Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e14 Episode Script

Shirley Overdrive

[opening theme music plays]
[sirens blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
Vita-Rush put out that weird
"lime grape" flavor last year.
They won't go grape again.
Ugh, these yearly flavor announcements
make me so tense.
I can't handle it!
[truck whirring]
Harl? How did you get back here?
Y'know, I thought my outdoor workshop
looked different. Where are we?
[tires screeching]
[Shirley] What's going on back there?
Who's hiding in my truck?
I don't have time for this!
It's Billy, Maddy and Harl Hubbs, Shirley.
Why are you picking up people
instead of trash?
Sorry, kids, I'm racing all over today,
trying to prove them wrong!
Prove who wrong?
The people at City Hall!
I picked up their garbage,
and what did I find
in their garbage can?
A proposal for a robot garbage collector!
That sounds awesome!
No, it doesn't!
They're thinking about replacing me!
So, the opposite of awesome
'Morning, Tom.
Is that a new hat, third from top?
Yes, Shirley, thanks for noticing!
My pleasure.
They can't replace you, Shirley!
You know everyone
and everything about this City!
You know it.
They think a robot can do
this job better than me?
Ha! Today I'm gonna show 'em.
That's the spirit! Can we help?
Sure, come on up front with me.
Harl, you want to come, too?
[Harl] I'll stay here, Shirley. I'm comfy!
[intense music]
Hi, Mayor Fleck. What's up, Mom?
Are you on your way to the pharmacy?
I know your allergies
are always bad this time of year.
Oh, no, Shirley, but thanks for asking.
My pleasure.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
It's about your work today.
Oh, you've noticed how fast
and efficient I am, huh?
[awkward chuckle] Fast, yes. Efficient
You've been so speedy,
you've picked up things
you weren't supposed to.
Like what?
Mr. Producé's prized cantaloupes.
Tread Octane's wrench collection.
Chester Teagle's spotlight.
Principal Schwartz's dragon claw.
Thank you, Shirley, for my pawn shop's
new merchandise. [chuckles]
[Carol] And Chief Wheeler's
new skateboard,
which he was riding.
And Harl Hubbs hasn't been seen for hours!
[Harl] I'm here! I'm fine!
Carol, this is not a problem.
I'll return everything, I promise.
She'll be so efficient and fast,
you'll think she was a robot!
[nervous laugh]
Maddy, honey, I'll see you later
at the Vita-Rush
new flavor announcement.
I can put everything back super fast.
No one can do this job like I can.
Let's clean up some streets!
[kids] Yeah!
[Shirley] Yeah!
[upbeat music]
Oh. Thank you.
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music]
Last stop coming up, Shirley!
You have been zooming.
Let's see 'em replace me now.
Hey, you looking for something, Doc?
I can't find my briefcase,
and it has the formula
for the new Vita Rush flavor!
Maybe Shirley picked it up by accident.
If we help find that missing case,
we'll be Vita-Rush heroes!
Hey, Doctor Ravenhurst!
Hi, Harl. I don't see it.
If I don't have it for the announcement
this afternoon
Oh, I'm gonna get canned for this.
Don't give up!
Right now, only we know
about the missing briefcase.
The one Shifty Buyourstuff took?
When you stopped at City Hall,
he took a bunch of things
from back here, including a briefcase.
Huh! I bet he's takin' stuff from my truck
to sell in his store!
Be right back, Doc! Let's go, kids!
Hey Shirley, we wanted to ask you.
Do you remember picking up
a bunch of stuff from Harl's land?
There might be something in there
that could help us for a school project.
If I did, I took it to the recycle center.
Or maybe Shifty's took it to sell here.
"The eagle flies with long division
in 60 from the crow's nest."
[shady music]
What was all that about?
Shifty was talking in criminal code.
He's selling the formula at an auction
at the Crow's Nest Sea Sponge Warehouse
in an hour.
How do you know criminal code?
I picked it up around town.
I do that.
All right, kids, you go home
I have to make this run alone.
Shirley, you can't!
It'll be too dangerous.
[Billy] Call the police!
No cops.
This is my mistake to fix.
[scoffs] Like we'd just walk away.
Duke, we have an emergency.
Sorry, I'm late.
I had to stop and break up
a circus peanut smuggling operation.
What's the matter?
We'll explain on the way. Let's go!
-[sirens blaring]
-[tires screeching]
[suspenseful music]
[criminals chatting]
How ya doin'? I'm Trish. Trish Collector.
I'm Terra Homes, your auctioneer.
Up for bid is one briefcase
containing the secret formula
for Vita-Rush's newest flavor.
Now then, do I hear 1,000 to start?
1,000! 1,000 from
the shady character in the back.
No, the other shady character in the back.
Yes, you.
Do I hear 1,500?
2,000. 2,500?
How do we know if there's really a formula
in that briefcase?
What, you don't trust me?
Your name is "Shifty."
Fair point. I'll open it up.
Filtered water, omega three,
omega eleven, Hmm.
Looks like the real deal
[Shirley panting]
I probably shoulda made copies.
[Shirley panting]
[Shirley yelping]
[intense chase music]
Hey! Wait for me!
[sirens blaring]
Does anyone see Shirley?
[tires screeching]
Found her!
And we're not the only ones.
[intense chase music]
Hey, Shirley, you might want to pull over!
I think these folks want to go around you!
Yeah, I don't think so, Harl.
Hmm It's rush hour a block over.
[intense action music]
Hopefully, they're still
doing construction
on Elm Street.
[intense action music]
[tires screeching]
Almost at the Vita-Rush lab.
Could a robot have pulled this off?
Ha! I don't think so!
[tires screeching]
[ominous music]
I'm all outta construction sites
and traffic jams!
There we go, one bird feeder,
finished and filled!
No, no, no, no!
-[tires screeching]
Bye-bye, birdies.
My insurance doesn't cover this!
[crowd] New flavor! New flavor!
New flavor! New flavor!
As your Mayor and host for this event,
I ask you that you please be patient.
I'm sure the new flavor
will be revealed here soon.
[intense music]
Here's the formula, safe and sound!
[Terra] Not quite!
[intense suspenseful music]
We've got you surrounded!
[Duke] Not quite!
[intense music]
We called ahead.
[cheery music]
Great work, sanitation engineer!
This is the biggest roundup
of shady characters in years!
Well, I've done all I could.
If you want to replace me, it's your call.
That's odd.
We're replacing Shirley?
Did I miss a memo?
I found a proposal
for automated garbage collection
in City Hall's trash.
That? Shirley, what do you think
it was doing in the trash?
We rejected that proposal
as soon as we saw it.
Shirley, you're the heartbeat
of this City.
We know we couldn't function without you.
Oh. The feeling's mutual.
Are you ready for the big reveal?
[crowd] New flavor!
New flavor! New flavor!
The new flavor is
[crowd cheering]
Fish Head Fizz!
[disappointed chatter]
And I thought lime-grape was weird.
[sighs] What a day.
Ready for a ride home, Harl?
[Harl] Sure am, Shirley,
thanks for asking!
[Shirley] My pleasure.
[closing theme music plays]
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