Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e17 Episode Script

Stunt City

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[truck horn honks]
[tires screech]
Sorry, dude, gonna have
to write you a ticket
for doing a 360 drift in a big rig!
You could have at least made a 720.
[laughs] Wheelie! Wassup?
Sup, Alex?
I was bummed the legendary Ollie retired,
but he stuck the landing
by putting his rad nephew
in charge of his stunt show.
Uncle Ollie always said
it was your show, too.
Eh, we were just kids
skatin' in an empty pool
filled with big dreams,
but Ollie made 'em real.
Well, I've only been running
the show a short time
with an all new stunt team,
but we're trying to keep the dream alive.
-Where is the new stunt team?
-They're coming.
Those dudes always take
the scenic, crazy route.
[rattles, thuds]
Yo, listen up!
Some young stunt fans are headed this way!
-Let's give 'em a sick intro!
-[radio sizzles]
Ready to meet the crew?
First, a dude who turned "radical"
into a science,
Rocket Racer!
[motorcycle rumbles]
My landing was off
by a quarter of a meter.
I should've increased velocity
to compensate for headwinds.
Next, she doesn't just think
outside the box,
she jumps over it.
-Bringing attitude to altitude.
-[motorcycle rumbles]
[Alex] Raze!
[tires screech]
[Raze] Dude,
flip from hands to feet
standing on the handlebars!
That would be even cooler!
And here comes Wallop, his motto,
"If it ain't broke, break it!"
-[tires screech]
[rumbles, thuds]
Ha! Awesome!
I didn't even plan that!
Next up is Spotlight!
You can't take your eyes off him
'cause he won't let you!
-[motorcycle rumbles]
-[camera shutter clicks]
Hey, Spotlight fans!
If you thought that was amazing,
you're right!
And, finally, rounding out the crew
is the mysterious enigma,
the mind-blowin', mind-not-knowin' riddle
called Incognitro!
Dude, how do you do that?
[motor rumbles]
Makes sense when
you explain it like that.
-Oh, I see, I see.
-Of course!
[overlapping dialogue]
Killer team, dude!
Ollie always did have an eye
for awesome new talent.
Whaddya think, little dudes?
Pretty awesome stuntage, huh?
Sorry, are you talking to us?
Maddy, look! Here they come!
[helicopter engine rumbles]
[siren blaring]
[both scream]
[thuds, tires screech]
-[siren blaring]
What was that?
Oh, you know,
just another day in the city.
Time to get back to work.
Awesome meeting you dudes!
I can't believe what we just saw.
Luckily, I managed to film me
watching the whole thing on video!
That was insanely cool!
And they didn't even break anything!
Actually, they broke
at least four basic laws of physics.
Hey, eh, guys, does that kinda stuff
happen a lot around here?
Not just around here.
It usually happens everywhere!
Yeah, Duke doing a corkscrew jump
off a building is always pretty cool,
but we're kinda hoping
for something new.
[leather squeaks]
Incognitro has a point.
Our stunt show can't compete
with that kind of action.
True, apart from seeing me,
why would people pay
to watch something less exciting
than what's happening
on the streets every day?
Oh, we've gotta up our game!
We can help you!
Yeah, we're objective and desensitized.
Hey, everyone just chill.
Uncle Ollie's stunt show
has been killing it for 30 years
and it'll kill here, too.
[Alex] I mean, there's no way
that kinda crazy stuff
really happens all the time.
[rumbles in distance]
[siren blaring, horn honking]
Hi, Aunt Freya!
[siren blaring]
[tires screech]
[motorcycle engine rumbles]
[brakes squeal]
So, whaddya guys think? Pretty rad, huh?
Um So, is, uh, is that the whole show?
Well, uh, yeah. You can be totally honest.
I fell asleep.
That's actually constructive
criticism from Billy.
Oh, I knew it!
Alex, why are you afraid to take chances?
We gotta show this city something new!
I've got some radical stunt ideas
that will blow minds!
Oh, there she is with her book of crazy!
Those radical stunts are impossible!
What we need is to make it
a real show with a heroic story,
which requires a hero.
-[metal clanks in distance]
Stories? Pffft.
People want things being demolished
-and set on fire!
[leather squeaks]
Oh, yeah?
Slightly gesture that to my face!
Hey, I'm in charge and I say
the show is great how it is!
We should honor Uncle Ollie's vision!
We gotta up our game, you guys
[Spotlight] Oh, I'm done
with radical stunts. Please
-none of that crazy stuff.
-[indistinct chatter]
[Spotlight] Let's make it
about me, me, me!
-[Alex] Uncle Ollie!
-Everyone stop.
You're right, Alex,
we should honor your uncle's vision.
But do the math.
Ollie hired us for a reason.
[Rocket] He knew this show had to evolve.
We each do something unique
and if we work together
we could do something extraordinary.
That is your uncle's vision.
That is what we should honor.
We can do it!
-Yeah! Yes! Woo-hoo!
-Whoa! Yeah! That was so cool.
Okay, Raze, let's look at your ideas.
If Rocket applies his science,
I bet we can actually pull them off.
Spotlight, a heroic story
would be cool to tie the stunts together
and you'd make a rad hero.
[Alex] Wallop, you and Incognitro
are the two most insane stunt dudes
I've ever seen.
We need you working together
to test out these stunts.
We can do this if we do it as a team,
with the help of our new friends.
Five of us trading motorcycles mid-air?
Are you crazy?
Yeah, I know.
I told you, it was too out there
No. I mean, it's brilliant.
This should be our new opening stunt.
It's all a matter of figuring out
the underlying physics.
[no audible dialogue]
[motorcycle engine revs]
[metal clanks]
[no audible dialogue]
[motorcycle engine rumbles]
[no audible dialogue]
[motorcycle revs]
[motorcycle rumbles]
[crowd cheering]
[Alex] Wheelie! Hey! You, uh, came!
Dude, course I came!
It's opening night!
You know how long it's been
since I've seen Ollie's show?
I am so stoked!
Yeah, uh, you know,
it's not fully, totally,
exactly the same show
as when Uncle Ollie first started it.
Come on, dude. I have no doubt
you'll make Ollie proud.
Now, go knock 'em out!
Ugh. Bad choice of words, dude.
[announcer] Welcome to the peaceful
and rad planet of Stuntorian,
where the ferocious Chimpanz-Evil
has arrived to conquer the Stuntorians.
Five heroes band together
to battle the beast,
but find themselves
on the wrong Spacecycles,
from where each draws their power.
In a desperate move,
our heroes must switch back,
each to their correct Spacecycles,
in mid-air, all at once,
before Chimpanz-Evil destroys them!
[crowd cheering]
Are you sure you got
the calculations right, Rocket?
There's only one way to find out.
[Raze] Let's do this!
[motorcycle revving]
[crowd cheering]
[motorcycles revving]
[crowd cheering loudly]
[boy] Awesome!
That one's for you, Uncle Ollie.
-[motorcycle rumbles]
-[Raze sighs]
I'll bet this city has never seen
anything like that before!
You did it, Rocket!
We did it, Raze, as a team.
Now we can get this show started!
-[engine revs]
[Alex] To the raddest stunt team!
And the greatest friends
a raddest stunt team could have.
[Wheeler] Alex!
Oh, uh, hey, Wheelie.
Dude, what was that?
That was not the stunt show
Ollie and I dreamt up all those years ago!
Yeah, I know, but we were trying to
It was so much cooler!
I think there's a profound lesson here
for all of us.
[leather squeaks]
Exactly, Incognitro.
[theme music]
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