Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e08 Episode Script

The Wexler Deflector Conjecture

[opening theme music plays]
-[sirens blaring]
-[horn honking]
[tires screech]
[blaring continues]
The original City map isn't here, Billy.
Principal Schwartz said
a local business had it.
[Billy] That was a long time ago, Maddy.
Plus, you know
how the Principal gets confused.
[Madison] We don't even know
if the map will tell us
who founded the City.
I know, but since the book we found
in the Mayor's desk
had its last page torn out,
finding the map could be our only hope.
Looks like Dr. Wexler isn't here.
Let's come back when he's around.
Ooh, what's that?
It's gotta be something way cool!
For the love of Planck's Constant,
don't touch that!
My invention Ruined!
It wasn't something
super-important, was it?
Cold fusion? Anti-gravity?
-Time travel?
-Even better!
It was a steam-powered steam generator!
So, not better.
I'm so sorry.
Can we help you fix it?
Why bother?
It didn't even work.
Like all my other inventions!
Come on, all of them?
My hypnosis machine? Flopped.
My robot hairdresser? Chopped.
My inflatable submarine?
Wouldn't inflate. [sighs]
I have failed yet again.
I am an embarrassment to science!
You are making, like,
way too big a deal out of this.
There is nothing left
for me to do except
[shudders] join the family business.
Come, Bunsen.
Let us slouch off to our dismal future.
I know that look.
Don't feel guilty, Billy.
He just needs to blow off steam.
He'll come back.
He hasn't come back.
Which is why we called you,
Dr. Ravenhurst.
Don't blame yourselves, kids.
Dr. Wexler just found out
he's the only one
of his old classmates who hasn't had
some scientific achievement
named after him.
Scientists are sensitive!
Uh-huh. It was between Wexler
and Professor Peter Peebles
to see who would be last.
Then Peebles found
a new species of wheat weevil.
Right! Dr. Peebles' Weevils!
We studied them in Biology class.
Dr. Wexler can't just walk away!
The City depends on him.
I mean, who's gonna run this place?
They'll find a replacement.
Don't worry, there aren't a lot
of observatory emergencies.
Now, excuse me
while I get back to my invention,
the Ravenhurst Rapid Radiometer.
I say we find Doctor Wexler
and drag him back here.
He'd just leave again.
We have to make him feel like he's needed.
How? We don't even know where he is.
He said something about going to work
for the "family business."
-[warning alarm blaring]
-[system] Warning!
Meteor on collision course with City!
Imminent Catastrophe!
Get your Wexler Family
Semi-Famous Hot Dog Buns.
Step right up.
I'd like a hot dog with mustard.
Oh, would you. What do you see?
A bun?
It's a work of culinary art!
Do you know the calculations required
to design its industrial-grade
spongy composition,
or its geometrically precise
doughy hinges? Hmm?
It's still a bun, right?
A perfect bun!
Which is why it doesn't need
your "hot dog."
Or your "mustard."
But you would not understand.
Nobody understands!
Wow. He is in bad shape.
I know. But we have to try.
Hey, Wexler Family
Semi-Famous Hot Dog Buns.
-Get 'em here.
-[Madison] Dr. Wexler!
Billy set off your hypnosis machine
and thinks he's Detective Grizzled!
Only you can snap him out of it!
Grumpy Need a nap
Oh, very grumpy.
Is he trying to be me?
No, I'm hypnotized,
and I just think I'm you.
[awkward tune]
Gosh, I'm not hypnotized anymore.
It's a miracle. Thanks, Detective.
Don't mention it, kid.
I'll take a bun.
Okay. But you won't like it.
[Madison] You know, we don't
have to run the observatory
until the City finds
a replacement for Doctor Wexler.
We're not exactly scientists.
I know, but he walked away
'cause of what we did,
so it's up to us to keep things going
until a new scientist gets here.
[alarms blaring]
[Madison] Well, I hope they hurry!
[system] Danger! Meteor on approach!
Point of impact: City Hall! Do something!
[tense music]
[kids panting]
Dr. Wexler! Dr. Wexler!
What now? Another one
of your childish games?
Oh! Let me guess.
We're being attacked by aliens
and only my buns can stop them.
Wait. That sounded wrong.
Doctor Wexler, you have to listen to us!
I told you, I am done with science!
There is nothing you can say
that will change my mind!
Then we won't say anything.
We'll show you!
Fine. [sighs]
Perhaps it will distract me
from my multifaceted inadequacy.
[whooshing noises]
[dramatic screaming]
A meteor is on its way
to destroy the City.
Yes! And only you can save us!
That might have been true,
if I were a successful scientist.
But no, I am just a bad bun vendor.
Well, can you at least show us
how to turn off
the Observatory's meteor alarm?
[sighs] I suppose.
Bunsen, I'll be back.
Don't eat all the buns.
[alarms blaring]
[Dr. Wexler sighing] Done.
Now back to my buns.
Doc, this is an intervention.
Doctor Wexler, we appreciate you
and we believe in you.
You're the only scientist
that can save us.
And the only scientist around,
isn't that right?
That's odd. We should get more scientists.
I'll make a note.
[Billy] Wait! If you save the City,
you'll be famous.
A legend!
They might even name things after you!
[inspired music]
[determined action music]
[people worried chatting]
[music intensifying]
[system] Meteor entering
upper atmosphere
Talk about cutting it close!
Great work, Dr. Wexler.
Yes, it was.
Even Peter Peebles
couldn't have pulled this off.
It was just a matter of calculating
to the third decimal point
the amount of drag
that the atmosphere
will put on the meteo
Yeah, about that whole
"calculating to
the third decimal point" thing?
Turns out when you calculate
to the fourth decimal point,
not so good.
You mean, the meteor is still
going to destroy the City?
[Madison] Is there anything we can do?
We could share a ride to the airport
if there's a plane leaving real soon.
See? Proof that I am a bad scientist.
You'd only be a bad scientist
if you gave up!
Good scientists don't quit
if they don't have something
named after them
or if they make an oopsie!
Good scientists work
till they get a breakthrough,
create a cure or find an answer!
Good scientists bounce back
and make the world better!
Bounce back! Yes!
[Madison] That was some speech.
[Billy] I watch a lot of sports movies.
[intense suspenseful music]
[van accelerating]
[Madison] Shouldn't that meteor
have punctured Cubby?
Well no, because, uh science!
He's the expert.
[intense suspenseful music]
What? Why?
[tense music]
[tires screech]
This is the exact point of impact!
Cool. We'll have an awesome view
before we're flattened.
What do we do now?
Now it's time to move my buns.
[people clamoring]
[intense music]
[all grunt]
[people cheering]
-It worked!
First lesson of science, children:
Always go the extra decimal point.
Good tip, Dr. Wexler.
Okay, you win. One plain bun.
Sorry. They're all sold out!
[Mayor Fleck] Doctor Wexler,
thank you for protecting our City.
Not to mention my office,
which just got a new coat of paint.
Also, the Journal of Dubious Science
has announced
that your city-saving calculations
will be known henceforth
as the "Wexler Deflector Conjecture."
Oh! Thank you both.
Yes, I did it all for science
and my city.
[crowd cheering]
[cheering] Yeah!
As for Peter Peebles,
if you are watching this at home
[blows raspberry]
I guess that makes up for breaking
his steam-powered steam generator.
I guess. By the way,
"The Journal of Dubious Science"?
Yeah, made that up, too.
But I knew he'd believe it, because
[closing theme music]
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