Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e19 Episode Script

Slam the Door

[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[narrator] Previously, Fendrich
bought a six-pack of tube socks.
Sam lost the Sky Police
karaoke machine.
Billy accidentally
left his cereal
-sitting in milk all day.
-[Mark] Oh, Billy!
[narrator] And Tippy Dorman
hijacked the Mars Mission
to collect a door-shaped rock
so he could return to Earth,
open it,
and lead everyone
to a utopia called Paradoors.
Yeah, Mayor Fleck,
Tippy, the regular citizen
you sent with us to Mars,
turned out to be
an evil criminal,
so thank you very much for that.
Let me get this straight.
Tippy Dorman is on his way
back to Earth
with a "Mars Door" that he says
will open a portal
to a doorman-ruled utopia
called Paradoors?
Well, yeah, sure,
it sounds crazy if you say it.
So crazy, it just might work.
Um. How exactly
could it work, Mr Mayor?
I have no idea.
That's why it's crazy.
Please, keep up, Carol.
We're in crisis mode.
Yes, Mr Mayor.
Tippy represents our whole city.
When word gets out,
we'll be the city that sabotaged
the first manned mission
to Mars.
That will be
our shameful legacy.
So shameful, it just might work.
Okay. That doesn't make sense.
We need a plan.
A plan so crazy,
it just might work.
Please stop saying that,
Mr Mayor.
Um, hello?
Guy calling from Mars here.
Do you know the roaming charges
I'm getting hit with?
Our apologies, Dr Wexler.
Tippy is our responsibility,
and we'll deal with him.
Hm. The good news
is we can't find Harl
and assume he's with Tippy.
Helpful Harl Hubbs? That's odd.
Well, if Harl Hubbs is with him,
there's a chance
Tippy's plans could be Harled.
Sorry, Tippy, I can't let you
Um, could you explain
what you're doing again,
because I'm still not
100 per cent clear
what I'm trying
to stop you from doing.
Harl, I'm bringing Paradoors
to Earth,
and there's nothing
you can do to stop me.
This ship is on autopilot,
and I've locked the controls
with a password code.
Right. One, two, three, four.
-One, one, one, one.
-You'll never guess the code.
Don't you get it? All this time,
I've been playing chess,
while everybody else
has also been playing chess,
-but really badly.
You're my prisoner.
No. You're my prisoner.
So we're stuck together
on this rocket for a month?
[Tippy] I get the top bunk.
This is Gabby Tocamera
outside City Hall.
I'm here with Moleford Krebb,
who, as you might recall,
has never finished
a complete sentence.
Mr Krebb, how does it feel
to know Tippy Dorman has ruined
the reputation
of our entire city?
Gabby, it's awful
that Mayor Fleck allowed
Good point. There's been no word
from our Mayor.
Is there a plan to stop Tippy
and restore
our city's good name?
That's not what I was trying
So, while Mayor Fleck
hides under his desk,
his disheartened city
can only wait
Okay, this is bad.
Morale is plummeting,
and faith in City Hall
is at an all-time low.
Mr Mayor, we've gotta get out
in front of this.
We have to show the people
you're not hiding
under your desk.
I just dropped my pen.
A mayor never hides
under his desk.
It's the first place they look.
Chief, what are our options?
All we can do is bust the dude
when he lands.
Unless we bust him
before he lands.
I like the
"so crazy it just might work"
sound of that, Sergeant.
What do you have in mind?
[Tippy] Harl?
Harl, you used up
all the space milk
and left the space cereal open,
so now it's
-You're trying to crack my code?
I am a doorman, Harl.
You are never going to guess it.
You don't know.
You are driving me crazy.
People of our great city,
I know everyone
is disappointed that,
because of Tippy's actions,
the whole world
thinks of all of us
as criminals bent on destroying
all scientific progress.
They do?
I didn't think of it that way.
-[man] Oh, no.
-[woman] What are we gonna do?
Uh, but to show the world
we're an honest,
law-abiding city,
we're not going
to just wait for Tippy. No.
In order to apprehend
this criminal,
we've taken
our mighty Sky Police,
and with an added budget
of only 600 billion dollars,
created Space Police.
Leading this elite unit
is our Sky Police hero,
only days away from retiring,
Space Lieutenant Grizzled.
Grizzled! Whoo!
Okay, calm down.
I'm sorta mildly enthusiastic
to introduce our brand-new
Space Police rocket jet.
Allen, you're all set to launch.
Wait, "launch"?
I thought this was just
a scale model.
You'll be fine.
Anything goes wrong,
just abort the launch.
Abort launch. Abort launch.
[screaming, wailing]
[Allen] Phew, that was close.
I could have been hurt.
[all groan]
See? They magnetise you
to the floor.
I made you some, too.
Thanks, Harl, but you
are supposed to be guessing.
Right, sorry. Uh, float?
Balloon? X? A giant X?
X-I? Uh, dig? No. No I? X?
Oh, pirate. You're a pirate.
X. X marks the pirate.
X marks the pirate?
X marks the pirate.
Is it X marks the pirate?
It's X marks the spot.
Got it. X marks the spot.
[alarm buzzes]
Aha. We must be nearing Earth.
You know, Harl,
I've got to admit,
you're not really such a bad
[Harl gasping]
[Tippy] I'm not getting Harled
that easily.
[Tippy laughing]
The Mars Door
has been disconnected
from Tippy's rocket
and is hurtling
towards the city.
Where's it going to land?
According to my calculations,
the Mars Door will crash
into the
Totally-Dynamite Dynamite
and Totalling Factory!
That'll demolish the city.
Chief Wheeler,
how do we stop that door?
No chance, Mayor. The only shot
is to clear the dynamite
out of the factory,
but we'd need the whole city
working together.
Then, that's it.
The city is going to be
So much for my approval ratings.
No, Mr Mayor, you can't give up.
You have to get the city
behind you again.
This is your moment.
You were born to be a mayor,
and it's time you went out there
and were more mayory than any
mayor who has ever mayorated.
You're right, Carol.
I need to shake things up.
My city needs me.
I know what I must do.
Nice try, Harl,
but no one is going to stop me
from leading the world
into Paradoors.
-[button beeps]
I can't open this door!
How could you do this
to a doorman?
Sorry, Tippy.
Now, you might as well tell me
the code to unlock the controls.
Never! I'd rather crash
than live in a world
where the doorman
is not elevated
back to his rightful place
at the top of society!
Everyone, please, listen.
We have an emergency address
from our honourable
Mayor Solomon Fleck.
[crowd gasps]
Citizens, we stand here
in our darkest hour yet.
A large rock from Mars
is hurtling towards
the Totally-Dynamite Dynamite
and Totalling Factory.
It threatens to destroy us,
our city,
our way of life
in a massive explosion.
[crowd murmuring]
Now, we have always been
a city of unique,
creative individuals,
capable of
remarkable accomplishments.
But united, together,
we can achieve anything.
[Fleck] The time has come
for us to pool
our individual
strengths and talents
and save our city.
Who is that? Where's our Mayor?
Why should we listen
to this guy?
[spectators chattering
The Mayor and the
inspirational speech guy
are the same person!
[crowd chanting]
Mayor Fleck! Mayor Fleck!
Now, let's get to work
and save our city.
-[crowd cheering]
-[crowd] Mayor Fleck!
Mayor Fleck! Mayor Fleck!
[buttons beep]
[Gabby] The entire city
has joined together
behind Mayor Fleck
to successfully clear
the dynamite factory
and move the explosives
safely here,
where we
will watch events unfold.
[skateboard whirs]
What's the ETA
on the gnarly door?
[Grizzled on radio]
Impact in T-minus 15 seconds.
[people clamouring]
-[all cheering]
[Duke] It's Tippy's ship.
Oh, no. At his present speed
and course,
he's gonna crash right into
the pile of dynamite
we just moved from the factory.
Really? Citizens.
Okay, now we need to move
all this stuff back to
No, Mr Mayor,
there's not enough time.
[buttons beeping]
"Door!" The code was "door."
Seems obvious in retrospect.
Well, that was exciting.
Okay, I'm off for a shower
and a nap. Ta-ta.
Not so fast, Tippy.
You're under arrest.
Thank you, Harl.
You saved the city.
You may be the most
helpful person I've ever met.
[crowd chanting]
Harl! Harl! Harl!
Harl! Harl! Harl!
Harl! Harl! Harl!
Harl! Harl! Harl!
[siren wailing]
[narrator] Welcome
to Paradoors.
It's real!
[narrator laughs]
Oh, sorry.
What's the point of being
an omniscient narrator
if you can't have a little fun
once in a while?
It's just a rock.
Or is it?
[laughs maniacally]
No, really, it's just a rock.
[closing theme music]
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