Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e19 Episode Script

King Fendrich I

[upbeat music]
-[sirens blaring]
[tires screech]
[blaring continues]
Welcome to the first meeting
of The Secret Committee
to Take Back Our City,
or T.S.C.T.T.O.C!
-Oh! What is, what is happening?
-Huh? What?
-I'm so confused.
-Can you say that again?
Anyway, lots of people
aren't here, but don't worry.
Anyone who doesn't work
for Fendrich is on our side.
Couldn't we have held this somewhere
a little more roomy?
Sorry, Mrs. Sinclair.
We had to meet somewhere
Fendrich wouldn't think to look.
Since he declared himself
King of the City,
he's really cracked down on anyone
who doesn't do exactly what he says.
Here's where things stand
[Maddy] First, Fendrich demanded
the Mayor's "symbols of office"
and declared his own office
to be the new home of City Government.
[Billy] Then, he replaced
Police Chief Wheeler
with Hacksaw Hank.
[Maddy] Fendrich also let the police go
and brought in drones
programmed with his voice
to "keep the peace."
[Fendrich drone]
Beat it, you skating scofflaw!
And then he made up his own laws.
As King, I decree you will be punished
if you spoil the end of a movie
I want to see.
If I have food in my teeth
and you don't tell me!
If I have food in my teeth
and you do tell me,
but in a way that makes me
more self-conscious
than if you had not told me!
If we try to high-five and you miss
and make me look silly!
Good one, boss.
[growls angrily]
How, exactly, did Fendrich
gain all this power?
He's not that smart.
I've seen his academic transcript.
The document Billy and I found
declared the Fendrich family
the City's founders
and owners of the land
it sits on, forever.
Fendrich ran off with that document
before we could run tests on it
to see if it's real.
That's why we need to get it back,
to prove it's not, hopefully.
And we have to do it before Fendrich
demolishes City Hall,
which he wants to do in a few days.
Now, does everyone know the plan?
Let's do this!
T.S.C.T.T.B.O.C. on three.
[Maddy] One, two, three!
-[group confused chanting]
Billy! Oh.
Would you and your feisty band of rebels
like sandwiches before you go out
and seek justice?
Oh, yes, please. Thank you, Mrs. McCloud.
[drones humming]
[Fendrich drone] What are you doing
with all that?
Got a permit for this fruit?
Leave them alone!
They're just innocent peaches.
[Fendrich drone] Come back here!
[Mr. Produce] I haven't done
anything wrong!
And neither have they!
Are you sure
the voice recording will work?
I won't have my reputation soiled
by shoddy labor.
Madam, I hold six advanced degrees,
and I am the creator
of the Wexler Deflector Conjecture.
I believe I know what I am doing.
But it never hurts to double-check.
[chuckles nervously]
[fanfare music]
Hey! It's me! Your King!
Wave back or I'll fire you.
Can't do that, King Fendrich.
They don't work for you.
I will hire you, then fire you!
[low ominous music]
[Fendrich] What does she want?
Ah, Your Fendrich-ness, my, uh,
"Kaboom Fireworks Extravaganza"
for the City Hall demolition
is ready for your review now.
Splendid! To the dynamite factory!
Good afternoon, sir!
I've come to discuss magic, mathematics,
and matriculation with the King!
He's out, Principal Schwartz.
Oh, that's too bad.
Guess I'll come back another
Say, didn't you go to my school
back in the day?
I went to your school for a day.
That's right, you didn't pass math!
Oh, let's take care of that now.
Ah, I'm supposed to be guarding
the door right now.
If I have two Pendants of Pungency,
seven Dragon Spleens,
and eleven pints of Bubblemead,
how many artifacts do I have?
How much longer?
I have to get back to my office
and practice smiling
for the City Hall demolition.
[groans in effort]
It's ready, Your Fendrich-osity.
Hang on to your socks.
[suspenseful music]
[Daisy] Ding dang dynamite.
[weak groan]
Daisy, I thought you were over
nervous episodes like this.
Never had to create a boom this big
for a King as brave, brilliant,
and patient as yourself.
It's true. I am brave, brilliant,
and that other thing.
But I have to get back.
Let me know when you're really ready.
Billy? Daisy.
Kept Fendrich as long as I could.
He's on his way back.
It was a trick question,
because only the pendants are artifacts!
Uh-huh, listen, I gotta get back to work
guarding the door and
Try this: How many stunt drivers
does it take to distract a crook?
[principal] Let's find out!
-[engine revving]
-[rock music]
Hey, you just said "stunt drivers,"
and a team of 'em showed up.
Seems a little bizarre and coincidental,
but I'm too overcome
with childlike joy to care.
[Vito laughs]
-[engines revving]
-[tires screeching]
[sneaky music]
[Maddy] There it is!
[automated voice] Voice password required!
What would his password be?
"Ding dang dynamite"?
"Sinclair is a luh-hoo-ser."
[victorious dinging]
[automated voice] Thank you for using
the Alarmo Wall Case Security System.
Thank you for using
the Alarmo Wall Case Security System.
Hi. Uh, we're the alarm testers.
Congratulations, you passed!
[action music]
That's okay, we weren't going out
that way anyway.
Thanks for leaving the balcony door open!
[action music]
So far, so good.
Yeah, but now comes the hard part.
[Fendrich drone]
No one steals from the King!
[engines revving]
What in the name of me is all this?
Thank you. Good night!
-[Fendrich drone] Stop, thieves!
[Fendrich drone] Give that back!
Surrender or face the consequences!
The document that says I'm king!
Tell me they didn't get it!
[Fendrich drone] Halt! Stop! Freeze!
Uhm Halt!
[suspenseful action music]
Why aren't you stopping them?
Because I can't fly?
[Fendrich drone] Halt again!
There's just too many of them, Billy.
There's no way out!
[Fendrich drone] Halt right now!
[Sinclair drone]
Oh, stop being such a whiny bore.
Why don't you pick on someone
your own processing speed?
[Fendrich drone] Sinclair!
[intense action music]
What? I double-checked
the voice recording!
You didn't say anything
about the guidance system!
[drones humming]
We can't outfly them.
Looks like we don't need to.
[helicopter whirring]
[intense action music]
Duke! How'd you get your police car back?
Did you steal it from the impound lot?
Steal? No.
Temporarily requisition
without authorization? Maybe.
[stammers] Wha What?
[Fendrich grunts angrily]
[tires screech]
Faster! Faster!
[suspenseful action music]
[Fendrich] Slower! Slower!
Sorry, gents! Engine trouble.
[engine sputtering]
Find those kids and my King paper,
or I'll dock you a year's salary!
What salary?
Well? Is the document real?
Please, you cannot rush science.
Or genius.
We will have our answer
in three, two, one
You [grunts]
You nosey kids thought
you'd get away with it, didn't you?
Little did you know I hid
a tracking device on the document!
Actually, that was my idea.
It was my idea
that you should have an idea!
[Dr. Wexler] It doesn't matter.
I have the results of the tests!
[all] Well?
Hm? Oh!
Um, the document is
[suspenseful low tone]
99.9-9-9-9-9-9-9-4 percent
Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
[conga beat] I am still the king-uh! ♪
I am still the king-uh! ♪
I am still the king-uh!
I am still the king-uh! ♪
Nice hideout. Cozy.
I never thought something like this
could happen to our City.
Wait! Mom, where are you going?
We can't just give up!
What else is there to do, honey?
Fendrich won. It's over.
Oh, I know that look.
It's not over.
You heard Dr. Wexler.
There's a 0.0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-6
percent chance it isn't real!
That's not much of a chance.
If there's even the slightest hope
we can save our City,
we have to keep fighting!
We lost a battle,
but this war's just getting started.
[upbeat outro music]
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