Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e19 Episode Script

Fool on Fleck

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[Mayor Fleck] Mr. Produce,
it is my honor as Mayor to present you
with this certificate
of appreciation for years
of providing green stuff for us to eat.
Of course, healthy
food equals healthy citizens,
which equals fewer sick days,
which equals more work days.
Mathematically, it checks out.
[camera shutters clicking]
[gasps, grunting]
[grunting continues]
[all gasp]
-[all laugh]
-[camera shutter clicks]
-All righty. What's next on our schedule?
-[camera clicking]
[snorting, giggling]
As a serious news reporter,
I believe it's important
we focus on the content
of Mayor Fleck's speech
and not just the part when
[clears throat] Really Craig? Nothing?
So, you're the professional
who doesn't break on camera, is that it?
Well played, Woodman.
Here, now, with thoughts
on Mayor Fleck's epic fall,
dubbed Oopsie-Gate,
is former Mars Mission Captain
and newly elected City Councilperson,
Richard Momentous.
I am grateful for this opportunity
to express my opinion, Miss Tocamera.
This graceless spectacle is a metaphor
for Mayor Fleck's leadership,
inept, careless and bumbling.
His so-called Honor has become a clown,
a clueless jester unfit
for public service.
Our city requires a skilled, dexterous,
almost astronaut-like hero at its helm.
This is not good.
Momentous is trying to turn you
into a clown!
[Fleck] Nonsense, Carol.
My record is consistently
horseplay and general goings-on.
Now, back to work.
Ah, a new proposal
for an official city holiday.
"Fooled Ya! Day would be
day dedicated entirely
to pranks and practical jokes."
I cannot, in good conscience,
agree to this proposal.
A day devoted to pranks
is a day not devoted
to getting work done.
What would be the point of that?
[Maddy] Pranks are fun!
[gasps] Maddy?
Why aren't you in school?
And why were you facing the wrong way
in the chair this whole time?
A, today's our class field trip
to City Hall.
B, I was waiting for a dramatic
and/or humorous moment
to reveal myself.
Come on, Mr. Mayor,
let's have a Fooled Ya! Day!
People like pranks and practical jokes.
Speaking of which, your shoe is untied.
I'm wearing loafers.
Ha! Made ya look! See?
I see 30 seconds of work I just lost.
Hey, we just got a message
about this prank day.
Let's see
Oh, no! "Mayor Fleck,
if you do not agree to Fooled Ya! Day,
I will pull an epic prank on you
ten times more embarrassing
than Oopsie-Gate.
You will be the laughing stock
of the city.
You have been warned.
Hugs and Kisses, The Prankster."
Okay, now, that is unnerving.
Both "hugs" and "kisses?"
That's overkill any way you look at it.
Mr. Mayor, The Prankster is threatening
to publicly embarrass you!
After the incident at Mr. Produce's,
people might stop taking you seriously!
Come now, Carol.
Do I look like a man
people wouldn't take seriously?
I'm not sure Mr. Mayor would know a prank
if it zapped him on his behind.
You're going to need help.
You're right, Maddy.
As long as The Prankster is out there,
the Mayor's reputation is in danger.
And I have the perfect solution.
Your Honor, I am honored to protect
your Honor's honor from this Prankster.
I have a lot of experience
with pranks at the station.
My fellow officers recently filled my cap
with shaving cream,
even though I don't shave my head.
They assured me it was funny.
Look, Lieutenant Detain, I have nothing
but respect for your ability
to serve and protect.
But I really think
a private security detail
to stop a silly prank is unnecessary
and a waste of resources.
Mayor Fleck, Duke is here
to stop a humiliating event
that could ruin your political career.
Meanwhile, you can just go
about your mayoral duties as usual.
You won't even notice I'm around.
[sighs] Very well. Let's go.
I have a full afternoon of Mayoral duties.
Freeze! [grunting]
[elevator dings]
Yep, I noticed him.
[Carol] Okay, this should be a snap.
The Mayor makes a few remarks,
presents the certificate,
a quick photo op with Little Hubert
and the Mayor with a pie,
then back to City Hall.
Understood, though we have to establish
a No Prank safety zone around the Mayor.
Whipped cream
is at the very heart of prankdom.
Lieutenant Detain,
I refuse to allow my work as mayor
to be hindered because someone
may or may not try to pull a prank.
I have a job to do.
So do I, Mr. Mayor.
I see no reason my job
should interfere with yours.
Okay, then
Little Hubert, I want to congratulate you
on your new Whipped Cream Pie business
and all the new jobs it will generate.
[camera shutter clicking]
In the name of Cubby the Cop,
not on my watch!
[camera shutter clicks]
We really dodged one that time.
[chuckles] Yeah, not so much.
[Fleck] Was this part
of the ceremony?
[camera shutter clicking]
[Fleck and Duke grunting]
[Fleck] They just requested
a photo with the Mayor!
-[Duke Detain grunts]
-[Fleck] That's me!
It's imperative that I go in first
to check for any funny business.
Yes, I know. It's a Joke Shop.
It's literally a funny business.
[both grunting]
-[toys squeaking]
-[both grunt]
[Fleck] Well, that was a disaster.
Lieutenant Detain, why did you insist
on shaking everyone's hand first?
There were no hands left for me!
I was checking for joy buzzers
hidden in palms, sir.
They deliver a small,
apparently amusing, shock.
I fail to see why that's amusing.
[notification dings]
It appears Mayor Fleck
and his new bodyguard received
yet another baked good in the face
as the pair were out, once again,
engaging in egregious
tom-foolery, monkeyshines
and outright silliness
instead of tending to the serious business
of running our city.
Your Honor, none of this would be
happening if you would trust me!
No, Lieutenant, none of this
would be happening
if you would trust me!
[both] You're not letting me do my job!
I apologize, Mr. Mayor.
All I can see is The Prankster
waiting to spring a trick on you.
No wonder you're against Fooled Ya! Day!
If one practical joker can cause
this much trouble,
a whole city of hi-jinks
would be a disaster.
I'm sorry too, Lieutenant,
I guess The Prankster
really has put me off my game.
I just don't understand why someone
would choose a life of practical jokes.
Wait, that's it!
Maybe we could get a step ahead
of The Prankster
if we try to think like him!
Yes! We just need to get inside
the mind of a practical joker.
-I got nothing.
-Nope. Totally blank.
Who proposed Fooled Ya! Day?
Maybe they know who this Prankster is.
Huh, that's odd.
Fooled Ya! Day has no sponsor.
It's as if it just appeared
on my desk out of nowhere.
That's the answer!
The Prankster's prank
is Fooled Ya! Day, itself!
[Maddy] Kind of a boring prank.
I'd add water balloons.
So The Prankster wants to make Mayor Fleck
look foolish by signing a prank proposal.
Maybe we should cancel
the signing ceremony.
No, it may be the only way
to flush out The Prankster.
That is, if you don't mind being the bait.
Though I must warn you,
Mr. Mayor, this could get silly.
Understood, Lieutenant, but it's time
we both did our jobs, together.
I'm Gabby Tocamera at City Courthouse
joined, once again,
by Councilperson Momentous
whose campaign slogan was
"Sharing the sound
of my voice with our city."
Thank you, Miss Tocamera.
I hope the Mayor halts his frivolity
and embraces the seriousness
we need in our leaders.
Otherwise, we should consider
a change in City Hall.
Right. So, a question,
are you just following
the news crew around
waiting to be interviewed?
[car approaching]
[tires screech]
[indistinct chatter]
Any one of these people
could be The Prankster.
Good morning.
As mayor, I would like
to publicly support this new proposal
for Fooled Ya! Day in the City.
There, it's done.
Oh, what a tragic event
we have just witnessed.
Mayor Fleck has embraced buffoonery
by allowing a Fooled Ya! Day.
What's worse is it wasn't even
a real City Council proposal.
It was made up. A fake!
How can our mayor support a day of pranks
when he, himself,
can not even recognize a prank
right under his nose?
[Fleck] That's odd.
Exactly how did you know
the proposal isn't real,
Councilperson Momentous?
Er, that is irrelevant! You signed it.
Not exactly.
[crowd gasping]
You knew it wasn't a real proposal
because you snuck into the mayor's office
and put it on his desk!
You're the Prankster!
[crowd gasping]
That's preposterous! I mean
One is reminded of
that is to say
Oh, no, I don't know what to say!
I do. Fooled Ya!
Hey now, that was kind of fun.
Of course, it was!
You pranked The Prankster!
Though I still think water balloons
would have really sold it.
That was amazing, Mr. Mayor!
And, look, your approval ratings
are higher than ever.
People love that you have
a sense of humor about yourself,
while working hard to make life
in the city better!
Thank you, Councilperson Momentous.
Maybe Fooled Ya Day
isn't such a bad idea after all.
In fact, since I already
have it written up,
I propose we really do have
Fooled Ya! Day!
[crowd cheering]
Hey, Fooled Ya! Day was my fake idea!
It's me you cheer for, not this buffoon!
-[crowd groan]
Pranks aren't funny
when the joke is on me!
[theme music]
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