Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e18 Episode Script


[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
This is Gabby Tocamera
with our continued coverage
of the Mission to Mars.
It is day 54, and today the crew
will send a rover to the
Mars surface to collect data.
I think my co-anchor,
Craig Woodman,
will agree
this is an incredible event.
Craig? Craig?
[Gabby] Is he breathing?
One very lucky citizen,
Tippy Dorman,
is a part of the crew.
As some of you may remember,
I, Gabby Tocamera,
was in the running
to go on the Mars Mission.
But I was not chosen.
But I am not bitter. At all.
Don't give me that look, Craig.
I know what you're thinking.
We're wishing the crew
the best of luck
and hope that
there isn't a disastrous,
catastrophic event
that I could have stopped
if I had gone. Craig?
[calm music]
We have entered the Mars orbit.
[computer chimes]
Captain Momentous,
this portal is a bit foggy.
Activate the defroster.
Yes, Dr Wexler.
I am initiating the defroster,
a sequence of events
that will affect
mankind, womankind,
and yes, animal kind.
This historic event
will allow us
to view the majesty
of the red planet,
floating in the cosmos.
[button beeps]
Lieutenant Rivera,
launch the rover
to the surface, please.
Yes, sir, Dr Wexler.
I am on it, sir.
Uh, you can just
press the button, Lieutenant.
There's no need for acrobatics.
Yes, sir.
That's just my style, sir.
[computer chimes]
[Tippy] Ha. These fools
and their inane Mars Mission.
There's only one true mission.
To acquire The Door of Doors
and change the destiny
of the universe.
Tippy, are you still mesmerised
by that door-shaped
rock formation?
Heavens, no, Dr Ravenhurst.
I was merely practicing
looking through a telescope.
Keep at it.
I'll need a second pair of eyes
to look for organic matter,
DNA strands,
and sustainable water,
so maybe we can colonise
this planet someday.
Dr Ravenhurst,
for the 100th time,
that is not our prime operative.
The existence of water on Mars
means life may exist,
and if life exists,
then it stands to reason
that many years of evolution
may have produced
a creature capable
of creating
a station wagon.
You really expect to find
a station wagon on Mars?
A wood-panelled station wagon,
How'd you get
on this mission, huh?
You know somebody?
Did you pay your way
into the program?
I'm talking actual science,
and you're talking
station wagons.
Dr Wexler, I am turning
in my chair to address you.
One small motion in a chair,
one giant move to proclaim
that the rover has landed.
Initiate rover
to collection area.
Dr Ravenhurst.
I was wondering, perchance,
if I may be so bold
as to request
that I drive the rover
to the location
to gather samples?
It's always been
my life-long dream
to park a Mars rover.
Uh, on Mars.
Hm. This could be a good PR move
for the space program.
[Tippy] I shall park it
Right next to that
No, my bad.
Next to that splendid
door-like rock formation
Oops. No. A tad too far over.
Not to worry. I'll fix it.
-[Harl] Did somebody say "fix"?
-[all gasp]
[all] Harl?
What are you doing here?
You are supposed to be on Earth.
I was tightening screws
in the Mars rover room,
and I guess I didn't notice
the rocket had launched.
We've been in space
for three months.
There were a lot of screws.
Harl's going to thwart
my plan. Uh
I mean, our, uh,
space thingy mission.
I am moving my hand,
to place my palm to my forehead,
to express my horror
at this space invader.
I'm a 12th degree black belt.
I'll apprehend this stowaway
and throw him in the brig.
Stand down, Lieutenant Rivera.
Sixteen years of karate.
For what?
-Oh, This ain't good.
-[metal clangs]
We don't have enough
food, water, or air on board
to sustain another passenger.
No problemo.
I always bring my own
extra food, air, and water.
Is that a tiny flag
on the rover?
That was not a flag you saw.
Stop talking about a flag.
Okay. I will.
Looks like that rover's roving
a little too closely
to that door-like
rock formation.
I can fix that.
I'll just steer it far away.
Oh, my, I almost forgot.
I, uh, I got you all a gift.
Even you, Harl.
But how'd you even know
I was gonna be here?
A precise and proper planner
is prepared for everything.
Even unexpected guests.
You brought us all gifts?
How very strange.
You're looking
for a station wagon on Mars,
and you call that strange?
Now, if everyone would just
float out of the
command capsule,
it will allow me more room
to lock you out of the controls.
[all gasp]
Is this the present?
A costume party?
I wish I'd known.
We are not
having a costume party.
Then what are our presents?
I lied. There are no presents.
For you see,
I am a master criminal,
and I am going
to change the world forever.
If you're a master criminal,
what's your
master criminal name?
I Uh uh
I don't have one.
-Now, I
-[Ravenhurst] Whoa.
You gotta have
a cool master criminal name.
What about Terrible Tippy?
That is not cool.
May I suggest
Tippy the Terrible?
You just
switched the words around.
-[Harl] I know. I know.
Tippy, the Man
Who Doesn't Like Handymen.
I have it.
The Strange One
Who Does Criminal Things
And Is Obsessed With Doors
To An Unnatural Degree.
That's way too long.
What about The Tipster?
Let's take a vote.
By a show of hands,
how many for Tippy the Terrible?
Stop talking about my name!
[clears throat]
Thank you.
Now, I will acquire
the door-like formation on Mars,
which is,
in fact, an ancient relic,
the Door of Doors.
[Tippy] It shall bring
doormen back
to their exalted position
in society,
as prophesied
by the very first doorman.
The ancient prophecy decreed
that the Chosen Doorman
That would be me.
will deliver the Mars Door
to planet Earth.
On that day of days,
the Chosen Doorman
will open the door
and lead the masses
through it to a utopia.
A perfect world,
henceforth known as Paradoors.
Tippy, don't take
this personally,
but you're
a cuckoo crazy nutty pants.
That's what my kindergarten
teacher always said.
So did my first grade teacher,
and my second, and third,
and well, you get the point.
But they were all wrong.
And so are you!
Tippy, I think your brain
needs to be fixed.
Now, I'm not
a licensed brain surgeon,
but I'm willing
to give it a try.
[rover whirs, clicks]
There's that flag I saw earlier
that Dr Wexler told me
not to talk about
when he waved his hand
in my face.
What? No, I don't see a flag.
-What is this?
-[Wexler gasps]
"Dear Dr Wexler,
thank you for helping me
put a flag on Mars,
claiming the planet for my own.
Enclosed is one million dollars.
Yours sincerely, Fendrich.
Sorry about your integrity."
Are you kidding me?
You took money to plant
a stupid flag on Mars?
[telescope creaks]
I have student loans to pay.
[Tippy] Back to me,
if you please.
My stepfather Fendrich's
petty plans of one-upmanship
will be of no importance
once I have returned
the Mars Door back to Earth.
Are you following all this?
No. I just like
to hear him talk.
[engine rumbles]
[Tippy] And now
the Door of Doors is mine.
I bid you all adieu.
Or in the parlance
of a master criminal.
So long, suckers!
We've got to warn
mission control.
[phone line rings]
What in the name of
Are those?
Keys to
a wood-panelled station wagon?
Ha. If they are,
then I'm Santy Claus.
[computer beeps]
Ho, ho, ho! I think someone
owes me an apology.
So that's where
my cargo bike keys went.
I must've dropped them when
I was working near the rover.
What was that
you were saying, doc?
Ha. A small setback on my way
to eventual
station wagon triumph.
You'll see.
That's the spirit.
[clapping rhythmically]
Now, I'd better get
those keys back.
If you'll excuse me.
[tense music]
[hatch doors whirring]
Rover, commence ignition
and return to ship.
[rover engine revs]
Now, my precious Door of Doors,
we shall make
our glorious return to earth
and rule the universe.
Tippy, you did it.
No one can stop you now.
I believe some laughter
is in order.
[Harl] Hiya, Tippy.
Harl Hubbs? Oh, come on!
I was trying to get
my bike keys back,
but the Mars rover's
spare tire needed inflating,
so I had to fix that first.
I suppose you're going to have
to come with me.
[button beeps]
[engine revs]
No one will prevent me
from using this Mars door
to lead us all to utopia.
Hmm, I don't know, Tippy.
I think it may be more helpful
if I try and stop you.
No, get away from that.
Get away
Don't try anything funny, Harl.
[Tippy] Where did you get
that garden flamingo?
I said, nothing funny.
[closing theme music]
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