Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e15 Episode Script

My Cool Aunt Freya

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[young Mark] Freya, wait up!
Isn't getting separated from the rest
of the class risky, you know, to me?
You worry too much, Marky.
It's a field trip to learn
about being a firefighter.
And I wanna do everything,
but there's no time!
I'm your big brother, so I'm a much more
experienced worrier than you.
Freya, please stop goofing around.
It isn't safe, to me!
This is where I belong!
Being a firefighter is so much fun!
Firefighting is so much fun ♪
With a really long hose
We can put out the sun ♪
Would you guys please stop goofing around?
Some trucks are red
Yellow or orange ♪
When we hear
A fire alarm we ♪
Guitar solo!
[mimics electric guitar playing]
Sorry to break up the band,
but it's time to do inventory.
Inventory, doin' inventory! ♪
Makin' sure everything's
Where it's supposed to be! ♪
[mimics electric guitar playing]
Okay, everyone, let's finish
getting the station in order.
Right away, Chief Party-Pooper!
Hey, Clemmons, you don't really think
I'm a party pooper, do you?
Oh, Chief, no. No.
Well, I mean, you're
Chief Freya McCloud, you know?
"I urgently need a bunch
of random things! No time!"
This city's lucky you're Fire Chief,
but it's a lot of responsibility,
so when it comes to fun,
no time, you know?
We all get that. We respect it.
When did I become "No Fun Freya?"
[phone rings]
Ann? Is everything okay?
Did Mark barricade you
in the apartment again,
because he saw a mosquito?
[Ann] Oh! Yeah, but that's not
why I'm calling.
I need a huge favor.
Mark finally agreed to take me to dinner
on the Guardian of the Oceans.
Do you think you could watch Billy?
[Billy] Cool Aunt Freya's
coming over? Yay!
[Freya] Absolutely! Tell Billy
his Cool Aunt Freya is coming,
and we're going to have so much fun!
[locks rattling]
Hey, little sister!
Sorry about the half-hour wait.
One of my better mosquito
barricades if I do say so.
I totally understand, big brother.
You protect your family
the way I protect the city.
Thanks again for watching Billy.
Cool Aunt Freya!
We're gonna have so much fun!
You bet, Billy!
'Cause fun is what
Cool Aunt Freya is all about!
There's nothing like controlled fun
with restrictive parameters, to me!
Here's your itinerary.
You can read one bedtime story.
But not Little Red Riding Hood.
Because that's too scary. To me.
Here are the emergency contact numbers.
Hospital, police, poison control,
mosquito control, barricade repair,
fire department,
and, of course, Fire Chief.
Oh, I should make sure
these numbers are still current.
[line ringing]
It's current, Mark.
Come on, honey. They'll be fine.
It's Freya, the most
responsible person in the city.
So, what fun should we have first?
Well, Dad says sitting still in the middle
of the couch is fun. To him.
Yeah, we played sit on the couch
all the time as kids.
I loved to jump on the couch,
but Mark said rapid changes
in elevation causes tummy aches. To him.
Jumping on the couch? We can do that?
They don't call me Fun Freya for nothing.
[pop music plays]
[both laughing]
-[Freya laughing]
-This is the best! Hoo-wee!
I feel truly alive!
Oh, this is nothing!
Guess who brought cookies?
We're gonna eat cookies
after bouncing on the couch?
Who said anything about after?
Hey, a parking spot right in front!
Maybe too right in front.
Isn't that a little
worryingly convenient, you know, to me?
Wow, you are so wound up.
Look what I have! Funny cat videos!
Ann, I am not a child.
I can hit play on funny cat videos myself.
[laughs] A kitty cat playing a banjo?
Wow! Couch cushion forts,
cookies, and video games!
I don't see any way to have more fun.
I do.
Arrr, ye wanting breadsticks?
Isn't combining bread and sticks
a little risky? To me?
Mark, please, stop being a worrywart
-and enjoy yourself.
-Sorry, honey.
I guess I'm just nervous
about leaving Billy.
He's with Freya.
He couldn't be in safer,
more reliable hands.
Well, my little sister wasn't
always so safe and reliable.
When we were kids, I saw all
the potential danger in the world
and she saw all the potential fun.
But she could get out of control.
Come on, Freya, isn't playing
with the controls in
a fire truck really dangerous,
you know, to everyone?
Freya! The brake! Stop!
Whoo-hoo! Now this is fun!
Oh, no! Mark's in danger!
I have to save him!
Okay, leg's too short to reach brakes,
hard turns would shake
the ladder, and make Mark fall.
If we continue downhill,
we'll go too fast to stop safely.
[young Freya] Only one option!
-[young Mark] Freya!
-[young Freya] No time!
-[Mark grunts]
-[water splashes]
It took years of discipline
for Freya to learn
to control her ability,
and use it to help people.
And now she's a responsible adult.
I mean, what could cause
Fire Chief Freya McCloud
to regress back to being a kid
just looking for fun?
Skateboard food fight!
Isn't throwing food
while skateboarding in the house
a little too dangerous, you know, to me?
Oh, no. I've become my dad.
You're not like your father.
You're fun, like your Cool Aunt Freya!
Your dad's idea of a good time
is his collection
-of easily breakable objects.
-[crashing, shattering]
[phone ringing]
Hello? McCloud residence, sorta.
Hi, honey. Tell Aunt Freya
we're headed home.
Your dad poked himself
in the eye with a breadstick.
I told you they were dangerous!
Whoa, those are easily breakable!
Uh, okay, great! See you soon!
Only one thing to do.
[phone rings]
Fire Station.
What? Prep the new chopper!
[door opens]
Ahh! This place is destroyed!
The Chief is gonna flip out!
I can't believe Freya did this.
Where is she?
I don't know!
It's kinda hard to find anything
at the moment.
My parents are on their way home.
And if they see this mess,
my grandkids will still be grounded.
Right! Time for a good
old-fashioned cleaning montage.
Uh, we're gonna need
a longer cleaning montage.
[vacuum whirring]
What happened?
I'm sorry! I just wanted to have fun.
My grandkids are innocent!
Don't worry, Billy. It's not your fault.
I recognize this kind of fun.
I grew up with it.
Forget cleaning for now,
first thing is we have to find Freya.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! Now this is fun!
So, that's bad, right?
Clemmons, I need the radio.
Ann, I need the keys to the monster truck.
I know what to do.
[Freya laughing]
[ducks quacking]
[horns honking]
Little sister, land that helicopter now!
You're not flying safe! To me!
[Freya] You still worry too much, Marky.
Even I forgot I was fun, but never again!
[dolphin chirping]
I'm not just your little sister,
I'm Cool Aunt Freya!
[Freya] Whoo!
I think you're fun!
Ever since we were kids,
I envied your ability to have fun,
and you're still fun,
you just learned to control it.
Like you have to do now.
I don't like most sounds,
but that was a particularly worrisome one.
No brakes! Gas pedal's stuck!
Radio's broken! Out of wiper fluid!
Oh, no! Mark's in danger!
I have to save him!
[Freya] Mark, jump in!
[Mark] Help!
-Mark! What were you doing?
-What I had to.
When we were kids, and Freya lost control,
I would try to save her.
The problem is,
I'd always end up in more danger than her.
Over time, I learned
the best way to get Freya
to regain control
was if she had to rescue me.
So you purposefully endangered yourself?
No! Are you crazy?
It's just, unlike my little sister,
I'm terrible at emergency rescues.
I assumed the same thing would happen
if I tried to save her tonight.
I think you're a great
emergency rescuer, big brother.
Thanks. I'm sorry, everyone.
Being Fire Chief is lot of responsibility,
so when it comes to having fun,
it's not about "no time,"
it's about the right time.
Yeah, now I would love it
if we could, maybe,
oh I don't know,
turn our attention to fixing
my completely destroyed
apartment and truck?
If we sing and play
Until the work is done ♪
We can make cleaning up
A lot of fun ♪
[all mimicking electric guitars]
[theme music]
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