Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e13 Episode Script

This Land is Harl's Land

[opening theme music plays]
[sirens blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
[Maddy] The second X
on the original City map
should mark a spot somewhere around here.
Better be another clue
to who really founded the City,
and not just a big sculpture of an "X."
[cheery music]
Somehow, this is worse.
[tools scraping]
Hi! Need any help?
Why are you down in that pit?
Well, it's my pit.
I just dug it a couple days ago.
My family has owned this land
for generations.
Supposedly, the spirits
of my ancestors are still here.
But, Hubbses love to build.
Why hasn't anyone from your family
built anything here?
No one's ever settled on an idea
that would help everyone in the City.
I thought I had a great one,
so I started digging,
but then I thought
maybe I'd have a better idea
if I thought more.
So I've been sitting here and thinking.
It's actually really peaceful.
[peaceful music]
[sneaky music]
[phone ringing]
The map didn't lead the kids
to the City founder's ID, boss,
but it did lead 'em to land you don't own.
I checked City records
Sinclair don't own the land, neither.
Huh. If Sinclair doesn't own it
and if Fendrich doesn't
[in unison] who does own the land?
Oh? [evil chuckles]
This'll be easy.
[Harl] Anybody have any ideas?
No, but this is so peaceful.
[tires screeches]
[tense music]
-[Sinclair] Fendrich
-[Fendrich] Sinclair!
[tense music]
Harl, for your land, I offer you
five rusty doorknobs!
I dunno what to build here,
but it'll probably need doorknobs.
Your land's worth more than this.
Your ancestors definitely
wouldn't want you to take that deal.
Hm. You're right.
I can't sell now, and let down the Hubbses
who came before me.
Sorry, Mr. Fendrich, no deal.
What am I supposed to do
with all these doorknobs?
Good boy, Harl, dear.
I'm so glad I ran into you.
I have these fresh-baked snickerdoodles,
and I don't have anyone to eat them.
[both] Cookies!
Oh! I've got to learn how to bake.
Oh, you like snickerdoodles?
Well, how about if I bake you
all the cookies you want
in exchange for your land?
How does that sound?
Will you make cookies
for everyone in the City?
Even Mr. Fendrich?
I couldn't enjoy
the cookies if other people
weren't getting them.
Even Fendrich?
Plus, Harl wants something helpful
for the whole City built here.
I've got helpful.
I want to build a pollution
processing plant
that sucks in pollution!
Will it spit out more pollution?
Well, yes it, uh
[grumbles in frustration]
I'll build a pool
for my adorable granddaughter,
for her to play in
with all of the City's children.
Sounds great.
How much will it cost to rent a towel?
Nothing. It'll be part of
the Gold Floatie VIP Membership package.
Neither of those sounds like
they'll help the City.
I can't sell my land to either of you.
[growls] Sinclair
[tense music]
You did the right thing, Harl.
Do you think so?
You think my land is really valuable?
It is, because it's yours
and your family's.
And besides, this land
could be important to the City.
We think a clue to whose family
really founded the City
might be here on your land!
I thought Mr. Fendrich's family
founded the City.
At least, that's what he's always said.
It could be any family that was here
when the City was settled.
We want to find out for sure.
Well, I didn't find any clues
digging the pit.
Just a bunch of junk that must have been
buried here for centuries.
I asked Shirley Keeper
to haul it all away.
Then a clue could still be here!
I want the best recipe
for snickerdoodles you can find!
What are you doing here?
Relax, Fendrich.
I only stopped by to make a proposal.
A proposal? Oh!
Well, this is all very sudden
I wasn't expecting [giggles]
Not a marriage proposal, Fendrich.
On our own,
we can't convince Harl to sell,
but if we work together
I know we can do it.
Then we can split the land
or make an agreement later.
We can't work together.
It would rip the fabric of reality!
So what are you thinking?
You own one building
on the end of the block,
and I own the other
[evil chuckles]
[Harl] Look on the bright side,
we haven't found anything,
but now my pit's twice as deep.
Thanks for helping.
[air horns blaring]
[Billy] Ah! We're being salad-bombed.
[horns continue blaring]
That's right!
Sunny with a chance of garbage today!
And a high possibility
of underground kabooms!
[underground explosion rumbling]
Sorry, kids!
I go where the explosions are.
[horns continue blaring]
-[explosion rumbling]
-[kids yelping]
Stay strong, Harl!
They're just trying to get you to sell!
Yeah, but if they keep this up,
they'll ruin the land,
and I know my ancestors
wouldn't want that.
No, they wouldn't
Stop! Harl will sign over his land!
[satisfied chuckle]
Do I need to take those from you?
Billy, we can't let that happen.
Give us 'til sundown
to clean up this mess.
And come alone! No thugs!
Thug? But, I'm a "goon."
Oh. At least, that's what
I tell my family.
You've got a plan!
Is it sneaky?
Do I get to build stuff?
Yes and oh, yes.
We need to pick up a few things
and make one call.
-[determined music]
Harl, be a good boy and sign here.
No, here!
Cross out the part that requires you
to call me, "My King."
That's from the last contract.
Oh, you are both here.
Here I go, I am about to sign a contract.
[eerie noises]
Oh, don't worry about all that noise.
It's probably just the ghosts
of my ancestors.
[electricity crackling]
[eerie noises growing louder]
[Harl] Sorry for the fuss.
I think the ghosts are angry
about me selling.
[ghostly music]
Don't be silly.
I stopped believing in ghosts
when I was a little girl.
And I stopped believing even before that!
I was gifted.
[chuckles] Like I said,
I go where the explosions are.
I think my Great Uncle Charl
wants to talk to you
about the sale.
[eerie music]
If my granddaughter wants a pool so badly,
she can build one! [screams]
[tires screeching]
Pretty scary, huh, Mr. Fendrich?
[scoffs] It takes more than
this kind of stuff to freak me out.
He's not scared of ghosts?
You're kidding!
Anyway, I brought a second contract
for an agreement just between you and me,
in case Sinclair got cold feet.
Okay, I guess I'll sign.
But I should tell you one thing first.
Right now, the City says
it's a 16-year wait
to get a permit to build a factory.
Delayed profit!
[cheeky music]
So, uh, am I done kabooming?
Oh, ding-dang dynamite, that was fun.
[Billy] Harl, that was amazing!
How did you come up with that story?
It's not a story.
I figured he'd want to know
how long it would take
for a permit so I asked the City.
I was just trying to be helpful.
You did it. You saved your land!
Yeah! With your help!
And thanks to you,
I know what to do with my land.
I'll build a silly haunted house,
for everyone to enjoy!
That sounds perfect.
I just wish we'd found
some clues around here
about who founded the City.
Harl, you said Shirley Keeper
hauled away junk you dug up
We should see if she still has it!
Definitely! It's our only lead.
Do you think I can keep him?
We'd have to ask Mr. Producé. Why?
He really does look like
my Great Uncle Charl.
Well, that was a disaster.
Let's never team up again.
Best idea you've ever had.
Get back to spying on the kids.
I'm not letting Sinclair find out
who founded the City before I do.
Watch the children.
Fendrich mustn't get a step ahead of me.
Back to surveillance?
Same. Hey, wanna carpool again?
And stop for slooshies on the way?
Great. Yo, we bought last time,
this time it's on you.
-[electricity crackling]
-[eerie music]
New idea. Run for it!
[closing theme music plays]
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