Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

We're #1

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[Doug] Are you ready for some mega-intense
charitable fund-raising mayhem?
Come join me, Dynamo Doug,
as I intensely host our city's
firefighters and police
in the totally intense
Red versus blue Showdown!
Did I mention it'll be intense?
The winner snags
the Golden Siren Trophy
and all proceeds go
to the generously intense charity,
for the Easily Distracted!
This Saturday! City Stadium!
Firefighters versus police!
Red versus blue!
The intensity will out-intense
all previous intenseness!
Oh, yeah!
This is Gabby Tocamera
outside City Stadium
where the whole city has gone
firefighter red or police blue
to support their favorite team.
With me now are team captains
Fire Chief McCloud
and Police Chief Wheeler.
Chief Wheeler, care to make
any predictions on tomorrow's contest?
Only how that awesome trophy
will look way rad
at the Police Station!
Then I trust you'll arrest
the thief that steals it
from the Fire Station
after we clobber you!
Wow, who knew
there was such a deep rivalry
between our city's heroes?
All I know is my team
is so on fire,
the police are gonna get burned!
Hate to throw cold water on you,
but my officers
have this win locked up!
Any last intimidating words?
[both] It is so on!
Well, I know I won't be missing
a second of this exciting event!
And now back to Craig Woodman
in the studio
because that always goes well.
[Gabby] Look!
It's like tossing it to a log!
[both grumbling]
[both laughing]
Dude, I thought
I was going to lose it
with that locked up stuff!
I know! Whatever sells tickets
for the charity.
It's just so silly!
We work together every day.
Exactomundo. Rivals!
We're family!
Hey, catch ya later!
[Duke grunts]
This whole "red vs blue" thing,
I'm uncomfortable
with all the aggressive competitiveness.
The kids are watching.
it's not real competition!
It's just good fun
for a good cause!
Hey, a little competitiveness
isn't bad!
I can't wait to show this city
what the police department
is made of.
Pretend competition?
I won't stand for it.
Literally. I'll just do
the whole thing sitting down.
[sighs sharply]
[Clemmons screams]
Chief, what are we going to do?
Clemmons, please,
try to articulate the specific problem
as you panic.
Problem! That!
What happened to your foot?
Funny story.
I was flossing my teeth
No time!
Right! Sorry, Chief.
"No time" is you.
Wow, Bob, I thought disaster
only followed me around
like a lost puppy.
[chuckles nervously]
the red versus blue rules
say each team
must have four people.
Well, we can't let down
the easily distracted people
we promised to help,
even though they weren't paying
attention when we promised.
So, who else can we get
for the competition?
Did I hear competition?
Good thing Tread Octane
was super-charging your fire truck
so he can volunteer
to super-charge your team!
Thanks, Tread,
but firefighters only.
I am a fire-defeater!
I completed the fire
academy training course
'cause I thought it was a really long,
complicated obstacle course.
I'm also a podiatrist
and prime minister of a country
I forgot the name of.
I never back down
from a challenge!
It's legit.
Tread is a firefighter!
Then I don't see a problem.
Welcome to the team, Tread!
Team Tread. I like it!
[indistinct shouting]
Are you ready for intensity?
Yeah! Welcome to the Red
versus Blue Showdown!
Our judges today head up
the intense organization
this event benefits, Boomerangs,
for the Easily Distracted!
Did somebody call the police?
'Cause here they come!
Team captain Chief Wheeler
and Officers Detain,
Grizzled, and Partnur! Intense!
-We love you, Duke!
-Hey, where's the fire?
'Cause here comes
our firefighters!
[Doug] Chief Freya McCloud
with Firefighters Feldman,
Clemmons, and Octane!
Yo, Freya.
What's with the Treadster?
Bob's injured.
Turns out Tread graduated
from the Fire Academy!
I challenge you to
Whatever this is,
other not-us team!
[Wheeler] Remember, dudes,
maximum funage!
Let's give these people
a rad show!
Can do, Chief.
The easy way is also rarely
the, uh, rad way.
[Dough] Our first event
is the Boulder Bash!
Last team on their boulder wins!
Can you say, "in", then say, "tense"?
Good thing I always race
an avalanche
in my morning workout,
screamy guy.
[all groaning]
[all grunting]
Hey, a valid reason to say
[crowd] Ah!
Never turn a shoulder to Tread
on a boulder!
[Duke gasping]
Hey, take it easy, Tread!
This is supposed to be fun.
Winning is fun,
roly-poly cop guy!
I actually think I injured
some place new.
We won.
-I never won at anything.
-We're a team.
It's about teamwork.
But, technically, I won more.
That was awesome!
It totally looked like
they slammed you!
Listen to the crowd react
to what seemed like
your humiliating defeat!
Uh, Chief,
Tread's playing kinda rough.
The kids are still watching.
Yeah, I'm almost beginning
to care about this. Almost.
A little competitiveness is good.
The Chief and I
will even the score.
Whoa, there, Rooks,
let's keep it close
so it's more exciting.
[Doug] Huh? What's intense?
Human wheelbarrow racing is what!
I feel so silly.
Right? Let's show these people
even Chiefs
can have a little fun!
[air horn blows]
So freaky not to thrash
without wheels!
Gnarly police spirit, Rook, but
[air horn blows]
Well, that's a first for me!
I'm glad everyone's
having such a great time.
Yeah, fun!
It's not like I suddenly feel
compelled to win at all costs.
[crowd cheering]
[Grizzled snores, grunts]
Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
[both] One, two, three, go!
One, two, three, go!
One, two, three, go!
[both scream]
Rock, Paper, Scissors
has been canceled because of
Well, yeah.
Tread Octane
is so full of hot air!
Well, it seems the judges
haven't been paying attention,
so we have no idea
what the score is!
So, I declare Red and Blue
are tied!
The most intensest
scenario possible!
[Doug] The Golden Siren Trophy
will go to the winner
of one final event!
A tie is so not winning,
and not winning is so not Tread!
I challenge you
to check my math on that!
This whole thing
is way not chill!
Bringing Tread just to win a trophy?
You think I'd cheat at a charity event?
It's not like your team
is pulling any punches!
You left us no choice, dude!
The best offense is winning.
[both] Oh, it is so on!
The tiebreaker
is the very unsafe Human Slingshot!
Whichever side can hurl
one teammate the farthest wins!
That's it. We have to win!
Let's treat this
like a real emergency!
Winning is always an emergency!
Oh, no!
Roastie doesn't understand
it's not a real, real emergency!
[Tread] Whoa, metal car dog!
Tread Octane always
goes faster than everyone,
but only on purpose!
[crowd gasps]
[indistinct chatter]
[pigeon cooing]
Hey, wingy beak kitty!
Move! Shoo!
Blue and Red teams,
we gotta get the Treadster
down safely!
We're gonna need
a giant slingshot,
two boulders,
an oversized balloon,
a chair
and a Golden Siren Trophy!
On it!
Wait, all those things are already
-No time!
-Feldman, Roaster on slingshot!
Duke, Clemmbo, boulder team!
Grizzy, Rooks,
oversized balloon!
I'm on Dynamo and the judges!
I got the trophy!
Dudes, Move it!
This is a fire
and police emergency!
-[siren wailing]
-[McCloud] Aim. Fire!
Rooky, Grizzled! Balloon time!
Tread! I challenge you
to let go!
A challenge?
No one lets go of flagpoles
better than Tread Octane!
[Tread groaning]
Boulders, now!
[both groaning]
[Tread screaming]
Musical chair!
[crowd cheering]
Wait, who won?
We all did, dude.
Red and blue are on the same team.
Tread, thanks for accidentally
reminding us
to always give 110%
and what winning really means.
No problem,
asking-for-crazy-things lady.
I have no idea
where I am or what's going on,
but I'm just glad
I'm gonna think I won.
[theme music]
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