momentous] Phew.
Safe travels, Mars 1.
[Wexler] Yeah, the first manned
mission to Mars is on its way.
It's all smooth sailing
from here as we usher
in a new, improved age
for mankind.
Nothing can stop me now.
[bolts creaking]
[closing theme music]
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