Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e14 Episode Script

Green Light

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
Work. Imagine vigorous, tireless work,
all day, every day.
Now imagine that work
not being given purpose.
One worker suffers
this affront daily, nature.
As mayor, I'm proud our city
gives nature's hard work
great purpose with clean,
renewable energy,
solar, wind, hydro, geo-thermal,
and I am pleased to announce
we will soon add even more value
to nature's work
with cutting edge science.
To explain,
here's Dr. Floyd Wexler.
Hello, non-cutting edge people.
Behold the latest result
of my genius,
the Green Energy Optimizer!
[crowd cheering]
Yes, I agree
with your admiration of me.
Once installed
in our Eco-Power Plant,
the Green Energy Optimizer
will make all green energy
ten times more efficient!
Yeah! Awesome!
Imagine if crooks got ahold
of this sucker.
The possibilities for amassing
an illegal fortune
would be endless!
Good thing no one knows
it's being transported
from my lab to the Eco Power Plant
tonight via this route.
Dude! He just gave every bad guy
in the city the thumbs up
to swipe the Optimizer!
Oh, Chief Wheeler,
surely, even the city's
most hardened felons respect
amplifying eco-friendly energy
for the good of the community.
[Fendrich] If there's one thing
I can't respect,
it's amplifying
eco-friendly energy
for the good of the community,
if I don't profit from it!
Just imagine the possibilities
if I had that Optimizer.
Uh, what would
those be, exactly?
Well, you heard, Dr. Egghead.
It would make our heists
ten times more heist-ier.
The point is I want it!
I want it! I want it!
We've gotta grab that gizmo en route
to the Eco-Power Plant,
but the police will be
on the lookout for anyone suspicious.
We need someone
with a low profile,
who no one would think capable
of pulling off such a bold,
ingenious crime.
Ugh, this crossword puzzle
is driving me crazy!
What's a word
for an illegal act?
Uh, crime?
Big Betty,
you're perfect for this.
Oh, boss, I am touched
by your faith
in my criminal abilities.
Oh, Big Betty!
You bring such levity
to my criminal empire.
Uh, no, you'll just be a puppet
with Vito telling you
what to do
through a radio earpiece.
We'll need a fall guy,
so go to the docks
and find an accomplice,
a nobody.
We'll take the Optimizer,
he'll take the heat!
[Fendrich snickering]
Okay, good dudes,
we need to know if bad dudes
are planning to snag
the Green Energy Optimizer.
I need someone undercover
on the street
to feed us righteous intel
about any possible threats.
-I'm on it, Chief.
-Dig the gung ho, Dukester,
but you'd slam it
as an undercover hood.
[Wheeler] Every criminal
in the city knows you.
I mean, you were best man
at Joaquin "The Ornithologist"
Lopez's wedding.
We need someone unknown
to the crooks.
A cop no one
would mistake for a cop.
Whoa, whoa, fellas, I I
I'd be no good undercover.
I'm not even good above-cover.
I I get heatstroke
from moonlight.
New people make my molars sweat.
Plus I can't keep secrets.
That's why I wasn't invited
to Duke's surprise
birthday party next week.
Allen, dude, no problemo.
Duke will talk you through it
every step of the way
with this earpiece radio.
There's nothing to worry about.
If you're suddenly surrounded
by angry, violent goons,
I'll be right there in your ear.
[Allen] I'm having
mixed feeling about this.
Bad and very bad.
Remember, the easy way
is rarely the best way.
We have very different
life philosophies.
[Duke] Time to make contact
and see who is planning what.
Hello, fellow hoodlums!
Any good energy-related felonies
being planned?
[Big Betty] Never seen you
around here before.
[Duke] Say, "I just got
outta prison
and I'm looking for
some criminal employment."
Say, I just got outta prison
and I'm looking
for some criminal employment.
[Vito] I don't trust this guy.
He a cop?
How do I know you're not a cop?
Ah, um, excellent question!
Keep it together.
You're a tough guy, so say
Do I look like a cop?
[Vito] Ha! The guy's got
icy water in his veins.
-I like him. Hire him!
Yeah, no way you'd ever
be mistaken for a cop.
I get that a lot.
What's your rap sheet look like?
Ah, you know, petty theft,
considerable theft,
jay walking, jay skipping,
the usual.
-Okay, you're hired. Follow me.
-[Duke] Go with her.
Maybe she's going after
the Green Energy Optimizer.
No, no, no, I can't do this.
My doctor told me
to avoid mortal danger.
I know, I'm nervous, too.
But I need help.
They call me Big Betty.
Allen. Bad Boy Allen.
You know,
'cause I'm a ruthless criminal.
Dude, you need to split
to escort the transport.
I'll cover for you until you get
to your cruiser,
and I can patch you through.
[Allen] We We're stealing
trendy fashions?
No, we're stealing
the mannequins
to create a distraction.
Since when are mannequins
part of the plan?
I'm not talking to you,
I'm talking to him!
But aren't "you" and "him" both me?
I don't know what to say.
Chill. Just say
Dude, I can't grind
the crimeness
if I don't know the haps.
[Vito] Why is he talking
like that?
Why are you talking like that?
I don't know!
Why are you talking like that?
Look, everyone is just
gonna have to trust me!
Okay, I trust you even though
you think I'm several people!
This is the loud song
The loud song ♪
Turn it up ♪
Allen, it's Duke.
Can you read me?
He's not answering.
That's not good.
[Duke] The criminal world
can turn savage
at the drop of a hat.
[Allen] Hey, good thinking!
Who doesn't stop
to watch a flash mob?
[Big Betty] I got the idea
playing dolls with my nieces.
You know, I have to say,
this job is nothing
like I expected.
And neither are you, Big Betty.
I absolutely mean
no offense by this,
but you don't seem
like a lowlife criminal.
Eh, it pays the bills.
I know crime is wrong,
but we never really,
you know, succeed,
so I figured it's not too bad.
Besides, I have something
to prove.
For having nothing in common,
we have a lot in common.
This is the loud song
The loud song ♪
Turn it up, up, up
It's the loud song ♪
Whoa! A flash mob's about to break
into an impromptu dance
that, in reality,
is painstakingly choreographed.
I gotta see this!
Uh, stick it, yeah!
Work it! Ugh!
Strange. I don't recall any mob dancing
permits issued for tonight.
These aren't dancing citizens!
They're mannequins posed
as an intriguing distraction.
But why?
It worked! We have the truck!
Good, now ditch the new guy,
and let him take the fall
with the cops.
No. This isn't right.
I'm done getting bad advice
in my ear.
[loud static, feedback]
Come on. We gotta deliver
this thing to the boss,
so I can finally get
a little respect.
[truck beeping]
[tires screeching]
Look, Allen, I have
to tell you something.
The plan was to leave you
to take the fall,
but I couldn't.
I consider you more than
just a fall guy.
You're a fall friend.
Oh! Yeah, about that.
This may come as a shock, but I'm not
the dangerous ruffian I appear to be.
I'm an undercover police officer.
Really? Are you sure?
This whole time I've had
someone telling me what to say,
but not anymore.
[siren wailing]
I think you deserve the chance
to do the right thing.
[Allen] And I know this is
a high-speed chase,
but maybe you could drive
just, you know,
a tad less erratically?
Hey, good thinking!
Look, Big Betty,
I know I lied to you,
using other people's words,
and you tried to set me up
using other people's plans,
but now it's just you and me,
and we've never been anything,
but honest with each other.
So, if you've been able
to follow any of that,
this is me, Allen,
asking you, Betty,
please don't steal
the Green Energy Optimizer.
It will help everybody
in the whole city.
But my whole crew thinks
I'm not a good criminal.
If I don't steal this thing,
I'll just be proving them right.
So you're a mediocre criminal,
I'm a mediocre police officer.
Who cares?
Wait. This is Eco-Power Plant.
I convinced you to do the right thing?
I've never convinced anyone
to do anything, including myself!
You're right, Allen.
Maybe you're a terrible police officer
and I'm a terrible criminal,
but what counts
is being a good person.
[policemen cheering]
Let's hear it
for Officer Bad Boy Allen!
Congrats, bro.
From now on, I am assigning you to all
our most dangerous undercover gigs!
Big Betty.
Come to beg forgiveness
for failing to steal the Optimizer?
Nope. I did some research.
With all the buildings
you own in the city,
this is what you will save
per year in energy bills,
because I didn't steal
the Optimizer,
and let it be installed
at the Eco-Power Plant.
Why can't you be like Big Betty,
and do what I tell you to do
better than what I told you to do?
[theme music]
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