Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e12 Episode Script

Harpy Stubbs

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
This is the Loud Song
The Loud Song ♪
Turn it up, up, up
It's the loud ♪
This platform has to rise
to exactly my height.
I know my fans.
If I'm not a whole "me" higher up,
the whole emotional impact thingy
will totally not be impacty!
Eh, absolutely, Poppy.
I'll fix it.
Love the hat, by the way.
[both] We love your hat, too,
Thanks! See, I love ice cream and hats,
so I brain-thought,
"What if I put ice cream
on my head?"
Then I totally did that!
Okay, take five
while we fix the stage!
Poppala, that hat, golden.
Thanks, Colonel Epstein!
See, I love ice cream and hats, so I
Amazing, Pops,
but you gotta rest the voice.
Remember what
the throat doctor said?
I'll tell her whatever you want
for front row seats?
No, the part you
were supposed to hear.
Oh, right, your voice is money,
so spend it wisely.
I totally love
capitalist metaphors!
Can we get some more help here?
Helping is what I'm here for!
I'll have that fixed in a jiffy.
Might not even need
a full jiffy!
But you aren't on my crew.
Who are you
and how'd you sneak in here,
considering a bright red shirt
and big blue overalls
is a horrible sneaky outfit?
I'm helpful handyman Harl Hubbs.
I helped build this stadium,
and happy to help
whoever visits.
And I didn't sneak in, silly,
I came in through
my Helpful Handyman door.
Makes sense.
How much do I owe you?
I'm paid in the smiles
of those I help,
or, in your case,
easily calmed suspicion
and accusations.
Okay by me, kid, but you got skills
that could make you rich.
I don't wanna be rich!
Money takes valuable pocket space away
from really helpful things.
Seems like you could use
a cool glass of lemonade.
Totally. Pink lemonade.
[Harl] Ha, no,
I was talking to him!
I was so totally not
at the center of that attention.
Hi! I'm Harl. What's your name?
Me? I'm Poppy Starr?
You know, The Poppy Starr.
The. That's an unusual
first name. I like it!
No! I'm Poppy Starr,
the totally fortunately named pop star?
Because of your fun, silly hat,
I thought you worked
at the ice cream store
making children laugh.
My giant ice cream cone hat is silly?
Of course!
Isn't it supposed to be?
Dancers, is my new hat silly?
Um. Yes. No. Maybe.
What do you think, Poppy?
[dancers] That's what we think!
[Poppy groans]
Thanks for telling me, Harl.
I was totally trusting other people's
opinions instead of the mirror's!
Happy to help!
Well, a handyman's work is never done.
Thank goodness!
-Hey, Harl!
-Hi, Poppy!
That's so funny running into
each other two days in a row.
No, I came to find you!
It was totally easy!
I asked around
and I guess everyone, but silly me,
knew there was only one
helpful Harl Hubbs
who saved the city
and hangs out at a junkyard!
Only one, huh?
I would have thought
there'd be more of us.
I just wanted to thank you again
for, like, helping me
and telling me
the difficult hat truth.
Helping is what I do.
So, what can I help you with today?
[cash register ring tone]
Oh, I'm just taking a break
from global super stardom.
You know,
I've never been in a junkyard.
It's so totally, like,
a yard full of junk!
That describes it perfectly!
Hey, whachoo sniffin' round
my hidden tunnel entrance for?
You fixin' to poach
my secret treasu
Eh, I mean,
ain't no treasure here!
Cluster, this is Poppy.
She's a very popular singer.
Eh, I only like music from the '80s.
The 1880's.
I totally like lots of music!
I even dream about doing new,
different songs than just, like,
only number one,
really successful music everyone loves!
Poppy Starr? I can't believe it!
Oh, cool, you're a fan.
Who doesn't love Tread Octane?
I can't believe
you haven't heard of me!
Wait, who?
Who can beat me
when I'm driving that? Nobody!
Terrible question.
Wow! That is totally the shortest,
most tomato-looking limousine
I've ever seen!
I have no idea what that means,
but I challenge you to a race!
-[tires screeching]
-[engine revving]
[cheering, giggles]
Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
[Tread laughing]
I don't remember the last time
I had so much fun
it made me hungry!
I'm totally fungry!
Hey, let's go to this totally exclusive
seafood place by the harbor.
It's, like, open a whole
thirty minutes a day!
Hmm. I don't think
we'd make it in time.
Today is Everyone Just Go
Outside And Wander Randomly Day.
We can take your helicopter.
Uh, I want to help,
but I don't have a helicopter.
No probs! We'll use one of mine!
Whoa! Now that's helpful!
[Harl] And I helped make
that sign there,
and built shelves
in that building, there.
Man, I'd be able to help even
more people even faster
if I had a helicopter!
Huh. I never thought of that.
I mostly use it
to blow dry my hair super fast.
[Harl] This is the best
sea urchin I've ever had!
Wow, Poppy,
you get to do what you love,
fly around in helicopters,
and make people happy!
I bet you don't have one hidden,
unfulfilled wish that haunts you.
There is one thing.
I've written some new, different songs,
but I'm too afraid to play them.
What if my fans don't like them?
What if I look silly?
Are you planning on wearing
the ice cream cone hat
while playing them?
Popkins! Why the hide and seek?
We gotta show tonight.
Come on. Into the limo!
Time is money,
and it's a quarter to a million!
Just think how much junk could
be hauled comfortably in this!
And with tinted windows,
I'd surprise everyone
with what I made them!
That would be fun and helpful.
A limo on your salary of smiles?
It takes cash, cheddar, moolah.
Money makes the world go round.
I thought it was gravity.
Money has more pull.
Hey, what's with the crowds?
It's like everyone's
just wandering randomly.
Chi-Chi! Call our guy
at traffic control
and tell him
we want green lights
all the way to the stadium!
You can do that?
Money gives you power,
and power
gives you green lights.
It's the Loud Song ♪
[tires screech]
[Harl] Who would have thought money
and power could be so helpful?
Those are two tools
I've never had in my toolbox.
I'm afraid all I have in my
toolbox are fun pop dance hits,
and I feel I have more
to offer than that.
But what if my fans
don't like my new music?
Sure they will!
All helpful inventions
were new at first,
lightbulbs, mittens, bathrooms,
but everyone quickly learned to love them!
Just think how happy a caveman
would be with a race car!
He could totally
hunt or gather faster!
You're right, Harl!
Colonel, I want to do my new songs!
Whoa, what new songs?
Pops, the show is in two hours.
We need time
to plan the best way
to present new material.
No! I want to do my new songs
at the show tonight,
like lightbulbs, mittens,
and bathrooms!
Like a caveman in a race car!
Harl thinks it's a great idea!
The handyman?
Poppy, I've always looked out
for you.
You gotta trust me
in matters of
Harl has faith in me!
Why can't you trust him
trusting me?
I want money and power.
Okay, okay. I get it.
It looks like you guys have
everything under control.
Harl, why don't I let you
run the show tonight?
Whatever makes Poppala happy.
Besides, it's been a while
since the Colonel
had a little vacation.
[crowd cheering]
[Harl] Lookin' good, Poppala!
Harl. What are you wearing?
Oh, this? You like?
I thought if I was gonna play
the money and power game,
I should wear the uniform.
Yeah, it's so totally you wearing that!
Yay! They're gonna love
your new songs
and we're gonna make
gazillions of money!
Well, we better get going.
It's time to start our big show!
[crowd cheering]
And open every door ♪
I will show you
The wide open spaces ♪
-And the small hidden places ♪
-This is different.
I don't get it.
In my only life ♪
More lights! Bigger!
Is there a money
and power button?
Colonel! Please!
Poppy is losing her audience!
I was wrong!
Money and power isn't helpful.
Helping is!
And I'm not helping Poppy.
I don't know what went wrong!
Uh, you changed the song,
but didn't tell anyone else
on stage is what went wrong.
Just breathe, kid.
Pull the dancers!
Kill the light show!
Ambient only!
Put a spot on Poppy
and raise that platform
exactly one Poppy Starr higher!
This time there's nothing
That will undermine ♪
Whoa! I love this song!
It's so moving and emotional.
My one and only life ♪
[crowd cheering]
Thank you.
That's new!
Thank you, Colonel!
I was totally afraid
no one liked my new songs.
You kiddin'?
Poppy, you're the most naturally
gifted musician I've ever known.
Your new songs are great!
I get it now. All true artists
wanna grow and try new things,
and you'll always have
the Colonel's support.
Sorry, I wasn't more helpful, Poppy.
You gave me the courage
to sing my new songs!
You couldn't have been more helpful,
or a better friend.
Thanks, Poppy. You too.
So, junkyard race tomorrow?
Harl, wanna take the helicopter?
[theme music]
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