Lego City Adventures (2019) s01e20 Episode Script


[theme music]
[loud explosion]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
[ladders creaking]
[water gushing]
[car rumbling]
-[car revs]
-[dolphins trilling]
[tyres screech]
[handcuffs creak]
[Gabby] This is Gabby Tocamera
reporting to you live
outside the courthouse,
where this month's trial
of the century
is about to take place.
Doorman-Of-The-City Tippy Dorman
is facing numerous charges,
including space hijacking,
attempted world domination,
and almost destroying
the whole city.
Tippy is the stepson
of a prominent business tycoon
RE Fendrich,
which has raised questions
about Fendrich's own
possible criminal activities.
Mr Fendrich, were you aware
your stepson
is a criminal mastermind?
Me? A crime boss?
That's preposterous!
That's not what I asked you.
Look, I'm only here to support
my stepson, whom I love dearly.
On the other hand,
if he's found guilty,
then, I do not support him,
I never liked him,
and I'm confident
he'll be convicted.
Now, we go to Craig Woodman,
who is with Mayor Solomon Fleck
and First Deputy Mayor
Carol Yea.
Boss, Tippy's been
our informant for years.
What if he makes a deal
and tattletales on you
and your
massive criminal empire?
[yelps, groans]
-[Duke] Mr Fendrich?
My sincere apologies for having
to arrest your stepson.
Nonsense, Lieutenant DeTain.
If Tippy's guilty,
it's his own fault.
No one respects the law
more than I do.
[Sinclair] Ha.
The only thing you respect
less than the law is me.
And bluesgrass music!
I mean, that's absurd.
I love the law.
-Then why don't you marry it?
-Oh, I will.
Send out invitations
and reserve the ballroom
-at the Hotel Criard.
-Nice try.
Everyone knows you're
the biggest crook in town.
I'll bet Tippy has the evidence
to put you away
for goody, goody gumdrops.
That's a bunch
of slanderous fiddle faddle!
There's no greater love
than the one between
stepfather and stepson!
Bring in the defendant.
[door creaks]
Really? You open
an outward swinging door
with a right-handed
Sapperstein full twist?
[ominous music]
Why are you looking at me?
[phone chiming]
Yes! Nailed it!
Mr Dorman, I'm Stacy Strikeout.
I've been assigned
as your defence attorney.
Oh, don't worry.
I haven't lost a case yet.
All my clients fire me
before their trials end.
I am Tippy Dorman.
Oh, great.
You wore prison stripes
and manacles to court?
Do you know how guilty
that makes you look?
All rise for the Honourable
Judge Strictpunish.
[spectators murmuring]
-[man 1] Judge Strictpunish?
-[woman] What?
Tippy Dorman.
You have been charged with
Holy cow!
Wow, this is bad.
How do you plead?
The truth is,
I did try to rule the world.
For only doormen possess
the qualities of true leaders.
I am guilty, Your Honour.
[spectators gasp, murmur]
[man 2] What? Guilty?
This is crazy.
Well, that was easy.
Unfortunately, what you did
is very naughty,
and the law is clear.
I'm going have to sentence you
to 480 minutes in jail.
To think about what you've done.
-[spectators gasp]
-Four hundred eighty minutes?
-That's eight hours!
I have absolutely no idea how
I should be feeling right now.
Why am I even here?
Court adjourned!
There's orange slices
and cucumber water
in the lobby for everyone.
[footsteps shuffle]
How's it going in here, Tippy?
Who cares? The whole world
is my prison now.
-Yeah. Very dramatic.
-Let's go.
[lock clicking]
-Allow me.
-This is a jailbreak.
-A jailbreak?
Thank Mary Sinclair.
All she asks in return
is help throwing
your stepfather in prison.
Are you kidding?
I have six hours left
in my sentence.
-[both] Grab him.
-[all grunt]
[both grunting]
[tense music]
Hey. Bring me back to my cell.
What if someone sees me?
You're with two police officers.
No one knows
we swiped these uniforms.
[siren wailing]
Do you know
why we pulled you over?
[Vito] Boss, Sinclair
just busted Tippy outta jail.
How do you know? Do we have
an operative in the police?
No. Look.
I just busted Tippy
Out of jail ♪
I just busted Tippy
Out of jail ♪
-[tyres screech]
-[engine revs]
Who knows what evidence
Tippy has on you?
If he gives it up to Sinclair,
she'll bring us all down.
Then we've got to find him
before he gives her anything.
Put the word on the streets.
Fifty grand to whoever delivers
Tippy Dorman!
Miss Sinclair's
picking us up here.
Then we're gonna have
a long chat
about Fendrich's criminal
Doubtful. They must have noticed
I'm not in my cell
by this point.
Oh, we took care of that.
So you're gonna help us,
and it's up to you how.
The easy way or the hard way.
-[engine revs]
-[both gasp]
[siren wailing]
[tyres screech]
-[all gasp]
Funny, I've always found
the easy way
is rarely the best way.
-It's Duke DeTain.
-Grab him.
I saw these two
leave the courtroom
and knew they were bad news.
[ice cream jingle playing
in distance]
The Ice Cream Bandits.
We gotta roll.
[upbeat music]
[tyres screeching]
[jingle playing]
[siren wailing]
Hang on.
What did they want with you?
Apparently, there are
criminal elements in the city
who believe I have
incriminating information.
Do you?
I am a doorman,
Lieutenant DeTain.
I have information
about everyone.
[tyres screech]
Oh, no.
Oh, boy.
-Hang on!
[car engine revs]
Word must be out that
you're loose on the streets.
[motorcycle engine revving]
Here you go.
[all scream]
[all grunt, groan]
[Tippy gasps]
What happened? Where'd they go?
I kick danced about this.
Duke DeTain happened.
-[phone chimes]
Fendrich's offered
a reward for Tippy.
-We'll have to beat it.
-[engines revving]
Put the word out,
51 grand for the doorman.
You heard me,
51 grand and a half-off coupon
for Little Hubert's
whipped cream.
Ha, beat that, Sinclair.
We searched Tippy's
whole apartment.
All we discovered
is he really, really
likes doors.
Of course he does.
He's a doorman.
Wait. I'll bet he's got
a secret hideout, like we do.
Contact that real estate agency
for criminals. Shady Estates.
We have a secret hideout?
-[train horn honks]
[all screaming]
[car tyres screech]
[both gasp, scream]
[Tippy screaming]
The whole city's after you.
There may be
no safe place to go.
Follow me, Lieutenant.
Wow, that was
a circuitous route.
[Duke] You really do know
your way around the city.
[Tippy] As a doorman,
it is my sacred duty
to know the ins and outs
of every door in the city.
[Tippy] Don't worry,
this place is completely safe.
Only one other person
even knows it exists.
Hello, Tippy.
And she's standing right there
with Fendrich.
[Duke] Oh, phew. It's only
your stepfather and his friends.
I was worried we were in danger
for a second there.
Hi, Terra Holmes
from Shady Estates.
We specialize in evil lairs
and hideouts.
Lieutenant DeTain,
would you mind
if I had a private chat
with my stepson?
Sure, nothing ominous
about that.
Let's play Go Fish.
Okay, Tippy,
where is the evidence
you've collected about me
and my criminal empire?
Someplace a man like you
would never think of looking.
Where? Is this gonna be gross?
Nowhere. I never collected
evidence on you.
You're family, and I love you.
I would never do anything
to harm you.
But you would rule over me
with a magic rock
from outer space.
Yep, in a heartbeat.
Ha, fair enough.
Your words
made me realise something.
I should have had Sinclair
on the videophone for that.
-[phone ringing]
-[Fendrich] Hang on.
Here, listen to this.
Hello, Mary. I don't have any
incriminating evidence
on my stepfather. I never did.
Hear that, Sinclair?
You got nothing.
But if your offer's still good,
I'll turn Tippy over to you
-for that 51 grand.
Okay Tippy,
your eight hours are up.
You're free to go.
[police] Let's go, Tippy.
Did I mention you're free to go?
Look. Sarge says
we need the cell. Come on.
Why is this always happen to me?
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