Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e17 Episode Script

Police Navidad

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[upbeat music]
Good evening.
As you know, it's Christmas Eve
so I need partners
to volunteer
for the night shift.
It's always a pleasure
to be with my partner.
In law and in life.
Count us in.
Yeah, nothing's better
than hanging
with my best friend
on Christmas.
[officer 1] We're in.
[officer 2] Partners are family.
-[officer 3] You're the best.
-[officer 4] You're the best.
Happy to volunteer, sir.
You work every Christmas Eve,
Lieutenant DeTain.
You've earned a holiday.
you don't have a partner.
-[all] Aw
-Thank you, sir,
but our city
has also earned a holiday,
and it's my duty
to make it a safe one,
with or without a partner.
-[all] Aw!
-[Captain] Very well.
Thank you to our volunteers
and to everyone else,
Merry Christmas.
[all chattering indistinctly]
[Duke] Well,
it's almost midnight.
Merry Christmas, partner.
[dispatcher over radio]
Attention, all cars.
There's a possible
breaking and entering
in progress
on 5512 Jones Street.
This is DeTain. I'm on it. Over.
[siren blaring, engine revs]
[tyres screech]
[Santa] Ho-ho Ow!
[Duke] It's like trying to
get my arms
around a bowl full of jelly.
-[cat screeches]
[groans, chuckles]
Nice take-down, Duke.
How do you know my name?
You collared Santa Claus.
Sure. You have the right
to remain jolly.
Ho-ho-ho. It's really me.
[Duke] Give it up.
Committing crimes
while dressed as Santa
is extremely crime-y.
The kids are watching.
The kids are all sleeping.
It's me, Duke.
Sorry, I'm not buying it.
Oh, really?
[clears throat]
"Dear Santa, for Christmas,
please, I want a new toy badge,
Cubby the Cop
mega-action dental floss,
and a super-secret wish
I'll never tell
anyone else about
for the rest of my life.
I want a real partner
just like Cubby the Cop
to share all
my adventures with."
That's exactly the letter
that I wrote to Santa
last year. But how?
And what are you doing here?
[Santa] I was
delivering presents.
They have a shingled roof
my sleigh would've ruined.
It's really
not Christmassy to say.
"Here's a doll and a giant bill
for roof repairs."
So where is your sleigh?
-I parked on the side street.
-Not Tilden Way.
It's restricted parking.
[upbeat music]
Oh, no.
I have one more stop.
I've gotta get this new
Twirly Hat 2.0 to little Billy.
Don't worry, Santa.
I'll get you there.
Let's roll.
Oh, ho. This is so cool.
I always wanted to ride
in one of these.
Can can I put on the siren?
Uh, sorry.
Police emergencies only.
[dispatcher over radio]
Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis
has been sighted
at Little Hubert's
Whipped Cream Factory.
-Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis?
She can make explosives
out of anything.
I'll drop you
at Billy's on the way
so you can save Christmas.
Forget that.
Billy will be asleep
for another seven hours.
People are in danger.
We have to help them.
Light 'em up, Santa.
[siren blaring]
[engine revs]
[tyres squealing]
[Santa] Ho-ho, no!
Wait here. Backup's coming soon.
Duke, isn't a giant elf,
who lives in a frozen wasteland,
gives toys to two billion kids
in one night,
and literally knows
when you're sleeping,
enough backup?
Good point. Let's move.
[suspenseful music]
Please. What do you want
from me? I'm Little Hubert.
Why don't you pick
on a Hubert your size?
-What's the code to the vault?
-I can't tell you.
That's where we keep my secret
whipped cream ingredients.
which is a light
vanilla flavouring,
and Vanillasafetium,
a highly explosive
chemical compound.
And I'm gonna use
the explosives to break
my old partner in crime
out of jail.
The holiday season
always gets me, you know?
I mean, what's the point
of blowing stuff up
if you can't share it
with the people you love?
Go check it out.
[Santa] Frankie Lupelli.
He's been on my naughty list
since he was eight.
Good intel, Santa.
Anything else?
Won't eat broccoli out of spite.
Afraid of ghosts
and astronomers.
[Duke] Boo.
I know a lot about planets.
The ghost of an astronomer?
Frankie, be good,
for goodness sake.
Santa Claus?
Nice work, Santa. Let's move.
What's taking him so long
and/or why did
he scream, "Santa Claus"?
Go answer both questions.
Now, give me
that vault code, or else.
Or else
Or else she won't be able
to open the vault. Duh.
Freeze, Hacksaw.
No way.
Missed me.
Compared to an elf
snowball fight, this is a snap.
[Duke grunts]
How many pairs of handcuffs
do you carry with you?
Always. Why?
Is that really
Yes. It's him.
Duke DeTain.
Oh, what's going on?
And more importantly,
what's the code to that vault?
I'll never tell you.
-I'm Little Hubert.
-I get it.
It's because he don't know
the code to his own vault.
I'll bet Big Hubert
and Medium-Sized Hubert
know the codes to the vaults
in their
whipped cream factories.
Ha! Those two incrementally
larger Huberts
can't tell the difference
between real whipped cream
and Extremely Massive
Hubert's Artificial
Non-Dairy Dessert Topping.
My vault code is one.
I mean, I'll never tell you.
One? Your vault code's one?
Not much of a code, is it?
No, it is not.
They're all the same.
How do we tell
the explode-y stuff
-from the yummy stuff?
-They're not the same.
Half have a happy smiley face
for those who
like light vanilla flavour
and half have a more nuanced,
sinister smiley face
for those
who like blowing things up.
Like me.
Come on!
Let's get 'em outta here.
[helicopter droning]
Merry Christmas.
-[both] Santa?
I bet I have something
in this bag
way better than some barrels.
Ooh, me first, me first.
Aw, I was hoping
for a waffle iron.
Freeze, Kaboom.
And Merry Christmas.
Quick, get to safety.
[Duke] One wrong move
and those barrels
could take out
this entire warehouse.
Thank you. I'm Little Hubert.
[Santa] Duke, stop!
It's too dangerous.
[sirens wailing]
Come on, Daisy
it's not too late
to get on Santa's nice list.
Sorry, Duke, unlike you,
I have a partner
who I'm not gonna abandon
on Christmas.
[Twirly hat whirring]
Hmm, that's odd.
Santa? What are you doing?
This barrel could blow
any minute.
I'm not going to abandon
my partner on Christmas.
Nice work with the Twirly Hat.
I thought they only flew
a few inches off the ground.
I build toys 364 days a year.
You think I can't break one?
Can you break it more?
-Ready, partner.
[fireworks crackle]
It's beautiful.
-But how did you
-I didn't do it.
I'm a little freaked out.
Great work, Santa.
Well, Daisy, sorry to say
you're gonna be spending
Christmas in jail.
Oh, with my partner.
It's a win-win.
Come on, Duke.
Let's get to Billy's.
We still have time.
-[engine revs]
-[siren blares]
-[both laugh]
[tyres squealing]
Thank you, Duke.
That was the most fun
I've had in centuries.
Yeah, we saved Christmas
and the city.
Not bad.
Thank you for making
my Christmas wish come true.
I had the best partner
in the world.
Maybe we can do it
again next year?
Uh we'll see.
I soar thousands of feet
in the air
in a sled being pulled
by magic flying quadrupeds,
but your driving
scares the jelly out of me.
Merry Christmas, Duke.
Merry Christmas, Santa.
Ho-ho-ho. Merry Christmas!
[closing theme music]
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