Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e09 Episode Script

Billy to the Maxx

[opening theme music plays]
-[sirens blaring]
-[horn honking]
[tires screech]
[blaring continues]
[indistinct chatter]
I don't get it.
Why did my mom want me here?
We need to keep searching
for the original map of the city.
We're so close to figuring this all out!
I know. We've been putting it off,
but maybe after the press conference,
we should talk to Fendrich.
Can you imagine if we find out
whose family really did found the City?
He'll tell everyone, everyday, forever.
Oh, hi, Mom!
[Madison] Hi, Mrs. McCloud.
Gabby Tocamera here at City Hospital,
where Ann McCloud has put the fun
into raising funds
for a new playground! Ann?
Right, Gabby, tomorrow we're kicking off
an all-day fitness challenge!
Three teams of community favorites
will take on three rip-roaring events
that'll test their agility,
strength and drive!
[crowd exclaiming]
But it's not just for high-octane fun!
Ticket sales will benefit
the playground's construction.
[sarcastically] Ooh! High-octane fun.
Looks like your Mom's finally picking up
the daredevil cape
and trying it out officially.
Hopefully it's better
than her unofficial daredevil-ing.
She still tries to make
normal chores thrilling.
You wouldn't think you'd need a helmet
to throw out the garbage, but
Now let's meet our teams!
First up, the high-flying duo of
Captain Momentous and Astronaut Rivera!
[crowd cheering]
He's the City's favorite newscaster
and she's standing next to me,
Craig Woodman and Gabby Tocamera!
[crowd cheering]
And lastly, it's me
and my kid, Billy McCloud!
Are you ready for some "high-octane fun?"
This isn't funny!
She never said anything
about me doing this!
I can't compete in events
that test my agility, strength and drive.
I don't even have those things!
So tell her you don't wanna do it.
In front of the whole City?
She'd be so embarrassed
and so disappointed in me.
Don't worry.
I'll help you get through this.
I'm a great coach.
When have you ever been a coach?
I meant to say,
I'm sure I will be a great coach.
[Dynamo Doug] Icy Intensity!
Time for our first event,
here at Produce's Fruits and Vegetables!
Stop by, the rutabagas are fresh.
Extremely fresh! Just like this event!
Each team will put one player
inside the dunk tank!
The other player
will try to plunk the target
with a frozen peach,
chilling out their partner
with an icy, intense splashdown!
[crowd cheering]
Okay, honey,
I'll hop in the tank, you throw.
Imagine the target is me
asking you to clean your room!
Go, Billy! Ignite your brainfire!
"Ignite my brainfire?"
What does that even mean?
And what'll everyone think
what'll Mom think when I miss?
You mean, "if" you miss, champ.
No, I definitely mean, "when."
Remember, sometimes the path
from A to B is straight to Z!
Just don't lick any metal, son!
There's nothing worse in the whole world
than frostbite of the tongue.
I mean to me.
Reminiscent of Jupiter's icy moon Europa,
this peach is one small sphere
for charity,
one giant fruit salad ingredient
for charity kind.
[Rivera clearing throat]
-Roger! Peach one, away!
[crowd cheering]
No one said the water
was gonna be fr frozen!
Oh, how I've waited for this moment.
Woodman, you and your perfect hair
are going down! Ha!
-[crowd booing]
-[Gabby] What?
No! You've got to be kidding!
[grunting angrily]
[suspenseful music]
Atta boy, Billy.
Show 'em your million-dollar peach-ball!
If anyone gets hit with peach fragments,
I brought my emergency first aid kit!
I have ointment!
Here goes nothin'.
-[crowd cheering]
-Go, Billy! You did it!
-Way to go! Yeah!
See you went to Z!
What a throw!
You must have inherited your father's arm.
With a performance like that,
we'll ace the next challenge!
If you thought the first event
was intense,
get ready for an extreme test
for our players.
No more easy-peasy, catch-a-breezy!
[shouts] Intense-intense-intense!
Our teams will assemble
the hospital playground's
solar-powered slides!
Easy, right?
Wrong! Intensely wrong!
Players on the ground
will carry boxes of slide parts
and solar panels, and use suction cups
to climb up the Eco Power Plant
to their partners.
Don't worry, though,
if a contestant should fall,
we'll make sure they bounce right back!
[shouts] Intense safety!
-Ground teams, go!
[suspenseful music]
Suction cup like a poodle pup!
[grunting in effort]
Take your time, Billy! You can do this!
Wow! Go, Billy! Don't look down!
[daunting music]
[magnificent music]
Great job, kiddo!
I don't know how you thought of it,
but that was a brilliant strategy!
Intense! The McClouds get it done!
[Dynamo Doug] Hope you have some room left
on your Intense-O-Meter,
'cause we're crankin' it up
for the last event!
Our teams will ride gurneys
down a hill and leap over
[shouts] lukewarm split pea soup!
Split peas courtesy of
Produce's Fruits and Vegetables.
I know that doesn't sound extreme,
but trust me, this soup is
[shouts] extremely lukewarm!
How're you feeling, champ?
Like this is where my Mom finds out
this champ is a chump.
You really think
she'll feel that way about you?
Maddy, there's nothing worse
in this whole world
than disappointing my Mom.
I mean to me.
All right!
Let's cap off this incredible day
with one more triumph!
You ready?
No. I think I hurt myself!
Uh, it's my Ickarickus.
[groaning dramatically]
[shouts] No! Not his ickarickus!
Take me instead!
I don't remember that from Health class.
Well, you must've missed that day.
I'm sure it'll get better fast,
but I don't think
I should try the last event.
I hope you're not mad.
Mad? No, I'm just sorry you're hurt
and disappointed.
I know you wish I was as extreme
and high-octane like you
Is that what you think?
Sweetie, I don't want you
to be anything but you.
I just thought this would be
a fun thing to do together.
I should have asked you
before I signed us up.
I'm sorry.
And I should have told you
it wasn't something
I wanted to do.
We'll both do better next time.
Right now, though, your injury means
I need a new partner.
Wait, no. I didn't mean
"take me instead" literally!
[upbeat music]
Main engine start! And
We have liftoff!
[suspenseful music]
[crowd cheering]
Whoa I don't think those astronauts
are coming down any time soon.
Now that's intense.
Craig, I know we haven't been close,
but I'm scared.
Say something comforting!
Craig? Craig?
[Gabby screams]
[shouts] Sweet six o'clock news,
Craig, have you no soul?
[wheels squeaking]
C'mon, Mark, it's just a jump
over a huge pot of soup.
Doesn't that sound amazing?
It sounds like two weeks in the hospital.
To me.
[Billy] Wait! Wait! Wait!
It does sound amazing!
I feel better! Can I still go?
My ickarickus has healed!
Wow. It's a miracle.
Yes! Uh. Oh.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I'll be right over here
with the first aid kit,
cheering you both on.
Now, are you doing this for you,
or because you think I want you to?
I'm doing it 'cause I think
it'll be awesome to do it,
[epic music building]
No one's landed on the other side yet.
Think we can do it?
It'll be fun to find out!
[upbeat music]
[crowd cheering]
Yes! Straight to Z!
Yeah! That's my family!
-[bone crunches]
[groans in pain]
Come quick! Your Dad is hurt!
[pained groans]
Dad! Are you okay? Doctors, what happened?
There's no easy way to say this.
We're not specialists in this area.
But it looks like this man
has sprained his "ickarickus."
[wails] No! Not my ickarickus!
[echoing] Ickarickus!
[closing theme music playing]
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