Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e05 Episode Script

Class Act

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis! Stop!
Or slow down to a casual stroll
in the name of the law!
A little distraction
should blow these guys off.
[Rooky grunts]
Daisy, you are under arrest!
Wow, really?
All the times we've arrested you,
and you still haven't learned your lesson?
Next chase, we use cars
or you can just forget about it!
Guess I'm a slower learner
as your partner is a runner.
Uh, is that a hot dog?
Stopped at a hot dog cart
for fuel.
You prevented
the cool explosion.
Yes, now we are indifferent,
bordering on disinterested.
Hey, blowing stuff up
isn't cool!
-Actually, it kinda is.
-Thus, our apathy continues
Come, Bleak, let us fade
into the dark of night
and see if that hot dog cart
is still around.
I wish I could make a difference
in the lives of kids like that.
You know, help them choose
the right path
so they don't go bad.
I mean, it is one small step
from thinking explosions
are cool
to actually blowing stuff up!
Ah! I guess
I'm kinda like a role model, huh?
No! Not cool!
I'm supposed to be
the role model!
Yo! Nice work busting Daisy.
I got a new case for you, dudes.
Someone's stealing
computer tablets
from Downtown Middle School.
The thief may be a teacher
or a student.
So you're going undercover
as both.
Ooh! I'll be the teacher!
Finally, my chance
to be a positive influence
on kids who need it!
-Those two are a good example.
Grizz, that makes
you the student.
Huh. I forgot what it was like
being a middle school student.
Those two are a good example!
We got cases piling up,
so you'll need
to find the thief ASAP.
You got one week!
No problem, Chief!
We won't rest till we bust this
tablet bandit, right, Grizzled?
[Grizzled snoring]
[school bell ringing]
Reappearous Magnosous!
Hello, I'm Mr. Schwartz,
the principal
of Downtown Middle School.
Hope I didn't frighten you
by magically appearing
out of thin air.
-No we saw you when we
Sometimes real magic
can be startling.
I'm here to welcome you.
[school bell rings]
Class, I've magically
summoned up
a new teacher and student!
Hello. I'm Ms. Rooky.
I am so excited to inspire you
with my excitement!
And I'm a new student.
Since the school's computer tablets
keep vanishing,
we're going to use wonderful,
old, real textbooks.
[students groan]
Learning from real books
is magical!
And now, I shall leave you
to your enchanted studies.
Disappearous Exodusous!
Class, life is about
taking the right path!
Does anyone know
what "carpe diem" means?
It means "seize the day."
And I'm going
to teach you all to seize the day!
Carpe diem!
[students gasp]
Got a fancy way of saying
"fall on the floor
and look goofy"?
[students laugh]
So, uh, who took the tablets?
Know anything
about the tablet thief?
You really showed
that new teacher
how to seem like you don't care.
I almost felt
slightly less neutral about it.
Yeah, whatever.
-Agreed. Whatever.
-Oh, absolutely, whatever.
I'm Bleak and he's Dread.
We gather here after school.
You're welcome to partake
in our nonchalance.
-Sure, I guess. Whatever.
-Yeah. Whatever
-Totally. Whatever.
-Well, whatever then.
[boys] Whatever.
Hi. I'm the new
substitute teacher.
Boy, we dedicated educators
sure have to work hard
since the school's tablets
have gone missing!
I'm more worried about
that new student, Grizzled.
My class had to give
a presentation
on what they did
over the weekend
and he just said he didn't
change his t-shirt or shave.
Sure, that Grizzled kid
can be frustrating,
almost as frustrating
as those tablets going missing.
I wonder where they went
If that troublemaker Grizzled
wasn't new to school,
I'd say he was behind it.
You know he took
my backscratcher off my desk,
and used it!
Ew. Yeah, I guess Grizzled
is a disruptive influence.
He's making it very difficult
to show all the other students
the right path in life.
It's tragic.
Aha! Did someone say "magic?"
Uh, no, actually.
I said "tragic."
Oh. Oh. Disappearous Awayarous.
Life is all intense listlessness.
Yeah, wait till you hit sixty.
Your heart becomes
one granite-like callous
or so I heard.
That's so amazingly jaded.
Yeah, I'm all ash and anger
on the inside.
Gotta split.
[sighs sharply]
the other teachers
are too annoyed at you
to discuss the tablets.
Have we got any clues?
I've eliminated some suspects.
That new substitute teacher
is too much of a goody, goody
to steal tablets.
I am the new substitute teacher!
Right, sorry, I wasn't really
paying attention.
Exactly! Maybe you should spend
less time being class clown!
Well, maybe you should stop
trying to be
"teacher of the year"
and start trying
to crack this case!
Invisibleous Sneakyous.
If these kids
knew right from wrong,
they would tell us any info
they had on the tablets!
Remember, Chief Wheeler said
we have to solve this case
in one week!
I need your help!
But I just joined Dread
and Bleak's band.
-We gotta gig next month.
-One week.
Today, we're gonna talk about
how pollution negatively affects
the environment.
Like how bad choices
negatively affect your life.
Wait, did I say "talk?"
Making good choices
Is so easy to do ♪
You save the planet
And that saves you ♪
Never let the garbage
Pile up to your head ♪
Don't commit that crime
And recycle instead ♪
Now before the sky falls
And the whole planet's sizzled ♪
I could use a little help
From a student named Grizzled ♪
I know you'd rather kick back
Just relaxin' and punnin' ♪
But if you don't help out,
Your future ♪
Will involve
A lot more runnin' ♪
You got the world
In your hands ♪
It's time to show
What it's worth ♪
When it's polluted with dirt
What do we do with the Earth? ♪
[students cheer]
Grizzled is destructive,
and a bad influence on students!
Oh, by the Cloak of Illsgord
the Cloakless!
I've heard the same complaints
from all the other teachers,
as well.
This is the tenth time
you've been sent to my wizard's
lair slash office this week.
School policy dictates
that I must suspend you
from school for one week.
[both] One week?
If you're suspended,
you can't come to school
for a week!
Which is how much time we have
to catch the tablet thief!
Mr. Schwartz,
there has to be another way.
Well, if young Grizzled were
to pass the big test tomorrow
and prove he is learning,
I won't suspend him.
Now, excuse me,
there are urgent
mystical matters
I must tend to,
Stealious Moretableausious!
Perfect! We are this close
to catching the thief.
We have suspects,
we just need a motive.
Perfect? There's no way
I'm gonna pass that test.
Yes, you are!
You are going to pass
because I am gonna teach you,
and we're gonna solve this case
at the same time!
We'll just have
to "seize the day!"
Right! Let's "carpet dum-dum."
Okay, I got my work
cut out for me.
-That test was so "whatever."
-Like I care about any of this.
Let's not even resolve
our character arcs.
Am I even Bleak or Dread?
Who cares?
Grizzled, whatever happens,
I am proud of you.
-How do you think you did?
-Eh, the whole test was a blur,
'cause I forgot
my reading glasses.
Remember, we still have
one big problem to solve.
The tablet thief.
We just need a motive.
Why steal computer tablets?
What are we missing?
I have the test results. Huzzah!
Every student passed!
-Even Grizzled, by half a point!
-[students cheering]
-That's even better than I did
on my obstacle course
driving test.
Great job!
And I'm driving home!
I knew those tablets
were harmful.
Once they magically vanished,
the real learning began.
From books!
Wait If he believes kids
can only learn from real books,
he would want
all the tablets gone.
Do you smell that?
-Not another hot dog cart.
-No. Our motive.
Principal Schwartz
is the tablet bandit!
So, look, whatever,
I'm not a cool Goth student
and she's not a nerdy teacher.
We're cops and Mr. Schwartz
stole the tablets.
-[students gasp]
-[indistinct chatter]
Yes! I did make
the tablets disappear
so kids would read
from real books!
The only way to learn!
I helped through magic!
Uh, no, you committed crime
through stealing.
The way to get kids to learn
is to inspire and motivate them.
That's the right path.
Mr. Schwartz,
you're under arrest!
-Dissaparous Quickous!
-Not so fast!
-Nice bust, partner.
-[Grizzled thuds]
-Uh, is he okay?
That's Sam Grizzled.
He has a PhD in napping.
[theme music]
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