Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e17 Episode Script

Freya, Basically

[upbeat music]
[sirens blaring]
[tires screech]
[bright music]
"Land not hereby we under promise."
[groans] History hates us!
Why can't we put these words
together in the right order?
Because we're in a slump.
Like, when I suddenly go two weeks
where I can't code a remote
terminal access algorithm.
When we started trying to figure out
who really founded the City,
it seemed like
we found new clues every five minutes.
But since we found
these torn bits of paper,
it's like our clue-finding skill
has vanished.
And we need to do this to finish
our school history report
There are tricks people try
to get out of slumps.
Like taking a break
to get their minds off things.
[distant sirens]
[fire engines honking]
[ominous music]
[sighs] That's a great question
you didn't ask, Craig.
We're not sure what started the fire
at Little Hubert's Whipped Cream Factory.
[ominous music]
[water sloshing]
[Clemmons screaming]
You two, get that hose over there!
[Bob] Back up the team on the north side!
[suspenseful heroic music]
Oh, dear! Look!
My new experimental,
salsa-flavored whipped cream!
It's very flammable!
Hey, Chief! We need you!
[cool heroic music]
Okay, I need a hamster wheel,
potting soil,
and a bag of golf clubs
with no seven-iron!
-A hamster wheel?
-No time!
Okay the hamster wheel,
the potting soil,
and a bag of golf clubs
with no six-iron!
Uh uh I need
A car, a garbage can and a
[confused music]
It's okay, Chief. We know you've been
dealing with this for a few weeks now.
I'm pretty sure we can handle this.
Feldman! Have Roastie push
that vat away from the flames!
All right. Get in there, Roastie.
Put your "back" into it!
[nervous giggle]
[suspenseful music]
You and the team did great, Bob.
Wish I could've been of more help.
We'll do our best till you get
through this, Chief.
Aunt Freya What happened?
I don't know.
Lately, I haven't been able to come up
with what we need in emergency situations.
Have you tried taking a break?
Oh, I'd like to, but we've been so busy,
I haven't had a chance.
Billy, you said there were
other tricks people try
to get themselves out of slumps?
Yeah, like just
talking through the problem
with someone you trust!
Is there anyone you feel
you could really open up to?
Well, there is one person
[sighs] Thank you for letting me ramble.
I always imagined speaking with you
would be a profound,
meaningful experience.
It felt good to let everything out.
You're lucky to work with
Craig Woodman, Gabby.
He really connects with people, you know?
[confused music]
[Gabby] Why can't you connect with me?
Oh, I don't feel any different, kids.
I don't think my slump is gone.
The City Water Works is on fire
and there's no water
coming from any fire hydrants.
What do you need
to put out the fire? Quick!
Uh A car a car
and a car?
You're still slumping.
That's okay.
We still have some tricks to try!
Come on!
[mechanical whirring]
Sure, I've been through slumps.
Everyone goes through 'em.
I have phases where I miss trash pickup
on my route,
or I dump trash into someone's pool.
[gasps] Once, I turned something in
for recycling that couldn't be recycled!
How do you get out of those phases?
Usually, I pretend to be somebody
completely different from myself!
Sometimes I'll pretend I'm a
[in sing-song tone]
singing sensation!
Other times, I'll pretend
I'm a private detective.
Acting isn't really my thing.
What do you have to lose?
Just think of someone
as different from yourself
as could possibly be.
I'm in a slump!
Maybe try someone who isn't
as easily freaked out as Clemmons?
[continues screaming]
[somber music]
You don't feel any different?
No, just exhausted
from pretending to be Clemmons.
I'm starting to think
there's no cure for my slump.
Don't worry, if anything will work,
it'll be our next stop.
[principal] How may I be of assistance?
You expected me to answer the doors,
but here I am, behind you!
How did I get here?
Was it magic?
Who can say?
The important thing is that you believe.
Now, come with me
into a world of magic, mystery,
and standardized testing!
[principal groans]
Slumpus dismissus!
Now, repeat!
Slumpus dismissus.
Slumpus don't-let-the-door
hit-you on-the-way-out-us!
Slumpus don't-let-the-door
hit-you on-the-way-out-us
Oh, this is ridiculous.
And it's not working.
Maybe I had the wrong plant?
[soft bright music]
I can't keep doing this.
I'm sorry.
You can break this slump.
I know you can!
Maybe you just need to do like
Principal Schwartz said.
I am not going to wave asparagus
in the air and do a polka dance.
No, but you have to believe.
Maybe not in magic,
but that you still know
how to fight fires!
[firetruck sirens blaring]
[tires screech]
Glad we ran into you, Chief.
We've got a fire at the Space Center.
What's the story?
That salsa-flavored whipped cream
from Little Hubert's was taken
to the Space Center
so Dr. Ravenhurst could analyze it
as a possible rocket fuel.
But it, uh, spontaneously combusted.
We're headed there now.
Climb aboard.
I'm not sure
Aunt Freya, we're sure.
Fire fighting is what you do.
And you love what you do!
[determined music]
[sirens blaring]
We gotta see how this turns out.
[sirens blaring]
Let's take care of this one quick!
[Clemmons screaming]
Burning salsa whipped cream!
Clemmons, make sure the hoses
are securely connected!
[suspenseful music]
Clemmons? You're so
calm and under control.
Are you like this at every fire?
Sure, Chief.
After so long doing this,
I know the first thing I'll do
when the pressure is on is panic.
So when I do, I remember
that I was trained for this
and that I just need to fight the fire.
[all] You go back to basics.
Exactly. Because the basics work.
If I overthink things,
I just get stuck.
'Scuse me, Chief!
That's good advice.
[Clemmons screaming]
[Clemmons] Bob inhaled salsa fumes!
Stop yakkin' and get me down!
Things are getting real toasty!
[Maddy] What do we need, Aunt Freya?
Some clam chowder,
a cat toy, and a Geiger counter?
[suspenseful music building]
No time! Clemmons!
I need three things,
hoses aimed at either side
of Dr. Ravenhurst,
a crane truck to grab her,
and a call for backup engines.
That's it?
That seems pretty
Basic? Yeah. Let's give it a shot.
[water sloshing]
[heroic music]
[sirens blaring]
[cheerful music]
Clemmons, thank you.
For showing me I needed
to re-set and go back
to the basic principles of what we do.
Unexpected praise!
And thank you for helping me
get my confidence back.
But will you still feel confident
if a situation comes up
where the solution isn't so "basic"?
[Sarah] Chief McCloud!
Hot So, so hot!
The salsa fumes have really gotten to Bob!
He's hotter than a jalapeño!
Okay, I need hi-hat cymbals,
garlic, and some cold cocoa!
But, Chief, I don't think
[Freya] No time!
[suspenseful music]
I'm back!
[soft music]
Maybe we should try
going back to the basics, too,
with these clues.
How do you mean?
Let's forget matching up the words
on the pieces of paper.
Let's fit the pieces together
based on shape.
[soft gasp] Great idea!
Hey, I've got a few!
And I found a corner piece!
It's working!
[both] We're back!
[upbeat outro music]
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