Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e11 Episode Script

Day of the Dread

[opening theme music plays]
[sirens blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
Are you sure you have
everything you need, honey?
I guess.
Thanks for letting me borrow these
from the City Hall Library, Mom.
Maybe one of 'em will tell us
who really founded the City.
You don't seem very excited.
Going through City history books
isn't as fun
as finding hidden keys
or forgotten diaries,
or learning about lost maps.
Especially with Billy away for the weekend
with his Robotics Club.
Oh, he'll be back.
Hang in there.
Thanks, Mom.
[cheerful music]
[Dread sighs]
[Dread sighs]
[Dread sighs dramatically]
Are you okay?
I'm having a hard time
finishing this poem.
Maybe I can help!
I doubt it.
Come on, Dread! Read what you have so far.
"Roses are black. Violets are black.
There's crows in the graveyard"
[crow squawking]
Wow, that's unfinished, all right.
Usually, I write with my friend, Bleak,
but since he left
for the regional spelling bee,
nothing seems right.
I know. My friend Billy
Wait, Bleak? At a spelling bee?
His vocabulary skills are what make us
such a dynamic writing team.
Yeah, dynamic, heh, that's you.
Hey, I just got an idea!
Sometimes a break will clear out
the creative cobwebs.
Let's find something
fun and interesting to do.
Great! We'll leave these books
at my Mom's office,
then it's off to fun city, population us!
C'mon, fun city!
[Maddy grunts] Here we go!
Skateboarding rules.
Billy and I always have a blast here!
[cheery music]
Hey, can someone lend me a board?
Skateboarding is so awesome!
Everybody gets a rush from it!
[cheery music]
Sweet moves, li'l Grommie!
Both righteous and radical!
Thanks, Chief Wheeler!
[sirens blaring]
Crime ruins everything!
Here, dude! Rock some big air
and throw down some gnarly
McTwists and Varials!
Do whatever you feel!
[cheers] Big Dread dropping in!
Let's go! You got this!
Dude! What are you doing?
Whatever I feel.
Going where the universe
decides to take me.
I don't get it.
Bleak would.
Um, If you're done not doing tricks,
could you clear the half-pipe?
Huh, sorry.
Maybe public service is more your thing.
Billy and I love volunteering
for community projects.
Looks like the whole
City showed up to plant
flower displays for the new playground
at the hospital!
-Oh, this is gonna be great!
Just pick a plot and start planting!
[cheery music]
Now that's a beautiful garden!
[dark music]
I feel like it's missing something.
-[Maddy] Skin?
If Bleak were here,
he'd know just the "je ne sais quoi."
We should probably be going.
Its beauty lies in its irony.
[Dread] The stadium?
I'm not comfortable around crowds.
Especially if they're eating
[shudders] nachos.
Don't worry there's no crowd here.
Just you, me, and a few friends!
[all greeting]
Come on, let's get you strapped in!
Strapped in for what?
I noticed you having a hard time
making your own fun,
so, we're bringing the fun to you!
Trust me, Billy would think
this is a-ma-zing!
Don't worry, you're completely safe.
The chances of something going wrong
are one in a billion!
Those are better odds than
being nibbled by a shark,
hit by space debris, or sat on by a cow.
How do you even know that?
They all happened to me.
At the same time.
[engine rumbling]
Get ready for the ride
of your life, little man!
[manic laugh]
Okay, I'm ready.
Wow. Most people are much more freaked out
at this point.
[action music]
Not bad, kid.
But let's see how you handle this!
[Wallop cheering]
[tires screeching]
Okay, then I guess it's time for
the Danger Noodle!
Oh! Not the Danger Noodle!
It's too dangerous!
[action music]
[Wallop] Whoa!
[Wallop cheering]
[all cheering]
Even I wasn't sure we'd make that one! Ha!
Well? Was that the wildest
ride of your life, or what?
Bleak and I say that life
is the wildest ride of all.
It doesn't have a steering wheel,
and you never know where it will take you.
I give up!
I thought you needed
some fun in your life,
but you wouldn't know fun
if it was wearing a name tag that said
"Hello, my name is Fun!"
I'm going back to the park.
Even those dusty old books
from the City Hall Library
are more satisfying than this!
[Dread] What are you doing?
Oh, it's you.
I'm pretty sure it's nothing
you'd find interesting.
Since you don't find anything interesting.
You said something about
dusty old books from the library.
[sighs] I'm trying to find out the truth
about who founded the City.
Searching for forgotten legends
Sounds cool.
I'll help.
After all the awesome stuff we did today,
this is cool to you?
You never asked me what I like to do.
You just assumed I'd like the stuff
you and Billy like to do.
Oh. Yeah, I guess I did.
Huh. Maybe I'm missing Billy
more than I thought. Sorry.
Huh. I can relate.
And I kinda didn't want
to like your stuff.
That wasn't fair to you.
[bright music]
Oh, hey, check this out.
It was written around
the time the City was founded.
"Collected Verses of Anton Dreadsworth?"
Yeah. My Uncle Anton.
He was the City's first poet laureate.
He wrote about everything
that happened back then.
"Uncle Anton?"
Great-great-great-great Uncle.
He's kinda my role model.
My family says
I inherited his cheerfulness.
He left one poem unfinished.
No one knows why.
Maybe his best friend was out of town.
[sad sigh]
"The Founding Fathers' feat unfolds.
Cipher the secrets the City holds.
Let our deceptive declarations.
Drive folk mad for generations."
Whoa! He's talking about
who really founded the City!
"But our City's first map
and the key to its history
shall ever remain a final mystery!
It shall never be revealed!
No way, no sir!
The secret that is held by the City's"
That's it?
That's a terrible place to stop the poem!
The City's what?
It's gotta be something
that rhymes with "no, sir."
-[Dread] "Grocer."
"Grocer" rhymes with "No, Sir."
"The City's grocer!"
But who would that be?
Was Mr. Producé's family here
when the City was founded?
We could go ask him.
Mr. Producé might have
the original map of the City!
Let's go!
Hey, Maddy!
Billy! I'm so glad you're back!
How'd it go with the Robotics Club?
Oh, I kept trying to invent
a robot that would
heuristically interpret sensory stimuli,
but all I could think about
was our history project.
Yeah? Well, Dread and I just found
our first new clue in a while
and it's a big one!
We need to talk to Mr. Producé right away!
You two have been hanging out?
Oh, yeah.
Turns out we've got some things in common.
Hey. I'm back.
Dude, dial it back.
No need to get all emo on me.
So, uh, how was the spelling bee?
Not that it matters.
I lost. Not that it matters.
How's the poem?
You want to go work on it?
So, what's the deal with Mr. Producé?
Oh, it's a whole thing.
[Dread] What word did you misspell?
[Bleak] "Enthusiasm." But whatever.
[Dread] Yeah, whatever.
[closing theme music plays]
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