Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e18 Episode Script

Of Dads and Dudes

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[Bennett] Our morning briefing
is scheduled to begin
in 15 seconds
Though Chief Wheeler seems to have
his own ideas about punctuality
as he does about most words.
[Wheeler] Heads up, dudes!
Comin' through!
Here're the quarterly
officer evaluations, El Capitan!
And with point two seconds to spare.
Very impressive.
"Rad, Totally rad, Way rad,
Totally awesome, Awesomely rad"
Chief, these are your most in depth,
nuanced evaluations ever.
"Allen is full-on, totally Allen."
Uh, that's true.
It's hard work being this me.
I just learned I'm phobiphobic.
I'm actually terrified of being afraid.
Guess I'm pumped after seeing
how far the stunt show has come
since my old school pal, Ollie,
started it in his yard.
You should be in the stunt show, Chief!
I've never seen you jump
that high over sleeping,
gross-noise-making Grizzled before.
Well, Ollie and I did dream
of creating a stunt show together,
but, you know, my pop's a serious dude,
like, skating and stunts
are just goofin' off.
I'm stoked Ollie kept
our stunt dream alive, though.
Now, through his nephew, Alex,
our rad dream is radder than ever!
Heh, it's funny to think
of practical, every day things
like jumping a speeding car
through a flaming obstacle
then crashing through a wall
as entertainment.
Alex scored me "Wheelie plus one" tix
to tonight's show.
You should check it out with me,
Dude Tain!
Thanks, Chief.
This stunt show
sounds potentially instructional.
[cell phone ringing, beeps]
'Sup, yo. What? He is?
-Whoa! Thanks for the heads up!
-[cell phone beeps]
Pops Wheeler's in town!
He's headin' to the station now!
"Pops Wheeler?" Does he mean his father?
Maximillian Wheeler.
Chief Executive Officer of Wheeler,
Stern and Frownyface Investments.
Huh, I never met the Chief's father.
-Sounds like a great guy.
-I've met him.
-I assure you he's
-[door opens]
[all gasp]
Ah, welcome, Mr. Wheeler.
It's a pleasure to see you again, sir.
A pleasure, eh?
That's the trouble with you,
Captain Bennett.
You're a Good Time Charlie,
only on the lookout for laughs, for kicks.
Uh, are you sure he's met you?
Enough of this slumber party gossip.
Where is my son, Percival?
Hi, Detective Rooky Partnur here.
-The Chief just sped off on his
-[Wheeler] Mobile telephone.
I was just handling very important,
dry and unamusing city business.
Yes, now that everyone's paid
their respects
to my father as ordered,
it's time to get back to work.
Detective Grizzled!
I see you're meditating
on that big, difficult case.
Uh, any progress?
Okay, who are you and what have you done
-with the real Chief Wheeler?
Ah, you remember the Chief's father,
-You kidding?
Who could forget that stuffed up sourpuss?
I'm sure glad he isn't here.
Huh. You know,
this would be really awkward if I cared.
So what brings you to town, sir?
I'm here for an important
investor's meeting.
Why else would I come
to your rustic village?
Yes, well, thank you for taking
your valuable time to visit.
Please give my regards
to Mr. Stern and Mrs. Frownyface.
Wheelie! Wassup, dude! Whoa!
Wow, my, uh, axle thingy needs oil!
Alex! Uh, what can I do for you,
young man?
Yeah, uh, I got your tickets?
For my stunt show? Tonight?
Stunt show? It's not really a
[awkward laugh] stunt show.
It's much more of a show of stunts.
Huh, my firm was contacted
about this stunt show
as a potentially lucrative
investment opportunity.
Investors? Sweet!
Yeah, bro, you should come check it out!
Ha! My father has neither the time
nor the inclination to attend
this so-called show of stunts.
Quiet, Percival.
I will personally appraise
this stunt business before recommending it
-to my clients.
It's so lucky we ran into each other!
See you dudes at the show tonight!
Later, Wheelie!
A night out for Duke Detain
and the Wheeler boys!
What fun, huh?
[crowd cheering]
Why did you bring your briefcase?
Very few business meetings break out
in the middle of a stunt show.
This briefcase contains
very sensitive financial information.
I never let it out of my sight.
It's Alex! The show is starting!
[Alex] Wassup?
Are y'all stoked to see
some insane stunts tonight, dudes?
[crowd cheering]
Hey, that includes me!
Tonight, I'm like a real "dude!"
Well, let's get this thing started!
[motorcycles revving]
[engine revs]
I've never seen motorcycles pull off
controlled jumps at these speeds.
[Duke] Unfortunately, they are exceeding
posted legal speed limits.
Good thing I brought my citation book.
It's just part of their show, Duke.
Relax and enjoy the fun.
At least one of us should
[tires screech]
[crowd cheering]
Is the audience normally
this large and loud?
Yes, they've had sold out shows
every night so far.
-And what are they doing?
-Uh stunts.
Oh, those are stunts?
So, it's a show of stunts.
It's a stunt show, Father.
[revs, roars]
[motorcycle engines rumble]
Ohh! Whoa! Oh! Wow! Did you see that?
Oh, wow, this is amazing!
[gasps] Percival! My briefcase is gone!
It contains confidential
financial information!
If crooks get their hands on it,
they could steal millions!
My firm will be ruined!
Duke, search the crowd!
I'll tell security to close the exits!
On it, Chief! [grunts]
Long pants, dude. Totally not cool.
Chief Wheeler?
Rocket dude!
There's a thief in the stadium!
Security has to be on the lookout
for a stolen briefcase!
Who brings a briefcase to a stunt show?
My father! There's financial info
in that case worth millions!
Chief, there's a nine percent chance
a random briefcase
is worth stealing at all
and less than a one percent chance
a random briefcase is worth millions.
Dude, why are you doing math?
I speak Rocket Racer. Lemme translate.
Whoever took the case
knew it was worth millions.
But who could've possibly known
[Wheeler] Alex scored me
"Wheelie plus one" tix
to tonight's show.
Pops Wheeler's in town!
He's headin' to the station now!
I'm here for an important
investor's meeting.
My firm was contacted
about this stunt show
as a potentially lucrative
investment opportunity.
You should come check it out!
I will personally appraise
this stunt business
before recommending it to my clients.
It's so lucky we ran into each other!
[Alex grunting]
Way not cool, dude.
Whoa! Wheelie!
[nervous laugh]
Why, bro?
The stunt show is killing.
Why snag the case?
It ain't like that, yo I
Oh, forget it.
You pretend for one day
not to be a skater dude
to please your family.
I pretend to be a skater dude
my whole life to please mine!
[Alex] I'm no good at this stunt stuff
and this was my big chance
to finally get out!
Well, you're maxed out, bro,
so hand over the case.
[Wheeler grunts] Ooh.
Police Chief Percival Wheeler
just failed to catch a bad dude.
This is a job for Wheelie!
[Alex grunting] Whoa!
[crowd cheering]
[both grunting]
[Alex grunts, yelps]
[motorcycle rumbles]
Ahh! Ooh!
[yelps] Come on!
-[motorcycle rumbles]
-[motorcycle roaring]
[tires screech]
-[tires squeal]
[brake screeches]
[crowd cheering]
[tires screech]
[crowd cheering]
Wow, Chief, stunts and police work?
Now that was instructional
and totally rad.
Thanks, Dukesy.
Let's take Alex to the station
to give Ollie a call.
No, please, put me in jail,
anything but telling Uncle Ollie!
I get it! A whole life spent
being something you're not
can turn you into something
you were never meant to be.
But look, dude,
it's not too late for you
to be who you really are.
You gotta start being honest, though.
Same goes for me.
I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you.
I didn't want you disappointed
by having an adult skater dude son.
Oh, Percival,
you never fooled me for a second.
You're my son. I know who you are.
I always did and I've always been proud.
Thanks, Father.
So uh, can I call you Pops?
Mm, no.
[theme music]
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