Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e11 Episode Script

Duke Time

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
Yo, Dukesy, it's way quiet tonight.
The station's only had one call, this one.
Why not bring it on in?
But, Chief, my shift's not over
for another two and half minutes!
Dude-Tain, you've done
your usual double shifts,
as well as everyone else's
for the past six days!
That's a radical 144 hours
of straight up police work!
Time to get some rest, bro.
Rest? Does crime ever rest?
Uh, yeah!
Dude, crime is totally napping!
That's what I'm telling you.
I've gotta 3378.2 in progress!
[siren wailing]
[Wheeler] A 3-3 what?
A 3378.2 is Frankie Lupelli
creeping down the street
with a stolen painting.
[Bennett] I'm glad someone studied
my new, highly specific code system.
[Duke grunting]
-Duke, why?
-Freeze, Frankie!
I caught you red-handed
with a stolen painting!
I didn't steal the painting!
It's a self-portrait I made
for my grandma!
Ha! That looks nothing like you!
[Bennett] To be fair, a code 3378.2
could seem like a code 5563.7,
which is Frankie Lupelli
innocently walking
with a gift for his grandmother.
[spluttering] Why is that even a code?
A life where every possible activity
does not have a numerical designation
is no life at all.
I destroyed an innocent person's property.
Hey, Frankie's totally cool
about the whole thrashed painting dealio.
Yeah, I did steal
a different painting last night,
and got away with it, so we're even!
See? It's all good, yo.
No, Chief, it's far from all good, yo.
Duke Detain, champion of justice,
was the cause of an injustice.
How could I make such a careless mistake?
Lieutenant, you've been on duty
for six days straight without sleep.
Yeah, I should be really warmed up!
Wait! You're right, Captain!
If I could make this mistake,
there's no telling what I might do.
I could destroy
an innocent person's property!
Uh, you just did that, Lieutenant.
See? I need
a day off.
[all gasp]
But who will protect our city
from criminals like me?
Now that I think of it,
you haven't taken
a chill day in eight years!
Some Duke Time will do you good!
Agreed. Focus on hobbies,
not law enforcement.
I unwind by assigning
code numbers to activities,
which is a 229.4, by the way.
Um, yes, I am familiar
with being chilled and hobbying.
I will take this Duke Time you recommend.
Dude, just rest up and be Duke "The Man."
Then you'll be ready
to be Duke "The Rad Police Officer" again!
Right, Duke "The Man."
So, I guess I'll go home and rest.
Funny, I don't even feel tired.
-[siren ringtone]
-[phone beeps]
Time for work!
Wait! Right. It's my day off.
[siren ringtone]
Yes! Time for work!
No! Day off!
All right, Cubby, it's my
first day off in eight years,
a day to just be Duke Detain "The Man."
I have no idea who that is. How about you?
Are you ever just Cubby the lion cub?
[Cubby] Remember kids,
the easy way is rarely the best way!
You're right!
The best way to take it easy
is not to take the easy way.
If I need rest, relaxation, and Duke Time,
then I'll go above and beyond to get them!
So how do I not be a police officer?
I know, I'll approach it methodically,
like a police officer!
I usually stop by Produce's for breakfast
on my way to the station,
but since I'm not going to the station
I'll eat breakfast at home! Bingo!
Huh, don't remember
the last time I was in here.
Where do I keep food?
Hmm. No food.
Wait, the fridge! [grunts]
Hmm. No fridge.
Maybe I have neglected things around here.
Well, Cubby, a good officer
always follows correct protocol,
so I'll take care of everything
I've neglected for eight years first,
then I can relax and have the Duke Time
I need to be a cop again.
Ah, going out in my police uniform
doesn't seem very day-offy.
There! I do feel kinda silly
in my casual, nighttime sleeping uniform,
but I guess nothing says day off
like going out in your pajamas!
Okay, the first thing on my day off
To-Do List is buy a fridge.
Shifty, I have questions for you.
Oh, hey, Duke, sure. What's up?
I'm looking for a refrigerator.
A refrigerator, huh?
Like the kind that falls off a truck
and someone finds and sells to me?
Actually, I had a mini-fridge in mind.
Know anything about those?
Mini-fridges? [chuckles]
Haven't seen any.
It's not like thieves come here
with stolen mini-fridges to sell.
[grunts] In fact, four of them
did not come in last night.
-[Shifty grunting]
-[loud thudding]
So you don't have any fridges?
Sorry, I can't help, Lieutenant.
Well, I guess I'll have to get food
that doesn't need refrigeration
for my day off.
Thanks, Shifty. [grunts]
[engine revs]
Day off?
Wait, you wanted to buy a fridge?
I just remembered I have five or six
Drat! Okay, the coast is clear.
Phew! Thanks, Shifty!
So, wanna buy this mini-fridge
I, uh, found?
[Wheeler] Yo, DD,
just got a call from Shifty.
You were in his shop in uniform?
He asked if it was really
your day off, 'cause if not,
he doesn't have refrigerators.
What's up, bro?
I am taking a day off, Chief,
and, as advised,
I'm not being a police officer,
but I had a 5-8-8 over at the pawn shop,
so I'm en route to Produce's
for a 3-2-7. Detain, out.
Uh, dude, you sound pretty
hardcore like a police officer.
You gotta chill out,
take a breath and enjoy the view, yo.
That's what Duke Time is all about.
Roger that. I just need
to make up for some lost time.
I'm arriving at
Produce's stand now.
Don't worry, today is completely different
from a regular Lieutenant Duke Detain day.
-[tires screeching]
Hi, Mr. Produce! I'll have the usual.
No fridge, I destroyed Produce's food,
I don't know where to begin hobbying.
I gotta accomplish one thing on this list.
While profiting off doing my job
makes me uneasy,
depositing eight years of paychecks
sounds simple enough.
At least the kids aren't watching
[gasps] Kids!
It's just me.
Duke "The Man."
not Duke "The Police Officer."
Yes, I'm taking a day off.
Uh, see, it's important
to find balance in life.
I know you'd love to be
in school 24 hours a day,
but you also have to
make time to just play.
That's right, so, actually,
if you think about it,
I am heroically not being
a police officer,
as that could lead to mistakes
and put the city in terrible danger!
Which is currently in the great hands
of my fellow officers.
So, nothing, absolutely nothing,
can make me do police work today!
[alarm bell rings]
Nope. Nothing. Cannot be police officer.
Day off!
No police work!
Freeze, law breakers!
Dude! Come on!
I don't understand
how my day off went so wrong.
I couldn't have worked harder to relax.
Maybe instead of looking at it
like Duke "The Police Officer,"
I should have looked at it
as Duke "The Man."
If only I knew how he looked at things.
Now I'll never have Duke Time
and get back
to being a great police officer.
And if I'm not a police officer, who am I?
[breathes deeply]
Whoa! I don't think I've ever
just seen the whole city.
I mean, your average shoulder roll
only allows a 20-degree visual
window of your surroundings,
but seeing the entire city
like this, it's
It's beautiful.
The Chief was right.
Chill out, take a breath,
and enjoy the view.
Duke! I didn't steal this!
It's a new painting for my grandma!
Frankie, that's amazing!
It totally captures
and handcuffs that view,
but you made the identifying features
somehow more identifiable.
Like, in a police lineup,
someone would say, "That's the guy,"
but, somehow, he's even more him.
Oh. Thanks!
It's also my day off from crime.
Painting is how I recharge
and get some Frankie Time.
Paint-ing, huh?
So, you just dip
that large finger print duster
into the suspicious colorful
forensic evidence
on that flat potential blunt-force weapon?
Actually, this is a paint brush
and this is just paint,
which I mix here
on this palette like this.
See? Wanna try?
Really? Sure!
Huh, painting is really relaxing.
Gotta stay awake, though,
or I'll never finish this.
You're right, Cubby, I need rest.
I can work on the painting
for as long as it takes to get it right.
I guess it's a work-in-progress,
just like figuring out who Duke Detain is
when he's not being a police officer.
All in good time.
Goodnight, Cubby.
[Duke snores]
-[phone vibrating]
-[siren ringtone]]
Yes! Time for work!
[theme music]
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