Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e16 Episode Script

Grizzled and Grizzled-er

[opening theme music plays]
[sirens blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
I can't believe this great stuff
was buried under
Harl's land for centuries.
Yeah, we've learned everything about
the City's history
except who really founded it.
Rusted. What do you think is in here?
A treasure map?
[Maddy] And we're gonna miss
the big release party
for Vita-Rush's new Fish HeadFizz flavor.
Unless Oh.
I have a genius idea! Come on!
[bright music]
-[Donn] Stick 'em up!
Donn DeDundun?
Donn, this is my partner, Rooky.
Rooky, this is my first partner,
the guy who taught me how to nap.
He abandoned me
for a bigger city years ago!
What brings you back?
Some cowboy perp stole the World's Biggest
Ball of Steel Cable from our city
and headed this way.
Name's Cake Battler or something.
You mean Snake Rattler?
His crimes are usually
related to Vita-Rush.
We can probably figure out
where he'll strike next.
Oh, he'll turn up on his own eventually.
They always do.
Mostly, I'm here for a last look around.
I'm retiring in a couple days!
Hey, congratulations! Me too!
Not before we settle our chair-race feud
once and for all!
Ready? Set? Go!
[upbeat music]
[making race noises]
There's something about
DeDundun I don't like.
Join the club.
Grizzled started picking up
his bad habits,
so DeDundun was transferred.
[making race sounds]
[tired sigh]
You won that one.
How about a little speed-napping?
He always was a prodigy.
Aaanyway Snake Rattler
just stole a helicopter
from the Fire Department.
Get on it.
[Grizzled] Who? What? Where?
Grizzled, Snake's in town
and he boosted a helicopter!
Let's go.
Actually, Griz,
if you wouldn't mind staying
I need to talk to you
about something important.
Can it wait a little bit?
Partners handle calls together.
Donn was my partner, too, kid.
And he needs me right now.
[soft emotional music]
[chuckles] I thought that stick in the mud
would never leave!
[awkward chuckle] Yeah. Go easy on her.
She takes the job seriously, is all.
You used to be like that.
Then I got a hold of you
and you became a lot more fun!
We can still catch up to Rooky.
All she's gonna be doing
is taking statements.
Hey, when's the last time you had fun?
[bright music]
Oh, I've missed this neighborhood.
Let's hit our old donut spot.
Can't. It's a cat café now.
[Bennett] All units.
-[Bennett groaning]
Be on the lookout for Snake Rattler
driving a monster truck [groans]
carrying a stolen electromagnet.
-[Bennett groaning]
[chuckles] Sounds like Bennett's enjoying
the itching powder we left on his chair.
Talk about lousy timing!
Oh, Griz, this is an easy collar.
Just call for backup and let
someone else handle it, huh?
You're joking, right?
I I can't abandon my
-[police sirens blaring]
-[tires screeching]
Half your force is after this guy.
Let's find another donut spot.
Oh, c'mon, Griz, I came all this way.
[Grizzled] Rooky,
I'm breaking off pursuit.
You and Duke have this, right?
What? But
Oh, I suppose. Yeah, okay.
Good call, partner.
[Donn laughing]
Then the department gave us
those jetpacks?
For their new "Air Patrol"?
We flew so crazy, they scrambled jets
to bring us in! [chuckles]
They tried it again after you left.
"Sky Police." Ridiculous.
Hey, look who arrested a steering wheel.
Nice work, kid! [mocking laugh]
Snake used the electromagnet
to smash Duke and me together.
This is all that's left of my car.
Oh, kid, it was a medical emergency.
[Bennett groaning]
[clears throat]
That's what you were doing?
C'mon, kid, Donn's my partner
He used to be your partner!
I'm your partner now! And I needed you!
[Bennett] I almost forgot.
The Vita-Rush Corporation
needs extra security
for the armored car [grunts]
delivering their new flavor
to the release party.
Oh! That must be what Snake is after!
But how is he going to get it?
I'll take that detail.
-I'll go with you, Rooky.
-[Rooky] No.
Your "partner" might need you.
"The priceless treasure was mere moments
from its arrival
as an anxious City waited"
Have I mentioned how bad an idea it is
for you two to be here?
Vita-Rush said we could ride along.
Yeah, we told them we were
"high-profile influencers"
that wanted to cover the delivery.
"said the high-profile influencer,
snapping a photo of his colleague."
Hashtag new Vita-Rush flavor!
Now, how will Snake use a magnet,
a helicopter, and cable
to steal the new Vita-Rush?
And when will he strike?
-[metallic clanging]
-[all yelping]
[helicopter whirring]
[satisfied chuckle]
[soft emotional music]
It's the kid, right?
Oh, remember when you joined the force?
You'd get all worked up
when I'd bend the rules a little
but you'd get over it.
So will she.
[Bennett] All units, be on the lookout
for a helicopter dangling an armored car
containing a case of Vita-Rush,
two high-profile influencers,
and Detective Rooky Partnur.
-[Bennett groaning]
Also, be on the lookout
for some anti-itch lotion,
because I could sure use some.
Whoa! Where are you going?
I'm not letting her down again.
As long as I've got this job,
I'm gonna do this job.
[determined music]
[intense action music]
I want you two to stay here,
no matter what.
Under no circumstances are you
to leave this armored car!
"Said the courageous cop"
[intense action music]
[Rooky grunting]
[Rooky yelping]
Rooky said we should stay here!
Billy, influencers like us
don't play by the rules.
[suspenseful music]
Rooky! Hang on, we're coming!
You still carry that thing?
I was taking it to be cleaned.
[suspenseful music]
Help Rooky! I'll distract Snake.
Help Rookie do what?
[blowing raspberry]
The question you've gotta ask yourself is,
"Do I feel thirsty?"
Well? Do ya, flyboy?
He's wasting good Orange Vita-Rush!
You monster!
Rooky, are you all right?
Whoa! I can't hang on much longer!
Lock yourself to the cable
with your handcuffs!
Yes! Great idea, Maddy!
Hashtag: Influencer on the fly!
-[suspenseful music]
Whoa! Whoa!
And Maddy? No!
I've got 'em!
You finish off the bad guy partner!
[determined action music]
Time for this lonesome drink-thief
to fly off into the sunset.
Well, if you're lonesome
I'll ride shotgun 'til we get you to jail.
[determined action music]
You must be Cake Battler.
[determined action music]
[Rooky] Sky Police to City Center:
The Vita-Rush is on its way.
[Dynamo Doug] Only Vita-Rush could make
its trip here so intense!
And let's hear it
for the extreme police work
that made this release party possible!
Detective Partnur,
were you worried up there,
when things got wild?
No, I knew my partner had my back.
And we had solid backup.
Sorry about earlier, Rooky.
You've got your priorities
in the right place.
And you're a good influence on Griz, here.
Guys, how'd it feel
to be in action together again?
[both] Like falling off a desk chair.
time for the first intense taste
of Vita-Rush's
new Fish Head Fizz flavor!
Here to do the honors, and they earned it,
Billy McCloud and Maddy Yea!
[crowd cheering]
[both gagging] Ew!
Hey! The tube's open.
Maybe the cap got a taste
of Fish Head Fizz
and just couldn't handle it.
[bright momentous music]
There's words on these pieces!
It's an old, official document!
It looks like it was written by
the families that settled here!
Maybe it'll tell us
who really owns the land
the City sits on!
Now that's intense!
[closing theme music plays]
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