Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e20 Episode Script

King Fendrich II

[upbeat music]
-[sirens blaring]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring]
[wind whooshing]
I guess there's one good thing
about Fendrich being in charge.
There's less traffic.
There's a reason for that.
[Fendrich drone]
You! What's under those hats?
My head!
[sighs] I wish we'd never learned
that Fendrich's family founded the City.
Or that he owns
all of the land it sits on.
There's still a tiny chance he doesn't.
We can't give up.
[Billy] What are you doing, Harl?
I'm getting ready
for the demolition of City Hall.
King Fendrich's ordered me to build
a giant statue of him on this spot.
Here's a drawing
of what it would look like from space.
I can't believe Fendrich.
I don't like what he's doing,
but King Fendrich is the king,
and he wants my help.
He's already rented the biggest bulldozer
he could find, and it's on its way.
No chance!
We have to stop this!
I'll get Dr. Wexler to run
more tests on the document
that says the land is Fendrich's.
I'll see what I can do
to keep City Hall standing.
I want to build this, but I shouldn't.
But I could But I can't! Ooh!
[Billy panting]
Dr. Wexler?
What's going on?
I am leaving for a city
that respects science.
But we need to run more tests!
We ran every test we could think of,
down to determining the age of the paper.
It all checks out!
We never tested the ink!
[gasps] The ink!
Yeah, yeah, I I was saving that test,
just in case. Yeah.
Dread, Fendrich is gonna tear down
City Hall
and build a huge statue of himself.
We can't let him!
Why not?
City Hall would crumble to dust
in thousands of years anyway.
Like everything else.
He could tear down
your favorite places next!
Like that dark corner of the library!
Or the Halloween store.
[gasps] Or the graveyard!
Not the graveyard!
[peaceful music]
Bleak! You won't believe this,
but we need to do something!
[determined plotting music]
Oh! I don't believe it!
Some of the ink on this paper
dates from centuries later
than the paper itself!
Specifically, someone crossed certain T's
and dotted certain I's,
completely changing
the meaning of the document!
It actually says that the real identity
of the City's founder is hidden at
Founder's Rock?
I need to get over there, fast!
Thanks, doctor!
[hat humming]
Of all the times for a malfunction.
Come on, Twirly Beanie,
you can get me there.
Your beloved King is here!
And I belove you!
Thanks for the cheers!
What is this?
I demanded cheering!
[Hank] You didn't say anything
about cheering
when you talked to me.
Yes, I did! Telepathically!
See here,
there's a giant bulldozer coming.
You're in its way.
[maniacal laughter]
Fendrich, we love our City
and we decide together what happens to it.
No person is more important
or bigger than our City.
None of us.
And not you.
We don't care if you call yourself "King,"
"boss," or "Grand High Water Buffalo."
We're not moving.
Why didn't you come up
with a great title for me
like "Grand High Water Buffalo"?
Oh, you've failed again!
How long must I put up
with your utter, complete incompetence?!
That's it! I quit!
[Hank] I've been yelled at
and taken the blame for years.
Not once have you said,
"Nice job, Hacksaw!"
"I appreciate you, Hacksaw!"
"You smell nice today, Hacksaw!"
I thought she was Hacksaw.
These people are right.
You're not bigger or better
than the City or us.
All you are is a loudmouth
with a lot of money.
That must be my bulldozer.
Get ready to be demolished!
[soft grunt]
What am I looking for?
I don't know!
Tons of people have been here.
They've never seen anything!
Why do I think I will?
[sighs] Nothing.
I've blown it and the City's doomed!
[ominous music]
Oh, no Oh, no!
[shutter clicks]
Oh, no!
Oh, wow!
[ominous music]
Let the bulldozing begin.
[maniacal laughter]
[soft honking]
[grunts] This is the small bulldozer!
I ordered the large!
[whining tantrum]
[Fendrich crying]
Well, I suppose you think you've won.
If I can't go through you,
I'll go under you!
[phone dialing]
Hello, Construction Vehicles
of Extreme Size Company?
Send me your high-power
tunneling drill immediately!
And this time, make sure it's the large!
[panting] Hold everything!
Tell me you have proof
the Fendrichs didn't found the City!
I found this under Founder's Rock.
Read the carving on the handle!
[Harl] "If anyone comes here,
I built this City
to share with you.
V. Hubbs, May 21st, 1607!"
A Hubbs was here before anyone!
That proves nothing!
I could've hidden that hammer
under the rock!
Although that would have been
pretty foolish.
"V. Hubbs" must be
my ancestor Varlene Hubbs!
My piece of land must have been hers,
and it was passed down
through generations of Hubbses
to me!
[Fendrich] But what about this?
It says the City belongs to my family.
Dr. Wexler's test proved
that the document was altered
-to say the land belongs to you!
-[crowd gasping]
Probably by one
of your ancestors, Fendrich.
Oh! That sounds entirely possible.
Then the mystery is finally solved.
This City belongs to Harl
and the Hubbs family.
I never wanted my own City.
I just wanted to help
everyone in the City.
I don't know what to do.
I know. Give me the land!
I'll trade you rusty doorknobs for it!
Or money. Or rusty doorknobs.
It doesn't seem fair for one person
to have the whole City.
Can't we all share it equally?
If that's what you want to do, Harl.
It's your decision.
That's what I want to do!
Oh! Ding dang dynamite!
Mr. Former-Mayor, will you come back
and be Mr. Current-Mayor?
Harl, I'd be honored.
I move we go back to how things were
before all this started.
All those in favor?
[crowd cheering]
Yeah! Hey! Me too!
If it means I won't get punished
for being a knucklehead!
Said that out loud, didn't I?
I say we kick him out of the City!
[crowd murmuring]
Wait! Everyone deserves another chance.
Mr. Fendrich should stay.
Hopefully he'll find a way
to help the City
like the rest of us do.
[crowd murmuring]
Ha! You ninnies!
I've lost nothing in this deal!
And you lost your jobs!
[deriding laughter]
Actually, I'm always on the lookout
for committed new employees
who hold a grudge.
Any interest?
Fine! Enjoy yourselves, all of you!
I'm going back to my office,
but I'll be back
-and better than ever!
-[bulldozer honks]
I ordered the large.
-[confetti popping]
-[crowd cheering]
[mayor] While Varlene Hubbs' hammer
will remain
in the City archives,
this plaque will remind everyone
that the Hubbs family built our City.
[crowd cheering]
Thanks, everyone.
This plaque is for all of us
because we all helped
save our City today.
[crowd cheering]
But no one did more than two kids
who worked so hard to find the truth.
They never gave up,
even when it looked like
there was no reason to go on.
Billy and Maddy!
[crowd cheering]
Thanks, everybody!
It's hard to believe this all started
because of a school history report.
And I'm happy to let you know
you both got A pluses!
[crowd cheering]
We've learned a ton about our City.
Not just about who founded it,
but how we all work together,
and how each person helps make it special,
whether you haul away trash
or keep us safe
[Billy] Or just wear hats!
We couldn't ask for better neighbors.
Or a better place to live!
[crowd cheering]
[camera shutter clicks]
I can't scheme with all that racket!
Hacksaw, close my window!
Big Betty?
Oh, where did everyone go
Oh, right.
[Fendrich] Sinclair!
[upbeat outro music]
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