Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e12 Episode Script

Mr. Produce Buys the Farm

[opening theme music plays]
[sirens blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
Are we sure Mr. Producé
is the right person to ask
about the original map of the City?
What else rhymes with "No, sir"
besides "grocer?" Poser? Hoser? Toaster?
I guess you're right.
We'll start with Mr. Producé,
then move on to any toasters we know.
[bright music]
Mr. Producé?
Where are you?
He's out at the farm he bought,
up by the Eco-Power Plant.
Mr. Producé bought a farm? Why?
We'll ask when we get there,
'cause his farm is our next stop.
Thanks, Harl!
Happy to help!
When you see Mr. Producé,
ask him to say hello
to Mr. Lettuce for me!
[Mr. Producé grunting]
[eerie music]
[Mr. Producé grunting]
-Mr. Producé?
Did they see you?
Did who see us?
Why are you hiding?
And you bought a farm?
I decided instead of buying produce
from others to sell, I should grow my own!
Then I'd be sure it would get
the right care,
and grow healthy and strong!
But they're trying to take it
all away from me.
[eerie music]
Those farmers?
They've been sabotaging me at every turn!
I think they did something
to my new tractor
and now it won't work!
And they must have covered
my whole farm with cow poop,
because Well, smell!
[both coughing]
Worst of all, yesterday I had a new batch
of the cutest seeds,
just waiting to be planted
and become big, healthy, fresh produce!
Today they were gone!
Did you see those farmers do
any of that stuff, Mr. Producé?
No, but who else could it be?
I think they're worried
I'll out farm them
I put every penny I have into this farm.
There's been a Producé
selling fruits and vegetables
in our City since it was founded!
Oh, if I can't make this work
If the farmers are sabotaging you,
we should tell the police.
Before we can, though, we'll need proof.
I don't know how we'll get any
if they're always watching
what we're doing.
[mysterious music]
They've gone!
I bet they're watching us
right now waiting to strike!
I don't think so.
[detective music]
I'll follow them
and see if I can figure out
what they're up to.
I'll stay with you, Mr. Producé.
Maybe we can get your tractor working.
-Hi, Maddy.
I thought you looked like
you might need some help.
-What's up?
-[sighs in relief]
Mr. Producé thinks some farmers
are trying to sabotage him.
I'm trying to find them.
Oh, wait! Do they look like this?
That's them!
They were headed for the hardware store
right over there
Where'd they go?
How did they do that? Did I dream them?
They're real.
And it looked like they bought stuff
at the hardware store.
Probably stuff that'll make
more trouble for Mr. Producé!
I better try and find them again.
I'll stick with you
'til this gets figured out.
I don't want anything bad
to happen to Mr. Producé.
Besides, I might be helpful,
you know, if things get real.
So, what's wrong with the tractor?
It won't, y'know, vroom-vroom.
Mr. Producé, before you bought this place,
did you know much about farming?
Or motor vehicles?
[Mr. Producé] I did not!
But I know vegetables come from farms,
and tractors are used on farms, so I think
that makes me pretty much an expert!
Uh-huh. I'll just take a look.
As an expert, I'm telling you,
I tried everything!
It'd take a miracle to start that tractor!
[engine starting]
[gasps] What did you do?
Turned the key.
-[cheeky music]
-[door opens]
The manager said
the farmers were in there too,
and left with a bunch of gardening stuff.
Hardware supplies, gardening gear
They really could have something planned
for Mr. Producé!
And with the way they come up behind you
without making a sound,
Mr. Producé may never know they're coming!
We better get back!
[hurried music]
-[sighs in relief]
Time to water my crop.
There you go, Mr. Lettuce!
Can't wait to see you turn
into a great, big lettuce tree!
I'll go get some more water
Your friend, Miss Turnip,
looks a little parched.
[Maddy] Billy!
Maddy! We gotta talk.
Mr. Producé thinks lettuce grows on trees.
-[Billy] Hey, Harl.
-Hi, Billy!
Hi, Mr. Lettuce!
Let's talk about Mr. Producé later.
We think the farmers
have something big planned!
I think you may be right
[intimidating music]
They look like they've been
on a "ruin Produce's farm"
shopping spree. What do we do?
What we shouldn't do is panic.
What we need to do is see inside that box.
If you want to try to sneak over there,
Mr. Producé and I
could create a diversion.
Harl, do you want to help us?
Hey, help is what I do!
[mysterious music]
[tools clanking]
[cheeky music]
[horn honking]
Ding dang dynamite
[intimidating music]
[awkward chuckle]
You're probably wondering
what I'm doing down here.
You were thinkin'
we mean your friend harm,
and you're surprised to find out
we really want to help.
Uh right.
Billy, Harl, Mr. Producé!
The farmers aren't trying
to wreck your farm!
I'm Peach, and these are my brothers,
Horace and Pound Cake.
That's Pig and that's Sheep.
We like your tractor.
Um thanks?
This box is filled with stuff
to help your vegetables grow!
Well, that's very nice, but
Why did you steal my seeds
and cover my farm with poop?
We didn't steal your seeds,
we planted 'em for ya.
And the seeds need the poop,
or "fertilizer," to help 'em grow.
Why didn't you ever say hello or anything?
We thought maybe you had some
newfangled City techniques or machines
we could learn about for our own farms.
Then we realized
[Mr. Producé] That when
it comes to farming,
I don't know my ear from an apricot?
The Produce family knows a lot
about selling vegetables,
but not a thing about growing them.
I thought, "How hard could it be?"
Turns out, pretty hard.
It ain't easy, but you can learn.
We can teach you, if you want.
We can give you some of
our fruits and vegetables, too,
to keep you goin' 'til your crops come in.
You'd do that for me?
The more tasty, healthy food
out there for people to eat,
the better it is for everybody,
includin' farmers.
I can't thank you enough.
But I promise I'll only sell your produce
at my stand, along with what I grow here.
Sounds fair. But Pound Cake
handles the business.
Pound Cake?
Reckon we got a deal.
-Yeah! Alright!
I assumed the worst about you,
and I was wrong.
I'm sorry.
It's all right. We've heard it before.
I always tell Pig and Sheep,
"Try not to look so intimidatin'."
[bright music]
Those farmers sure grow
some beautiful tomatoes.
Who's beautiful?
You're beautiful!
I owe you a lot for helping me.
Oh! I have something for you.
Wait here.
It's super nice, he wants to thank us,
but he doesn't have to give us anything.
Just think of it as a trade
for the awesome scarecrow you made.
Hey, oh, let's not forget to ask him about
the original City map when he comes back.
This was painted by Moochie Producé,
the City's first grocer.
It's been with my family ever since.
After today, I consider you
honorary Producés.
-Wow, thanks.
-Oh, thanks.
[Mr. Producé] Y'know,
Moochie made his own brushes
from dog hair and painted this
on the back of an old map.
I think I'll put some jalapeños
next to the tomatoes
and call this "Salsa Corner."
This is it.
The very first map of the City!
[Billy] This X marks Founder's Rock.
But what's this other X?
If we find it, do you think we'll learn
who really founded the City?
[mysterious music]
[closing theme music plays]
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