Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e18 Episode Script

Where in the World is Sheep Wheeler?

[upbeat music]
-[sirens blaring]
[tires screech]
[blaring continues]
[soft mystery music]
I think this is it.
Just have to glue
this last piece in place.
After so long, we'll finally know
whose family owns the City
and all the land it sits on!
Hashtag mystery solved!
-[both] Fendrich?
Okay, let's not panic.
The most important thing
is to not let Fendrich know
what we've found out.
At least, not until we've made sure
the document is authentic.
[ominous music]
-[Betty cheers]
-[Hank] I got it!
Now we panic.
No, now we go to the police
and see if there's some way
they can keep Fendrich from taking charge.
[Allen sighs]
Being in charge is no picnic.
Chief Wheeler and Captain Bennett
are both off today,
so they put me in command.
And look what it's doing to me!
Does this look like a hive?
Did the Chief say where he'd be?
[principal] I have Chief Wheeler
right here!
Um, actually,
that's a farm animal, Principal Schwartz.
I know!
I accidentally, magically turned
the Chief into a sheep.
I'll be blamed for this, somehow.
I have a very blame-able face.
Principal Schwartz, what happened?
I was reading a fantasy novel
to some young kids.
I'd just read a spell
one of the characters cast,
when this sheep rolled by
on the Chief's skateboard!
So this must be him.
It is Sheep Wheeler's, I mean,
Chief Wheeler's skateboard.
I recognize the siren lights
on the wheels.
Oh, I feel just terrible about this.
But it is kind of exciting
to know there really is magic.
The Chief has to be somewhere.
Officer Allen, would you tell your patrols
to look out for him?
Oh, I feel another hive
coming on, but okay.
Thanks. We need to find the Chief, too,
so we'll help.
Don't know why you need to go
anywhere when Chief Wheeler
is right here, but he and I
will stay and work together
to undo my spell.
[all] Right.
Okay, let's do this! High-five!
Eh, oh, well,
maybe when you transform back.
[conga beat] I am now King Fend-rich! ♪
I am now King Fend-rich!
I am now King Fend-rich! ♪
I am now King Fend-rich! ♪
[puff breaths] I haven't danced so much
since Lamont's
obedience school graduation.
[baby voice] That was a good day,
wasn't it, Lamont?
Yes, it was! Yes, it was!
[Fendrich in normal voice] Oh, finally!
The City is mine.
All my hard work has paid off.
Your hard work?
It's not like any of you
have been much help.
All I've done for years
is clean up after your mistakes!
That's outrageous!
Tell me about it!
I'd much rather be relaxing by the pool,
counting my money, but what am I gonna do?
I have so many great ideas
how to change this City
to my liking.
Oh! I better start making a list!
So you better start writing!
[plotting rumble]
You'd think if Chief Wheeler
had come anywhere
on his day off, it would have been here.
[Clemmons] Runaway skateboard!
Clemmons? What are you doing here?
I've been learning to skate.
It's relaxing.
Has Chief Wheeler been here today?
I don't think so. [screams]
Maybe he's at the
[whispers] "secret spot."
Wha wha [screams]
It's really important
we find him, Clemmons.
The future of the City
kinda depends on it.
Well, if the Chief isn't skating here,
he could be at Mr. Produce's farm.
Lots of sheep up there.
There sure are.
Thanks, Clemmons!
Don't tell anyone I told you
where the secret spot is.
I couldn't take the stress.
[dopey music]
[cup clatters]
"Wheelus Come Backus!"
That sheep's already eaten
five boxes of donuts,
three desks
and Detective Grizzled's pants!
We must be patient, Officer Allen.
I imagine the words of the counter spell
need to be as precise
as second-semester geometry.
[clears throat] "We Needus Our Chiefus!"
[sheep bleating]
[officer screaming] Detective Grizzled!
You are way out of uniform!
[Grizzled] What? You never seen
a guy's knees before?
[Billy] So
The Chief was up here skating
when a sheep attacked him,
took his skateboard and sped into town?
Seems as likely as Principal Schwartz
"ala-kazam-ing" Chief Wheeler
into a farm animal.
What if the Chief was skating
and he fell into this open manhole,
but his skateboard kept going?
Until it rolled under a sheep,
who rode it into town?
I bet that's what happened!
Chief Wheeler! Are you down there?
[Mary groaning]
That doesn't sound like
Chief Wheeler or a sheep.
[clears throat] Do you need rescuing?
[Mary] No, I need a pedicure.
Get me out of here!
Grab my hand!
Mrs. Sinclair?
[Billy] What were you doing down there?
My granddaughter, Sweetie,
has a birthday coming up,
and I thought I'd surprise her
by taking her skateboarding.
[Mary] So I came up
to the "secret spot" at the farm
for a lesson with Chief Wheeler.
[Wheeler] Mrs. Sinclair!
[sighs in relief] There you are.
Tell me you totally
didn't fracture anything!
I'm fine, but I'm afraid
I lost my skateboard.
That makes the two of us.
But I'm just glad you're okay.
You took off down that ramp
like a turbo rocket!
It was pretty rad, actually.
Sheep Wheeler, we've been looking for you.
We really need you back
in the City fast, it's urgent!
Sure! But I don't know how we'll get there
super-pronto without my skateboard.
[Wheeler] It vanished somehow
before Mrs. Sinclair
went on her wild ride!
Who's Sheep Wheeler?
-[phone dialing]
-Hello, Duke?
We're near Mr. Produce's farm
and we need to get
to the police station in a hurry.
-[tires screeching]
-Sorry I'm late.
I was searching for Chief Wheeler.
Hi, Chief.
Found him.
[mystery music]
All right, Chief Wheeler,
are you ready to try again?
Hopefully, this time, we'll get it right.
I hope so, too.
I'm running out of desks to hide behind.
"Nuffa this stuffus, Sheepa No morica,
Humanus returnus!"
[Wheeler] Dude! Were we attacked
by desk thieves?
Chief? Was that you?
[Wheeler] Totally, Principal Schwartz!
Chief! I I did it! Huh!
Eh, except why are you still a sheep?
If you're not a sheep and
Ohh. [chuckling]
Well, I suppose it was silly of me
to believe in real magic.
But what did happen?
I think we know.
[Billy] So, Chief Wheeler was teaching
Mrs. Sinclair skateboarding.
Stay balanced, Mrs. S.
You don't wanna biff it and take a header.
A what and a who?
Sorry. You don't want to mess up and fall.
Oh, well, why didn't you just say that?
[sheep bleating]
That must be it!
It's the only answer that makes sense!
Great detective work, kids!
[Allen] Oh, what do we do with the sheep?
Do we even know who its owners are?
[Peach] Bad sheep.
-[ominous music]
-[yelping in surprise]
Hi, Peach.
You gotta stop runnin' off
to the Big City,
hopin' you'll become a stand-up comedian.
You're a sheep.
Well, I think we've solved
all the mysteries.
[Wheeler] I still have a question.
Why did you need me back so fast?
Oh, that's right! It's because Fendrich
is the rightful owner
of this City and all its land!
Oh, that's preposterous, Fendrich.
Don't be a goofy goose.
[ominous music]
Read it and weep, Sinclair.
And that's King Fendrich to you.
Oh, and by the way, you're fired.
You're now chief of police.
Can I be Handcuff Hank?
Chief Wheeler, isn't there something
we can do about this?
I don't think so, Maddy.
Not if this document
is 100 percent authentic.
And those aren't the only changes.
[clears throat] "Number one:
Be it known that the beloved, honorable
and handsome King Fendrich the First
decrees anyone trying
to overthrow the King
will be in serious, big-time,
look out trouble!"
I'll go through the rest of these quickly.
There's only 403 more!
[both] Ding dang dynamite.
[upbeat outro music]
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