Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e15 Episode Script

Yes, No, Maybe So?

[opening theme music plays]
[sirens blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
We can't pay prices like that
for this junk from Harl's land.
We don't have that kind of money.
We're kids!
Too bad for you, I guess.
Why do you wanna buy this stuff
so bad anyhow?
[whispers] Don't tell him
we think there might be a clue
somewhere in those boxes
about who founded the City.
I hear you kids been looking
for clues about
who founded the City.
[whispers] You gotta learn
to whisper quieter.
I hate to burst your bubble,
but I've been through
all this stuff and didn't find
no clues to nothin'.
What if we trade this for it?
Oh! Sparkly!
I mean, well, you know,
if that's all you got, then
okay, it's yours.
Be careful, they're heavy.
[Maddy groaning]
[Billy huffing]
Maybe we'll come back with a cart.
[cheery music]
Mr. Mayor, you have a visitor.
What are you doing?
Oh, well every day I like to reflect on
how well this city is doing,
and how far I've come
from being named
"Most likely to be least likely
to be chosen for an important office."
I never knew you cared so much
about popularity and success.
[chuckles] Oh, that was long ago.
Mayor Fleck, I'm Vera Persuasive.
Public relations consultant.
Now, the blue bars are previous mayors
and the red one is you.
According to everyone I've spoken with,
you are the least popular mayor
this city's ever had.
And it's only getting worse.
-Hold this under here.
-Uhm okay.
[cheery music]
That's odd.
How did this happen?
Excuse us. Mom, can we borrow a forklift?
Uh, be with you in a minute, kids.
[Vera] Sir, all my research
shows the problem is
you say, "No," too much.
I mean, come again?
You said "No" to
a community swimming pool.
They wanted to put the swimming pool
in the middle of the street.
And removing the letter "J"
from the alphabet.
And to "Wear your pajamas everyday-day."
Without "J", jumping jacks
would be umping acks.
I would never wear pajamas every day.
No one would take me seriously.
People don't like hearing "No."
And therefore, they don't like you.
Well, what should I do?
Say "Yes." To everything!
Starting with the next person
who comes through that door.
My mom always tells me
saying "Yes" without knowing
what you're saying "Yes" to
Is never a good idea.
There must be some compromise.
This City needs
a human cannonball academy. Ha!
[cheery music]
Pretty good compromise, am I right?
[unimpressed tune]
I think my mustache's birthday
should be a City wide holiday.
I think old perfume from now on
should smell like stinky cheese.
May [gags]
[cheery music]
Hello, powers that be.
I want to turn one of my buildings
into a plant that will pull pollution
out of the air.
That sounds too good to be true.
[cheering laugh]
[Fendrich] You'll regret this.
Wait did I say you will?
I meant, "You won't."
You won't regret this.
Boy, will and won't
sure sound alike, don't they?
[awkward laugh]
[victorious tune]
[Carol] I think even after
all these years,
you're still afraid of not being liked.
The other way to look at it,
is that the Mayor
is simply responding
to the wishes of the people.
[bright music]
I'm going to look at it that way.
[ominous music]
What do you think is the deal
with the Vera lady, anyway?
Let's find out.
[sneaky music]
[Maddy] Don't rustle so loudly.
[Billy] I'm trying.
[sneaky music]
Answering your ad in Schemers Weekly
was the best thing I ever did.
I still don't see how you'll
make money of your new factory.
My factory will charge a fortune
for taking pollution
out of the air.
Then it will put that pollution
in the water.
I knew he was up to something.
[Fendrich] Then, I'll build
another factory.
And charge to take the pollution
out of the water
and just put it back in the air!
[evil laugh] Smart, right?
Eh, if you say so.
Now, if you don't mind paying me,
I have a book club to destabilize.
[sneaky music]
I've been bamboozled.
I'm afraid it's worse than that.
I've been flim-flammed?
Because you said "Maybe" instead of "No,"
people feel there's nothing stopping them
from pursuing their bizarre projects.
At least now you know it's a scam.
Indeed I do.
And I'm putting a stop to this
hood-winkery right now.
Halt all projects immediately.
No one is damaging our city
by preying on my supposed weakness.
[crowd protesting]
[chanting] Mayor don't care!
Mayor unfair!
Mayor don't care!
Mayor unfair!
Mayor don't care!
Mayor don't wear no underwear!
But I am fair.
I do care!
[cheeky music]
Oh, of course I wear underwear!
There has to be a way
to make everyone happy.
Mr. Mayor, you can't possibly allow
all these cooky projects to go on.
Not with what you know now.
We'll make sure those cooky projects
benefit the City.
All projects cease halting immediately.
Projects can resume, yes.
That's what I meant.
[Fendrich] Mayor is fair.
Mayor does care!
Mayor always wears his underwear.
Happy citizens, happy city.
That's just good governing.
[crowd chanting praise]
[sneaky music]
[crowd murmuring]
Here he is, folks, the guest of honor
at the opening of my factory.
You know him, you conditionally love him,
Mayor Fleck!
[crowd cheering]
Hello. It's great to be here.
Thanks for the warm welcome.
Hey, as long as you keep letting us do
whatever we want,
we'll give you warm welcomes
whenever you want.
Right, folks? [laughs]
[crowd laughing]
Isn't it great our Mayor can take a joke?
[crowd laughing]
Now, let's pull this switch and
start this factory polluting.
I mean, de-polluting.
There you go, Mr. Mayor.
Now, give that switch a good pull, huh?
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music intensifying]
[crowd murmuring]
Now, who's joking, huh, folks?
Do you want everyone to hate you?
-[crowd laughing]
-[suspenseful music]
Actually, before I pull any switches,
I think we should slow down
and really examine all these projects.
We should make sure
they're right for our city.
[crowd murmuring]
Wha wha wha what?!
I know it may not be
the most popular opinion,
but you elected me because you trusted me
to do what I feel is right for all of us.
[booing] Unpopular. Broken promise.
[booing] No underwear!
[crowd booing]
If you don't like me, that's fine.
That's better than our city being harmed
by possibly dangerous projects.
[ominous music]
Let's start polluting!
[factory chugging]
[suspenseful music]
Is that chimney made of cardboard?
[crowd murmuring]
It's coming down!
Run for it!
Mr. Fendrich!
Mayor Fleck!
[hollow thudding]
[crowd gasping]
Mayor Fleck?
[suspenseful music]
[heroic music]
[crowd cheering]
You made the right decisions, Mr. Mayor.
And they seem quite popular.
That's odd. It does appear that way.
Anyone seen Vera Persuasive lately?
Who? Never heard of her.
She tried a similar scam
on Mrs. Blumsfeld's book club.
I understand it did not go well for her
and she's left the city.
And Fendrich, I trust
you've learned your lesson
and will never do
this kind of thing ever again.
-[crowd cheering]
-[cheery music]
Stinky cheese perfume project
might actually be a good idea.
[closing theme music plays]
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