Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e10 Episode Script

The Good, the Bad… and the Turtles

[opening theme music plays]
-[sirens blaring]
-[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[blaring continues]
[calm music]
[Madison] Well, hi there, cutie-pie!
You've crawled a long way
from wherever the nearest pond is.
Hey, is this an invasion
or just a coincidence?
And where did you come from?
Well, whatever your story is,
I'll feed you
and you can rest up
before I find you a new home.
Just gotta go ask Mom if she's okay
having guests for a few days.
[mysterious music]
All right, are you making the call
or am I?
Oh, man!
[Fendrich crying]
How do you take a box turtle for a walk
and lose it?
That little guy is my only,
I mean, best friend!
Oh, this has Sinclair's name
written all over it!
Get me back my Lamont,
or I'll write "finished"
all over you!
I told you
not to take Letitia off her leash
when she's out for her exercise walk!
I'm sure Fendrich
has his grimy paws on her.
Morris, if my Letitia
isn't in her terrarium by sunset,
I'm firing you and Morris
and bringing in the Myrtles!
[calls get cut]
Was he mad?
Do turtles have shells?
Come on. Whoever took Lamont
can't have gone far.
Turtles do have shells, right?
[cheeky music]
[ominous music]
I'm thinking salad for lunch.
You two good with that?
Oh, that must be our turtle-taker.
Looks like she has two turtles.
[car honking]
Let's be waiting when she comes out.
Don't attract any attention.
[awkward chuckle]
[Carol] Are you sure
you want to take care of these turtles?
I don't want you to take time away
from your report
on who really founded the City.
[tense music]
It's just for a few days, Mom,
'til I find them a new place to live.
Thanks for the box.
You're welcome. See you at home.
She's trying to learn
who really founded the City?
I've always said it was my family,
but there's never been real proof.
Stay close to that kid,
find out what she knows!
And get my turtle back!
My family laid claim
to this City long ago,
and no one will prove us wrong.
If she learns something,
I want to know it, too!
But your immediate priority is my turtle!
[Madison] There's the pawn shop.
There's a store.
There's Mr. Produce's stand.
There's another store.
I bet you two haven't seen many cities.
Well, ours is pretty great.
Even if Billy and I haven't figured out
who founded it, yet.
I hope you're enjoying the tour.
Oh, you're probably not used
to walking this fast.
I'll try to slow down
so you can see everything.
Oh! Hi, guys!
I wasn't expecting passengers!
[chuckles] Welcome aboard!
Hand over that box!
No one's gonna hurt these turtles!
Who said anything about hurting turtles?
Look! An armored truck
with money flying out of it!
[excited exclaim]
[suspenseful chase music]
[annoyed groan]
You want the turtles? [sighs]
Look! An armored truck
with money flying out of it.
[mysterious music]
Myrtle? It's Ms. Sinclair.
How's your mother, dear?
Good. Listen, stay by your phone.
I may need you and your sister
to hunt down a turtle for me.
[soft eerie music]
If they both want you,
and they've both come to the police,
then the police are working with them!
[gasps] We can't trust anybody!
Wait. There's one person.
Um thief!
-You following this?
-Definitely not.
You've always wanted to steal from me!
You say your family founded the City
when you know mine did.
And I'll never forget
when you took my chocolate pudding
in second grade!
That was a legal transaction.
I offered you compensation
for that pudding
and you accepted!
You never gave me compensation!
I've told you a million times,
I'll get around to it!
Wait. This thing between you
over all these years,
it's all because of chocolate pudding?
Find my turtle, and arrest him!
Find my turtle, and arrest her!
I say you arrest both of 'em
and I take a nap.
Nobody's arresting anybody!
Let's try to find the turtles first.
[tense music]
Why is every shady person in the City
after two turtles?
I don't know, but spy movies
have taught me one thing.
When the police can't help,
go bigger than the police.
Hi, Mom. Can Billy and I
come by with the turtles right away?
[thrilling music]
Huh? What are you goons doing here?
[western stare down music]
[thrilling music]
Fun's over. Let's have the turtles.
If you want to hurt these turtles,
you'll have to go through us!
No! We don't want to hurt anyone!
[thrilling music]
[thrilling music continues]
[cheeky music]
[Grizzled] Fun time's over.
I've picked up our suspects. Literally.
[suspenseful music]
-[turtle chomps]
-Hey! No biting! Ow!
[sighs in relief]
[ominous music]
[ship horn honking]
Maddy, what are you doing?
There's no other choice, Billy.
It's clear the turtles won't ever be safe
as long as they're in the City.
So we're leaving forever!
Going wherever this boat is going!
You'll have to finish
the City history report
without me, but I know you can do it.
Thanks for everything.
The turtles and I won't forget you.
[crying] Lamont!
Please don't take Lamont!
Return my Letitia to me,
and I'll make you
all the cookies you want!
Ugh! Fendrich.
[sobbing] Sin Sin Sin Sin
Uh who's Lamont? Who's Letitia?
The turtles are pets
belonging to these two.
Yes, please give me back my Lamont.
[Fendrich crying]
[squeaky voice]
Lamont, daddy loves you.
I just found them
on their own in the park.
It never occurred to me
they might be someone's pets.
And it never occurred to us
that our turtles weren't kidnapped.
[crying] Yes.
Gone. Lamont.
You won't lose them again?
You'll let me visit them?
You'll be nicer to each other?
[both] Don't push it.
-Letitia, so happy to see you.
[sighs] A job well done.
These are napping minutes
I'll never get back.
[scoffs] Typical.
I'm calling us a cab.
You guys want to split a ride
back to the Arch?
[bright cheerful music]
I'm definitely gonna try
not to assume stuff in the future,
and I know the turtles
are back where they belong,
but I'm not gonna lie, I'll miss 'em.
If this hadn't worked out,
would you really have
left the City forever to protect them?
I don't know.
It would've been an adventure,
winding up wherever that ship was going.
That's a harbor tour boat.
It would've come right back here.
Oh. Then everything worked out perfectly.
[closing theme music playing]
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