Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e13 Episode Script

Quantifying Intrepidness

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
Maddy, honey! Breakfast!
You don't wanna be late
for your paper route.
Mommy, can I wear my big hat today?
Oh, no, you can't even fit
through doorways in that thing.
But it's so cool!
[Carol] Yes, it's perfect
for days you don't need
to enter or exit rooms.
Aw, can I please have
Fruity Sugar Explosion Cereal?
That's only for special occasions.
You need a healthy breakfast.
Okay, but how come you get to decide
what you eat and wear?
Because I'm a grown up.
I'm glad my mother didn't let me
eat bowls of cavities
and wear a hang glider on my head
when I was just a kid.
I'm not just a kid.
Oh, sweetie, you should enjoy it.
Many people would love to be a kid again,
despite the wisdom
and maturity of adulthood.
[phone rings]
Oh, good morning, Dr. Wexler.
Perhaps the morning is good for you,
First Deputy Mayor,
but it is my turn to ride the tiny rocket,
and Dynamo Doug refuses
to remove himself!
Not Sharing Doug
is what they should call him!
-Ooh, burn!
-Sorry, dude!
I dropped in 200 coins of intense!
The city must post signs
with clear time limits
on tiny rocket rides!
[slurps] Psh.
The wisdom and maturity of adulthood.
Here we are. The Daily Mulch,
right on time.
Carol, they asked me
to take off my top hats
at the movie theater
because, as they put it,
"No one behind you can see!"
I explained I'm Top Hat Tom,
my very identity is defined by top hats.
If I, somehow, removed my top hats,
then who exactly is watching the movie?
Not Top Hat Tom!
I have the perfect solution.
The city should build
a top hat friendly area
in all public places!
I'm afraid City Hall doesn't
have the budget for that.
Budget? How can you put a price tag
on a man's entire existence
being dependent on wearing a ludicrous
amount of a specific type of hat!
I'm glad no one overheard that.
Hi, Mr. Turman!
I need the rest of the newspapers
to start my route.
Look, Maddison, I like you, kid.
You're going places, and sadly,
by going, I mean, leaving,
and by places, I mean, here.
But what about my delivery route?
That's just it, kid.
Our readership has fallen
from seven million to two.
I, Edward E. Turman, am the last
of the real newspaper men,
who value giving people the truth,
rolled into a tube
and thrown into their shrubbery.
Well, now it's time
to throw in the towel, as well.
But you can't give up.
You still have the online version
of The Daily Mulch!
We can revamp and update it
while still giving people real,
hard-hitting stories no one else has!
Aw, you got heart, kid. I'll give ya that.
But what stories? What's the scoop?
How about a human interest story?
One citizen's courageous battle
to wear way too many hats!
Well, that's aces! You got gumption, kid.
I like it.
I want 500 words on my desk in two hours.
You want me to write it?
But I'm just a kid.
Who would take me seriously?
Listen, kid, I've known lots
of kids, and you, kid,
are not just a kid, kid.
You got guts, pluck, grit.
Stick with me and you'll be
a top ink slinger lickety-split!
But if you're really worried about it,
use a fake name, a nom de plume.
A writer name? It's perfect!
From now on, call me Nomi D. Plume!
I'm Gabby Tocamera with breaking news.
The Daily Mulch Online
has posted an amazing story
by new reporter, Nomi D. Plume,
about one citizen
whose identity is defined solely
by preposterous headwear,
Top Hat Tom, best known
Oh, correction, "only known" for wearing
a truly silly amount of top hats,
claims if the city does not give itself
a top hat-friendly makeover,
he will literally fail to exist.
Wow, Craig, you've been scooped
by a cub reporter.
That's gotta hurt, huh?
I'm asking, seriously,
'cause there's no way to get
any kind of read
on your emotional state,
like, at all. Ever.
That's odd.
Citizens magically
popping out of existence
does not reflect well on City Hall.
Carol, why was I not informed about this?
It just came up
a couple hours ago, Mr. Mayor.
Who is Nomi D. Plum?
And how did she get this story?
No dice. You know,
I can't reveal my sources.
I'd say Ms. D. Plume's writing
says all you need to know
about who she is.
Swell, bye, Aunt Rosie.
[laughs] You did it, kid!
Online views are up 400%.
What's the trick?
How do you dig up these stories?
Oh, kids have a superpower.
We're invisible to busy adults.
They don't realize how much
we actually see and hear.
That's swell, kid, 'cause if we don't keep
the scoop train rolling,
we'll end up back
in Nowheresville, population us.
I'm on it!
I asked all my kid friends if they heard
anything juicy, and check this out.
My friend's mom works
at Timothy Greasefire's diner,
and says his Greasefire Jumbo Dog
isn't really twice
the size of a normal hot dog
[gasps] It looks twice the size.
You got moxie, kid. Spirit.
Exaggerating food portions
is a serious accusation, though.
-Is there proof?
-Not yet.
So it's time for some
investigative journalism.
I need the help of
a single-minded force of nature
who, once given a task,
is like a dog with a bone,
a reputation, which has earned him
the nickname Chomper.
[Maddy] Okay, Chomper,
we need photographic evidence.
Truth, justice, and lunch are at stake.
You can count on me.
I'll keep watch out front
in case there's trouble.
Trouble? [scoffs]
It's me, Chomper.
[whirs] I'm like the wind.
I'll be in and out
with photographic evidence
before they even know I was there.
[Timothy] Ahh! Giant insect!
Not in my kitchen!
-Swat it! Swat it!
-[people clamoring]
-Got it.
-Good work, Billy!
[Gabby] The whole City is glued to
The Daily Mulch Online
as, once again, intrepid reporter,
Nomi D. Plume, breaks a big story
proving celebrity chef
Timothy Greasefire's Jumbo Dog
is not really twice
the size of a regular hot dog.
Photojournalist, uh, Chomper,
captured these shocking images
of Greasefire placing a normal hot dog
on a half-sized plate,
making it only appear to be twice as big.
So, Craig, must get under your skin, huh?
Beaten to another big story?
D. Plume makes it look like child's play.
Not that a child is capable
of this level of journalism.
Psst! Psst!
Got something for me, Carter?
My dad works next to
the Adorable Baby Otter Hospital
and told my mom it's completely empty.
Turns out there are far fewer
sick adorable baby otters
in the city than anyone ever imagined.
The Adorable Baby Otter Hospital
is one of the most famous,
beloved landmarks in the city.
If what you say is true
[phone rings]
Chomper, it's D. Plume.
I got a job for you.
I'm sorry, Timothy, it's not clear
when your hot dog ad talks about the size,
that it's referring to the plates.
It doesn't look right to have you cater
-a City Hall event this week.
-[indistinct chatter on phone]
I have no idea who Nomi D. Plume is,
but she isn't making
my life any easier, either.
I gotta run, Timothy. Okay, bye.
Carol! I just wanted
to thank you in person
for convincing Mayor Fleck
to greatly increase the budget
for my Adorable
Baby Otter Hospital once again.
It's my pleasure, Mr. Fendrich.
Who doesn't want the very best care
for poor, sick, adorable baby otters?
Maddy! You've been spending so much time
over at The Daily Mulch,
I feel like I never see you anymore!
How's my little girl?
Good, Mommy, but I need to tell you
Yes, tell me all about it!
For instance, this Nomi D. Plume.
Boy, is she stirring up trouble!
Where does she get her stories?
-Well, I don't know if
-Oh, listen to me.
I'm being silly.
I'm sorry, you're just a kid.
How would you know what's going on
at a big newspaper?
I scoped out the whole
Baby Otter Hospital.
It's completely empty.
This is our biggest scoop yet.
The city gave millions to that place.
And my mother just got Fendrich
even more money for the Otter Hospital!
I wonder what other schemes
Fendrich is up to.
We need an inside man! Chomper!
On it!
Just a kid, huh?
We gotta post this
Otter Hospital story online now!
Look, kid, you got a doozy
of a story, here, sure,
but this could look really bad
for City Hall.
Yeah, wait until my mom
finds out it was her
and the grown-ups
who don't know what's going on.
Uh, kid, isn't the reason we do this
just to give people the truth?
You're right.
Running this story only to prove
to my mother that I'm not just a kid
is something just a kid would do.
Thank you, Mr. Turman.
I know what I have to do.
Mommy? There's something I need
to tell you about Nomi D. Plume,
and the Baby Otter Hospital.
Thanks to an investigation
by intrepid reporter
Nomi D. Plume,
City Hall has learned
our Adorable Baby Otter Hospital
is completely devoid
of cute, ill sea mammals.
R.E. Fendrich has agreed
to pay back all the money
the city gave to the hospital,
which we will use to build
special stacked top hat-wearing areas
in all public places.
-Oh! Thank you!
-[man clears throat]
I will now read a note from Nomi D. Plume.
"I am proud to have helped
make The Daily Mulch
our top online news source,
though now it must continue in its fine
journalistic tradition without me.
I feel I have done what I set out to do.
But I promise you this.
If truth and justice are ever threatened,
Nomi D. Plume will return."
On a personal note,
Nomi D. Plume has taught us all
that everyone can make a difference,
and that includes our kids.
Children may be our future,
but they are also very much our present.
We must never underestimate,
if given a chance,
the value they bring to this city.
[crowd cheering]
Maddy D. Plume, I'm sorry.
You are so much more than just a kid.
Thanks, Mommy.
But being just a kid
doesn't sound so bad right now.
Can I go play with Billy?
Huh, where is Billy?
It's not my fault there are no adorable
sick baby otters in this city!
[grunts] We need to come up
with a new scheme to earn that money back.
Who's got any ideas?
[theme music]
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